African Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns

African Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns

With the fine designs, beautiful African bridesmaid’s dresses have been quite trendy. Although at first, it was popular in smaller cities, it was not at the top of the trends. With most girls becoming more aware of fashion and African dress trends, this is no longer the case. As a result, more and more African bridesmaid dresses made with Kente, Ankara, Kaba, and other African prints are gaining popularity.

The most recent collection of African dresses has designers paying greater attention to detail. They are giving fashionable African women the right styles. Their style complements her curves, profession, and performance.

There are many gorgeous African dress designs like the Nigerian styles. Ghanaian women also have a trend of their own which is gaining much-deserved attention. Ghanaian women get provided with high-quality dress styles. Even designers like Vlisco and Excellence are quite excited to work on these styles.

Despite this, some women have only had limited access to information about how to use the newest African outfits to their advantage. African women always wore white to the bridal parties. The place of the bride’s arrival is evolving in terms of fashion. They are getting creative. This is a result of the current fashion trends. Also, Africa has many vibrant and vivid materials. Many people want to change the traditional manner of African dresses. However, it’s necessary to show every bride-to-be some ways to wear western with a touch of African dresses.


Why Are African Bridesmaid Dresses Trending?

The vibrant patterns are commanding significant fashion respect. Kente Beautiful African Dresses Styles even have an honest fashion reputation. When working with colour, it’s usually a good idea to enlist the help of a designer who is familiar with the methods. Also, he will have the ability to combine patterns to create a fantastic dress.  

It’s a fact that Beautiful African Dresses styles don’t require anything over the top. Designers are focusing on excellence, regarding the different types of African styles. Every design gets out in the market, from short Kente skirts to long Ankara dresses. They all demonstrate the artistry and dedication of their creators. They include Ankara jumpsuits with flowery-looking coats. Also, Ankara shorts with a loose top makes an African woman look like a tender flower that she is.

It is not far-fetched to say that Africa is a continent blessed with a rich culture and heritage. But, we are losing this feeling of cultural worth by embracing cultures other than our own. It is quite interesting to know that you can still wear your traditional prints instead of the white wedding gowns that are commonly worn by brides. If we continue to wear colourful clothes we can even revive the cultural reputation. These textiles include animal patterns, Ankara and Kente.

Our handy guide will help you rock the newest African dress trends.


Top 3 African Bridesmaid Dress Designers

One of the most distinctive outfits is the African bridesmaid dress. The feelings associated with the outfit, however, are the same for all bridesmaids. Despite the fact that you might believe the designers stick to the typical bridesmaid dress. However, that is untrue. African bridesmaid dresses are a favourite project for many African dress designers. Here are the best African bridesmaid dress designers of all time:


  • David Tlale


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Almost all fashion week platform in the world has featured David Tlale and his amazing brand. It should come as no surprise that his bridal collection is also stunning. Tlale’s unusual approach to the bridesmaid dress includes black wedding gowns. They also include bridesmaid gowns with African prints, to name a few examples. He creates unique designs. That is his speciality. 


  • Nneka C. Alexander


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Nigerian designer Nneka C. Alexander is the creative director at Brides by Nona.  It is in Atlanta. It is establishing a reputation as a customised wedding designer of one-of-a-kind dresses. Alexander’s talent for intricate design also extends to other types of clothing. These can include evening wear and bridesmaid dresses. But the most famous are traditional gowns for the bride from a particular culture. She shines particularly well in African bridesmaid gowns.


  • Martial Tapolo


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Alain Martial Tapolo is a Cameroonian haute couture fashion designer. He is one of the legendary fashion designers. After Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, his gowns are also gracing big fashion events like Black Fashion Week Paris. His love for African art and fashion is evident in his deeply rooted clothing. One of them is “Tribute to African Queens.”


3 African Bridesmaid Dresses

As the name suggests, African bridesmaid dresses came from the African culture. These dresses are a fusion of both African cultures with a modern touch. These dresses include printed designs. Here are some of the best options for you to consider:


  • Mermaid dress


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Highlight your slender figure by projecting a sensuous illusion in a mermaid-style evening gown. You can also opt for a cut-out women’s formal dress with a mermaid skirt. If not, consider wearing an attractive open-back mermaid formal dress. Project an air of grace and sophistication in a form-fitting evening gown and beautiful mermaid skirt. 


  • Slit dress


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Longer dresses include a lengthy slit across one leg to show off that leg in a slit dress. The slit may begin at the waist or hips and extend all the way to the ground. Slits are particularly helpful in the winter when we prefer more coverage. It does not matter whether or not you’re actually showing any skin. A front slit on a dress or tunic improves a modest, layered style.


  • Full sleeves


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This dress is quite common for both Ghanaian women who are plus-sized and those who are small-framed. It’s ideal for anyone who needs to conceal their upper arms and doesn’t want to ruin their appearance. Some bridesmaids are not comfortable with showing off too much skin. This dress is perfect for them. This is because the full sleeves of this dress are modest but at the same time beautiful.


3 Best Short African Bridesmaid Dresses

There is no rule which says that bridesmaid dresses always have to be long or ankle length. You can wear whatever you like and that suits you. For that, we have mentioned some short African bridesmaid dresses that are not only comfortable but stylish too.


  • Off-shoulder dress


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Depending on how you decide to carry it, an Ankara off-shoulder dress might take the form of a little dress or a long dress. It is appropriate for all types of bridesmaids regardless of size or form. This dress brings out the elegance in you. This is because it makes a statement when accessorised with heels and a colourful head wrap.


  • Spaghetti straps dress


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The spaghetti strap dress is one of the most popular types of women’s dresses since it is so adaptable. This one-piece gets worn for a variety of events and is suitable for any kind of wedding. A flowy spaghetti strap dress creates a boho look. On the other hand, a summer dress with spaghetti straps is appropriate for exposing some skin at the beach. Spaghetti straps don’t have to be uncomfortable despite their feminine appearance.


  • Balloon sleeves


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Long, puffy sleeves are famous as balloon sleeves. Gathered at the shoulder, puffed out and then gathered again at the wrist. Even though the sleeve sometimes extends below the shoulder, it has a full puff rather than a tapered flare. For curvy women, puff sleeves that give volume to the shoulder area look particularly attractive. This is because they visually enlarge the shoulders and balance the silhouette by reducing the waist. 


3 Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

We should never forget the origin of the gorgeous African dresses that we are seeing now. Though it has a touch of the contemporary it does not mean it cannot become completely traditional. For that, we have mentioned 3 traditional bridesmaid dresses.


  • Colourful Kente dress


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African designs on Kente fabric are very attractive. The vibrant print is famous as Kente, which was first popular in Ghana and some regions of Cote d’Ivoire. It distinguishes by its style and grace. It is therefore no surprise that many individuals all over the world have fallen in love with this piece. This Kente fabric’s colour combination may include yellow, green, purple and red.


  • Ankara style dress


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When it comes to conventional non-white bridesmaid dresses. There is no end to what inventive designers can come up with. When combining lace with Ankara cloth, African originality gets displayed in all of its splendour. Ankara employs itself as a large, striking flower affixed to the gown’s base in this instance.  


  • Sequin African dress


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Simple yet exquisite,  the dazzling black specks on this dress make it stand out. This outfit is lovely and comfortable.


3 Best Yellow African Bridesmaid Dresses

Yellow is a colour that brings out a feeling of joy at the wedding. It is a very cheerful colour. It becomes even more outstanding when this colour gets mixed with the African design. Check out some of the best yellow African bridesmaid dresses:


  • Wide straps dress


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The wide-strap maxi dress design was used to sew this bridesmaid outfit together. This bridesmaid gown is without a doubt on trend because of the handcrafted details it features. It has a v-neckline, thick embroidered straps and a voluminous, flowing skirt. To prevent the dress from being too overwhelming, there is also a slit.


  • Satin dress


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Lightweight and comfortable, you can wear these dresses for extended periods of time. Satin is beautiful and elegant. You can wear satin dresses to both formal and informal weddings. Even though the dress is straightforward, it still highlights its elegance and flair.


  • Full-length dress


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A long dress that reaches your ankles or the floor gets referred to as a full-length dress. It’s a casual outfit that still appears stylish enough for bridesmaids who need to dress up a little. Usually, full-length dresses are form-fitting at the top. But they flow more in a loose manner toward the bottom. This is the reason they are so comfortable to wear.


3 Best African Bridesmaid Dresses With Lace

Adding lace to the bridesmaid dress makes it even more romantic and elegant. Combining it with the African style creates a unique style which is quite popular these days. Here we have mentioned some of the best African bridesmaid dresses with lace.


  • One shoulder dress


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Like other regions of Africa, Ghanaian ladies have attractive bodies. This outfit highlights all your best features without being too revealing. However, this does not imply that the bridesmaids cannot display their attractiveness. When African designs combine, the dress looks even more exquisite.


  • Sweetheart neckline


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Any bridesmaid will love the sweetheart neckline. It is actually formed like the top half of a heart. It balances out a square jaw and lengthens a short neck and chin. Because of this, it is quite pleasing everywhere. It emphasises the bustline and gives the appearance of curves in a subtle manner. The wide neckline in the hourglass, rectangular, and pear-shaped forms helps balance the hips.


  • Strapless dress


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The absence of any kind of straps or sleeves is the primary feature. Hence, the name of the strapless dress. Although covert tape gets used at the front or back to keep the dress in place. The fabric of the dress is typically held in place around the cleavage. The dress is very comfortable because nothing restricts the arms’ range of motion.


3 Best Blue African Bridesmaid Dresses

In traditional times, blue meant the colour of peace and purity. Even now, this colour is one of the favourites among the bridesmaids. Adding a little bit of African touch to the bridesmaids’ dresses makes the dress even more elegant. Here are some examples of the same:


  • Midi dress


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The right attire for an African woman’s curve is this. It does not show too much of the skin. This in turn encourages positive attitudes toward African women. The majority of those dresses are custom-made and include a zipper at the back. In order to produce the ideal ensemble for the fashionable woman. This style is sometimes made by fusing many fabrics or maximising the patterns of a single cloth.


  • Dashiki dress


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The dashiki skirt is brand-new to the African audience. This is because men’s shirts were the only clothing item that could wear this exquisite African style. Though nothing that resulted from the planning required greatness. A voluptuous African woman wearing a head wrap and a maxi dress has a lot to say. More so about her body type, beauty, essence, greatness, and more.


  • Full sleeves


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Dresses with long sleeves let you show off your sense of style. And of course a little extravagance. These dresses are available in a wide range of sizes and forms. They are ideal for each and every season and situation. We recommend long sleeve dresses for a variety of reasons. It first improves your physical appearance. You can conceal any arm fat and appear toned by donning a long-sleeved garment. The sleeves are a terrific addition to any outfit. This is because they also look excellent with lighter-coloured accessories.


3 Best Purple African Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple is the colour of royalty and wealth. Bridesmaids love wearing this colour because of its shade. It is so elegant that even if the dress has no special feature, still the dress is amazing. We have mentioned some of the best purple African bridesmaid dresses here:


  • Tunic dress


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Tunic dresses are famous for their comfort and adaptability. They are perfect for summer when you want to be cool and fashionable. Tunics can give you a fun, contemporary style. This is because they are longer than women’s shirts but shorter than dresses. Because there is nothing that restricts you below the waist, it is also quite comfortable.


  • Evening gown


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Anyone wearing this outfit will look like a flower in full bloom. It is cosy and sassy because of its “loose” appearance. Any lady may look perfect as a bridesmaid in this dress with the right accessories. This outfit is ideal for formal occasions. In addition, it is quite easy to wear and move around in.


  • Tulle dress


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Tulle is well-liked because of two important characteristics. Firstly, it’s very light, which makes it ideal for making dresses, skirts, and even jackets. Secondly, it can also build numerous layers without increasing weight. Any bridesmaid, irrespective of her size, can wear this trendy style.



What Do African Bridesmaids Wear?

Without stunning bridesmaids, a wedding is incomplete. Their choice of clothing is also significant because it gives the event some flavour. African culture is diverse and rich. We know this because of the clothing for formal occasions like weddings. African prints have combined over time to produce distinctive and remarkable wedding fashions. They fit the demands of the present era. Different wedding fashion trends impact the contemporary fashion business. Some of them are ideal for bridesmaid dresses. African prints, whether you choose kitenge, Ankara, Kente, or a combination of many prints, give real styles.


Does Africa Have A Traditional Wedding Dress?

Yes, there is a traditional wedding dress in Africa. Brides wear sophisticated white gowns. They get combined with gold or red embellishments. Also, accessorize in shades of deep green, vivid blue or deep black. The groom can dress in a Western suit or a long coat and matching pants.

The Shweshwe wedding gown is the most well-known type of traditional African bridal dress. Shweshwe is a regional print made up of a variety of hues and designs. They are used to making striking traditional wedding garments.


How Much Are Bridesmaid Dresses In Africa?

There are many stores with inexpensive bridal party gowns under $100. Bridesmaids’ dresses often start at $100 and go up from there. A bridesmaid should anticipate spending $200 to $300 on her gown on average. You should also consider the possibility of needing to alter your bridesmaid dress. Therefore, you should also factor in the cost of doing so.

The cost of bridesmaid gowns can vary depending on the style of wedding you’re planning. But generally speaking, they cost between $200 and $300. A luxurious bridesmaid dress would be more expensive. For instance, if you were organising a high-end wedding. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a more affordable choice for your wedding party, there are a number of designers that have dresses for under $200.


In Conclusion

For the majority of African communities, clothing plays a vital role in both the religious wedding ceremony and the engagement ceremony. Wedding dresses in these events depend upon ethnicity. African traditional dress is vivid and colourful. These types of clothing combine traditional African clothes with contemporary religious weddings. Catholic African cultures will wear their traditional clothing for other parts of the marriage. But they will most often dress in western wedding gear for the religious ceremony.

We want to hear from you if your celebration or wedding includes aspects from a different culture. Finding the ideal African traditional attire might be challenging. But we always smile when we attend weddings that showcase distinct ethnic components. And of course a diverse bridal party! 

African wedding attire has a variety of design, style and material qualities. We believe that adopting the idea of donning our traditional designs will aid us. It will help us in rekindling the dormant flame of our cultural heritage in fashion. Despite the fact that the majority of these wedding gowns depict the dressing character of the Western globe. In addition, this will increase the development of African fashion.

What makes these clothes so lovely? Would you consider wearing these bridesmaid dresses? Let us know in the comments section below!

African Bridesmaid Dresses

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