Friends Themed Bridal Shower

Friends Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Could there be any better bridal shower theme? Friends is a popular sitcom that many people love and adore. You can have a Friends themed bridal shower if you also love this show. Using the Friends theme for your bridal shower, you and your guests can have a lot of fun. 

In this article, we’ve mentioned the ways you may have a bridal shower with this theme. Read till the end to know what to wear to a bridal shower. 


Friends Themed Bridal Shower: Food and Drink 

These are some food and beverages that you may keep in your bridal shower. 


  • Pizza: Your bridal shower can’t be complete with pizzas. You may keep as many types of pizzas as you want in your bridal shower. If you love pizzas as much as Joey, then pizza can be your main dish for the whole event. 


  • Turkey Sandwich: Another mouth-watering food item that you may have on your menu is Turkey sandwiches. In the show, Ross loved the Turkey sandwiches made by his sister. You, too, can prepare similar sandwiches. You may use some other type of meat instead of Turkey for the filling if you want to. 


  • Lasagna: Lasagna was another popular dish in the TV show Friends. You make cook the lasagna that you love the most. 


  • Margaritas: If you and yours would love alcohol at the event, then you may choose margaritas. You may keep other drinks like champagne, wine, vodka, and beer too. 


  • Coffee: Your friends themed bridal shower should obviously have coffee. You can keep different types of coffee including, decaf, iced Americano, black coffee, and more. 


  • Cookies: For your bridal shower, you may have cookies inspired by the show. You may bake cookies with “Central Perk” or “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” written on them. If you like chocolate cookies, then you can bake Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookies. 


  • Cheesecake: Cheesecake should be the main dessert for your bridal shower. To have similar vibes as the show, all the guests can eat the cake from the main dish instead of eating separately. 


Friends Themed Bridal Shower: Decorations 

Here are some decorations that you can do for this theme. 


  • You may decorate your room the same way as the central perk café. In the main area of the room, you can set the table, chairs, and the big sofa. Around that setting, you may keep the other furniture. 


  • The cups and plates that you’ll use for the food and drinks can be friends themed. You may serve the drinks in central perk cups and glasses. The food can be served in simple Friends-inspired plates. 


  • Not only the café, but you can also have the apartment-themed props too. You may use similar furniture as Monica and Rachel’s apartment. If you’re going all out, then for your Friends themed bridal shower, paint your room purple too. 


  • You may use posters from the show and stick them to your walls. Since the occasion is your bridal shower, pick out some romantic quotes from the show. You may use quotes like, “She’s your lobster” or “He’s your lobster”


  • You may keep a Friends themed banner on your main wall. The banner could say, “The one where I’m getting married” or “The one with the most beautiful bride”


Friends Themed Bridal Shower: Game Ideas 

There are many games that you can play for your bridal shower in Friends theme. 

  • Probably the best game you could play with this theme is that ball game. You can throw the ball to each other and see how long can you keep it from getting dropped. The player who drops the ball first is out of the game. You may continue the game after it, or you may punish the loser by asking them to sing or dance. 


  • In the last seasons, there was intense gameplay of table tennis between Mike and Monica. You and your guests can play the game too. Make the teams of two people and play against each other. 


  • If one of your friends has a foosball table, then borrow that from them. Foosball was popular on the TV show. You may also keep this game in your Friends themed bridal shower. 


  • You can also hold Friends trivia and ask the most difficult questions from the show. Here’s what you may include in these questions:
    • Name of episodes when some event happened
    • Who said this dialogue?
    • How many guest stars can you name who did a cameo in the show?



How Do You Throw A Bridal Shower For A Friend?

For throwing a bridal shower, first, you’ve to think of the budget of the bridal shower. Before you go over the theme or decorations, you should know how much you can spend. Having the idea of the budget would help you plan the theme perfectly. Then, you’d have to set a date for the shower. You can keep it on a Saturday or a Sunday since on those days, most of the guests would be free. For the next step, you’d have to think of guests that you’d invite to the shower. Once all these things are decided, you may think of the location and the theme of the bridal shower. 


Are There Themes For Bridal Showers?

If you’re throwing a bridal shower for your friend, you may throw them a friends themed bridal shower. You can do a minimal shower with this theme by including a few elements from the show. You may ask people to show up wearing friends-inspired t-shirts. For the decorations, you may use some posters from the show. Other than that, there’s food that you’ve to think of. You may keep the food that was loved by friends characters. Pizza, lasagna, coffee, sandwiches, and alcohol, you should keep them all. To add some fun to the day, you may play some games with this theme. You may guess the character’s names who made an appearance in the show. There’s Pictionary that you can play or dumb charades.  


What Else Can You Call A Bridal Shower?

You may call it a bridal shower or a wedding shower. A bridal shower is one that only has the bride and female guests. Whereas a wedding shower is the one that has both the bride and the groom. The guest list in a wedding shower includes both male and female guests. A common element in both these showers is that they can have similar themes. You may choose a friends themed bridal shower or a game of thrones themed bridal shower. 


How Do You Throw An Inexpensive Bridal Shower?

For a budget friendly shower, you may have it in your home only. You can keep alcohol to a minimum and cook your own food. You may also opt for a minimal theme that’s easy to arrange with the help of a few friends. To keep the shower budget-friendly, you may co-host it with one of the bridesmaids. If you need a little financial help, you may ask the bride or her parents. 


What Do You Wear To A Bridal Shower At Someone’s House?

For a bridal shower, you may wear a maxi dress or a mini dress. If it’s a bridal shower with a theme, then you may wear something that matches the theme. For instance, if there’s a Friends themed bridal shower, you may wear Friends inspired outfits. 


In Conclusion

If you’re having a Friends themed bridal shower, there’s so much you can do with this theme. You may make a playlist of the songs that were played in the show. For the food, have some pizzas and sandwiches. 

Lastly, all that you need is your friends to enjoy your bridal shower. 

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