7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photoshoots may look expensive and feel like a waste of time and energy. But, the truth is that these photoshoots have many perks. They help the couple in building a rapport with the wedding photographers. Through this activity, the couple can understand what poses and styles suit them. Plus, there are numerous pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that you and your partner can opt for. 

This means that this photoshoot isn’t some extra activity that you’re doing just to have more pictures. Rather, you’re having fun with this activity. There are many elements that go into these photoshoots. Everything matters, from the location to the outfits, to the basic theme. 

We’ve mentioned many such photoshoot ideas in this article. Read till the end to know which one would work for you and your partner. 


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas For Younger Couples 

Here are some photoshoot ideas that young couples can do for their pre-wedding shoot. 


  • Food Photography: This photoshoot idea involves cooking or baking. For this photoshoot, you and your partner should cook something that you both love. You may rent a place where you can cook, or you may do it at home too. While you’d be doing that in your natural state, the photographer can click candid photos of both of you. 


  • Café Photoshoot: This is one of those pre-wedding photoshoot ideas where you may show your sophisticated side. For this theme, you may wear a silk gown and your partner may wear a suit. You can choose a fancy café for the photoshoot. Since this theme requires you to look a little extra, you may wear diamond jewellery as well. For the pictures, you and your partner can pose as a power couple. 


  • Library Theme: In this theme, you may rent a small library. For the outfits, you can wear the same couple of clothes. For the photoshoot, you may keep a bundle of books all around you and click the pictures. You may also do them the way movies do. Dress up as cute high school teens who have a crush on each other. This would bring out those lovely feelings in both of you, and it’ll also show well in your pictures. 


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas For Older Couples 

Here are pre-wedding shoot ideas for older couples. 


  • Nostalgia Theme: This is a pretty sweet photoshoot idea for your pre-wedding shoot. With this theme, you may go out to an old building or monument in your town. If you’re having a fall wedding, you may keep fallen leaves around you. You may pose in romantic poses like, looking each other in the eyes or lovingly smiling at one another. 


  • Cinema Theme: Here, you and your partner can go to an empty cinema hall and get your pictures clicked there. You may re-create a scene of the first date to the movies. If you’re thinking of something wild, then you may opt for a horror theme too. 


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas Under $500 

If you want to have a pre-wedding photoshoot for under $500, then there are many ways you can do it. But for that, you’ll need the whole planning of the idea, theme, and location. Since it has to be under $500, your locations need to be small. You also can’t keep many props with you. 


  • You may keep the photoshoot in your house. Think about it, your house is the place that’s filled with memories of you and your partner. You’ve watched movies together, hung out with friends, and even calculated your taxes. Your house has seen everything of the two of you. For that reason, you may keep it in your house. In there, you already have your props like soft toys, cushions, hats, and more. You can dress up in your pyjamas and keep some food like burgers and pizza around you. 


  • Other pre-wedding photoshoot ideas under $500 include – a photoshoot on the roof. This is an idea that’s closer to the previous idea only. The difference is that you’re doing it on the terrace of the house. Here, you may keep the theme as you want to. You can set up a tent and decorate it as if you’re having a picnic. You may arrange some furniture and go on a date with each other. This would make for a romantic and cute photoshoot idea. 



What Are The Best Ideas For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot?

There are many pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that you may opt for. The best ideas are the ones that you like for yourself. Many couples opt to do their photoshoot at the beach since it’s cool and breezy over there. 

You may also do your photoshoot in a café or a high-end restaurant of your choice. With these locations, you may opt for a cute theme or for a luxe and sophisticated theme. 

If you’re looking for something extremely romantic, then you may go to a nearby park. You can decorate the surroundings of the park with red roses all around. 


How Do You Do a Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Home?

If you’re planning your pre-wedding photoshoot at home, you may do it in a very minimal manner. Opt for cute outfits like shorts or pyjamas. Then, you may do some activities that you and your partner like to do. While you’re taking part in that activity, the photographers can click pictures of both of you. 


How Do You Plan a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

You may look for many pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, but that won’t be enough for the perfect shoot. You’ve to look for the location of the shoot. Booking a location may not be as easy as it looks. You’d have to talk to the owners of those locations and bring in props too if you need them. 

Then, in accordance with the theme, you’d have to choose your outfits. Outfits are really important because they should look good in the pictures. Not just that, they should also feel comfortable. 

You’d also have to book an MUA for the photoshoot. You may ask the same MUA who’d do your makeup for all the wedding festivities. 


What’s The Latest Trend in Pre Wedding Shoots?

These days, many couples are opting to do the photoshoot under the stars. For this theme, you may go to an empty street in the nighttime. Or you may even do it on your own terrace. It may be difficult to see many stars if you live in the city. Hence, you may use some white coloured Christmas lights to give the appearance of the stars. 


Who Bears The Cost of Pre Wedding Shoot?

It’s the couple who pays for the pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple may ask for money from their parents if they want some help. But if they can pay for the whole shoot themselves, then they can do it. 


In Conclusion

Many couples are doing pre-wedding photoshoots these days. One of the reasons these photoshoots are important is because, through them, the couple can free themselves. This means that if they’re camera-conscious people, they can take this opportunity to relax and take it slow. This way, they won’t feel too nervous on their wedding day while posing in different ways. 

This also gives them an opportunity to form a nice relationship with their photographer. They can observe the way their photographer works and see the results in these photos. 

Choosing pre-wedding photoshoot ideas is easy when you know the theme that you want. There are many locations that you can decide on, including your own house. 

Once everything is decided, all you’ll need is the company of your partner and the good lens of your photographer. 

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