Vintage Boho Dress: Ideas and Inspiration

Vintage Boho Dress: Ideas and Inspiration

A vintage boho dress is a dress that is fashionable wear. These types of dresses are made in an eco-friendly way. There are many brands that create vintage boho looks that help the environment and also give freedom to people. Freedom here means to wear what people want and to wear it in the way they want to. 

In this article, we have included some websites where you can find amazing and affordable boho dresses. 


What Is A Vintage Boho Dress? 

Boho is short for bohemian and a vintage boho dress is a bohemian dress. Such dresses were popular around the 60s and 70s. The inspiration behind these dresses is the lifestyle of hippies and free spirits. 

A bohemian is a person who doesn’t follow societal rules and regulations. They like to live life on their own terms and in an informal manner. 

Such people dress the same way as their personalities. It means that they don’t conform to mainstream fashion trends. They dress in an eccentric fashion, just like their lifestyle choices. 

This style of dressing is also known as boho chic or boho fashion. A vintage boho dress has a flowy and unstructured silhouette. They are also characterized by eye-catching prints, junk jewellery, open-toed sandals and oversized sunglasses. 

Here are some elements of a boho dress. 

  • Add some layers: The boho dresses are worn by hippies and gipsies. They dress up by putting together everything that they own. This way they don’t match the outfits, but they do add some layers onto them. 


  • Natural dress choices: These dresses are natural, meaning that they’re eco-friendly. People who wear boho dresses opt for fabrics and garments that don’t harm the environment. If you’re wearing a boho dress, you should opt for wool, and plant fibres like hemp, cotton, jute, or bamboo. 


  • Pick your jewellery: with these dresses, you should get some jewellery from local artisans. Don’t buy them from big brands, rather get some handmade jewellery from small stores in your town. 


  • Add quirky ornaments: A boho dress is incomplete without some quirky embellishments. People carry bags, feathers, lucky charms, or shawls with this type of attire. You can also get some accessories with embroidery on them. 


The Best Vintage Boho Dress Of All Times 

Here’s a list of the best boho dresses of all time. 

  • Printed skirt with top:


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You can get a cami top or a top with puffed sleeves. With the top, you can wear a printed skirt. Opt for a white coloured top and a blue coloured skirt. 


  • Classic white dress:


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A classic white dress won’t be the wrong choice. You can wear the dress for a casual outing. Wear a hat and get some boots to complete the look. 


  • Midi dress:

This is a modern boho look. This dress is lovable and comfortable to wear on a summer day. You can style the dress with a few accessories on your hands. Opt for small handbags and open-toed slippers. 



Best Sites to Buy a Vintage Boho Dress 

A vintage boho dress isn’t expensive because most of these dresses are manufactured locally. There are many sites where you can buy a dress for yourself. They are stylish, classy, as well as comfortable. Do make sure that you also buy your jewellery and accessories to match up with the dress. 

Pick out those dresses that are easy to wear and don’t sacrifice the sustainability of the product. 

  • Amazon: On Amazon, you can buy everything, from a skirt to a mini dress to a gown. You can find them in different colours and patterns and can select the dresses under a price range that suits you. You would find that many of them are under $50. 


  • Wolven: On Wolven, you can find dresses that cost around $50 to $110. The website sells swimwear, casual wear, and loungewear for both men and women. This boho brand also supports veganism as many of its outfits are vegan and environmentally friendly. 


  • Outerknown: Outerknown is a brand that offers both men and women boho-chic outfits. These outfits can be worn daily or for an occasion of a party. The brand values organic clothing, fair trade and recycling. Most of their dresses fit under the price range of $50 to $160. 


  • Reformation: Reformation has a collection of fashionable boho dresses and accessories for women. You can buy vintage boho dresses on Reformation under the price range of $10 to $160. The designs of this clothing brand celebrate the free spirit and femininity. 


  • Amour Vert: On Amour Vert, you can find everything that is considered to be the bohemian fashion. The brand offers shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories, and boho dresses. The brand creates eco-friendly and sustainable clothes for women. Their outfits may cost around $60 to $460. 




What Is Boho Vintage?

A boho vintage dress includes dresses that were inspired by the looks of hippies from the 60s and the 70s. The whole boho style includes many layers to it. There are various types of patterns in these dresses. 

These looks are incomplete without handbags, lucky charms, and jewellery items. The boho vintage dresses include trousers, pants, skirts, gowns, and more. 


What Style Of Dress Is Boho?

A boho style dress is flowy, easy, and comfortable. These dresses may include long skirts, short skirts, or long flowy gowns. People also stylize boho skirts with easy-going blouses and cardigans. 

The whole look of a boho outfit is layered and colourful. People accessorize the dress with bags, local and handmade jewellery and some good luck charms. 


How Do You Dress Boho In Your 50s?

There are some style tips you’ll need to wear a boho dress in your 50s. 

Go in a long shirt and trousers. The long shirt will be comfortable wear and the trousers will pair up nicely with the shirt. You can also go in a baggy shirt and wear jewellery with it. If you don’t like trousers, then you can always wear a skirt. 

You can also wear a gown, just make sure that it’s breathable. There’s a style where you can add a cardigan to your gown. 


What Look Is Boho?

The boho look is often unconventional and artistic. The boho look is a combination of many unique patterns and different colours. Boho dresses are relaxed but at the same time, they’re bold, too. 

The boho look is inspired by the looks of travellers and gipsies. Boho dresses aspire to give freedom to people by not following unnecessary rules of society. 


What Is The Difference Between Vintage And Boho?

For some people, boho is just a specific style of vintage boho dress. The modern boho dresses have many colours and textures on them. These dresses have a more flowery look. 

The vintage dresses, on the other hand, have more of an old school look. Vintage clothing also includes trousers, pants, and overalls. 


Can You Mix Boho With Vintage?

Boho and vintage can be mixed together. To mix a boho and vintage dress with each other, you can opt for different clothing apparel. For instance, you can opt for a baggy blouse and style it with a long skirt. 

You can also wear a flowery long gown and wear an old cardigan over it. 


In Conclusion

The vintage boho look is both old school and modern. The look is such that it enjoys freedom and happiness. 

People of all ages can wear boho dresses, they just have to find their style. You can opt for gowns or skirts, and you should also wear some sunglasses and hats with your outfit. 

Most importantly, wear a boho dress that is beautiful and sustainable

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