Black French Tip Nails: Ideas and Inspiration

Black French Tip Nails: Ideas and Inspiration

When you think of French tips, you remember white. However, you may also opt for black French tip nails. White is the classic colour for French tips, but, black is making its way into people’s hearts. 

There isn’t an end to what you can do with black French tips. You may go with simple designs if that’s what you want. You may also pick your different nail art brushes to make more designs. 

For making any design, you first need to think of a theme. The theme may be related to the season or to your mood. If you’re feeling cute, then you may make some cute hearts in your nail design. 

Seasonal nail designs mean that you can use designs related to festive events. Black French tip nails would be the perfect choice for the festival of Halloween. Black is spooky, and it’s also a little different from the pumpkin designs. 

The New Year is supposed to be bright and bring new possibilities. The possibility it’ll bring is that you’ll fall for black French tip nail designs. For brightness, you can add some flowers or cartoon characters to your nail design. 

When you’re thinking of doing a nail design, you should also check your nails. There’s no need for you to do a design if your nails aren’t in good condition. The design would anyway look more fabulous when your nails would be healthy. 

Black French tip nails look good on any nail shape. We’d recommend you get these nail designs on almond-shaped nails. 

We bring you the best Black French Tip Nail designs to inspire you for your next design. We’ve also mentioned some do’s and don’ts you should remember before you go in for a manicure. 


Why Are Black French Tip Nails Trending? 

This is the year of trying new things and experimenting with your tastes. This year, you can expect many nail designs to become famous in nail salons and among women. One of these designs includes black French tip nails. 

You’d find many people experimenting with black and white colours to have French tips. To keep the design simple, you may do white French tips in one hand and black French tips on another hand. If you want to keep up with the trends, there are many more designs that you can try on your fingernails. 

Many people are appreciating and love the art of black French nail designs. Black is a more sophisticated and revolutionary colour option. One of the benefits of black coloured nail designs is that they go with everything. With these designs, you won’t have to worry about how well they’re pairing with your outfit. 

During the summer and spring seasons, you can opt for brighter colours, but black would also be a fantastic choice. For one, if you’re an office worker, you won’t need to think too much about your nail design. Another reason, as we mentioned earlier, is to experiment. 

You can always use black nail paint with other different colours. The best combination that you can’t say no to is black and white. Many women decide to have a monochrome design with both these colours. 

There are also other simpler and lighter colours. Nude is another colour shade that would go extremely well with black French tip nails. By using trial and error methods, you can find the colour combinations that would suit your nails. 

Glitter nail paint goes really well with black coloured nail paints too. You may either get glittery black nail paint or use glitter nail paint separately. 


5 Black French Tip Nails For Young Women 

Here’s a list of black French tips that you may try on your nails:


  • Black and White Hearts


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In this design, you may do black or white French tips on two or three of your nails. In two nails you can make thin swirls. At last, you may finish the design by making a small black and white coloured heart on your nails. 


  • Black Nail Swirls


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For this nail design, first, you need to apply some transparent nail paint. Next, you may add white French tips to all your nails. Then, you may pick a thick nail brush to make black coloured swirls on your nails. Make sure you don’t cover the white colour. 

  • Wavy Black French Tips


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You may create this design easily by yourself at home too. For creating this design, you need to pick a thin nail brush and make wavy French designs on your nails. 

  • Matte Nails with Glossy Tips


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Your black French tip nails may look too black with this design. But, they’d look too beautiful, too. This is another simple nail design that you may do at home. Here, first, you need to apply matte black nail paint. Then, for your tips, you may use glossy black coloured nail paint. 

  • Black Tips and White Outline


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This would give a clean touch to the simple black French nails. Here, you may make black French tips in a normal way. Then, you can pick a very thin brush to neatly outline the black French tips. 


5 Black French Tip Nails For Women in Their 40s 

Following are some black coloured nail designs that women in their 40s can try for themselves:  


  • Black Patterns


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You can use black coloured nail paint to make various designs on your fingernails. This is one such design that uses black French tip nails. Here, you may make a butterfly design on your nails. You can also create a net pattern and make some glitter tips.  

  • Two Cuff French Tips


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This is a minimal nail design, so you won’t have to sweat too much while making this. For this nail design, you may apply a nude shade of nail paint as a base layer. Next, you should make black French tips on one of the nails. On other nails, you may make two cuff designs. 

  • Black and White Swirls


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This is a cute and pretty nail design. Here, you may create black French tips on two of your nails. On the remaining nails, you can make some thin swirls with black and white coloured nail paint. 

  • Black Tips and Glitter


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If you like to add glitter to your nail designs, then opt for this one. For this nail design, you can start by making black French tips on three of your fingernails. Then, on the remaining two, you may use glitter nail paint to make glitter tips. 

  • Black Ghost Nail Design


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This is a nail design for the Halloween season. Here, with the Black French tips, you can also make some black ghosts on your nails. You’d need to go to a professional for this nail design. 


5 Black French Tip Nails For Older Women

These are some nail designs older women can do on their nails:


  • Black and White Spider Webs


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This is a cool and funky nail design. Here, you may make simple black French tips on all your fingernails. Then, you can use white coloured nail paint to make some spider webs on your nails. 


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If you’re looking for a classic nail design, go with this one. These are the simple black French tips nails. You need to get black coloured nail paint of your choice and create some beautiful French tips with it. 

  • Zebra French Tips


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To make this design, you’d need three nail paints, white, black, and nude. You may apply a nude shade to two of your nails. On the remaining nails, you can create zebra stripes as French tips. Make sure that you dry the white nail paint first. After that, you may use black colour to make the stripes. 

  • Black Ombre Tips


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This is a dreamy and mesmerizing nail design. For this design, you’d need black ombre nail paint and candy pink nail paint. First, you should apply the layers of candy nail paint. Then, you may make the black tips by using the ombre nail paint. 

  • Black Glitter Swirls


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You can add a twist to the swirls in your nail design. For this design, you may get black glitter nail paint. You can make French tips with this glitter nail paint. You can also make some swirls on some fingernails.


4 Things to Know Before Getting Your Nails Done

Before you decide to get your nails done, you ought to know the condition of your nails. You have to know if they’re damaged or bruised from somewhere. It’s not recommended to get nail design done if your nails are in a bad shape. 

If you choose to do some nail design even after knowing that your nails aren’t healthy, you’ll do more harm than good. They may look good to you from above, but underneath, your nails may be suffering and you wouldn’t even know. 

There are many things you’ve to remember before you go to get your nails done. Following are some tips that you’d need before you go to that nail salon. 


  • Keep your nails healthy: The health of your nails will always come first. You should clean your nails daily with soap when bathing. You should also use a good moisturizer for your hands and nails. It’s also a good practice to apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. 
  • Do your research: Yes, you need to do some research before nail care. For instance, if you want black French tip nails, you should know about the different nail designs. Not only the designs, but you should also know where you can get them from and which technique would be better. 
  • Uncomfortable feeling: Know that you’d feel some pain when you’ll go for nail care. The pain may make you uncomfortable, too. If it’s your first time doing it, you should ask the nail artist to go slower. 
  • Clean the nail tools: If you’re taking your nail tools to the nail artist, clean them thoroughly. Clean all your nail brushes and dotting tools beforehand only. To clean them well, you should use some warm water. 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Manicure

When you’re getting a manicure, it’s essential that you don’t indulge in practices that’ll harm your nails. In your daily life, knowingly and unknowingly, you may do certain things that cause harm to your nails. 

But, when you’re getting a manicure, take extra precautions to keep your nails healthy. Know what you’re doing is wrong, don’t think of your nails as some tools. Many people have the habit of using their nails to remove dirt from somewhere. Some people use their nails to remove frozen food from a container. 

Yes, nails may be sharp tools that you need in those situations. But, why use your nails when there are literally many other tools that you’ve in your kitchen. 

Your nails require proper maintenance to look beautiful and healthy for a long time. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts when getting a manicure. 



  • When you’re getting a manicure, you should apply a base layer. This layer would act as a protective layer on your nails. A base coat would also prevent the discolouration of nail paint. 
  • You should buy your own manicure tools if you frequently get manicures. The tools used at salons are used by many people. There’s a risk of getting infections if you use these tools. 
  • During the process of a manicure, there are many chemicals involved. These chemicals can leave your hands and nails dry. Hence, to prevent this dryness, you’d need to apply a good quality moisturizer to your nails. 



  • You shouldn’t overuse the nail paint remover. Again, you’d risk dryness if you use too much remover on your nails. 
  • Don’t cut your cuticles. They are there to protect your nails and you should apply oil to them.
  • Don’t forget to clean your nail art tools every time after you use them. 



How To Do A Black French Manicure At Home?

To do a black French manicure at home, first, clean your nail design tools. If your tools aren’t clean, then, the black colour can mix with dried colours on the brush. If this happens, your whole nail design will be ruined. 

Once you’ve cleaned your tools, you may look for some design ideas. If you’re a beginner in nail designing, then it’s better that you opt for simple designs. You may get your favourite black nail paint and do the most classic black French tip nails. 

You can also use other colour combinations or use pastel colour shades to make an outline under the French tips. Another way to make a more beautiful design would be to use your dotting tool. With the help of a dotting tool, you can make white polka dots on the French tips. 

If you can make hearts designs by yourself, then you can also add small black, red, or white coloured hearts to your nail design. 


Which Are The Best Black French Manicure Ideas?

The best black French tip nails include many types of nail designs. You may get a zebra nail design. In this design, you’d need white and black coloured nail paints. You may first create the white French tips. After that, you should slowly make the zebra stripes with black colour. 

You can also make a spider web design with black French tips. For this design, you’ll simply need to make black French tips. Once it dries off, you can make spider webs with white coloured nail paint. 

Another black French manicure design is matte black nails with glossy tips. In this design, you’d need two types of black nail paint colours. You’d need matte black nail paint to apply for the base coat. Then, you’d require a glossy black coloured nail paint to make the French tips. 

There’s also the nail design, wherein you can make glitter swirls and French tips using black glitter nail paint. 


Which Are The Hottest French Tip Nails To Wear Right Now?

There are many types of French tips that people are loving these days. Probably the ones that are extremely popular are the black French tip nails. Doesn’t matter the season, people get these black nail designs whenever they want to. 

You may also opt for different colours for making your French tips. You may pick the same colour in different shades. There’s also the design where you pick almost random colours that don’t really contrast with each other. To do this design, you can use black, white, red, grey, and baby pink colours. 

Another trending French tip design includes V-shaped French tip nail designs. For these designs, you may pick two different colours, say black and white. You’d apply them in such a way that the tip makes the V alphabet. To do this design perfectly, you’ll need to do one colour at a time. Once it dries off on your nails, you may use another colour. 


How to Do Matte Black French Tip Nails?

Matte nail paints are thinner than regular nail paints. So, there’s no need to worry about blobbing when you’re applying matte nail paint. 

To have matte black French tip nails, you should have two types of black nail paints. You should get matte black nail paint and black shiny nail paint. 

First, you should apply two layers of matte nail paint. Once they’ve completely dried off, you can begin with the next step. In the next step, you may apply glossy nail paint on the tips of all your nails. 

If you only want to apply the French tips, you may do that with the matte nail paint too. You may simply pick the nail art brush of your choice and slowly start applying the paint to the tips. 


What to Do at a Nail Station?

When you go to a nail salon or a nail station, you can get many services there. At these nail stations, you can get your nails cleaned from all the unnecessary dirt particles. 

If you like designing your nails, then you can also opt for a nail designing service. There are different nail arts that you can choose from. Either you can go with a design that you like or you may get one that the artist recommends. 

Some trending nail designs these days include black French tip nails. You can get these black French tip designs in any way that you want to. You can opt for simple French tips with black coloured nail paint only. 

There are also different colour combinations that you can choose from for these nail arts. You may go with a popular colour combination of white and black. There’s also grey and black or glitter nail paint and black. For the designs, you may make some flowers or add a few hearts. 

You may also write your name or your partner’s name in your nail design. There are really many possibilities that you can choose the designs from. 


In Conclusion

Black French tip nails are in demand these days among teenagers and older women. Before you go for a nail care appointment, you have to consider many things. Your nails need to be healthy and clean of all the dirt. 

If you’re using your own nail design tools, then make sure that they’re clean too. There shouldn’t be any dried nail paint on them. You should also do some research before you go into a nail salon. 

When you do proper research, you’ll know which design you want to get. Moreover, you’d know which nail salon is the best one in your city. 

Black is a nail paint colour that’ll never go out of style. Find a nail design that inspires you and have fun! 

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