Japanese Manicure: Meaning, Steps, Benefits, and More

Japanese Manicure: Meaning, Steps, Benefits, and More

You would want your nails to look beautiful and pretty. More than that, you’d also want them to be healthy for a long time. It’s when they’d be healthy that you’d be able to do many nail designs on your nails. One of the procedures that ensures you both beauty and health is a Japanese Manicure. 

Japanese manicure is a popular technique for manicuring your fingernails. In this manicure process, there’s no use of synthetic chemicals. Here, the nail treatment is done with 100% natural ingredients. 

Many people opt for a Japanese manicure because they’ve brittle, weak, and broken nails. You’d find that through this technique your broken nails get in good shape again. It means that the broken nails turn into pinkish pretty nails again.

Usually, the manicure lasts for two or three weeks on a person’s hands. Depending on your daily life activities, it can last for either a longer or shorter period of time. 

You may be a fan of gel manicures, they’re beautiful, so it’s obvious that people love them. But, when you opt for a Japanese manicure, you would get attractive as well as healthy nails. 

The article includes a step-by-step guide to a Japanese manicure. We have also mentioned the benefits of this procedure for your nails. 


What Is A Japanese Manicure?

Japanese women have been doing Japanese mani for years now. This manicure is done on fingernails to protect them from going brittle. The procedure was developed by a Japanese company and many prominent families of Japan did it. Though, after some time, the activity became common, the general public opted for this mani too. 

For doing a Japanese manicure, the nail artist applies a paste with vitamins and minerals. They apply this paste to the nail body, then they top it off with some powder. This paste is green in colour and it contains vitamin A and E, some keratin, and silica from the Sea of Japan. 

There’s no rush in this process. The nail artist takes their time to carefully apply the paste to all the fingernails. When you’d go to a proper Japanese manicure master, you’d find that they don’t do the manicure with metal tools. Rather than the metal tools, the artists either use calfskin buffs or orange tree sticks. 

If you’re opting for a Japanese mani, then you should go to the nail salon after every two weeks or so. The more you’re going to get this procedure, the more your nails will shine. 

Moreover, the powder that’s used during the manicure is also made from natural ingredients. It’s known as P Shine Powder, it contains beeswax and diatomaceous earth. The nail artists apply the powder after the paste because it helps in sealing the nutrients of the paste. 


Japanese Manicure Ritual Steps

You can use this manicure technique for both your fingernails and toenails. The main reason people do opt for this manicure is that it helps in making their nails shiny and healthy. 

The nail artist doesn’t rush with this process. For providing full nutrients to the nails, it’s important that the paste is applied slowly onto each nail. You have to be patient when you’re getting this manicure. You should use this time to relax and feel free. 

Here are the steps to do a Japanese manicure.

  1. Go to a Japanese mani salon. You can also find some manicure kits for home. But, it’d be better if you go to a salon only. It’s because the procedure is extremely delicate, and only a professional can do it precisely. 
  2. When you’d go into the salon, the artist would first take a look at your fingernails. They’d check the condition of the nails to figure out how badly damaged they were. 
  3. The nail artist will then clean your nails with some disinfectant. This will ensure that there are no bacteria or germs around or in your nails. After the cleaning, your nails will soften and it’ll also prevent inflammation of the nails. 
  4. In this step, the nail artist would apply the paste to your nails, slowly and one by one. They may keep the paste on for some time. After that, they’d apply the powder on them. 
  5. In this last step, you may find that your nails are already shining and looking beautiful. 


Benefits of Japanese Manicure  

There are many ways a Japanese manicure would benefit you. If you’ve badly damaged nails then, this procedure will help your nails in many ways. 

The procedure will give you nourished nails. After the manicure, you’ll see that the nails would have a healthy pink gloss. You would gradually notice that there’s less nail breakage. Hence, you’ll only notice the increased nail growth. 

When you’d regularly get this manicure, you’d notice that there’s strong elasticity in your nails. The biggest benefit of Japanese manicure is that there’s no use of harmful chemicals here. 

The paste used for manicuring is made from vitamin A and E. Apart from that, it may also contain beeswax, calcium, and sodium. Some people also use ginseng on the nails to create a protective film on the nails. 



What Is A Japanese Manicure?

A Japanese mani is one where nail artists apply some paste on your nails. This paste is made from natural ingredients that help in enriching your nails. Before applying the paste, the artist cleans your nails. This helps in removing any kind of dead skin cells or bacteria. After the cleaning process, the artist begins with applying the paste to your nails. They let the paste sit on your nails for some time. Thereafter, they apply some powder to the paste. This helps in providing natural vitamins and nutrients to your nails. 


Is Japanese Manicure Good For Your Nails?

This manicure procedure has some benefits for your nail health. A Japanese mani will help you in having prettier and healthier nails. This manicure procedure helps women have healthy nails by giving them some helpful nutrients. Japanese manicure helps to prevent the brittleness and breaking of nails. 


Are Japanese Gel Nails Better?

If you want to do a manicure that lasts for a longer time, then go for a Japanese gel manicure. This type of manicure lasts for more than 6 weeks. It also gives you more strong nails. If you’d go for a Japanese gel manicure, you’d notice that your nails are better protected. 


What Is A Japanese Pedicure?

A Japanese pedicure is similar to a Japanese manicure. It uses more or less the same ingredients and tools. Here, the nail artist applies some beeswax paste to your nails. Once the paste settles down on your nails, they apply some powder to finish the process. 


What Is A Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure is also known as a dry manicure. Here, instead of water soaking techniques, the artist removes excess skin around the nails. It takes at least half an hour to forty-five minutes to do the whole procedure. There are many tutorials that you can watch to do the manicure yourself. However, you can harm your nail bed, so always go to a professional. 


In Conclusion

A Japanese manicure is a manicure technique that restores the health of your nails. This process doesn’t use any type of artificial or synthetic nail polish or materials. 

The whole procedure is done with the help of mixing natural ingredients. This is perhaps the biggest charm of this manicure technique. 

This technique of manicure is a beneficial option as it’ll help your nails recover. 

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