Cute Short Nails: Stunning Designs and Ideas

Cute Short Nails: Stunning Designs and Ideas

Don’t you feel that it is much easier to take care of cute short nails instead of long, untidy nails? Long nails look extremely pretty, no doubt about that. But when you’ve to do many activities in your day, it gets really hard to maintain those nails. On the contrary, short nails don’t make you suffer that much. They look super cute and they don’t break easily. 

As you scroll through your Instagram, you might find many celebrities and friends flaunting their long nails. But there are many people these days who are making a shift in this trend. Nowadays, people are finding their love for short nail trends. There are many nail arts that you can do on your short nails. Doesn’t matter what pattern, colour, or design you like, you can have them done on your nails. 

Plus, if you think about it, you don’t even need that much time to do nail art on your short nails. Everything becomes easy with short nails! As a person who has had a hard time growing her nails and making sure that they don’t break, I’m thankful for this trend. 

In this article, we have included some nail art designs that you can do on your cute short nails. 


What Are The Current Cute Short Nail Trends? 

If you think that short nails don’t look good with nail designs, then you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter what shape or size the nail is, all types of nails can have beautiful nail designs. 

The cute short nails trend that is gaining attention these days include many nail arts and designs. Nail artists all over the world practice with other professional nail artists to make such designs. 

Nowadays, there are many types of designs you can make. Your fingernails are like very small blank pieces of paper. You can make any type of art on them that you want to. You can find that many people get super creative and make fictional characters on their or their customer’s nails. From Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man to the whole Avengers team, nail artists can make anything happen on those cute short nails.  


Cute Short Nails for Teenagers 

Teenagers don’t need too many colours on their nails. Most teenagers opt for those designs that are easy and cute. They prefer designs with their favourite TV character over some sophisticated designs. 


Silver and White Short Nails


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To do this nail art design, you need white nail paint and silver glitter nail paint. You can apply the silver nail paint on all your fingernails except for one. Apply white nail paint on that remaining nail. If you want to add a design, then you can add a star or a snowflake on the white nail. 

Matte White Nail Design


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For teenagers who don’t like glittery shades, they can opt for this design. Here, you just have to apply two layers of matte white nail paint and you’ll be done. This design will look good on any kind of occasion. 

Floral Nails


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You want pretty? You have a floral nail art design. Your cute short nails will look ten times cuter with a floral design. You can apply nude shade nail paint on your fingernails. Once the layers dry off completely, you can design flowers at the base of your nails. Opt for white coloured floral design as it’ll combine with the nude colour perfectly. 


Pink Nails with Heart Designs


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Applying nail paint is a form of self-love. Express the love you have for yourself with this design. You can put on nude, white, or baby pink coloured nail paint. Next, you can make small red coloured hearts on your nails. 


Mickey Mouse Nail Design


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Oh, this is every bit cute! This is a very minimal design, you can apply some transparent nail paint on your fingernails and add Mickey Mouse at the base of the nails. It would appear as if Mickey is peeking out. 


Cute Short Nails for Women in Their 20s 

Here’s a list of nail designs for women in their 20s. 


Pink Nails with White Stars


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For the people who love everything pink, you will definitely love this design too. To have this design on your fingernails, you’ll need pink and white coloured nail paints. First, you’ll put on two layers of pink nail paint. When the layers have dried nicely, then you can design small stars on the tip or base of your nails. 

Minimal Gold Nail Design


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You can apply some transparent nail paint and add a gold design to your nails. The gold can also be combined with colours like white, black, or baby pink. Your nails would appear shiny because of the gold colour. This is not a simple design, however. Instead of making a simple gold line, you have to carefully make it with the right brush.

Pastel Color Shades


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There are times when you don’t want to go with simple or sophisticated. You just feel torn and don’t know what to pick. For situations like these, we suggest you go with pastel shades. Opt for pink, blue, green, or yellow coloured pastel shades. You can apply different colours to all your nails. If you like one most out of the others, then you can paint all your nails with that colour the next time. 

Multi-Coloured Flame Design


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Now, if you want to spice things up a bit, do it with this design. There are many colours in this design. You can apply transparent nail paint at first. Next, you can make flames with any colour you like. Make sure you make an outline of those flames, so they appear more attractive.  

Pink French Tips


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These are similar to French manicures. The only difference in this design is that the tips are pink coloured. 


Cute Short Nails for New Moms 

Gone are those days when new moms disappeared from the outside world and stayed home to take care of their babies. In modern times, new moms know how to have fun and take care of their newborns. 

However, because she has to take care of her kid, she has to be careful about many things. 

Here are a few nail designs for a new mother’s cute short nails. 


Simple Short White Nails


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This is a classy white nail paint design. They are so simple and easy to do that they will never go out of style. You can apply a simple layer of this white nail paint on your fingernails, and you’re good to go. If you feel one layer is not enough, then you can add another one after the first dries off. 

Glam Nude and White Short Nails


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This is another design that you can easily do on your nails. For this one, you can apply a layer of nude nail paint to your nails. After that, apply some white nail paint diagonally on the tip of your nails. 

Zebra Stripe Nails


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If you’re looking for something hip, then this is your design. These zebra stripe nails would look cool, especially on your cute short nails. To do this, you can apply white nail paint to the tip of your nails. Next, you can make zebra stripes with a thin brush. 

Blue Polka Dots


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For those moms who love bright colours, this is a design that you’ll love. This is a simple design with a cute change in it. You can apply 2 layers of blue nail paint to your nails. Once the paint dries off, add white coloured polka dots on the nails. 


Cute Short Nails for Businesswomen 

As a businesswoman, you have to deal with many things. 

However, there are times when you’ve to put a pause to all these events and pamper yourself. Here are a few nail designs that you can do to spoil yourself. 


  • White and Gold Glitter Short Nails


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This nail design is simple yet it appears sophisticated. The nail design combines the colours of white and gold. You can use gold glitter nail paint of your choice. To make this nail design, apply the layer of white nail paint in an almond design. Then, add the gold glitter layer on the tips and edges of your nails. 


  • Black and White Polka Dots


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Many people favour this nail art design. This design takes the most basic colours and creates a form of art with them. For this design, you can apply white nail paint in one hand and black nail paint in another hand. Then, on the white fingernails, add black polka dots; and, on the black fingernails, add black polka dots. 


  • Silver Glitter and White Nails:


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You’ll attract a lot of attention with this design on your cute short nails. In this design, you can apply white nail paint to your fingernails. After the white colour dries completely, you can add silver glitter to it. Don’t cover the nails completely, just add the glitter on the tips of your nails


  • Emerald Green Nails


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A nail paint that is simple and classy. This emerald green colour would look elegant on your hands. Your short nails would look clean and fresh with this colour. We suggest you apply two layers of it to give an extra shine to your nails. 


How to Maintain Cute Short Nails 

Short nails need proper maintenance. There are a few simple tips that you can use to maintain your cute short nails. If you don’t take care of your short nails properly, you may develop a problem that’ll require immediate medical attention. 


  • Do manicures: You must do manicures on your nails regularly. Doing a manicure ensures the removal of dead skin cells around the nails. Skin growth will only happen around your nails if you get rid of all the dead skin around them. 

  • Keep them clean: You can’t get a manicure daily. But that doesn’t mean you can’t clean the nails by yourself at home. When you have a bath, you should clean your nails and remove all the surrounding dirt. 

  • Use moisturizer: Once you’ve cleaned your nails properly, apply moisturizer on them. Make sure that you use a good moisturizer and one that you’re not allergic to. It’s important to keep your nails moisturized to prevent the dryness of the skin around them. 

  • Use cuticle oil: Your cuticles protect the base area of your nails. When you remove or cut the cuticles, do it carefully. If done hastily, you’ll invite bacteria and germs around your nails. This can lead to an infection. Therefore, think twice before you begin removing the cuticles. You should also use cuticle oil so that the skin around your fingernails remain soft. 


  • Apply the paint properly: Most importantly, when you are applying nail paint on your fingernails, apply it properly. Use the correct brushes and good quality nail paints. Usually, it is suggested that you apply two layers of nail paint to your nails. The first layer is like a base coat of nail paint. Multiple layers make the fingernails shiny and also protect them against damage. 


The Best Nail Salons in The World 

Here are some of the best nail salons in the world: 


  • Manicurious: This cosy salon is located in Beach Road, Singapore. The decor of the salon is minimalist. Whatever beauty needs you have Manicurious delivers it to you. They do simple as well as gel manicures. This salon matches your vibe and gives you nail art that is extraordinary and attractive. 

  • M’pir The Nail Bar: M’pir nail bar is in Shaw Center, Singapore. The bar has affordable services to do your nails. From pedicure, manicure, to many types of the nail art design, they do it all. If you go in here, do get the gel manicure and gel nail art. 

  • Olive and June: The Olive and June salon is in Beverly Hills, USA. The salon offers many services. The salon’s interiors are beautiful and aesthetic, and so is their nail art. Not only do they do nail designs, but Olive and June also sell their nail paint. They have colours for every occasion. 

  • The Gossip Nail Bar: The gossip nail bar is in Bristol, London. The bar is a place to get your nails done and, well, gossip. This nail bar does nail art on a different level. These include the basic, cute, epic, and extreme level. It’s no doubt that for your cute short nails, you should opt for the cute level. 

  • NAF! Salon: NAF! Salon is located in Glasgow, London. The salon has a fun and chill atmosphere. It is one of the favourite nail salons of millennials in the London area. The salon opens all six days of the week between 10 AM to 7 PM. Apart from manicures and pedicures, they also do gel nail polish. They also do different types of nail art designs. 



Which Are The Best Cute Short Nails For Summer?

For the summer season, you can opt for those nail designs that have bright colours. Colours like yellow, sky blue, neon pink or yellow, light green, nude, and white would look great in summer. 

If you want to have simple cute short nails, then you can use nail arts that are easy to do. Moreover, choose those designs that can be done at home by yourself. 

The hot summer season means too much sweat, so you should be careful with the colours you pick. You should also clean your nails properly so that your hands look neat and beautiful. You can also add polka dots, stars or lines to your nails.

For this season, you may add some glitter shades too. Glitter tips on transparent nail paint would look attractive and fun. 


Which Are The Best Cute Short Nails White?

White is a classic nail paint colour that will never go out of the trend. When people can’t pick any colour, they turn to white. It is safe to say that white never disappoints. A benefit of having white nail paint on your hand is that it is a canvas. You can paint this white coloured canvas on your fingernails any way you want to. 

Use white coloured nail paint as the base layer, then add black coloured polka dots on it. If you are going to a party, then add silver or glitter to the tips of your fingernails. The combination of silver, gold, and white is amazing. 

One nail design for your cute short nails is a French manicure. You can also twist this design a little bit. You can use the white colour as the base layer and use some summer colours to apply to the tips of your fingernails. 


Which Are The Best Cute Short Nails For 11-Year-Olds?

If you have an 11-year-old kid or a kid around that age group, then you can pick some cute designs for them. Because their cute hands and cute short nails really need as much cuteness as they can get. 

You can use some floral designs for them or some designs with smiley faces on the nails. Kids also love glitter, so you can also add some glitter shades to their nails. But make sure that you don’t fully cover their nails with glitter. Too much glitter wouldn’t look too good on their hands. Apply it in a minimal way that adds a pretty detail to their nails. 


Which Are The Best Cute Short Nail Ideas And Designs? 

There are many short nail designs that you do for your cute short nails. You can opt for simplistic designs that just require you to apply 2 layers of acrylic or gel nail paint. 

You can also go for some fun designs that include many nail art patterns. These days, nail arts are gaining popularity among people. Some ideas that you can choose from are, flowers, numbers, geometrical shapes, emoticons, waves, and lines. You can also add fruits or vegetables to your nail designs. The options are not limited, really. 

Women can have nail designs related to their job too if they want. Many nail designs include alphabets and numbers. So for instance, if you are a programmer, then you can have some code written on your nails or the binary number figures. A baker can have strawberries or blueberries on their nail design. 


In Conclusion

There are many women who can’t grow long nails. The reasons for that may be genetics or the environment. Whatever the reasons are, you should be proud of your cute short nails. 

In recent years, the world has seen an increasing trend of short nail designs. There are many types of designs to choose from, many colours, patterns, shades, and glitters.  

These nail designs are catered to everyone’s needs and wants. Some people have a busy lifestyle and they really can’t manage to have long nails and care for them. So, these people keep their nails short. They can opt for some classy, simple, and elegant designs. 

For the women who want to experiment with their nail designs, they can choose some hip or trendy designs. 

However, having these designs is only possible when you know how to take care of your nails. You must clean your nails daily, remove all the around or under them. Do go for manicures too, they help in removing dead skin cells around your nails. Make sure that you keep your nails moisturized to prevent dryness. Finally, when you are applying nail paint, make sure that you are doing it properly. 

If you find a good nail art salon then you can have any design that you desire.

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