Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re looking for more creative ideas for their bridal shower, then you may opt for a lemon themed bridal shower. Just like the name suggests, everything in this bridal shower would be about lemons. From your main entrance to all the walls around your venue, everything would be yellow. 

Read more in this article to know the games you can play at this bridal shower party. 


Lemon Themed Bridal Shower: Invitations 

There are many creative ways you can make an invitation for a bridal shower in a lemon theme. Before you make that invitation card, though, think about what you want to include in it. Your invitation card can have yellow colour on the base. Then you may write the text on it. Once, you have a basic idea, you may move ahead by making your card.


  • Opt for a card that has small lemons as boundaries on it. The small lemons would look cute on the card. Then, in the middle of the card, you may write your text. The card may look a little empty, so choose a good background colour. Instead of plain white colour, you may use off-white or light yellow colour.


  • To make a minimal lemon themed bridal shower invitation card, you don’t need much. You may make your card by drawing out lemons and its leaves on two opposite ends of your card. Then, in the middle, you may write the text. 


  • You may design your card by putting a lemon in the middle of the card. Then on that lemon, you can write your text. For the boundary of your invitation card, you may make small leaves. 


When you’re writing the text, you may include some puns in it. This way, your invitation card would be different from others and it’d be more creative. Include these puns at the start of the card. For example, you may begin with, “Squeeze me, you’re invited to…” or “Yellow! Please join us for the bridal shower of…”


Lemon Themed Bridal Shower: Food and Drink 

Following are some food and drinks that you may keep in your bridal shower. 


  • Lemonade: Lemonade is a must in your bridal shower party. To make your lemonade, you may make some sugar syrup at first. For this, you’d need to mix water and sugar and make a thick syrup. Then, you need to squeeze all the lemons. After that, you should take water in a big jar, and add the lemon juice and syrup to it. After mixing the ingredients well, you may serve the cool lemonade. 


  • Lemon Margarita: You can’t have your lemon themed bridal shower without alcohol. To make the lemon margarita, you’d need some lemons, tequila, Cointreau, and some salt. You may rim the glass with salt and mix all the other ingredients. Then, pour and serve the drink. 


  • Lemon Cake: What’s a bridal shower without a cake? You’d obviously need your cake for your bridal shower. Opt for a lemon cake with chocolate ganache. This way, your cake would be equally sweet and sour. 


  • Chicken and Rice with Lemon Sauce: For the main food item, you may cook chicken and rice with lemon sauce. For this dish, you may prepare your chicken as you normally do. Then, you can pour the sauce over the chicken and the rice. No one would leave your party before having the taste of this scrumptious dish. 


Lemon Themed Bridal Shower: Decorations 

Here are some decoration ideas for your bridal shower in a lemon theme. 

  • Lemon Welcome Sign: When you’re making your invitations, you should also make a welcome sign following the same pattern as your invitation card. 


  • Lemon Tableware Set: For this theme, you may keep your tableware with lemon designs on them. You may get some paper cups with lemons on them. For the plates, you may get some lemon-designed plates from online stores like Etsy or Amazon. 


  • Lemon Balloons: You would obviously have some balloons. So, instead of normal balloons, you may keep some citrus-designed or lemon-shaped balloons. You may even fill up these balloons with lemon-flavoured candies. 


  • Lemon Garland: On the front door of your house, near the welcome sign, put this garland. Around this lemon garland, you may even keep some yellow-coloured flowers. This way, your entrance would look extremely beautiful. 


Lemon Themed Bridal Shower: Game Ideas  

Here are two game ideas for your bridal shower. 


  • Emoji Pictionary: This is like a regular Pictionary, but here, you use emojis instead. So, you may use emojis to guess a popular phrase or a movie name. 


  • Guess Her Dress: For this game, you can see everyone’s drawing skills. You may hand an empty card to your guests. Since you’re having a lemon themed bridal shower, give them such cards only. On these cards, ask them to guess and draw the bride’s wedding dress. 



How Can I Spice Up My Bridal Shower?

If you’re looking to have something extraordinary at your bridal shower party, you need something new. These days, many women opt for showers with movie themes. You, on the other hand, may decide on a lemon themed bridal shower. 

In this bridal shower, all would be lemon. Your food and drink items would all have a lemon flavour in them. For drinks, you may keep lemon tea and lemonade. The main dish of the event can be chicken and rice with lemon sauce. 


How Do You Plan A Bridal Shower Boho?

As a bride, you’d want to have a bridal shower in full comfort. You may keep your shower at your home. For a boho bridal shower, the vibe of your venue should feel cosy and welcoming to people. 

To have a boho environment, you should pile some blankets around and keep a lot of cushions. For this event, you should also dress boho. Opt for a boho midi or maxi dress that also matches your bridal shower theme. 


Are There Themes For Bridal Showers?

Nowadays, many brides are opting for bridal shower themes. By choosing a theme for their shower, they add more fun to the event. Plus, it also gives them and the bridesmaids a chance to show their creativity. 

There are many themes that you may opt for. These include:



How Do You Throw A Low Budget Bridal Shower?

If you want to throw a low-budget bridal shower, you should keep it at your home. You may co-host it with one of your friends. You can either ask people for a potluck or you can cook the food by yourself. You may want to avoid fancy themes as well. Instead, you should opt for a minimal theme. 


Who Pays For Bridal Showers?

It’s either the maid of honour or the bride or groom’s mother who pays for the bridal shower. These days, however, the bride may also pay for her own shower. In case there’s a wedding shower, then both the bride and the groom can pay for the whole event. 

In any case, if these individuals need some financial help, they can ask their friends or their family members. 


In Conclusion

It’s not easy deciding on a bridal shower theme. There are many good ideas out there. To find the perfect idea for your party, you’ve to go with your vibes. You should also know what the bride would like. 

If the bride really likes lemon cakes or lemon-flavoured candies, you may go with a lemon themed bridal shower. For this theme, all your arrangements should have lemon in them. You may welcome your guests with a lemonade, for the main dish you may serve them lemon chicken and rice. Then, in the end, you should serve them some lemon tea. 

Your bridal shower with this theme would be just exquisite!

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