Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas and Inspirtation

Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas and Inspirtation

For the past two years, a virtual bridal shower has become more popular among people. These are the bridal showers that happen over the internet. Here, you simply attend a meeting that’s arranged by the host. This meeting can take place on any video call platform like Zoom or Google Duo.  

Since they take place virtually, there are no traditional rules that you’ve to follow in that manner. You’re allowed to do whatever you can and of course what the host requests of you. 

Read this article till the end to know how to perfectly plan a bridal shower virtually. We’ve also mentioned a list of games that you can play during this event. 


Virtual Bridal Shower: Invitations 

The invitations for this bridal shower should be sent 4 to 5 weeks before the event takes place. Even though people only have to log into a meeting, there might be some arrangements that they’ll have to do. As a host, you should make sure that you’re sending them the invites around this time period. 

Obviously, you don’t have to lazy out on your invitation card just because the bridal shower will happen virtually. All you’ve to do is change the way you’d normally do your invites. There’s a lot more scope for creativity when you’re making a virtual invitation card. 

The card doesn’t have to be a card at all, either. You may make a small video in under one minute. In the video, you may include pictures of the bride and the bridesmaids. Opt for some soft or happy music in the background. Then, in the end, include all the important details. You’d still have to provide people with the invite link if you’re making a video. 

In case you’re making a virtual card, you’ll have to make it according to the theme of your virtual bridal shower. If there’s no definite theme for the shower, then you may design the card any way that you want to. Opt for neutral colour tones when making the card. Inside the card, you should include the virtual meeting link. 


Virtual Bridal Shower: Food and Drink 

When it comes to food and drinks, you can make it grand or just chill off a few snacks. 


  • Chicken Nuggets: Probably the best food item that you can keep is chicken nuggets. You and all your guests can have a relaxing time while watching one of your favourite movies. While watching the movies or web series, you all can munch on some chicken nuggets. 


  • Wine: What would a bridal shower be without wine? Not just wine, you can have any other drinks that you want. Some may prefer to have beer or champagne. In this virtual bridal shower, everyone can help themselves to the drinks of their choice. To add more fun to this event, you may mix up some cocktails and try new drinks invented by you. 


  • Virtual Brunch: If you’re having the bridal shower around 1 or 2 PM in the afternoon, then you all can do a virtual brunch. You can also decide on one dish that you want to make. Or you may order the dish from the same food outlet. 


  • Virtual Cook-Off: You and other bridesmaids can have a virtual cook-off too. Here. you’ll set a time limit and prepare the same dish. You don’t have to opt for a dish that’ll take longer hours to cook. Opt for simpler dishes like pasta or some rice dishes. 


  • Cookies and Cakes: Obviously you’ll need some cookies and cakes with you. You can bake different kinds of cookies while attending the meeting. You should also bake a cake while you’re baking cookies. Since there’ll be only a few people who’ll be eating the cake, you should bake a smaller cake. 


Virtual Bridal Shower: Decorations 

For the decorations, you don’t have to do a lot. If there are some people coming over to your place, then you should do some decorations. Even then, keep them to a minimal level. 

In the room where you’ll be sitting, hang some balloons and other party decor items. You should keep your room clean too. Even though many of the people who’d be attending the meeting are your friends, you should have some cleanliness. 

You may also hang some pictures of the bride and the bridesmaids on the wall. 


Virtual Bridal Shower: Game Ideas 

For your bridal shower, you can play some online games. There are many games that you may play like, Among Us, Minecraft, PUBG, and so on. 

One of the best games for your virtual bridal shower would be “Never Have I Ever”. When you play this game in real life, it’s always fun. Playing it virtually will also be equally fun for you and your friends.

There are some online trivia quizzes that you can play in teams or as individuals. The person who scores the most points would be promised a gift. 



What Do You Do At A Virtual Bridal Shower?

When you’re having a bridal shower virtually, there are a lot of things that you can do. When you start the meeting, you may all just talk for some time. It can make you feel uncomfortable at the start if you’re new at this. However, you can be free here. It’s your responsibility as a host to make people feel connected, but that shouldn’t stress you out. 

You can begin by playing some games so that everyone else can loosen up a little. Then, you can have your food. You may eat some sandwiches or chicken nuggets while streaming a movie together. 


How Do You Throw A Virtual Bridal Shower?

If you’re throwing a bridal shower virtually, you should do it on a video platform service. You may have your bridal shower on Zoom. It’s the most favoured choice of people who do parties virtually. 

You’ve to do everything in a similar fashion as you would do in real life. The only difference is that you’d do everything minimally. There’s no need to have grand decorations all over your house. Just keep your house clean because you’d give a house tour to people. 

You may keep some similar food items as you would. The best part is that you can order the food if you feel like it. 


What Does A Virtual Bridal Shower Look Like?

In such a bridal shower, you do the event over the internet. You send an invitation link to all the guests. You also send them an invitation card or a video. All the details that you’d mention otherwise, you’d do them the same way here too. 

In this type of bridal shower, you can play online games and do a cook-off with your friends. You may even show your talents to each other. Someone may sing while the other person may dance. 


What Is A Zoom Bridal Shower?

A zoom bridal shower is a virtual bridal shower. In this bridal shower, all the guests attend the event online from their homes. People opt for doing this type of bridal shower when the circumstances are such. 

It may happen that none of the people can find the same time in their schedules, so they do it virtually instead. 


How Do You Host A Zoom Shower?

To host a zoom bridal shower, you’d have to make a meeting link. You should send this meeting link and the invite to all guests a month before the event takes place. People may misplace the link, so you should send it to them again a few days before the event. 

When you’re the host of this event and the meeting, it’s your responsibility to make everyone feel welcome. 


In Conclusion

A virtual bridal shower is very different from a real-life bridal shower. The advantage of this bridal shower is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations and food. But yes, watching people’s faces on the screen wouldn’t feel the same. 

That’s the reason you and your friends should make the event more memorable by playing games and doing many fun activities. 

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