18 Best Nikkah Dresses For Your Wedding

18 Best Nikkah Dresses For Your Wedding

When you reflect back on your wedding many years from now, you will always remember Nikkah’s outfit. Your memories will play like a movie in your head. They will bring up emotions as you recall special moments you shared with your groom. You will remember the amusing times you shared with your bridesmaids as you got ready. Therefore, selecting nikkah dresses can be tricky. This is why we bring you a complete guide to our favourite dresses and outfits.

Nikkah seems to work best with white and ivory, although you can also opt for a pastel colour scheme. On your special day, choose pastel pinks, blues, or greens. Your white dress can is suitable with two dupattas. One, overhead with lighter embroidery. And the other can get adorned with thread embroidery or contrast colours. The bride-to-be dons a white or cream attire. 

And what’s the best outfit for the fashionista bride who can wear a traditional dress with incomparable grace? Hayal is the ideal option. The collection, which is feminine, is a tribute to modernism and elegance combined. The hand-embellished outfits have the ideal beautiful silhouettes for your special day. With the special procedures that create an item, each outfit brings a beautiful dream to life.

Reds are another option if you dislike light colours. It sounds like a fantasy to have a daytime nikkah ceremony. With a white Gharara and customary jewellery like Jhoomar.

If you want to avoid overdoing the embroidery and embellishment on your nikkah bridal dress, choose something as straightforward as a long shirt with churidar. Or opt for Peshwas with churidar, a simple dupatta, and little jewellery.


What Are Nikkah Dresses?

Nikkah is the name of the religious rite where the bride and groom exchange vows. Both of them have made Nikkha Naama their lifetime buddy. As a result, Pakistan’s most well-known apparel labels are there to commemorate the Nikkah. It is the most significant Islamic ceremony of all, in style.

Everything in Nikkah is there with the same floral and pastel colours. It is a traditional affair when everyone wears white clothing. Therefore, prepare your nikkah with a chic, elegant yet classic style.

You can choose from a broad variety of ethereal nikkah ensembles. This includes ethnic and regal long skirts and straightforward, understated embroidered shirts.

Marriage is a Prophetic institution. Muslim weddings, also known as Nikah ceremonies are among the most joyful celebrations in Islam. With more than 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide, wedding customs might vary. It all differs based on families, sects, and cultures. But the principles of the Nikah ritual and getting married as a Muslim remain constant. 

You should always choose something more traditional and eastern as a nikkah bride. You choose light colours that go with whites. The best-looking embellished clothing features ethnic embroideries. This includes Dabka, sequins, Tilla, Marori, and Zardozi. You are ready to be the ideal Nikkah bride with delicate floral jewellery or classic jewels. The modest yet exquisite traditions of the actual ceremony are there in the wedding outfit for a Nikah ceremony.  

As a sign of respect, the head gets covered with a dupatta and a veil. A Ghunghat is there of various lengths. It either barely covers the face to reach the shoulders.


3 Best Nikkah Dresses

One of the fanciest and most beautiful parts of the nikkah is the wedding dresses. They are so traditional yet give off a royal vibe. People might think traditional dresses are not that trendy. But they must not have seen these best nikkah dresses of all time such as:


  • Kameez with sharara


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Shararas are a particular style of bottom clothing used with a kurta and a dupatta. They are flared fluttery pants. There is much discussion on the history of the style. Although the majority of experts believe that shararas were made in North India. They believe it was during the Mughal era between the 18th and the 19th century. This wedding attire is quite comfortable.


  • Ivory and gold dress


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A lehenga, a dupatta, and an ivory and gold Anarkali wedding gown. There is also stone embroidery that makes this Muslim bride seem stunning. Gold floral stone and sequin accents create this distinctive wedding design. The border of the dupatta gets embellished with large stone pieces. This outfit exudes a grand and royal aura.


  • Red and gold embroidered dress


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Looking for a classic yet elegant look? Traditional fashions blend so well with this bridal outfit! The dress has a straight style and gets adorned with conventional zari embroidery. Large-patterned brocade fabric is there with it. You can choose a Muslim wedding gown like this if you want to wear a traditional outfit to your wedding. Even though this clothing is straightforward, the depth of colour gives it a distinctive look. It looks traditional because of the gold border!


3 Simple Nikkah Dresses

Who says all nikkah dresses are over the top? There are many designs where brides choose to wear a simple nikkah dress. You don’t always need to wear glittery nikkah dresses. Sometimes, simplicity is the best choice. Here are some simple nikkah dresses for you to consider:


  • White gown


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A Muslim bride can choose something white to wear in order to appear calm. Intricate zardozi embroidery in the lightest shade of gold is there. It fits and is an Anarkali-style wedding dress. The most elegant accessory you can add to this outfit is a dupatta adorned with a rose gold net. This will enhance the dress’ appearance.


  • Blue sharara


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This stunning wedding dress comes in the most unusual but elegant colour. The net dupatta wrapped over the bride’s head lends a touch of elegance. It is a stunning sharara and kameez. Multicoloured beads, stones, and gold and silver zardozi work decorate the dress. This outfit is quite modest but nonetheless stunning.


  • Peach sharara dress


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With sharara bottoms, a dupatta, and a peach-toned wedding dress, it has an Anarkali cut that makes the bride looks stunning. Gold floral stone and sequin accents are there to create this distinctive design. Large stone pieces cover the border of the dupatta. This shade is very well-known among brides. This is because it provides the bride with a gorgeous appearance.


3 White Nikkah Dress With Red Dupatta

One of the looks that most Muslim brides want is a white nikkah dress with a red dupatta. It’s a beautiful look and distinguishes the bride from everyone else. As a reference, we have mentioned some white nikkah dresses with red dupatta.


  • Kurti style


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It is much like the sharara-kameez style. The ensemble made by wearing an embroidered Kurti with a lehenga skirt and a dupatta is stunning. You can wear a Kurti if you’re a Muslim bride who wants to wear a lehenga but isn’t allowed to wear a regular blouse. Many brides choose this gorgeous style as their favourite.


  • Gold embroidery


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Long, flowing bridal gowns with an embellished dupatta is very common. It is also quite fashionable Muslim bride’s wedding attire. These dresses have churidar bottoms and are ankle-length. The focal point of this outfit is the dupatta. The majority of these dupattas are of the net and have beaded borders and designs throughout.


  • Ghaghra style


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This style is perfect for a classic Muslim wedding appearance. It includes a short tunic and a traditional Gharara that always works! This, along with the unusual colour scheme of red and white, conjures images of bygone eras. The lower hemlines of both the Kurti and the Gharara bottoms have floral metallic zari decorations. The dupatta has a border that has embroidered golden polka dots all over it.


3 Modest Nikkah Dresses

As per the Muslim tradition, most nikkah dresses are modest but there are some which are not. You don’t need to worry about looking like everybody else wearing modest nikkah dresses. They come in many styles, designs and styles.


  • Teal green dress


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Teal is a beautiful shade of green. It also distinguishes this bridal gown as something special. Who would have thought teal would look so stunning with golden sequin work? The Kalidar cut of the dress flatters the majority of figure types. The dupatta is modest to draw attention to the dress’s stunning golden embroidery.


  • Rose gold lehenga


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This ensemble consists of a calf-length bridal kurta. It’s embroidered and the lehenga is also quite amazing. The focal point of the outfit is the lehenga skirt made of a thick rose gold fabric. The dark, identical-colour kurta is zari-embellished with gold. The border of the dupatta is likewise embroidered with gold zari. It is pretty stunning. Despite its modest appearance, this dress is still lovely in its own right.


  • Silk lehenga


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Want to dress in classic attire to resemble a royal? The best way to do that is to purchase a silk lehenga! These clothes look fantastic on everyone when the finest silk comes into use. They are not only gorgeous, but they also feel and wear well on the skin. You can select one that matches your skin tone and type since they come in a variety of hues. These lehengas are amazing skirt-style lehengas, thanks to their light fabric and flowing feel.


3 Affordable Nikkah Dresses

After looking at the nikkah dresses, many might think that nikkah dresses are quite expensive. This is not true! Not all nikkah dresses are expensive. There are many which are quite affordable such as:


  • Bluish grey sharara dress


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Your mind will get blown by this one! The bride wears a sharara-kurta ensemble that ranges in colour from steel grey to powder blue. The dress is richly adorned with stone work, sequin adornment, and zari work in gold and silver. A distinctive and lovely contrast is there because of the dupatta. It has a peach-coloured net that is also embroidered.


  • White saree


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Sarees are common bridal attire for Muslim brides in Bengal. Although not particularly well-known. However, the Muslim bride always looks stunning when she chooses to wear this dress. With the exception of the headscarf, their dress is very similar to the Hindu wedding bridal. Wedding sarees by designers are another option. This saree is particularly striking when worn with the appropriate headgear.


  • Long choli with lehenga


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For Muslim weddings, lehengas, long cholis, and sets with dupattas are still very common. They are not only easy to put on but are comfortable to wear. They also save time by eliminating the need to find a separate scarf or headwear. Embroidered dupattas are there with the bridal long choli or top sets. In Muslim bridal dupattas, zari embroidery and zardozi work are frequently seen. But it also comes with simple and modest work.


3 Plus Size Nikkah Dresses

There is no rule saying that you can’t wear nikkah dresses if you are more on a curvy side. Many nikkah dresses emphasize your curves. They look fabulous on anybody regardless of their body shape or size. Find some of the best plus-size nikkah dresses below:


  • Blush pink lehenga


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The blush pink lehenga that serves as this Muslim wedding gown comes to mind when we discuss unusual hues. This wedding gown exudes a soft, elegant charm. Silver sequin embroidery covers the full-sleeve lehenga blouse all over. The only details on the dupatta and lehenga bottom are around the borders. The bride wears this dress with diamond jewellery.


  • Tulle lehenga


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A lovely tulle lehenga set with edge cutwork on the blouse and flair embellished with zardozi, sequins, and crystals. Tulle lehengas are a must-have in any wedding outfit, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest. When dressed, the beautiful, wispy fabric may work for every wedding. It adds a special charm to your ethnic aesthetic.


  • Anarkali gown with a dupatta


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Long, flowing bridal gowns with an embellished dupatta is very common. They are quite fashionable for a Muslim bride’s wedding attire. These dresses have churidar bottoms and are ankle-length. The focal point of this outfit is the dupatta. The majority of these dupattas have net and beaded borders and intricate designs throughout.



What Do You Wear To A Nikkah?

Muslim believers assemble daily to pray in sombre locations. These places are halls of worship. As a result, both men and women should wear modest clothing at a Muslim wedding ceremony. The most acceptable clothing is long slacks, longer dresses or long skirts. People of either gender should refrain from exposing their arms. Bring a scarf because women will want to also cover their heads. The same dress code is for the reception, but you won’t need to cover your head.

Be prepared to take off your shoes before entering the holy area of the mosque. Most likely, there will be a rack where you may keep your shoes before you go in.  It is to avoid bringing dirt onto the carpet of the mosque where worshippers gather.


What Are Pakistani Bridal Dresses Called?

Pakistani wedding attire is exquisite. It is distinctive and reflects the nation’s varied culture and traditions. These fantastic dresses have amazing designs, wonderful accessories, and brilliant colours. They also have sparkling embellishments. A Pakistani wedding is a grand celebration that often comprises a number of activities. Each takes place on a different day. For the guests’ enjoyment, the bride and everyone dress in a different manner every day. 

During Mehendi and Maayoun, people dress in green and yellow. On Baraat, reds are popular, whereas lighter colours are there at Walima. Makeup is elegant and attractive without being over the top. These understated wedding gowns reflect the various nations’ special traditions and marriage-related ceremonies.


Which Brand Is Best For Wedding Clothes?

When you know a few designers, choosing the type of wedding dress you want to wear on your special day might feel daunting and perplexing. Our vast list of wedding designers has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a modest, silk slip wedding dress a la Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy from the 1990s or a flowery embroidered gown with a boho vibe like Josephine Skriver’s. One of the most well-known wedding dress manufacturers is David’s Bridal. The business offers a variety of brands in its inventory. But it also produces its own in-house line of items with designs that are more affordable.


Which Colour Is Best For Nikkah?

Since white is the colour of purity, it has always been popular for Nikah attire. White will also draw attention to the lovely dark brown henna on your hands and make it stand out. As an alternative, you can choose different pastel colours. They will give a similar result because pastels are currently in style. Whites and pastels are definitely worth a try if you have a darker complexion. This is because they will accentuate your wonderful dusky skin. To complement your one-tone Pishwas, use simple, delicate jewellery with your clothing. The best approach to achieve the ideal style for the day is to wear your hair in a sleek bun. Also, have flowers in it, wear bronzed makeup, and have glossy lips to draw attention to your best features.


Can We Wear Black For Nikah?

Muslim marriage is, like all other weddings, a joyous celebration for the bride and groom, bridal party, family, and friends. There are no defined guidelines for the colour and apparel that are necessary for such a wedding. Your location in the world and the culture of the Muslims are important determining factors. 

Black attire shouldn’t be a key priority for a Muslim wedding. This is because it is frequently associated with funerals in Muslim cultures. However, wearing black to a wedding may be acceptable in some Muslim communities. The best course of action is to find out the bride or groom’s opinion about the hue.


In Conclusion

One of the most exquisite and artistic cultural events in existence is the Nikah. It is the fundamental ceremony at a Muslim wedding. In addition to having beautiful and graceful ceremonies, an Islamic wedding also has beautiful wedding settings and lavish attire. Muslim wedding gowns combine tradition with style, beauty with grace, and modesty with glitz!

First, decide on the colour of your Nikkah. Then, think about how that colour will appear throughout the entire event to tie everything together without being too much. If you want to generate synergy, consult your spouse, and use the same colour.

Muslim wedding gowns are now worn outside of the Islamic community. At their wedding reception, many Hindu brides also wear lehengas and shararas. They also wear other outfits with skirts and Kurti styles. In various weddings, Muslim wedding gowns are a welcome alternative to the traditional lehengas and sarees.

You can also get custom ethnic wear for brides, such as bridal salwar-kameez, shararas and Ghararas. In addition, you can also include long ethnic gowns, elegant dupattas, and Mughal skirts.

Muslim brides wear long bridal gowns with a component that covers their heads. This component of the Islamic wedding attire may take the form of a dupatta to cover the head or a colour-coded scarf that resembles a hijab.

The majority of Muslim wedding gowns have stone work, thread work and sequin embroidery. They also have other embellishments.

Therefore, make sure you choose an outfit that makes you feel pleased and confident. This is because your Nikkah ensemble will only look as fantastic as you feel. In addition, remember that classic bridal styles are just as glamorous as current Insta ones, so don’t chase trends you don’t like!

What would you wear to your nikkah? Let us know in the comments section below!

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