Beauty and The Beast Bridal Shower

Beauty and The Beast Bridal Shower

If you’re looking for some fun themes for your bridal shower, you may choose the Beauty and The Beast bridal shower theme. The theme is fun as well as romantic. There are many experiments you can do with this theme. 

You may ask your guests to play like a certain character from the movie. When they come to the venue, you may hand them the name tags of the characters from the movie. Then, you should tell them that they’ve to stay in character throughout the whole shower. 

 To stay in the theme, you can also do your makeup the same way as Belle did in the movie. You can go to a beauty salon and ask the artist to do similar makeup. To twist things, you can even opt to become the beast instead of the beauty. 

Before doing the makeup, though, you should hop into a nail salon. You may go there with your maid of honour, bridesmaids, and cousins. When you’re there, all of you should get some Beauty and The Beast theme nail designs. As the bride, you may get Belle and the Beast on your nail design. You can also get small books painted on your design, as Belle loves books. 

In this article, we’ve discussed some bridal shower decorations to do at your Beauty and the Beast bridal shower. There are also some ideas for the bridal shower invitations that you may use for your party. 


Beauty and the Beast Bridal Shower: Food and Drink 

Following are some foods and drinks for your bridal shower:


  • Cupcakes: You can have some yellow coloured cupcakes or muffins at your shower. You can decorate them with small golden and silver balls. Many people take it up a notch, they make literal beauty and beast cupcakes. 

  • Cakes: Obviously, you’d have cakes on your beauty and the beast bridal shower. You may get cake in yellow and red colour. On the cake, you may write your favourite dialogues from the movies. You can also have the cake in a teapot shape or a candle’s shape to match with the movie theme. 

  • Cookies: As for the cookies, you may make some Belle and Beast shaped cookies. You may also bake some cookies based on other characters of the movie. Another way you can make your beauty and the beast bridal shower memorable is by having a giant cookie. You can get a custom cookie made with the “Beauty and the Beast” name. 

  • Rolls: You may keep some simple chicken or spring rolls in the bridal shower. There are other appetizers like pigs in a blanket, French fries, or garlic bread that you may add to the list. 

  • Sandwiches: If you like sandwiches, then you may add those to your food list too. You may keep everyone’s favourite – grilled cheese. There are others like grilled chicken sandwiches, beef sandwiches, ham sandwiches, or seafood sandwiches. 

  • Tea and Coffee: No party is complete without tea and coffee. You may keep different kinds of tea and coffee at your party for everyone’s preferences. 

  • Juices: There are many fruit juices that you can have at the party. To go with the movie’s theme, keep strawberry juice and pineapple juice. 

  • Alcoholic Drinks: At last, do have some alcoholic drinks too, like champagne, whiskey, and beer. 


Beauty and The Beast Bridal Shower: Decorations 

Decorations are the main focus of any party or event. You can’t slip up with your decorations at the venue. Think of the colour combinations that you want to keep for these decorations. There are movie props that you may keep on the serving or dining table. 

Yellow should be the main colour that you use in the decorations. In the movie, one of the outfits that Belle wore was her magnificent yellow coloured dress. Hence, you may have yellow curtains and chairs draped in yellow fabric. Make sure that there isn’t too much yellow as it wouldn’t look too pleasant. 

Candles are another important element in the decorations. You can opt for small candles that you can keep in the middle of the table. If you want to go big, then get bigger and more elaborative candles. 


Game Ideas  

There are many games you can play with this theme’s bridal shower. 


  • Race to build book stack: In this game, you can divide people into three teams. Give some books to all these teams. Then, the team members will race one by one to build book stacks with their books.
    The team that wins may get an exclusive photograph with the bride. 

  • Dress up Belle in yellow: Here, Belle is the bride. The guests of the bridal shower may all get together for this game. Everyone can use some yellow paper streamers to dress the bride. You may also use some big chart sheets in yellow colour to make the dress.
    The bride may prize the winner by giving them a gift of her choice. 

  • The Tea Party Game: For this game, you may either get some tea or alcohol. If everyone’s okay to drink at the party, you may get top-quality champagne. All you’ve to do for this game is just sit and chat. While you do that, you’ll have to keep drinking till the drinks are pouring into the cups. There are no winners in this game. But, you may award the person who is able to handle themselves after this much drinking. 

  • Pass the Enchanted Rose: This game is really simple. For this game, all guests will have to sit in a circle. The bride may be handed a yellow rose in her hand. She’ll take off a petal from the rose. This way, everyone in the circle will do the same.  The person who removes the last petal loses the game. You may ask the loser to pose for a funny picture or make a portrait of the bride. 



Which Is The Best Beauty And The Beast Bridal Shower Cake?

You may go with a complete yellow cake and decorate it with small red roses. It can be a chocolate cake or vanilla cake, depending on your choice. 

There’s also cake design where you may write some movie dialogue in the cake design. You may also design the beauty and the beast characters from the movie on the cake. 

What Are The Best Beauty And The Beast Bridal Shower Decorations?

All the decorations should be yellow and red themed for your beauty and the beast bridal shower. 

You may add yellow coloured curtains to the windows. One best element would be to add red roses to the walls of the venue. The roses would add a lovely charm to the whole bridal shower party. 


Which Are The Best Beauty And The Beast Bridal Shower Games?

You can play any games in your bridal shower. If you’re doing beauty and the beast bridal shower theme, then your games should be similar to the movie concepts. 

You may play a game where you can write the names of all the characters from the movie. After that, you should tell the guests to guess the correct pairs from those names. To add a little fun, write some fake names too. 

Other than that, you may play the tee party game or pass the enchanted rose game. 


How To Make Beauty And The Beast Bridal Shower Invitations?

There are many types of fairytale invitations that you can create for your bridal shower. You can use the same colour schemes of red and yellow. There’s also blue and black that you can go with. 

When creating the invitation, use the same font type as that in the movie. Add some candles and teapots to the borders of the invitation card. 

For the text portion of the invite, you may write a movie quote that’s funny or witty. Then, you have to write your name, date of the event, time, and venue. 


In Conclusion

A beauty and beast bridal shower theme is bold and beautiful. For this shower, you may have cakes and cupcakes with the movie designs on them. You can also keep some simple appetizers for your food menu. 

To entertain your guests, you may play many games that are built around the theme of the movie. Winners may get some gifts from the bride and even an extra cookie!

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