Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas and Inspiration

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas and Inspiration

It’s your wedding in a few months, and you’ve prepared for everything. You’ve selected the venue, caterer, DJ, MUA, concierge, etc. All the main requirements that you need to do for a perfect wedding are all done and complete. Once you’ve laid down the stress of all these things, you can call your best friends. This is the moment that you ask them to be your bridesmaid. What best way to do it other than with a bridesmaid proposal box? 

But hey stop! This isn’t a party invitation that you’re giving to your girls. This is your wedding. Your wedding will be the biggest event of your life. So, you can’t just call your girl gang and ask them to be your bridesmaid and give them a box of chocolates. You’re not ordering them to be with you. You’ve to ask them, and you’ve to do it nicely. The bridesmaid should see your efforts in that proposal box. 

It doesn’t matter, even if you’re having 10 bridesmaids on your wedding day, all of them deserve something special. So the box that you’re giving them, should be personalized according to their taste. If you can’t do that for everyone, then you may just add small notes for all these people in their boxes. 

Your box should have a “WOW” factor in it. This is the reaction that you’re looking for when the bridesmaid opens your proposal box. Again, this doesn’t have to be an expensive item. Rather, they should be able to see the sentiment behind it. 

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned many proposal box ideas that you might use for your proposal. Read till the end to know why these proposals are important. 


Why Are Bridesmaid Proposal Box Trending? 

Bridesmaids have many duties in wedding affairs. They’ve to look after the bride and her needs. They’ve to arrange wedding showers or bridal showers. At the time of the wedding, they’ve to be with the bride all the time. It’s not really an easy task and it can cause many ups and downs as well. 

Even then, a bridesmaid does all these duties because that’s her responsibility as a friend or a cousin. And as the bride, it’s your responsibility to ask them by presenting them with the most captivating bridesmaid proposal box. 

Many brides are asking their bridesmaids for such boxes. There’s no reason or rule that says that you’ve to do it. The box simply tells the other person that you care about them, and it’s a fun activity too. 

With all the wedding activities, you feel worn out and stressed. All the arrangements you do before the wedding should be perfect, this box has to be perfect. The difference here is that you don’t have to be stressed here. All you’ve to do is think about your bond with your bridesmaid. Then, you may be able to give them a unique box. 

Nowadays, this is becoming a huge trend, mostly because a lot of people are doing it. Nevertheless, it gives both the bride and the groom a chance to thank their friends for their efforts. 

The wedding festivities these days are a lot to handle. In the traditional days, all things were kept hush and quiet. With the changes in times, people know that there’s a need for emotional, physical, and monetary support from one another. With all the support that you receive from your friends, you may thank them with a proposal box. 


What Is Usually In A Bridesmaid Proposal Box? 

When you’re putting these items inside the box, you’ve to remember what they like. You want them to feel moved with positive emotions. That’ll only happen when they’ll receive those items that they like. You can’t put chocolates in a box for someone who doesn’t like them or is allergic to them. Therefore, you’ve to do some thinking before you put these products in the box. 

There’s no limit to the types of items that you can keep in a proposal box for your bridesmaid. Listed down below are a few items that you may keep in your bridesmaid proposal box. 

  • Candy: There’s a whole list of candies that you may keep in your box. Keep random candies the way you want, or add their favourite candies in the box. M&Ms, Kit Kat, Snickers, Starburst, and SweeTarts are a few candies that you may keep in your box. 


  • Jewellery: Jewellery can include many items as well. You may keep a set of earrings, rings, and necklaces. You may give your bridesmaids engraved rings with their names on them. Other items may include a bracelet, anklet, belly chain, brooch pin, etc. 


  • Coffee Cups: Inside the box, you may even keep coffee cups. These cups can be custom-made. You may get some inside jokes written on these cups. It can be whatever that you want as long as it’s meaningful for them. It’s also a practical gift that they’ll use for years to come. 


  • T-shirt and Pajama: You can keep a t-shirt and pyjama set with a bridesmaid written on it. On these t-shirts, you may include some wedding hashtags. 


  • Hair Accessories: Hair accessories would also be a great and practical addition to the box. You may include some hair ties, hairpins, clutches, and combs. 


3 Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas Under $100 

Following are some of the proposal boxes for your bridesmaids that you may get under $100. 


  • Little Star Design Proposal Box


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This is a pretty simple proposal box. Inside this box, you’d have some chocolates, a glass candle, and a champagne glass. You may get this proposal box for approximately $50. The box is decorated with a few flowers in it, and you may also get a flower bouquet with the box. 


  • T.O. Balloon Basket Co.


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For your proposal box, you may think a little outside the box. If you don’t like the idea of a literal box, then go for something else. You can opt for this balloon basket to ask the question to your bridesmaid. There are small balloons inside this basket and it’s also filled with many chocolates. You can get this balloon for under $100. 


  • Crafty Lady Boutique Proposal Box


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These small bridesmaid proposal boxes are cute and creative. You can get such boxes for your bridesmaid for $20 each. In this box, you may find small cards, candies, and a coffee cup. The colour of the box is pretty too, so your bridesmaid won’t hesitate to say yes. 


3 Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas Under $200 

Listed below are proposal boxes that you can get for under $200. 


  • Keep Sake By K


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This is a custom-made proposal box that’s cute. Since this type of box is custom-made, you may add items in this box that have sentimental meaning for you and your friends. Here, you may have to personalize each box with different items for all your bridesmaids. You may keep some similar items, like a cookie or a candy. The main photo frame would’ve to be different for all the bridesmaids. This box may cost you approximately $95.


  • Gillie’s Candles


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Candles make for lovely gifts for the bridesmaid proposal box. In this box from Gillie’s Candles, you’d find a bath bomb, lip balm, vanilla body scrub, and a candle. You can choose the scent of the candle, and also included in the box is a champagne flute with “bridesmaid” written on it. This box would cost you only $25. 


  • Blue Indigo Creations Proposal Box


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This sweet box from Blue Indigo Creations would cost you $80. In this box, you’d find many items that your bridesmaids will love. There’s a bottle of champagne, a glass candle, and dark chocolate. This proposal box for your bridesmaids is a simple and minimal choice. 


3 Bridesmaid Proposal Box Under $500 

Here’s a list of proposal boxes that are under $500. 


  • Lala Confetti Proposal Box


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This is a spa bridesmaid proposal box that has many goodies in it. You may get this box for approximately $50. This box contains jelly beans made from champagne, a mini wine bottle, a wine tumbler, and a card. The box has a lovely pink colour that would give positive and happy vibes to your bridesmaids. 


  • Lynwood Candle Company


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This proposal box from Lynwood Candle Company costs $75. The box includes many skincare items including body lotion, face mask, body scrub, and bath salts. Inside the box, you may also keep a card for your bridesmaid that would have the question for them. 


  • The Little Flower Soap Co.


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This cute proposal box from The Little Flower Shop Co. costs $70. The box contains lavender room spray, soy wax candle, sugar scrum, face and body oil and many other items. All these items would help your bridesmaids look their best selves for the upcoming wedding festivities. 


3 Luxury Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

If you want to opt for an expensive proposal box for your bridesmaids, you may opt from the following. 


  • Rowdin Grace Luxe Gift Hampers


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In this gift hamper, you’d find a lot of love and a lot of chocolate. If you like a vegan lifestyle, then you may opt for this $165 gift hamper from Rowdin grace Luxe Gift Hamper. The products inside this proposal box are vegan and cruelty-free. 


  • Knack Shops Gift Box


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This $100 gift box from Knack Shops includes many items that you can opt for as you wish. There’s an option for choosing everything that goes into the box. So, you may opt out of the popcorn if you want to. You may include different scented candles for each bridesmaid proposal box. Everything depends on your decision, but you should know what your bridesmaids would appreciate. 


  • The Packaging Company


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This box is different from many other boxes. The reason is that this package contains many creative cards inside it. You’d obviously need many items in your boxes like candles and chocolates. But, you can’t miss out on your cards. Your cards have to be funny and catchy. With this $300 card box, you may give the best cards to your bridesmaids. 



How Should I Propose To My Bridesmaids?

When you want to ask your bridesmaids the main question, you may do it in many creative ways. Doesn’t matter if you and your bridesmaids live in different cities, you may plan a get-together. If you can plan it well, then you can ask them the question during that get-together. 

One way to do it is by using a fortune cookie. You may make such cookies at home and put the question in the cookie instead of a fortune. Then, you can offer these cookies to your bridesmaids. They’ll say yes in an instant to this sweet question. 

Another clever idea would be to say it with your t-shirt. You may call over all your friends and have a chill time. Then, when they’d least expect it, you can ask them the question. You may do it by changing your t-shirt in a subtle manner. 

A bridesmaid proposal box is something that many brides are opting for. In this proposal box, you can pack many items that your friends would like. You may opt for expensive items that may include an expensive bottle of wine or gold jewellery. Other than that, you may simply do it with a box that would cost you less money. However, both these boxes would have valuable items in them for the bridesmaids. 


When Should You Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be Your Bridesmaids?

The timing is of importance when you pop the question to your bridesmaids. You can’t tell them 4 months before the wedding, then expect them to do everything in that time. They’d have to plan your bachelorette party, wedding shower, and many other events. So, they’d need proper time in planning out these events. 

For this reason, it’s recommended that you ask them at least 8 months or a year before your set wedding date. Then, they’d have enough time to plan everything perfectly. 

Also, you shouldn’t ask the next day of your engagement. You should wait for at least a month and a half before you pop the question to them. In this time frame, you may decide how you want to ask them. There’s no need to keep it a grand proposal, but do make it special. 


What Should A Bridesmaids Proposal Letter Say?

When you’re writing your proposal letter, you don’t have to overdo it. First, you’ve to think about what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling funny, then you should write something funny and quirky in your letter. 

Many people pick out a simple card that just says, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” This may work well if your bridesmaid proposal box is well-made. However, if your box has only a few items in it, then you’ve to add more to your letter or card. 

You may have a nice build-up in your letter. There’s no need to make your bridesmaids stressed or anxious. Yes, you may confuse them a little, so they may think about what’s this leading up to. Then, using a scratch-off card, you may ask them the real question. With such a card, you can add some fun elements that your bridesmaids will surely appreciate. 

Another way you may make your letter more creative is by including a crossword in it. There aren’t a lot of words that you’ve to put in your crossword, so making it would be simple for you. Just add some across and down clues that would answer the main question. 


How Much Should You Spend On A Bridesmaid Proposal?

The money you’d spend on your proposal depends on the budget that you’ve. It may be included in your overall wedding budget, or you may separate it. If you’ve many bridesmaids, then you may need to consider separating it from the main budget. 

It’s because once you start planning the proposal ideas, you may find that you’re doing it differently. Let’s say that you’re going with the idea of a bridesmaid proposal box. It can happen that in these boxes you may include certain different items for your different friends. 

Your main gifts may be the same, but changing one item can change a lot of things. It can cause some confusion too. In order to avoid all the confusion, you should separate the budget. 

Then, you’d need to decide how much you can actually spend on these individual boxes. Many brides opt for boxes that cost around $50 to $150. Such boxes come under the lower limit. In these boxes, you may pack some candies and small jewellery items.

If you’re going with the upper limit, then you may get a box under the price range of $500 to $1,000. In these boxes, you may keep some luxe items like diamond rings or earrings, or a pricey champagne bottle. You may keep some high budgeted clothing items like a silk scarf or a silk mini dress. 


Are Bridesmaid Proposals Necessary?

There’s no wedding tradition that says that you need to propose to your bridesmaids. However, in the past few years, it has become a sweet custom to propose to your bridesmaids. Many women do it because it’s a gesture that says thanks to these women. Some women only do it because they want to shower their love on their friends. 

When doing the proposal, it’s not required that you get on one knee. You may do that if none of your friends knows that you’re getting married. This way, you may give them an extra surprise. One that you’re getting married soon, and another that you’ve asked them to be your bridesmaid. 

In general, though, you send these boxes to their homes. It may happen that your friends live in other cities. In that case, you’d have to order the box online and then ship it to their place. 

About the items that you include in your bridesmaid proposal box, there are many that you can. Your bridesmaids would prefer that you include practical items that can be used in the wedding too. Here, you may include makeup kits, shoes, or hair accessories. Other items that they can use in their daily lives may include wine cups, coffee cups, keychains, candles, and so on.


In Conclusion

Your bridesmaids deserve the best gifts, and they also deserve the best proposal. When you’re planning on proposing to them, you should do it at least a year before your wedding. This would give them plenty of time to prepare for all the wedding events. 

When you’re giving these boxes to them, they should receive them and feel special and important. For making them feel this way, it’s not required that you go out of your way. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on each of these boxes. You can get beautiful boxes for less than $100 too. 

Plus, if you’re someone who’s good at art and craft, then there you go! You may DIY the bridesmaid proposal box. If you’d do it yourself, it would mean a lot more to your bridesmaids, too. You’d also save a lot of bucks if you go ahead with this plan. All you’d need is a few art supplies and a few boxes. 

For example, you may make your box and include a few items in it. You may write a letter, keep some chocolates and give them a ring in the box. It’d truly be a proposal with the ring. You may even ask all the bridesmaids to wear that ring on the wedding day. The ring will only show your unity, bond, and love for each other. 

Inside your bridesmaid proposal box, you may include all those items that they would like. You may opt for a custom-made box that includes many memories from your lifetime of friendship. Or you may get them a box with vegan chocolates or scented candles. 

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