Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

The Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party is a theme popularly connected with the artist: Kacey Musgraves. It has proved to be a really creative idea for your bachelorette party. 

Kacey otherwise known as Spacey Kacey is known for her glamorous cowgirl outfits. They include a lot of glitter and studded clothing. Cowgirl hats and boots encrusted with rhinestones or shimmer are her look. Besides that, she also sports a lot of fringe and tassels.

When adding the disco cowgirl theme to your bachelorette party you should keep certain things in mind:


  • Firstly, the outfits are the most important thing to decide after having fun of course. This theme requires you to go all out with dramatic and glittery hats, boots and clothes. 


  • Your accessories can include disco balls and cowboy hats. You could have large bling belt buckles., Fringe and tassels are also a great way to keep your outfit authentic and fabulous. 


  • After that, are your decorations. You can go with theme-coloured balloons, marquees and disco balls. You could also include cute-themed cookies and party favours. Besides that, a fun banner and photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained.


  • Talking about entertainment, bachelorette games are a super great way to get your party going. From your usual truth and dare to a fun guess the dress game. 


  • Party favours are a huge hit at bachelorette parties. You can have personalized tote bags filled with goodies like bandanas, survival kits, little cowboy boot knick-knacks and also fun fake tattoos.


  • The best way to create excitement for a bachelorette party is through invitations. You can have a really great pink and black barbie them, or a cow print as well. You could do a simple turquoise and red invitation or also a black and gold one. 


What Is Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette?

The Disco Cowgirl theme is a super popular theme right now. You can take inspiration from Spacey Kacey or Country ABBA. This theme consists of all things glitter, from cowgirl boots, hats and clothes. Basically, your photo booth is bound to be a smash.

Organising this party is a big job. You have to be on top of everything from decorations and games to snacks and gifts. One of the main things to help you while organizing is to create lists. Start with things to be bought like a grocery list. Include things like snacks, drinks, cups and decorations. 

After that is a to-do list that has all the main work like booking a club or an Airbnb. You can also have a list of all your important information like arrival and departure times, addresses, emergency contact information, etc.

You should also create a guest list and make sure to keep the communication open and clear so as to avoid confusion. Above all, keep the bride in the loop always. Unless she tells you she doesn’t want to know anything, let her know the basics of what is being planned.


Some fun ideas for your disco cowgirl bachelorette party:


  • A fun thing you could do is bling up the bride with rhinestone tassel hats or high-heeled boots. You can also add in some shiny spurs.


  • You can include cow prints in any of your accessories. Also, sequins and rhinestones are a huge hit.


  • Make sure to include the party itinerary on your invitations so that your guests are prepared and can carry things accordingly.


  • If you’re having a pool party then you could get a disco beach ball. Moreover, you could also include drinking games or bingo.


6 Best Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Outfits 

Here are some great disco cowgirl bachelorette outfits for you.


  • Barbie Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Outfits


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Here is a gorgeous barbie theme disco cowgirl outfit. This outfit includes a sparkly shimmy dress. Besides that, you can wear silver calf-length cowboy boots and silver earrings. You can also add a black or pink suede hat to the look.

  • Mamma Mia Disco Cowgirl Outfit


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Next up is this Mamma Mia-inspired outfit. It features fluffy tube-top and shimmer high-waist pants. Pair it with a clutch and heels. You can also wear a white or silver hat to match.

  • Disco Bralette and Skirt


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If you’re looking for a fun and attractive outfit, then you can opt for this choice. Here is a cool white bralette with silver sequins paired with a white rhinestone fringe skirt. You can also wear white cowboy boots and a sparkly-rimmed cowboy hat.

  • Full Pink Shimmer Outfit


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This outfit is spectacular and channels all kinds of pink fun. Starting with the pink shimmery cowl neck top to the pastel pink trousers, this outfit is a great look. You can also wear a fluffy pink cowboy hat and a silver sparkly handbag. 

  • Simple Disco Cowgirl Outfit


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Here is a simple western frock. You can also accessorise it with a disco ball necklace and a sparkly cowboy hat.

  • White Fringe Outfit


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Last up is this fabulous white bodysuit with a white fringe belt skirt. You can pair it with fluffy flip-flops and a fluffy rim cowboy hat. You can also wear white heart sunglasses and a large pendant necklace.


7 Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Invite Ideas 

You can check out these cute invitation ideas.


  • Barbie Pink Cowgirl Theme


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Here is a gorgeous barbie pink Rodeo Theme. You can include graphics of hats, boots, cacti and disco balls. The theme colours can be black pink and silver. You can also mention the itinerary on the back of it.

  • Cute Blue Bachelorette Invite


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This is a rustic Teal blue invitation. You can also keep the graphics minimal for a cute look. Try stencil cowboy boots and hearts for a great look. Your theme colours can be red, pink and white. 

  • Decorative Pink and Brown Template


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If you’re looking for an easy way to invite your friends to your bridal shower, then here is an easy-to-decorate invitation template. The theme colours you can use are brown, pink and white.

  • Boots and Bling Last Disco Invitation


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Here is a cool Boots and Bling theme invitation. You could have a large multi-coloured disco ball at the centre with cowboy-themed items at the edges. If it is a multiple-day party, then you can also mention the plans for each day on the back of the invitation.

  • Black, Gold and Pink Invitation


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This next one is a simple but gorgeous invitation idea. The theme colours are black, gold and pink. The envelope of this invitation can be hot pink with a sparkly gold felt-shaped cowboy boot.

  • Cute Digital Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette


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Here is a super cute and stylish digital bachelorette invitation. It has a cow print background with fancy lettering. You can also mention the itinerary on a beige sheer rectangle. 

  • Turquoise Invitation Kit


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Here is a cool turquoise invitation idea. It features a customized T-shirt as well as a glass. The invitations have all details regarding the event. You can also keep the theme colours as cream, turquoise and white.


9 Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Decorations 

If you’re looking for some cool decorations, then you can check these out.


  • Silver Disco Ball Decorations


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One of the most obvious and best ideas for disco cowgirl bachelorette decorations is in fact disco balls. They bring the theme together while also staying elegant. Instead of actual disco balls, you can also opt for these disco ball balloons.

  • Part Favour Baskets


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You could make the party more intimate by personalizing little wicker giveaway baskets with each guest’s name. Furthermore, you could also have an extra special one for your maid/matron of honour.

  • Purple, Blue and Pink theme Decor


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Here is a different theme balloon arch. You can have purple, pink and blue balloons as well as some funky-shaped ones. For instance, you could also get balloons shaped like cowboy boots and disco balls. 

  • Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Cookies


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Some of the best decorations to add to your party are edible decorations. By adding these gorgeous disco cowgirl theme cookies to the list of decor, you are sure to have gorgeous pictures as well as happy guests.

  • Disco Ball Cups


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After all those great cookies, you can quench your thirst with these stunning disco ball cups. You can also place them at the entrance for your guests to grab. Thus, starting the party as soon as they step in.

  • Yeehaw Marquee


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Up next is this spectacular Yeehaw marquee. It adds a classy and awesome look to the party. 

  • Photobooth Balloon Installation


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Here is a great addition to your bachelorette party. You can have a stunning balloon arch surrounding a cow print backdrop with a light-up marquee.

  • Barbie Theme Disco Cowgirl Theme


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This is a cool theme to add to your bachelorette party. This is also a barbie theme that gives the party a really fun spin to it.


5 Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Games 

Don’t forget to have some fun with these cool bachelorette games.


  • Four-Round Drinking Game


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Here is a fun drinking game that you can personalize for your bridal party. Each round has different things that the guests have or have done. Accordingly, they drink, much like a normal drinking game.

  • Photo Challenge Bachelorette Game


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This is a fun game to add to your bachelor party. It is a photo challenge game where you get either 10 or 20 points as you complete a task. You must show a picture of you doing things from the list that’s been decided. You can also decide things that can be done and after that, you can give out points and rewards.

  • Bachelorette Bingo


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This is a unique take on the usual bingo. It can have cool blocks that are customized to the bridal party and bride. It can be things people have already done or also things that the guests can do for the bride. Decorate it with cow prints and other disco cowgirl articles.

  • Truth or Dare Jars


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This popular truth and dare game is given a bridal shower twist. You can have various truth and dare paper slips inside separate jars. They can be personal ones as well as the usual topics.

  • Guess The Dress


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This is a unique game that is both creative and fun. This game allows each guest to draw and guess what the wedding dress will look like.


5 Space Cowgirl Bachelorette Outfits

These are awesome space cowgirl outfits that you should try out.


  • Glitter Cowgirl Outfits


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This look is all kinds of glitter and boots. You can choose any colour shimmery dress or skirt and pair it with some stunning cowgirl boots to match.

  • Two-Piece Shimmer Outfits


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Here is a great idea for a two-piece disco cowgirl outfit. You can also wear a pink shimmer bralette with a similar silver high-waist skirt. After that, add some funky sunglasses and cowgirl boots to the mix to really get the party going.

  • White Fringe Outfit


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This next one is a gorgeous white and silver fringe dress. You can add a belt to cinch the waist. You may also wear a gorgeous white hat and matching cowboy boots for the perfect monochrome look.

  • Gold and Silver Space Cowgirl


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These next two outfits are stunning body suits in gold and white. You can wear it with gold and silver sparkly fringe skirts. After that, you may also add in some cowgirl hats and boots to complete the outfit.

  • Large Sequins Skirt


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Here you have another two-piece outfit. It features a simple white bralette with a silver skirt with large circle sequins. You can also pair it with a funky white hat and boots.


8 Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Hat Ideas 

A cowgirl outfit is incomplete without a great hat. Here are some cool ideas.


  • Rhinestone Fringe Hats


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First up are these super stylish rhinestone fringe hats. They are simple hats with a rhinestone rim and fringe. They are really cool and also add a bit of bling to your outfit.

  • Cow Print Hats


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Here are some adorable cow print hats. Not only do they picture really well, but they fit the theme almost perfectly. After that, you can also pair these hats with practically any outfit of your choosing.

  • Lace Cowgirl Hat


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Up next is this really unique cowgirl hat. It is made of a really cool lace-looking material that also gives your outfit an elegant look. 

  • Light-up Rhinestone Hats


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Here are some really cool hats for you to choose from. They are pink and silver rhinestone hats with an illuminated rim. Thus, make sure your bridal party is always in the spotlight, literally. Also, they make it easy to locate your friends in case someone wanders off.

  • Black Cowgirl Hats


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You can even opt for the typical black cowgirl hats. They give your outfit a classy and authentic look. You can also dress it up with really sparkly clothing to stay true to your theme.

  • Pink, Black Sequins Hats


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Here are some really fun hats that you can use to jazz up any outfit. They are hand sequined hats with a bendy wire that goes through the rim. They also come in pink and black cow prints or red and pink heart prints.

  • Mini Glitter Cowgirl Hats


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If you’re looking for something super quirky, then you can go for these adorable mini glitter cowgirl hats. The best colour to get it in is pink. Also, it gives your outfit a much-needed lift.



What Should You Not Do At A Bachelorette Party?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when attending a bachelorette party. First, a bachelorette party is intended to celebrate the bride, thus at the end of the day, she’s the boss. 

Unless you truly know she will be okay with it, don’t try to embarrass the bride with questions or games about things she is uncomfortable with. Also don’t make her do anything that would be considered unphotographable on her wedding day (read: bright colour hair or face piercings) 

After that, if you’re going to be drinking at the party then make sure you’re not looking to get too wild. Above all, don’t wander away from your friends or mess with the plan. You don’t want to ruin the party and have people worried and looking for you.


How Do You Celebrate A Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party can be celebrated in many different ways. The best way to do it is to pick a theme. It could be something trendy like a disco cowgirl bachelorette party or you could go for something personal like your bride’s favourite show. 

After that, you can also choose a tacky and hilarious phrase for when something cool or funny happens. For instance, you can choose a code word like pineapple or hula-hoop as an inside joke. 

You could have personalized cookies and party pins. Even some party favours and survival kits. Besides that, you could also have some special accessories just for the bride.  


What Should You Not Forget On A Bachelorette Trip?

Don’t forget your itinerary information, for instance, your hotel or house address, and check-in and check-out times. Remember to take all games and party favours. You could wrap them in advance so as to not keep them for the last minute.

Always carry extras of everything. Cups, mixers, supplies, decorations and camera tripods are some things you should carry. Also, bring a Bluetooth speaker and playlists to keep the party going. However, don’t forget chargers and keep all electronics charged

Don’t forget to make lists of everything. For instance, grocery lists, to-do lists, games, gifts, good restaurants, bars and important information.


What Should I Do Before A Bachelorette Party?

If you’re planning the party then you must be organized. Here are some things you can keep in mind:


  • Appoint people to help you with tasks. 
  • Set a date well in advance.
  • Decide on an affordable budget.
  • Make lists of everything that needs to be carried, bought, and made as well as restaurants and bars.
  • Decide on a theme
  • Plan outfits.
  • Schedule some much-needed downtime.
  • Consult the bride regarding everything.


How Common Is Bachelorette Party Cheating?

Bachelorette party cheating is unfortunately more common than we realise. At 2.6% of women cheating, the occurrence is at least 1.4% more than men. The stories are wild and quite disturbing but it does happen much more than you would assume.


In Conclusion

Disco cowgirl is a great theme to incorporate into your party. Firstly, you can have fun and pretty invitations such as a barbie pink, or a minimal turquoise theme. You could also do a black and gold with a pink cowboy boot.

After that, you can include a number of decorations from the disco ball and cowgirl boot balloons to Yeehaw Marquees. Your decorations could also have multi-coloured balloons, streamers and themed photo booths.

You could have theme-inspired foods like cookies or disco ball cups. In addition to that, you could also have giveaway baskets with survival kits and customized party favours.

The bride can have a sash and a cowgirl hat inscribed with the words Bride-to-be. There are also various bachelorette games you can include such as disco cowgirl bingo, truth and dare jars, guess the dress, photo challenges and much more. 

Above all, if you’re looking for outfits, then you can choose a lowkey dress paired with a dramatic cowgirl hat, or you could even do a shimmery dress and matching boots. You can also go for simple fringe or go all out with shimmery pink and silver tassels for the disco effect. The possibilities are endless and truly entertaining. 

Which disco cowgirl bachelorette party idea is your favourite? What is the craziest bachelorette party story you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette

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