6 Kajals For Working Women

6 Kajals For Working Women

Kajal for Indian women is a very important part of their daily routine or their daily makeup. This one product has enough magic to enhance and give your entire face a fresh makeover instantly. When it comes to picking the best Kajal’s for working women, it is important to definitely pick the best only. Because when you are used to wearing kajals every day, not just you but the people around you also notice it. Choose a Kajal that is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives so that you can comfortably wear it all day.


Iba All Day Kohl Kajal

When it comes to picking a pure Kajal, nothing beats the Iba All Day Kohl Kajal. This is one of the best Halal Certified Kajal available in the market which is also vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified. This Kajal has been infused with the goodness of aloe vera, chamomile and avocado extracts. All these ingredients make it a great choice for your eyes if you are looking for a kajal that you want to wear all day. This Kajal can also be used as your eyeliner and also for your eyeshadow base because of its creamy and blendable formula. On days when you run out of your brow filler, you can use this Kajal with an angled brush and fill up your brows. Hence this multipurpose Kajal is one of the best eye Kajal you can own.


Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal has to be one of the best kajals when it comes to offering different shades because this Kajal comes in nine amazing shades. You can pick anything from deep black, midnight blue, sparkling black, classic brown, regal green, royal blue, turquoise, forest green, and white. All these colours itself create your very own eyeshadow palette and you can also use these Kajals like your coloured eyeliner or even smudge it out for your eyeshadow base. This Kajal lasts up to 22 hours without smudging. The best part about this Kajal is that it is a waterproof formula which does not budge even if you get wet in the rain or even if you sweat. All in all, this is a perfect Kajal for working women.


Maybelline New York – Colossal Kajal

When it comes to picking the best eye Kajal or shopping for Kajal online, one of the best Kajals has to be the Maybelline Colossal Kajal. This is definitely one of the best and oldest kajals when it comes to picking a long-lasting Kajal for working women. This is the first long-lasting Kajal that came into the market which promised intense pigment and deep black finish. The best part about this Kajal for Indian women is that it has been enriched with aloe vera, vitamin C, and vitamin E which helps in soothing and nourishing your eyes throughout the day. This long-lasting kajal formula is smudge-proof and waterproof which lasts up to 24 hours. The formulation of this Kajal is designed to glide smoothly and evenly in just a single-stroke application. For a deeper and bold look, you can finish off your Colossal Kajal with the Colossal Mascara for a dramatic and more voluminous look.


Nykaa Black Magic Kajal

This is one of the best Kajal for Indian women because of its magic black pigment. This is a must-have Kajal for every working woman because this Kajal is soft and creamy in texture which leaves a subtle matte finish. The best part about this Kajal is that it gives an intense black finish with just one stroke and you are ready to rock your day at work. This is a waterproof and smudge-proof Kajal for working women which lasts up to 12 hours. One unique property of this Kajal is that it has an anti-irritant formula which makes it extremely comfortable to wear all day. You can also use this Kajal to create a beautiful smokey eye makeup look because of its creamy formula, which makes it extremely easy to blend.


Sugar Pop Longwear Kajal

This Kajal from Sugar Pop is a great addition to your eye makeup products because this Kajal is available in three vibrant shades – black, blue, and brown. You can use these eye kajals for different purposes and for different eye makeup looks. This Kajal is known for its rich pigmented formula and velvety finish. This is one of the best Kajals when it comes to long wear Kajals because this Kajal lasts up to 16 hours without smudging. This waterproof Kajal is also paraben and sulphate-free. If you are someone who believes in vegan products, then this Kajal is perfect for you because it is cruelty-free and a hundred per cent vegetarian.


Faces Canada – Magnet Eyes Kajal

This Kajal from Faces Canada is a 24-hour waterproof Kajal which is great for working women. This Kajal has been enriched with the goodness of almond oil which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and also keeps your eyes nourished all day. This is one of the best eye Kajal when it comes to picking a kajal that is not only smudge proof but also gives you an intense black finish in a single stroke application. The best part about this Kajal is that it is also fade-proof which keeps your Kajal looking fresh all day.


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