Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dress

The slate blue bridesmaid dresses are soon becoming a popular choice for weddings. The colour is bound to balance your wedding while also not upstaging the bride due to its muted nature.

This colour is also very flattering to most skin tones. From Jennifer Anniston’s gorgeous slate blue cocktail dress to Vanessa Hudgens’s comfy maxi dress. You will find that your bridesmaids are bound to look their best.

This colour is also a neutral colour and thus it matches with a lot of different colours. It especially goes well with whites and creams thus making it the perfect wedding colour. It will balance the bride’s dress in the best way. 

You can find this dress in various styles. From the more popular chiffon maxi dress to a satin one-shoulder midi dress. The dress can is also available with a high-low effect. Or even with a stunning empire waist and elastic waistband with delicate tying details.

There are also many affordable online boutiques where you can shop for great dresses between $30 to $150. There are a few plus-size options for you as well.

Overall, we will be discussing the different styles you can find this gorgeous dress in. You can get yourself an affordable stunning dress. You will also find great options for plus-size women as well as pregnant and nursing women. 

After that, you can also learn what colours complement this dress and how you can accessorise it. There is much to be understood about this seemingly neutral colour. 


Why Are Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Trending?  

Slate blue is a great colour for a bridesmaid dress. It is a muted blue colour that you get by mixing grey and blue. Blue is a super colour for a wedding. It is classic and works into almost every wedding theme and season.

This colour is usually a soft summer or autumn colour. Also, it will give your wedding a nice mellow look that will balance the rest of the pomp and circumstance. 

There is no end to the options available to you with this slate blue bridesmaid dress. It is a flattering colour and works perfectly to bring serenity to your wedding. 

This colour is a balancing tone that can give you and your wedding a cooler and harmonious vibe. This colour also matches well with almost all colours as it is a neutral shade and hence it blends with other colours well.

In addition to that, this dress is also great for accessories since it pairs well with other colours. You can accessorise your outfit with other neutral colours. For instance, pastels or blush pink and brown are great colours to add to your heels, jewellery and belts.

Besides that, there are so many styles to choose from with this dress that you are sure to have a surplus of options. But don’t worry you can experiment with all of them and see what works best for you and your bridal party.

You can find some gorgeous sets of dresses where the same material dress is worn in different styles. Apart from that, you could also go for a satin wrap dress or a maxi ruffle dress with a crossover wrap. 

Due to the nature of the popularly chosen flowy dress, this outfit is a great option for pregnant women. You can also find dresses here that are nursing-friendly.


4 Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses  

If you’re looking for some incredible slate blue bridesmaid dresses, then this is the list for you. These dresses come in a variety of styles and options. For instance, there are cowl necks and sparkly gowns as well as some gorgeous duo sets.


  • Sparkle Chiffon Dress


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If you’re looking for an elegant but glamorous bridesmaid dress, then this chiffon dress is for you. It has sparkly embroidery and beads on the neckline and belt. It also features a zip at the back with buttons. 

  • Cowl Back Charmeuse Dress


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Up next is a lovely charmeuse dress that features not just a plunging cowl back but also a higher cowl neckline. Besides that, the dress also features a beautiful pleated skirt in the front.

  • Blue Lace and Chiffon Combo Set


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This dress duo is a gorgeous combo of lace and chiffon. The bodice can be designed as an off-shoulder or long-sleeve lace design. The skirts are made of flowy chiffon material. Besides that, you can also choose to wear a thin sparkly belt or sash to add some flavour.



  • Ruffle and Cowl Midi Duo


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Last on the list is this Mumu duo set. One of the dresses is a convenient mock wrap dress. The ruffles and fit flatter your figure and also cinches at the waist with elastic and a sash. The next dress is a cowl neck dress. It features adjustable straps and also a criss-cross back for a stylish finish.


5 Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves  

This next group of dresses are perfect if you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses with sleeves. Check out these 4 slate blue bridesmaid dresses with different sleeve lengths.


  • Venice Lace Maxi Dress 


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First up is this lovely lace maxi dress. This dress is perfect for a romantic look. It has a deep V-back with a tie-up feature. Besides that, you can also have a cross-over neckline.

  • Smocked Maxi Dress


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Up next is this gorgeous smocked maxi dress. It features a floral print chiffon material with an elastic waist. The dress also has a V-neckline that is flattering.

  • V-neck Ruffle Dress


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This gorgeous ruffle dress is the perfect blend of beauty and simplicity. It features a V-neckline as well as a V-back. It has an elastic waistband with a sash around it and a gorgeous chiffon material that flows about in a dreamy manner. In addition to that, it has an inner lining and is also accommodating to bumps are well as nursing mothers.

  • Whimsical Half-sleeve Ruffle Dress


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Next, we have a romantic and timeless dress. It is a delicate knee-length, fit-and-flare style dress that has a lovely lace design throughout. The dress is also light and airy.

  • Blue Tulle White Belt and Cuff Dress


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Last up is this beautiful and simple blue tulle dress. The dress features a chiffon bodice and sleeves with a tulle skirt. In addition to that, it also has a white lace belt and cuffs attached.


5 Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Satin  

If you’re a fan of satin dresses, then here are some gorgeous options for you. They are all satin materials and come in different styles and patterns.


  • Prague Satin Maxi Dress


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Starting with this stunning satin dress. This dress has a gorgeous satin material and a deep V-neckline. It also features romantic short sleeves and a stunning side slit. Besides that, the dress is completely lined and also accommodates a pregnancy bump.

  • Tight Fit Long Sleeve Mini Dress


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This next dress is an attractive button-down dress. It is long-sleeved and features a V-neck. In addition to that, you can also wrap it or tie it around using the special feature.

  • Long Wrap Dress


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Here is a lovely satin silk dress. It is a long-wrap dress that has a high-low feature. The dress is a simple short sleeve outfit and you can also wear it with heels or platforms.

  • Magical One-shoulder Maxi Dress


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Here is a romantic one-shoulder satin dress. It has a pleated skirt and a fitted waist. The dress is a midi dress and also has a high-low effect.

  • Slate Balloon Sleeve Pleated Dress


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Last up is this unique slate blue dress. It features balloon pleated sleeves and a tight-fit bodice. It also has a pleated skirt that tapers towards the middle.


5 Slate Blue Dress Short  

If you’re looking for some great short and chic dresses, then these 5 slate blue dresses are perfect for you. You can find some great styles like smocked dresses or cute ruffles as well as casual T-shirt dresses.


  • Cute Smocked Dress


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Here is a gorgeous smocked dress. You can wear the sleeves off or on the shoulder. The edges have a delicate ruffle trim, thus giving you an elegant look. Besides that, the dress is tight-fit and also has a chiffon string that you can tie in the centre.  

  • Ruffle Vacation Mini Dress


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This next dress is a fun beach vacation dress. It features diagonal ruffles along the front and pleats at the back. In addition to that, the dress is also a halter neck tie-up.

  • Belted T-shirt Dress


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If you’re looking for an everyday outfit, then this belted dress is both comfortable and stylish. You can also wear some cute sandals or platform heels to the look.

  • Blue Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Dress


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This next dress is a pretty blue dress that you can wear for practically anything. It features a tier of ruffles along the dress as well as a ruffle trim for sleeves. Besides that, you can also accessorise with a long beaded necklace and a bracelet.

  • Ruffle Trim Midi Slate Dress


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Here is a pretty ruffle-trim dress. It gives you all kinds of summer vibes. The dress features a 2 tiered ruffle skirt with sleeveless ruffle trim. The dress also has an elastic waistband and a button-up neckline. Besides that, you can pair it with a big floppy hat.


3 Slate Blue Dresses With Sleeves  

If you’re looking out for some casual dresses, then here are some slate blue dresses with sleeves. These dresses are comfy and look great. You can find knitwear and wrap dresses too.


  • Thin Knitwear Dress


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If you’re looking for a dress that is all kinds of comfortable, then this dress is for you. The dress is a knitwear dress that has long sleeves and a sash belt. In addition to that, the cuffs also have a unique look to it as well.

  • Cozy Mini Dress with Pockets


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Up next is this cozy blue dress. It is long-sleeved and a mini dress. It seems perfect for a cool evening stroll. Besides that, the dress also has pockets.

  • Soft Chiffon Maxi Dress


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Here is a gorgeous soft chiffon material dress. It is fully lined and also has a crossover wrap. Besides that, it is a long-sleeved maxi dress with a sash around the waist.


3 Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Plus Size  

If you’ve been having trouble finding a gorgeous and comfortable bridesmaid dress, then you can check out these 3 dress sets. They all have plus-size options.


  • Ruffle Maxi Dress


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First up is this spectacular boho-style dress. It is a full maxi-length dress with ruffle and crochet panels. The dress also features smocked cuffs. The dress has an elastic waistband as well as a V-neckline and back. Besides that, the dress is available in plus sizes as well as maternity sizes.

  • Convertible Tulle Slate Dress


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If you’re in the market for a stylish and versatile dress, then this might be the dress for you. This dress is a  convertible tulle dress as it has adjustable and movable shoulder straps. You can make each dress unique by twisting and shaping the straps. Moreover, it also allows each bridesmaid to look different. Thus giving the bridesmaids a similar yet special look of their own. 

  • Flowy Maxi Dress Set


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This set of dresses is perfect for you. It comes in a simple maxi style with a V-neck or a tube neck. It is also available as a ruffled maxi or midi dress. Besides that, all these dresses are available in the plus-size range.


4 Affordable Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses  

Most high-fashion boutiques charge sky-high prices for their outfits. If you’re looking for stunning but affordable bridesmaid dresses then this list is for you.


  • Chiffon Slate Set


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These dresses are available in 3 styles: A simple strappy crossover wrap dress with a V-neck, a convertible shoulder strap dress with a slit, and a convertible off-shoulder cover flap dress. Each style is also a full-length maxi dress. Besides that, you can get these dresses for $99 at Birdy Grey.

  • Ruffled Maxi Blue Dress


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This next dress is a lovely ruffled maxi dress. It has a plunging V-neckline and matching back as well as ruffled-short sleeves. The dress also has an empire waist with a tie-up at the front and back. The skirt has a stunning front slit. Besides that, you can buy this dress at Lulu’s for $79.

  • Summer Beauty Dress


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Here is an attractive body-hugging midi dress. It showcases your hourglass figure and has thin straps. The material is a ribbed and stretchy material and the dress also has a back slit. Besides that, you can buy this dress for only $29 at Gina’s Boutique.

  • Off-Shoulder Tight Fit Midi


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Last up is this stunning Tiffany Midi Dress. It features an off-the-shoulder look with a back zip. This dress is a ruched midi dress that flatters your figure and also enhances your curves. Besides that, you can get this dress at Gina’s Boutique for $54.99.



Can Wedding Guest Wear Same Color As Bridesmaids?

Ideally, you should try not to wear the same colour as the bridal party. It is better if they stand out from the rest of the guests. For instance, if the bridesmaids are wearing slate blue bridesmaid dresses, then you can go for a pink or a caramel brown. However, in case you’re concerned about wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids, then you can also contact the couple or a bridal party member and enquire.


Which Colour Is Best For Night Wedding?

For night weddings you can opt for an ice blue dress or a blush pink. You can also go for pastels like pink and red. Also, a burgundy or gold-coloured outfit may be a great choice for you. You can also do a deep blue with silver accents or a white dress with a silver outer layer.


Can I Wear Royal Blue To A Wedding?

From the name itself you already know you should keep away from the colour. Royal blue is a colour that sticks out and gives you a regal look. Wearing this colour may also appear as upstaging the bride and groom. Instead, you can stick to more neutral or muted colours like slate blue or dusky pink.

Royal Blue is a rich and impressive colour. It is more often associated with power and royalty. This vibrant colour radiates extravagance and splendour. 

The term royal blue first originated from winning a competition to make Queen Charlotte the best dress. This colour was appreciated by her for a long time and thus got its association with royalty. However, the shade of blue used to be much lighter than the one we associate the name with.


Should The Mother Of The Groom Wear The Same Color As The Bridesmaids?

The only colours the mother of the groom should stay away from are the colours the bride is wearing or shades of that colour. The mother can wear and is usually encouraged to match the colours of the bridal party.

However, if she wishes to not wear the same thing then she can also wear shades like navy blue, purple or burgundy.


What Color Does The Bride Wear To The Rehearsal Dinner?

The bride can wear a white dress to the rehearsal dinner. You can get a light and romantic dress for the evening. However, there is no rule that says you must wear white. Though most choose to do so, there are many cultures that wear other colours like light blue or pink. Instead of sticking to the typical dresses, you can also choose to go with bright colours or bold prints.

A wedding rehearsal dinner is a dinner that is held a day or a few days before the wedding. Its purpose is for the couple to meet and greet their guests in a more relaxed setting as well as allow the guests to present them gifts that they can wear or use on their wedding day. It also serves the purpose of rehearsing a bigger or grander wedding so that there aren’t any problems on the main day. 


In Conclusion

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are a great idea for your bridal party. Not only will the colour not upstage the bride, but it also lends an elegant look to the wedding.

This colour is a dark bluish-grey colour. You can get this colour by mixing light grey and muted blue shades like periwinkle. Therefore, this colour is also perfect for soft autumn or summer weather.

While accessorising this colour, you can stick to colours like cream, blush pink or caramel brown. For instance, you can wear cream heels or blush pink jewellery. You can also go for a caramel belt.

There are many styles you can wear this dress in. This dress is mostly worn in a flowy style for bridesmaid dresses. In addition to that, you can also wear a fitted dress. You can find many casual dresses in this colour as well. 

There are different lengths available as well. One great style for this colour is the high-low style or the elastic waistband with tying details. This colour also looks great with ruffles too.

There are various dresses available at affordable prices. For instance, you can check out Lulu’s, Birdy Grey or even Gina’s Boutique. These dresses’ price comes between $30 and $150. 

Besides that, there are many dresses that are available in a large range of sizes. You can check out places like Baltic Born Clothing, Shop Revelry and also Mumu’s Wedding for some great options. 

In addition to that, you can also find fabulous dresses that are pregnancy bump friendly as well as nursing friendly at Baltic Born Clothing.

What slate blue bridesmaid dress is your favourite? What is your craziest outfit-related wedding story? Let us know in the comments section below.

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

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