The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide 

Bachelorette Party

A wedding can be a very stressful day. The planning for the wedding is more stressful and frustrating than anything else! So the bachelorette party is a sweet surprise for the brides. It included everything from food and drinks to fun games and night-outs. Therefore, the bride gets to be herself with her gal pals and relax before the big day.


What Is a Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party celebrates the bride before she enters the world of marital bliss. Therefore, a bachelorette is typically planned by the maid of honour and the bridesmaids. They have a theme and decorate the venue according to the theme. The bride is the center of attention. 

A bachelorette party includes dancing, drinking and doing some of the bride’s favourite activities. The activities could involve a spa day out or chill by the pool. A lot of organization and planning goes into hosting a memorable bachelorette. It could also involve light hiking and could be a one-day or a weekend event.

It is a way for the bride to unwind and let loose before the wedding. These parties started as a hen party: a general term for an all-women gathering. Later became known as a bachelorette party from the term bachelor party. 

A bachelorette party is planned to keep the bride in mind. She should not pay for her bachelorette. Therefore, the cost is equally divided among the bridesmaids and the maid of honour. It is a fun-filled day or weekend where the bride gets to spend quality time with her close ones. Always take the bride’s input on everything because it is for them so they should not be uncomfortable. Have a theme liked by the bride. The food and drinks should be according to her preference as well. Decorate the venue well. If possible, you can organize a photo booth or a karaoke stage. 


Bachelorette Party Etiquettes To Keep in Mind 

A Bachelorette party promotes an environment for the wedding guests to get to know each other before the wedding. It involves a lot of organization and planning. A few bachelorette etiquettes when followed make for a great experience for everyone. 


  • Research: Research will help you find the perfect venue, decor and food and drink services according to the bride’s likes. Research done in advance helps you finalize all the details beforehand. That way you prepare for changes. 
  • Timing: Time a bachelorette party anytime between 4 months to 1 month before the wedding. That way the bride is not too stressed with the wedding preparations and can enjoy the bachelorette. This can be a perfect moment for the bride to discuss any wedding preparations with the bride squad. They can help the bride solve any issues arising with the preparations. 
  • Preparing the Guest list: Preparation of the guest list happens upon consulting with the bride. You want to make sure that everybody present there are the bride’s closest people. You do want to invite someone who will make the bride uncomfortable. Once the guest list is ready, confirm with the bride before sending out invites. 
  • Budget: Preparing a budget helps you manage your expenses. Not everyone in the squad can afford a lot of money. So first discuss with the whole squad and come up with a unanimous budget. 
  •  Make it about the bride: The bachelorette party is for the bride. Therefore it goes without saying, everything should have her approval. Do not have surprises that might make her uncomfortable or upset. 
  • Social Media: You should make sure the bride is comfortable with posting the pictures on social media. Ask her and establish rules before everybody starts drinking.


7 Steps to Plan a Bachelorette Party 

Steps to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party requires hard work and dedication. In a way, it requires being meticulous and paying attention to detail. Therefore, the following steps go into planning a successful bachelorette party. 


  • Talk to the Bride: You should start the planning process by talking to the bride. As a result, you have a list of her expectations of the bachelorette. Ask her about her non-negotiables and negotiables. Ask her about the guest list and the date and time convenient for her. 
  • Plan a Budget: Plan a budget based on the guidelines given by the bride. Discuss with your squad too about the budget. After all, they will also contribute to the bachelorette party. Moreover, everyone should be involved in the budget creation process and give their input. 
  • Look for vendors: Look for the perfect venue, decorations, food and drinks, bachelorette favours and theme. Once done, sit with the squad and plan this out. Try negotiating with the vendors to fit your budget. Book the vendors in advance after unanimous decisions. 
  • Prepare invites: Once the details are ready, prepare the invites. You could have the invites printed or prepare them yourselves to make them personalized. You should take confirmations in advance so that you can book everything accordingly. 
  • Check venue and decorations: Go and personally check the venue and the decorations a day or couple of days prior to the bachelorette party. That way any changes in the decor can be made. 
  • Transportation: Transportation should fit the whole bridal squad together. Don’t break the group into different vehicles. Instead, hire a bus or limousine to include everybody. 
  • Have customized favours: Have some cute customized bachelorette favours for everyone but include some extra gifts for the bride. Make her feel special. 


7 Tips to Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

A perfect bachelorette party requires a lot of your time and effort. Here we have a few tips to help you! Follow these tips to plan a perfect bachelorette party. 


  • Make it personal: The bachelorette should be personal for the bride and meet her expectations. 
  • Overscheduling is not good: Overscheduling tires everyone. On the other hand, a bachelorette party should be fun and energizing.
  • Prepare for contingencies: When planning for a party always prepare for contingencies. Do not use the whole budget. Keep some aside for contingencies. Always remember anything could come up at the last minute so you should not feel embarrassed for not having saved for it. 
  • Ask permission to post on social media: Always make sure to ask permission to post on social media and ensure the bride is comfortable sharing photos. Make sure to ask others too for permission to post their photos. 
  • Invites: Don’t worry about invites. Make sure to first allocate funds for everything else and contingencies. A simple email invite also works.
  • Decoration supplies: Decorating the venue of the party adds a unique vibe to the place. You can use whatever supplies are available to you and your squad and decorate yourself. That way you can allocate the decoration funds towards something else. 
  • Food and drinks: Serve more starters and less main course. Keep lots of dessert options. Also, have a variety of drink options. You also have non-alcoholic drinks in case anyone from the squad does not drink alcohol. 


Guest List and Invitations

Guest List and Invitations

The guest list should be ready in advance upon confirming with the bride. The Bachelorette party does not just include the maid of honour and the bridesmaids. That leaves the guest list wide open. You should make sure to add everyone close to the bride on the guest list. You do not want to miss out on people important to the bride. Also do not add people who would make the bride uncomfortable. Invites are the last thing to consider while allocating budgets. You can just send an email to the guests. 


Ideas and Inspiration

You should make the bachelorette party as unique as possible. You can have a number of activities planned for the bride. The activities could include a spa day out, a simple hike or beach activities. If you want to have a weekend trip, you can have some time out to chill by the pool. Make a schedule of the activities planned and confirm the bride. That way she will be well prepared. Decide on the activities unanimously so that everyone feels included. If the party will be at a rented house or Airbnb, make sure the decorations suit the theme. Also, take prior permission for alcohol consumption and comply with the house rules. There are various Airbnbs offering adventurous experiences. If it is something you have time for, try that out as well!


Games and Entertainment

The Bachelorette party is for a bride, but be sure to include the groom too. You can collect a small video from the groom and play it for the bride. It will make her day. Have party games to get to know each other well. You can include games like Pictionary, Psych, Mafia and much more. These games help us to know each other well. They increase communication. Be sure to not include controversial games that would disrupt the mood of the party. 


What to Wear

Confused about what to wear for the bachelorette party? We have a list curated for you!


  • A ruffled romper


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A ruffled romper is classy, elegant and comfortable. The cut-out waist adds to the look. The ruffle sleeves add a bit of drama to this otherwise plain romper. Complete the look with a ponytail or let your hair down. 


  • Backless jumpsuit


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A backless jumpsuit makes for a great outfit. It gives a dressed-up vibe. The hot pink colour adds a sense of brightness to the outfit. The cut-out waist is a great addition to the outfit. Style it with a high ponytail or a bun. 


  • Customized t-shirt


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Customized bride and bride squad t-shirts are a great way to celebrate the bachelorette. It also makes for great party favours and memories. Pair the t-shirt with jeans, formal pants or shorts. Complete the look with a messy bun or let your hair down. 


  • Matching PJs


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A great way to enjoy your bachelorette is in a PJ. Surprised? It is comfortable and perfect to have movie nights with the gang. You don’t have to worry about styling it. You can just tie your hair in a cute messy bun! Plus side to this is the whole gang is twinning! You can also customize the PJs with each person’s initials on their PJs. 



What Are Good Ideas For A Bachelorette Party?

A Bachelorette party should include activities that the bride likes. It could include a one-day or a weekend trip. If you are planning a weekend trip, chilling by the poolside should be on your schedule. You can also include a day spa trip or a hiking trip. Good sightseeing can also be a fun experience. You can also arrange for a bar-hoping evening. 


What Is Expected At A Bachelorette Party?

A Bachelorette party should have a great personalized day or weekend for the bride. The decorations can include pictures of the bride in a timeline. The timeline includes her as a baby until the day she got engaged. Great food and drinks are also expected at a bachelorette party. The food menu should include starters, Main course and of course desserts. You also have a cake for the bride to cut and celebrate her last few single days. 


What Should You Not Do At A Bachelorette Party?

The most basic thing to not do is let the bride pay. She is the guest of honour so she should not have to pay. Don’t bail at the last minute unless it is an emergency. The preparations are already done in advance so you should not bail at the last minute. That also spoils everyone’s mood. Don’t whine or complain about money. It spoils the environment at the party. Don’t drink too much. If you end up drinking too much, everyone has to take care of you. That spooks the whole bachelorette mood for you and everyone else as well. 


How Do You Coordinate A Bachelorette Trip? 

A bachelorette trip requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. You have to constantly plan and coordinate. It would be much easier to coordinate via a text chain. You can have 2 different text chains. One with the bride to inform her of the details. The second one includes everyone without the bride. The second group is the main group for you to plan the trip. That way, the bride receives only the important information and is not spammed with messages. 


Who Pays For What At A Bachelorette Party?

The expenses of the bachelorette party are borne by the Maid of honour, bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party. The bride is the only one who does not have to pay. This is a party arranged for the bride so it is unfair for her to pay. 


In Conclusion

A bachelorette is the most fun pre-wedding party. It has the closest people to the bride to get her all pumped for the wedding and married life! It is the most anticipated event by most brides as is the most stress-free part of the pre-wedding festivities. 

So, are you ready to host the perfect bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments what part of the party you are the most excited about and why!

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