What is a Wedding Concierge and Why Should You Hire One?

What is a Wedding Concierge and Why Should You Hire One?

Can you imagine, as soon as you’re about to say “I do”, the lights go off? Soon the whole wedding hall fills with worried faces. You’re unsure of what went wrong. Just imagining this is making you wince. You don’t want such a tragedy to happen at your wedding. You can be sure of that when you hire a wedding concierge. 

A wedding concierge or a planner is a professional who provides event-related services. Weddings need to be perfect in every sense. From the little details of flowers and plates to the bigger ones of decorations, all of it has to be charming. 

This article discusses what does a wedding concierge do and why you should hire them for your wedding.  


What Does A Wedding Concierge Do?

A wedding planner or wedding concierge is an event planner who helps you with your wedding. These planners assist you through many stages of your wedding. A wedding planner and their team help you find wedding locations, food services, musicians or DJs, and florists. 

Many concierges include only limited services, whereas a lot of them help you out with almost everything you would need at your wedding. They make sure that weddings go smoothly. In case there is some trouble, they tend to those matters and resolve everything. 


What wedding planners offer:

  • Location scouting 
  • Choosing vendors 
  • Photoshoots
  • Keeping a record of wedding guests 
  • Keeping a backup plan 
  • Arranging electronic services 
  • Assisting both the bride and groom


Many people choose to have a destination wedding these days, hiring a wedding planner for such weddings is a smart choice. Since you do not want to worry that you’ll find so many people at a different location, they will do that for you. Wedding planners charge a small fee depending on the service you opted for.  


5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Concierge 

There is so much to do: too many people to call, too many arrangements to make, too many proposals to look at…the list is endless. Handling all these things by yourself can be exhausting. 

You may forget to call a close relative or a high school friend. You may end up choosing the wrong florist. To save you from having to go through all these troubles, you should hire a wedding concierge. They are industry experts and they will help you: 


  • Stay in the budget: Couples have a set wedding budget in their minds. No one wants to spend more than what they had decided on earlier. A wedding concierge will help the couple stay within that budget. 

  • Connect with others: Concierges can connect you with vendors, hairstylists, makeup artists, caterers, and designers. Your concierge can help you communicate with the best vendors and designers. 

  • Have new ideas: You have scrolled through hundreds of Instagram posts and nothing catches your eye. This is where a wedding concierge will assist you. Since they have industry knowledge, they know what is trending. They will give you the best ideas to decorate your wedding venue. 

  • Take the load off: You are getting married, but that doesn’t mean you can take a six-month leave from your job and other important commitments. You have a lot of pressure on you. Because of this, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. Your concierge will take all these worries off your head. 

  • Be stress-free on the wedding day: On the final day, as you are busy getting married, they’ll be busy making sure that you get married without a fuss. They will attend to all the important arrangements on the wedding day. 



What Is A Venue Concierge?

Venue concierges help in different kinds of events. Many people hire a venue concierge to decide on a location for their wedding or for a corporate event. They look for the locations based on your guest list and other needs. According to your specifications, they tell you about the venue location. 


Is It Really Helpful To Hire A Wedding Planner For A Wedding?

A wedding planner or a wedding concierge makes sure that everything happens the way you want it to on your wedding day. They help you out with flower arrangements, choosing a wedding theme, and bounce off ideas. They also keep in mind your budget for the wedding and plan everything accordingly. 


How Far In Advance Should You Hire A Wedding Planner?

If you haven’t decided on anything, then you should hire a wedding planner at least six months before your wedding. However, if you are sure about the location, theme, menu, and other things, then you can hire a planner two-three months before the wedding. 


Are Wedding Planners Expensive?

Depending on the packages that wedding planners have, they can cost differently. The average charge of a wedding concierge varies between $1,800 to $4,000


Do Wedding Planners Decorate?

Wedding planners give you the contacts for decorators. They communicate with such people regularly. So, wedding planners can help you find the best decorators that are under your budget. 


In Conclusion

Your wedding should be the one that has it all. You can’t have the best food services and shy away from choosing good music. When you choose to have everything, people remember it.

Weddings are a frenzy, to say the least. The new chapter of your life brings a lot of excitement. The beginning of this chapter of your life deserves to be flawless. It should be a memory that you always cherish. 

You’ll be able to do that when you have wedding planners by your side. Wedding planners are with you through every stage. They offer a range of services to you that make your wedding a magnificent event. 

Having to do everything by yourself will stress you out. The stress is not needed and it is completely unnecessary when you have a planner beside you to guide you through everything. They are there to handle even the changes that happen at the last minute. 

Hiring a wedding concierge means you are assured that nothing will go wrong at your wedding.   

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