Intensive Couples Therapy: Meaning, Process and More

Intensive Couples Therapy: Meaning, Process and More

Love is all you need in this life full of chaos. But, sometimes this love between you and your partner becomes invisible. Its power feels inadequate to keep you both together. Additionally, it’s not only the love between you. It’s all the positive aspects of your relationship which don’t seem to fulfill your needs and expectations. During such times, intensive couples therapy is something that can help you find that power of love again. 

This is a form of marriage therapy. The main purpose of this therapy is to let the couple communicate with each other. When you decide to go into this therapy, you can expect to talk to each other about your issues. Here, you’ll find the reasons why there’s a gap in your connectivity with each other. After that, gradually you’ll find the middle ground where you both can find that love and respect again.

In this article, we’ve discussed intensive therapy for couples. We’ve also mentioned the whole process of this relationship. 


What is Intensive Couples Therapy? 

ICT or intensive couples therapy is a type of marriage therapy. In this therapy, the couples come together to talk about their issues. They and the therapist have the main aim of resolving these issues. It’s a short term therapy that can go on for 2 to 3 days. 

Over these months, the couple talks about the problems they’re facing in the relationship. The degree of damage in such relationships can vary. There are some couples who’ve reached that point where they’re talking about divorce. Then there are also those couples who have been arguing with each other for months. There’s something common in all these relationships, it’s that all these couples want to fix their relationship. 

When it comes to relationships, merely communicating with your partner isn’t enough. Putting that trust in and communicating is the first step. But after that communication comes understanding. This is what ICT does for you. This form of therapy lets you communicate with your partner and also helps you both in understanding each other. 


Is Intensive Couples Therapy Right For You?

ICT is the right choice for you if you’ve been facing problems in your relationship. This is a short term therapy that would provide you with all the help that you need. It should be the first choice for you because it’s faster than some other forms of therapy. 

If you’re looking for a real fix for your relationship, then this is where you may begin. Intensive couples therapy wouldn’t give you a desperate fix for all your problems. Instead, when you choose to go with this therapy, you’ll get more clarity. In the small time frame, you’ll be able to talk about all the deep-rooted issues that you and your partner have with each other. 

Here, you’d be able to increase your intimacy with each other. With ICT, you may take a step toward becoming friends with each other and regaining the lost trust you had in each other. 


What Areas Can Intensive Couples Therapy Deal With? 

These are some relationship areas that ICT deals with:


  • Communication
  • Affairs
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual Problems 
  • Financial Problems 
  • Issues in Parenting 
  • Career Conflicts
  • Betrayal
  • Dishonesty
  • Destructive Patterns
  • Lack of Transparency



ICT can take place online as well as in the therapist’s office. However, you’d first have to contact the therapist and ask them if they can do it online or not. Most of the time, therapists are comfortable doing the therapy online, but you may still need to ask them. 

The process of intensive couples therapy may differ depending on the place you live in. It’s also determined by the professional who’s doing the therapy. Everyone has their own way, even if the approaches used are similar to each other.  

Below-mentioned is the process you may expect in ICT:


Day 1 

  • Introduction session with the couple
  • An intensive session for 75 minutes 
  • Break 
  • Follow-up session 


Day 2 

  • An intensive session with the couple for 75-90 minutes 
  • Follow-up session that day or after a few weeks. 

The process may also change based on the couple’s needs. If they feel that they need therapy for a few more days, then they can continue that way. They may also adjust the time frame according to their schedules.



What Is The Most Effective Form Of Couples Therapy?

There are many couples therapy that you can choose from. Since all these therapies have different goals and aim for the couple, you’ve to know yours. If you want to talk about how you want to have clarity about your relationship as soon as possible, then opt for intensive couples therapy.

Then there are other forms of therapy. They include the following:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy 
  • Imago Relationship Therapy 
  • Narrative Therapy 
  • Solution Focused Therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Do The Couples Get Paid For Couples Therapy?

Couples don’t get paid for going to couple therapy. If the therapy is part of some scientific experiment, then the couple may get paid. 

Other than that, if the couple is participating in a reality TV show then too they can get paid. In TV shows like Showtime’s Couples Therapy, the couples were called participants. This is because the usual patient and client relationship have confidentiality in it. Since the program was televised, there wasn’t any confidentiality and hence, the couples were participants. These participants did get paid for their therapy. 


Can Couples Therapy Be Harmful?

If the therapist isn’t a professional, then you may do more harm than good in your relationship. In case your therapist isn’t using any effective tools to address your issues, then you have to quit it. 

The therapy environment should feel positive and welcoming. If there’s a situation when you don’t feel so in your therapy, then it’ll be harmful to you and your partner. 


What Is The Most Common Problem Addressed In Couples Therapy?

In couples counseling, there are many issues that are addressed. Some of these issues are tangled within each other, and they often give rise to more issues. 

These are some common problems that couples talk about in therapy. 

  • Communication Issues
  • Emotional Distance
  • Affairs and Infidelity
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Significant Life Events
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Intimacy Issues 
  • Lack of Boundaries 
  • Money Problems 
  • Different Parenting Styles 


Can Couples Counseling Make Things Worse?

Counsellors and therapists aren’t perfect people. They try their best to help you out with your problems. However, they fail if you’re too rigid in your decisions. Therapy only works when both the therapist and the clients take steps together. 

As a client, you’d need help in taking these steps, the therapist is there for that. However, if you’re not even willing to stand up and walk, then things can take a bad turn. 

You’ve to recognize your bad patterns, there has to be some form of self-awareness. When you go to therapy, you go there with a problem in your hand. But, if you can’t even see that problem yourself, then you can’t get solutions from the therapy. 


In Conclusion

ICT or Intensive Couples Therapy is equivalent to a 3-5 months therapy program. In this therapy, you and your partner talk about your relationship problems. You seek to get solutions to these problems in a few days. The process of this therapy may be different depending on your situation and the professional who’s treating you. 

In this therapy, you may talk about your financial problems, trust issues, or communication problems. Many couples opt for this form of therapy to get some real answers and clarity as soon as they can. 

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