Jaw Slimming Botox: Procedure, Recovery, Costs, and More

Jaw Slimming Botox: Procedure, Recovery, Costs, and More

If you have heard of botox, then you must know how it helps to get rid of wrinkles. But that is not all that it does. Botulinum toxin is also used for the process of jaw slimming botox. 

Who does not want to have a jawline like Angelina Jolie? A good jawline makes your face more attractive. Many celebrities are doing it. It is not something trendy, rather something that gets rid of many problems for you. 

Some individuals suffer through jaw-related medical conditions because of stress or genetics. Trying to stress less is achievable. But how would you alter your genes and get those of the Beckhams? 

Your genes cannot be changed. But through the process of jaw slimming botox, you can have the jawline of your dreams. The process does not require you to go under surgery. It is a comparatively safer option than the alternative option. 

Through his article, you can find out how botox helps in jaw slimming and alignment. You will also find out why people do it, how it benefits them, and how much it costs to undergo this treatment. 


What Is Jaw Slimming Botox? 

Masseter Botox, more commonly known as jaw slimming Botox, is a non-surgical operation that results in an even jawline. Many people complain of having an asymmetrical jawline, and they undergo this process to get a perfect jawline. 

Masseter muscles are the muscles responsible for jaw movements and for the action of chewing food. The botox treatment affects the working of this muscle. But the treatment does not affect eating or other movements. There is only temporary weakness in that area of the face, and people recover from it within a day or two. 

An asymmetrical jawline is common in people who have a tendency to clench their jaw in their sleep. This habit leads to negative effects for them, they can wake up with soreness and pain. Moreover, their jawline becomes enlarged. Therefore, people go to professionals to get treated through the process of Masseter Botox. 

It is a cosmetic process that cures people of their medical conditions like Bruxism or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). 


Jaw Slimming Botox Procedure 

The procedure of jaw slimming botox does not take too long. The following things are what you can expect when you go for treatment:

  • Talking to a Professional: When you go in with an appointment with a professional doctor, they ask you many questions. When you clarify the reason for getting botox, they start examining your jaw. You should be patient at this step. Rushing through this phase may end up badly for your face. The doctor thoroughly checks your jaw and face.  This assessment helps them in understanding how many syringes they will need and where they will inject. 


  • Main Procedure: Your face will be cleaned deeply. The assistant doctor will use an anaesthetic to numb the area of the face where jaw slimming botox will get injected. The doctor will bring the syringes full of Botulinum Toxin, a neurotoxin that will block the nerves in that area for your face. The entire procedure gets completed in less than 20 minutes. During this process, you will be asked to clench your teeth. This would give an idea to the doctor of your masseter muscle size and thickness. The doctor can start from either the left or the right side. But the number of units that get injected on both these sides are the same. 


  • After the Procedure: When the procedure is complete, you can go about your activities. 


  • Things to Remember: For a few days after the treatment, you have to make sure that you do not rub the area where Botox was injected. You should also avoid exercising and applying any kind of pressure to that area. You can see the results of jaw slimming botox a week after the procedure. 


Who Can Benefit From Jaw Slimming Botox 

People have different reasons for having jaw slimming botox treatment. Therefore, people benefit in different ways from this process. 

One major section of people who can benefit from jaw botox is those suffering from Bruxism. 

Bruxism is a medical condition wherein people involuntarily clench their jaws and grind their teeth. People do the clenching or grinding when they are awake and even when they are asleep. Bruxism gets categorized under sleep-related disorders. 

Because of bruxism, people complain of pain, headache, and muscle tension in the neck and jaw. 

When bruxism remains untreated and keeps prolonging, it can take the form of temporomandibular joint disorder also known as TMJ or TMD.

TMD is a condition that has many similar symptoms of bruxism. In addition to those, people with TMD have a jaw misalignment. They cannot properly control their jaw movements, they are unable to chew food properly, and they also experience tightness around their jaw. 

Another benefit that people gain from this non-surgical treatment is the aesthetic benefit. Jaw slimming botox helps people get a perfect jawline. Celebrities, TV personalities, news hosts, and other people who always have to be camera-ready can benefit from this treatment. 


6 Reasons to Try Jaw Slimming Botox 

There is a lot of negativity that revolves around getting botox done on your face or any of your body parts. Even then, there are some good reasons that people should choose to get this treatment done for themselves. 

Here are the three reasons to get jaw slimming botox done on your face.

  • For a V-Shaped Jaw: Don’t you want that flawless and ideal jawline? Many people feel confident because they have those good looks. Getting a jaw botox would give your jaw and face a great shape. 


  • To Look Younger: Jaw botox blocks the action of masseter muscles. This is also the reason that the process of jaw slimming Botox is also known as Masseter Botox. These muscles help in chewing food. When jaw botox blocks the action, the masseter muscles relax. This helps in giving the face a fresh and younger look. 


  • To Stop Teeth Grinding: This process also helps people treat the condition of Bruxism. Eventually, after the process, people stop unconsciously grinding their teeth. The teeth grinding can also give a toothache to people. But when you get this treatment, you prevent all these things from happening. 


  • Faster Treatment Process: As the process of jaw slimming botox does not require surgery and is a non-invasive process, you get the result faster than surgical treatment.


  • New Face: When you go in for this treatment, you will find that the process is only temporary. This means you will have to again after three or six months for a second procedure. So, you can try the process to see if you would like your new facial appearance. 

  • Because It Is Safe: The process of getting jaw botox is not long or harmful. The side effects are rare and not many people complain of them. With this process, there are no worries about getting an ugly face or misalignment of the jawline. 

  • Contoured Smile and Jawline: The jaw botox injections go into the masseter muscles and reduce their size. The size reduction of the muscle gives people’s jaw and smile a more refined and contoured appearance. 


Side Effects of Jaw Slimming Botox  

Side Effects of Jaw Slimming Botox

People experience some common side effects after they go through the process of jaw slimming botox. They include some pain and discomfort after 24 hours of the procedure. 

The other side effects include:

  • Drooling 
  • Crooked Smile 
  • Headache 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Having fever or flu 
  • Muscle pain
  • Redness 
  • Nausea 
  • Vision problems
  • Dry Mouth 
  • Bleeding 
  • Allergic reaction 
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Soreness 
  • Bruises on the injected area

Some of these side effects can be easily treated with a gentle cold compress or the medications prescribed by the doctor. But remember that you should not apply too much pressure to the injected area. 

Other side effects are extremely rare, and if they do happen to you, then you should take medications prescribed by your doctor. 

If you experience any of these effects, and they do not go away with medication, then you should immediately contact your doctor. 

It is also important that you know when to avoid getting a jaw slimming botox. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you shouldn’t take this treatment. People with skin allergies, bleeding disorders, and neuromuscular disorders should also avoid going through this procedure. Most importantly, if you are allergic to botulinum toxin, then you should not get this treatment done on your jawline. 


The Cost of Jaw Slimming Botox  

The cost for jaw slimming botox may vary depending on the units of injections required. You will also have to check whether your insurance will cover the cost or not. 

The average cost of jaw botox is $400 to $600. The cost covers the treatment for both sides of the face. 

People have different requirements. Some people have thick muscles and some people only need a few injections. The people who require more than 50 injections will pay more than $400. Whereas, people who only require 20 or 30 units of injections will pay less than $400. 

The cost also depends on where you live and what the professional charges for these treatments. For instance, the average cost of a single unit of botox injection is $7 to $10 in Los Angeles. 

Jaw botox treatment from professionals who practice in bigger cities will cost slightly more than the professionals from smaller cities. 


What to Expect With Jaw Slimming Botox 

After getting the treatment of jaw slimming botox, you can expect many changes. If the procedure goes successfully, then you can expect positive changes on your face. The procedure will also get rid of bruxism if you had it before the treatment. 

Individuals who opt for this treatment find that their jaw shape has changed entirely after the treatment. Before the treatment, they had a squared jawline. But after the treatment, their face changes its shape to an oval or V-Shape. 

The results of this treatment will be visible to you after a week or two. It will appear as if you have lost some weight because you will lose some baby fat from your face.  

The results of a jaw slimming procedure last for almost six months. After a period of six months, you will have to schedule another appointment if you wish to continue getting the treatment. 

If the examining phase, when you first talk to your doctor, does not go properly, then you can expect some shortfalls. Maybe the doctor would make notes of fewer units of injections dosages. In that case, the treatment would affect your smile. 

If the right side of the jaw gets injected more than the left one, or vice versa, then there will be a misalignment on the jawline of your face. Therefore, you and your doctor should properly take note of all the important things before starting with the actual process. 



Can Botox Slim The Jawline?

Botox can successfully slim your jawline. As women grow older, their facial muscles near their jawline can start widening. The wide jawline gives a masculine look to their face. 

Therefore, when you choose to get jaw slimming Botox treatment, you can get botox injected in your jawline to get a slimmer facial appearance. A slim face will give you a feminine look. 

After the treatment, the jaw muscle starts relaxing. Slowly, the appearance of your jawline and your face starts to change. The jawline starts to change and the face looks slim. 


How Long Does Jaw-Slimming Botox Last?

Jaw slimming botox lasts up to six months. The effect of the treatment can be seen in 2 weeks. Some people see the effects after a few days only. But it depends on people’s facial structure and muscles. 

After a period of four to six months, the masseter muscles resume their activity. Many people take an appointment in the third or fifth month to do the treatment again. 

When people do the treatment for the first time, their masseter muscles recover to their usual activity fully, i.e., in 100% efficiency. But as they go in for the treatment fifth, sixth, or tenth time, their masseter muscles do not recover completely. This means that from a 100% recovery, they go to a 95% or 90% recovery. 


How Much Does Jaw-Slimming Botox Cost?

The cost to get jaw botox done on your face varies depending on multiple factors. Depending on where you live, the cost could vary significantly. If you live in a metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles, then the costs would be higher. 

As per the requirements of your facial structure and muscle thickness, the costs can differ. 


How Often Do You Need Jaw-Slimming Botox?

When you regularly go for jaw slimming treatments, you notice that you will need fewer units of injections. When you initially get the treatment done, you need to go in regularly after a 3-month or a 6-month gap. 

Eventually, after some treatments, you will need fewer dosages and your trips will become less frequent to your doctor’s clinic. 

The appointments for a second visit depend upon how fast your body reacts to the botox. Some people metabolize botox faster and some do it slower. The general guideline that is given to people who go through this treatment is 4 months. People can go in early if they wish or after this time gap. 


Does Masseter Botox Slim Your Face?

The masseter muscle is shaped rectangularly. Masseter has two different portions: deep and superficial. Both these portions have different functions. The superficial masseter is thick, and it connects to the cheekbone. The deep masseter is smaller in comparison, and it is connected to the mandible or the jawbone. 

A masseter botox for jaw slimming botox slims people’s faces. When the botox is injected into the jaw area, the masseter muscle relaxes. This procedure gets rid of some baby fat from your face. In the end, if the whole process goes well, you can get a slimmer face. 


In Conclusion

Whether you want those jawline goals or you want to stop the prolonged pain of a medical condition, getting a jaw slimming botox procedure done is a good option for you. People prefer this treatment over other surgical treatments because it is much safer and faster.  

The procedure is not too long, it usually takes less than 30 minutes. There are many benefits of getting jaw botox done on your face. The costs of the process differ depending on the geographical location, the professional doctor, patient requirements, and the number of units required.

Which tips did you find helpful? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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