Bridal Shower on a Budget: Ideas and Tips

Bridal Shower on a Budget- Ideas and Tips

Planning a bridal shower on a budget isn’t that big of a task. You let off many things when you do the party on a budget. As you go down your list, you realize that arranging these services won’t take much of your time and money. 

These days, you can easily have a minimal theme bridal shower. Such a shower includes all the fun, games, food, and laughter. Plus, as long as you have the company of your girlfriends, you can do anything! 

In this article, we have given you some tips on how you can plan a bridal shower on a budget. 


How To Organize a Bridal Shower on a Budget 

You’ve been dreaming about this day for a long time, so talking about the budget may be saddening. But, just because you’re making some changes doesn’t mean the day isn’t going to go as you planned. 

Organizing a bridal shower on a budget means that you’ve to cut down on many activities, or modify them. You may actually find that the modified plan looks much better than the original plan. 

To organize your bridal shower on a budget, do the following:


  • Know your goals: Decide what you want to do for the shower. Make a list of all the activities you want to do for the day. You should sit down with the bride and other close friends and discuss these goals. During these discussions, you might opt not to invite some people, or you may end up picking a different theme. When you all gather to talk, you can all give your opinions. 

  • Distribute the tasks: After you have zeroed down on your goals, it is now that you can distribute the tasks. There are many people who come to the bridal shower. All these people can have their responsibilities. Some may be in charge of flowers, a friend can bring the cake, another one of the friends can take care of the gifts. 

  • Opt for a minimal theme: If you want to stick to a budget, it’s in your best interest that you opt for a minimal theme. You can decorate by yourself with a few balloons and other craft decorations. 

  • Don’t empty your wallet: You’re going to send out invites, play games, get a cake or two, get drinks and food, and many more things. Whatever you’re deciding on, keep in mind that you save some money.


Checklist to Organize a Bridal Shower on a Budget

Before you organize your bridal shower, there are a million things that you’ve to arrange for. Following are some things that you need to take care of for a superb bridal shower: 


  • Location: Here, the first consideration should be your home because you won’t have to pay any rental fee. But it won’t work if the bride lives in another town. In such a situation, see if you can do the bridal shower at a relative’s house or another friend’s house who lives in that town. 

  • Transportation: If you’re doing the bridal shower in your hometown, then you don’t have to worry much about the costs of transportation. But, if it’s happening in another town, then you might have to think about the flight you’ll take. You can also go via road by planning a road trip with other friends. 

  • Food: For a bridal shower on a budget, you shouldn’t hire a caterer. You can make the food yourself. Although, if you don’t have the time to cook, then divide the costs for catering services. 

  • Decorations: If you take a look around your house, you might find that there are many decorative items you’d find in your home. There might be Christmas decorations and lights, you can also find new year decorations. Mini houseplants can also be used to decorate the house. 

  • Invitations: For the invitations, you can either send some e-invites. If you want the bridal shower to be like a secret party, then you can make a Facebook post and share it with a selective group of people. 

  • Games: A bridal shower would be incomplete without games. You can play games from childhood, you can play drinking games or you can do quizzes. There are also different card games that you can play. 



Every activity related to weddings is stressful. You’ll need many useful tips when you’re organizing your bridal shower. Here’s a list of some tips you can use to be a little stress-free:


  • Set a budget: This is the first thing you need to do. Once you set your budget, you can have realistic expectations for the bridal shower. You can list down all that you need to in the shower. Then, decide where you need to invest your money. 

  • Do a potluck: Wouldn’t the party be more fun when everyone brings their own food? You can all decide to bring different types of food. Your bridal shower can have Korean, American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and any other kinds of cuisines. 

  • Choose another location: You can borrow another venue if you don’t wish to do it at your house. Ask a colleague, aunt, cousin, or another friend if they can let you have the bridal shower in their house. You can also host the party at a café or a park. The outside environment of a park would make the party more fun. 

  • Send e-invites: These days you can send e-invites for all the wedding festivities. So, for a bridal shower under budget, you can make an invite. You have to add a few details to the invite like contact number, the date of the event, venue, and the timings. Be creative, and be humorous too!

  • Make a small guest list: The guest list would have many names in it. However, it’s not necessary to invite the first from 9th grade who you talked to for 15 minutes in one History lesson. Invite close and important people who have regular contact with the bride. 



How Much Should A Bridal Shower Cost?

A big party would cost you anywhere between $40 to $150 per person. A bridal shower on a budget would cost anywhere between $15 to $40 per person. Depending on the number of your guests, the bridal shower can have a total cost of more than $2000. Then there are the costs of decorations and cake. Plus, there may be other requirements that you’ve to pay for during the shower. You may run out of food or drinks, you may need more balloons, more confetti. 


How Can I Host A Cheap Bridal Shower?

For hosting a bridal shower on a budget, you should do the party at your home. You can cook the food yourself or arrange for a potluck. You can play some online games or card games. If you’ve to go to another town for the party, then some of the guests can meet at one spot. Then, you can go via road or train. For the bridal shower’s invite, you can choose to make e-invites, or make Facebook posts. 


Who Normally Pays For A Bridal Shower?

Normally, it’s the maid of honour and the bridesmaids who pay for the bridal shower. They are the ones who are in charge of everything that happens in the shower. They take care of the decorations, food, cake, theme, etc. 

The maid of honour and bridesmaids can split the costs between themselves. They can also ask the bride’s mother or the groom’s mother for their help if they need it. 


What Is The Average Number Of Guests At A Bridal Shower?

There are 20 to 50 people who are invited to a bridal shower. Apart from the bride’s and the bride groom’s mother, there is the maid of honour and the bridesmaids at the party. 

The guest list also includes cousins of the bride, her colleagues, some family relatives and other friends. 

It’s the bride’s mother who gives the guest list to the bridesmaids. After getting the list, it becomes their responsibility to invite these people. 


How Long Does A Bridal Shower Usually Last?

A bridal shower isn’t an all-day event. Normally, a bridal shower lasts for 3-4 hours. During the shower, the bride receives gifts from the guests. They all play games, eat food, drink, and enjoy the day. 

Most showers happen in the morning. Bridal showers rarely happen in the evening or at night. Therefore, you should either do a brunch or a proper lunch for the bridal shower. 


In Conclusion

Hosting a bridal shower under a budget would mean cutting many things off your list. You may not pick the theme you decided on a long time ago, and you may make do with the Christmas decorations. 

You can also make e-invitations instead of traditional invites. The party can become a memorable event when all the guests bring food prepared by themselves. But before you decide on all such things, you must sit with the bride and set the budget. 

Once you know your budget, you’d accordingly arrange for all the things. 

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