Bridal Shower Catering Ideas to Consider

Bridal Shower Catering Ideas to Consider

A bridal shower is a time when the bride does all that she loves. Bridal shower catering should involve such food items that the bride loves. If you’re having the party in the afternoon, then you can prepare brunch. 

This article includes some food ideas for your bridal shower. We have suggested some dessert ideas in the article that you can pick for your day. 


Bridal Shower Catering

A bridal shower is a time when you just relax and enjoy yourself with your friends. Every bridal shower has a few activities wherein people give gifts to the bride and play games. The games you play can even be decided at the moment. 

But when it comes to bridal shower catering, you’ve to decide beforehand. There are food options that you can keep at your bridal shower. Some people prefer to do a potluck, while some cook food by themselves. 

Cooking can be messy and it also takes a lot of time. But cooking with friends can be a really fun activity. You can laugh and share stories and judge each other’s cooking skills. 

  • Dessert Bar: For your dessert bar, you can bake some cupcakes. Go with a simple design and easy recipe. Or you can bake not one but two cakes. Make two different types of cake of your choice. You can also bake cookies and biscuits and serve them in between games. 


  • Tea or Coffee Party: What goes well with cakes? Of course, some tea and coffee. It won’t take much of your time to make these drinks. Just make sure that you’ve different types of tea with you. For coffee, get the beans and other ingredients that you would need. 


  • Finger Foods: If you don’t want to cook a big meal, then you can opt for finger foods. They don’t take much time in preparation, and they also make for wonderful snacks. You can make them before the party starts and keep them refrigerated. Once the guests arrive at the bridal shower, serve the food to them after heating it. 


Bridal Shower Catering: Brunch Ideas 

For the bridal shower brunch, there are many food options that you can whip up in a few minutes. First, you’ve to decide what you want to cook. Is it a full three-course meal? What drinks will you include? Would you keep it vegan or vegetarian? 

When you’re done deciding the answer to these questions, then you can go through ideas for your bridal shower brunch. 

For the appetizers, you can serve some finger foods. You can pick from onion rings, potato chips, finger chips, pigs in a blanket, or breadsticks. For the main meal you can cook pasta, it’s yummy and it’ll be easy to prepare too. Lastly, for your dessert, you may bake some cookies. 

If you want to keep it casual and don’t want to do the whole three-course meal, then go for something simpler. You can make sandwiches and fill them with some meat, lettuce, and other vegetables. 

If you’re looking for some experimentation, then you can prepare your bunch according to the theme of the bridal shower. Match the colours with your food. If the decorations are pink, bake a strawberry cake. If they’re in pastel shades, then you can bake cupcakes in those shades. 

You can also go for different types of foods. You can prepare something that is deeply American, aka cheeseburgers. There’s Indian food that you can prepare or order online. You can also get some Korean side dishes on your brunch menu. These side dishes are tasty as well as nutritious. 

Don’t forget the drinks in the preparation of food, though. When you cut the cake, you can serve some champagne or wine. Coffee is also a good option with desserts. After you’re done eating, you can serve everyone some tea. You should also keep some fruit juices or mocktails. 


Dessert Ideas 

Your bridal shower catering can’t be complete without some tasty desserts. You can go with the classic choice of cake. You can’t go wrong with some fruity or chocolate cakes. 

Besides the cake, you can also bake doughnuts or cookies. If you want some cold and sweet desserts, then get some boozy popsicles. 

If you want cookies, but are tired of the same type of cookies, then bake some painted cookies. You can also bake some emoji cookies or emoji tarts.

Oh, and why not spread the love around and bake some heart-shaped muffins. If you want to have some chocolate, then prepare a few batches of heart-shaped brownies. You can also have a heart-shaped cake and serve it with heart-shaped macarons. 



What Do You Serve At A 1 Pm Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers catering for a 1 PM bridal shower should include a brunch. For brunch, you can serve some finger foods. You can also bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or biscuits. Sandwiches are also a great food option for brunch. 

The brunch can also include drinks, including both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on your menu. 


How Do You Create A Bridal Shower Budget?

If you want to have a bridal shower on a budget, then you can go for minimal themes. In addition to that, your bridal shower catering should also be minimal. 

Don’t go for expensive food items, instead have some home-cooked meals. You can also ask your friends to bring food prepared by them, this way the party can have a potluck. 

The average cost of a bridal shower ranges between $15 to $40 per head. Based on these costs, you can decide on your food and other activities of the party. 


Who Gives The Bride A Bridal Shower?

Traditionally, it’s the maid of honour who does the preparation for the bridal shower. The maid of honour is accompanied by the bride’s other friends. 

These people can ask the bride or the bride’s family for their help. Nowadays, the bride can also contribute to the bridal shower preparation if she wants to. 


What Is The Difference Between a Wedding Shower And A Bridal Shower?

In the bridal shower, the guest list includes women whereas, in the wedding shower both men and women are there. In the wedding shower, both the bride and the groom show up. 

There are more guests in the wedding shower as compared to the bridal shower. A wedding shower is mostly like a bridal shower only, it’s just a more modern version of it. 


How Many Appetizers Should I Have For A Bridal Shower?

You can keep two or three different types of appetizers in your bridal shower. Per person, you can have eight to nine pieces of the appetizers. 

You can choose from spring rolls, breadsticks, onion rings, or potato chips for your appetizers. 


In Conclusion

There are various bridal shower catering ideas that you can have in your bridal shower.  You can keep a dessert bar and a tea party for your event. 

For brunch, you can have some sandwiches or a three-course meal. You can prepare easy food items on your menu. Ask your guests to help you out with the cooking. 

Be sure that you’re having a scrumptious cake and some drinks to go with it. 

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