Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Ideas

Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is a time when the bride and her bridesmaids can unwind. All of you must’ve been so buddy with the wedding arrangements that you hardly ever got the time to just sit and relax. A brunch and bubbly bridal shower will give you just that. 

As the name suggests, a bridal shower with this theme includes brunch. Other than that, it’s like many other bridal showers. You sit around with your friends, have a laugh, sip on wine, and just chill. 

Read more in this article to have a perfect bridal shower with this theme. 


Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower: Invitations

Here are some invitation ideas for your bridal shower. 


  • You may pick a rectangular card and design it with pink and golden colours in the background. For the borders as well, you can use the golden colour. Then, on the edges of the card, you may design some beautiful flowers. Once all the design is done, you may edit your text on the card. 


  • For your brunch and bubbly shower, you can also use a circular card. On the border of this card, you may use the design of a floral wreath. Design it with the flowers that the bride likes. Then, you can simply edit the text on the card. Don’t opt for a bigger card size. Rather get a small card as it’d look cute too. 


  • If you want simplicity on your card, then you may opt for a square-shaped card. On the left-hand side of that card, you may write “brunch + bubbly”. Then, to design the card, you may put two champagne glasses on the right-hand side. Lastly, in the remaining space, you can write your text. 



Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower: Food and Drink 

Here are some food and drink ideas for your bridal shower. 


  • For the drinks, champagne should be your main one. Since the occasion of a bridal shower is a big one, you should get the best champagne. Other than champagne, you may also keep beer, wine, vodka, martini, and so on. 


  • Some people may avoid alcoholic drinks altogether. For these guests, you should keep some non-alcoholic beverages. You may keep different kinds of tea at your brunch and bubbly bridal shower.  There’s green tea, lemon tea, black tea, etc. You should also keep coffee for the people who love coffee. 


  • For the food, you may keep some sandwiches at your bridal shower party. Sandwiches are easy to prepare if you’re cooking yourself. You may keep some mini sandwiches that guests can eat with tea. 


  • To add some sweetness to your bridal shower, you may make some pancakes. Pancakes are easy to make as well. Everyone would like pancakes. You may choose from banana pancake, blueberry pancake, pumpkin and chocolate pancake, and so on. The choices for pancakes aren’t really limited. 


  • Lastly, there has to be a cake as well. You may opt for a simple vanilla-flavoured cake. Your guests may have different preferences, not everyone would like chocolate. For this reason, you should have a vanilla cake that everyone would eat easily. 



Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower: Decorations 

Following are some decoration ideas that you may keep for your bridal shower. 


  • On the main wall of your room, you may put up a banner that says “Brunch and Bubbly”. Under this banner, you may put some other wall decorations like balloons. Or you may also put a small banner underneath that that says, “XYZ’s bridal shower”.


  • You may also use balloons for most of your decorations. You can put some small balloons all around the room. Then, on the main wall of the room, you may use different types of balloons. First, you’ll put a balloon that resembles a champagne bottle. You should put it on the edge of the wall and at an angle where it looks like it’s going to spill. Coming to the spelling part, this is where you’ll use your balloons. Over the rest of the wall, you may put the small balloons, as if they’re spilling out of the champagne bottle. 


Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower: Game Ideas 

There are many fun games that you can play during your bridal shower.


  • You may play “Never Have I Ever” in your bridal shower. In this game, all the guests should have a drink of choice in their hands. One person would say something that they’ve never done. Then, all those who’ve done that activity would take a sip from their drink. 


  • There’s another fun game that you all can play, which is called mad libs. In this game, you have a small story in front of you. Some nouns, phrases, and adjectives have been cut from this story in different places. All you’ve to do is fill up these empty spaces with whatever words come to your mind. 



What Is A Brunch And Bubbly?

Brunch and bubbly means that you’ve to keep it light. Everything in your party or brunch and bubbly bridal shower has to be like that. When you’re making your invitation cards, they don’t have to be too much. They can be as simple as you want them to be.

As for the decorations for your party, you should keep them in line with the theme. The theme basically means fun in simplicity. So, for the decorations, you can put up some balloons in your room. 


What Do You Serve At A Bridal Shower Brunch?

Brunch and bubbly bridal shower is a theme where you keep everything light. You serve your guests’ breakfast and lunch. You may serve them pancakes, scones, cinnamon rolls, and so on. For the food items, you can keep sandwiches because they’re light. Other than that, you can keep different types of rolls at your party. 

The bubbly element of this theme would come from champagne. You should opt for the best champagne that you can get in your town. Other than champagne, you may also keep some fruit juices that the guests would like. 


What Is A Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower?

In a champagne brunch bridal shower party, you’ve to create a sparkling vibe. Your party should look minimal but it has to have many elements of fun in it. 

In this shower, you would serve your guests some champagne and mimosa as well. Food items should include a lot of sweet items for the guests. There is a list of sweet desserts that you can choose from. You may pick from cake pops, scones, cinnamon car, croissants, cheesecake, and so on. 


Do You Serve Cake At A Bridal Shower Brunch?

The cake should be served in a bridal shower. There are only a few times when you opt for cakes. If all of the guests do not favour sweets as much, then you shouldn’t have cake at your party. 

Remember that your party can still be as wonderful without the cake, too. Plus, you can switch the cake with some other dessert. For instance, you may make macaroons. When you’re making them, you can add as much sweetness as people would prefer. 


What Should Be Included In A Brunch Menu?

You can keep the following:

  • Eggs
  • Fruits 
  • Sandwiches 
  • Rolls
  • Pastries
  • Alcohol
  • Juice 
  • Tea 
  • Coffee


In Conclusion

A brunch and bubbly bridal shower is one that’s full of happiness and excitement. After doing so many preparations for the wedding, you and the bride deserve to have that. 

In this bridal shower, you can have a limited amount of food. In fact, in this bridal shower theme, vegan food would be the best. Apart from this, all you’ll need is to have a relaxing time with your pals. 

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