Henna Lash Tint: Meaning, How-to and More

Henna Lash Tint: Meaning, How-to and More

Doing henna lash tint needs some patience and strong hands. Not only that, but you also need to be cautious while tinting your lashes. If you accidentally buy the wrong tint kit, then you may get skin allergies. 

Your worries don’t end there, though. Even with the top quality product, if you’re not safe, you can harm yourself. You can get the henna mix in your eyes, or you hit yourself in the eyes with the brush. 

In this article, we have mentioned the simple steps you need to follow to do eyelash tinting at home. 


What is Henna Lash Tint? 

Henna is a green coloured powder that doesn’t have its own colouring properties. Thanks to some acids and the room temperature it helps in colouring people’s lash, brow, or hair. Making henna powder at home is difficult. However, you can use this powder to do henna lash tint at home. 

The henna powder is made with the help of henna leaves. These are the dry leaves of the Lawsonia plant. The leaves of these plants have a red dye in them called lawson. This red dye colour combines with the keratin in the hair. After it combines with the keratin, it colours the hair of an individual. 

With the natural henna, you can get a red-brown colour on your eyelashes, eyebrows, and your hair. Many beauty salons mix the natural henna powder with other ingredients to create more colours. They take hydrogen peroxide in the form of cream or gel and mix it with henna powder. 

People use different types of dyes to colour their lashes. Some people opt for vegetable dyes for tinting. These dyes, however, aren’t safe according to the FDA. People also use food colouring dyes, cosmetic colourants, or coal tar dyes for tinting. FDA doesn’t approve the coal tar dye either because it’s made from burnt coal. 

It is suggested by professionals and doctors that you get an allergy test before using eyelash tint. Especially if you’re an individual who’s allergic to many ingredients, you should consider the allergy test. 

Another safe practice that professionals recommend is to keep clean and cold water with you. As these tinting products contain hydrogen peroxide in them, the eyes can feel slight irritation and burn. So, when it burns, you can use cold water to soothe the pain. 


Can Henna Lash Tint Be Done at Home? 

To do henna lash tint at home, follow these steps. 

  • Mix your ingredients: People gather the general ingredients when they do eyelash tint at home. These ingredients can include henna powder or tint kit, water, cotton pads, Q-tips, gloves, and a spoolie brush. When you’ve arranged all these ingredients, you can start with the process. Gather a small bowl and mix henna powder and water together. 


  • Prep your lashes: To prep your lashes, you need to clean them first. Once you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, you can begin by applying petroleum jelly to them. The jelly will ensure that the eyes and skin around them stay hydrated. You should also use a towel under your eyes. 


  • Apply the eyelash tint: For applying the tint, you should dip the spoolie in clear water. This will ensure that the brush is clean from all the first. Then, you can dip the spoolie brush in the mix. Next, roll the colour with the help of spoolie on your eyelashes. Do it in the same way you apply the mascara. First, apply the colour on the lower lashes so you don’t smear the upper lashes. It is better if you do one eye at a time. You won’t be able to focus on both eyes together. And do remember to dot the tips of your eyelash. 


  • Wait it out: This is the last step of this process. Here, you’ve to wait for the lashes to absorb the henna or tint. Make sure that you keep your eyes closed for this step. Plus, the whole process is time-consuming, so you can relax at the last step. 


The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Tinting 

Here are the pros of henna lash tint:

  • Replacement for mascara: Not everyone can wear mascara. Many people have sensitive eyes and they’re allergic to mascara. So, such women use eyelash tinting as a replacement for mascara. Plus, with the eyelash tint, you can get even darker eyelashes. 


  • Gives the no-makeup look: For the women who don’t do makeup often, eyelash tint will help you out. When you apply eyelash tint to your lashes, you don’t need anything else. After you’re done applying the eyelash tint, all you need to do is your hair and apply some lipstick. Just that, and you’ll look beautiful. 


  • Different colours: If you thought that eyelash tint came only in darker colours, then we have colourful news for you. When you go to a professional eyelash technician, they’ll give you many options. You can go for black, brown, blue, or purple. 


Here are the cons of henna lash tint:

  • Allergies and side effects: This is the biggest con of eyelash tinting. It can cause an allergic reaction around your eyes. You can also suffer from irritation in the eyes, watery eyes, or swelling. You can buy some eyelash serum for these side effects. If it doesn’t help, then you’ll need medical assistance. 


  • Doesn’t last for long: Eyelash tinting isn’t permanent. Once applied, it only lasts for about one to three weeks. As days go by, the colour of the tint becomes duller and duller. 


  • Time-consuming: It takes more than an hour to apply eyelash tint. During this time, you’ve to sit patiently and keep your eyes closed. 


  • Damages natural lashes: Eyelash tinting is harmful to your natural lashes. It is because the tint can dry your natural lashes. If you apply a tint frequently, then there are chances that your lashes will become more dry and brittle. 



How Long Does Henna Lash Tint Last?

Eyelash tint doesn’t last for too long. When you apply henna lash tint to your eyes, it’ll start going dull after a week. 

To make sure that it lasts for a long time, you’ll need to buy a quality product. A poor quality eyelash tint won’t give you darker lashes. 

A good quality product may be a little expensive. However, if you really want good lashes, then you spend extra. 


Can I Tint My Eyelashes With Henna?

You can do henna eyelash tint by yourself. You can buy a Refectocil tint kit for your eyelashes. Henna can work the same way. 

To tint your eyelashes at home, you have to mix some ingredients like henna powder and water. 

First, you’ll need to clean your eyes and eyelashes properly. After that, you should apply some cream or jelly. Then, you can apply the tint. 


Does Henna Or Tint Last Longer?

The time period of henna depends on where you’re applying it. If you’re applying henna to your hair, then it can last for four to six weeks. 

When henna is applied to eyebrows, then it lasts for six to eight weeks. The henna lash tint lasts for one or four weeks on the eyelashes. 

It also depends on the product quality. Cheap quality henna won’t last for long either on your hair, eyebrows, or lashes. 


What Eyelash Tint Is Best?

Here’s a list of the best eyelash tints. 

  • RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint: available at Walmart for $14.95
  • Godefroy 28-Day Mascara Eyelash Gel Tint Kit: available at Walmart for  $18.64
  • Lip Ink Natural Lash Kit: available at Lip Ink for $65.95
  • Strictly Professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Kit: available at Amazon for $4 or $5. 
  • Swiss-O-Par Eyelash and Brow Dye Tint Colour Kit: available at Amazon for $10.00


Can I Tint My Own Lashes?

To tint your eyelash at home, you’ll need the following materials: henna, water, petroleum jelly, spoolie brush, cotton pads, and Q-tips. 

You can mix all these materials. After mixing, you’ll need to prep your lashes. Here, you should apply petroleum jelly. 

Next, you can apply the tint and wait for it to dry. 


In Conclusion

To do eyelash tint, you use henna powder or a tint kit. There are advantages and disadvantages of applying eyelash tint. It is a good replacement for mascara, it also gives you a no-makeup look. However, eyelash tints can also cause some allergies. 

The process of applying tint on your eyelash takes a lot of time. The right product, though, can give you natural-looking eyelashes for a week or two. 

To do eyelash tinting at home, you only need a few ingredients. Some of the ingredients are to make the colour mix and others to protect your eyes. To complete tinting your eyelashes, you require at least 60 to 90 minutes. 

It is recommended by many doctors and industry professionals that you use FDA approved products. Other products may contain artificial dyes, which may harm your eyes and skin. 

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