Lilac Prom Dress and Gown Ideas

Lilac Prom Dress and Gown Ideas

One of the most iconic Lilac dresses has to be Anna’s dress in the cult classic Freaky Friday. Many different celebrities have donned the Lilac outfit. For instance, Lorde at the 2017 MTV awards, Jessica Chastain at this year’s Oscars and even the elegant Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. And now it’s time to make it your Lilac Prom dress.

The Lilac colour represents youthfulness and stillness. It is one of the most graceful colours, named after the small and dainty Lilac flower that happens to be the same colour. It is supposed to be associated with being open-minded and social. So it seems like the perfect colour to wear to an event like Prom.

In relation to your Prom outfit, you can style the dress with all kinds of different accessories. Try silver jewellery with a blush clutch and heels of your choice to get the perfect look.

In this article, we’re going to go over all the different types of Lilac Prom dresses that you can choose from. They could be a full-length ball gown or a tight-fitting mini. In other words, you get to decide what style works best for you from the list we have prepared for you.


What Is a Lilac Prom Dress? 

After spending the entire year studying, Prom is a welcome change. To a lot of people, Prom is a huge deal. Guys and girls get to dress up at their finest. You can get your hair and make-up done to perfection. Pick out the perfect shoes and accessories to match. Spritz on some perfume and you’re ready to set out.

Getting ready is one of the best parts of Prom. It is exciting to go shopping for that perfect outfit to blow everyone away. Before you decide on anything else you should have a basic idea of what you want in a dress. The simple way to get the ball rolling is to start with what colour you’d like your dress to be.

One of the more flattering colours for most skin complexions is purple. Of these, there are so many vivid shades to choose from. You can go for a plum or jam shade. You can choose a grape or mauve hue. However, the Lilac shade is quite a popular choice for Prom dresses. Just by looking at the colour, you can feel a sense of calm wash over you. It is considered to be a colour that soothes you and helps in communicating your emotions. Therefore this colour is a great choice for Prom. 


5 Best Lilac Prom Dress Ideas  

Struggling to find the perfect Lilac style dress? Here are some of the best Lilac Prom Dress ideas.


  • Simple Lilac V-Neck Tulle Prom Dress


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This sparkly dress will make you look heavenly. The Tulle skirt appears as if it’s flowing out of the bodice. Thus it gives you the appearance of an angel. You can add some jewellery to finish the look.


  • Dreamy Lilac Prom Dress


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This dreamy corset-style dress is a perfect choice for you. It has gorgeous detailing all across the upper body and a one-shoulder tulle fabric that completes the fairy look. Pair it with some gorgeous high heels.


  • Lilac Satin Prom Dress with High Slit


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If you are going for a simple but fashionable look, then you can choose this outfit. It has a gorgeous Lilac satin material that will go well with some hoop earrings. Since it has a nice high slit, you can show off your gorgeous heels.


  • Chic High-Low Lilac Prom Dress


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This super fashionable outfit is sure to be the dress of the night. It also features a strapless satin material with a Tinker-Bell style neckline. Also, you can wear stilettos and a gorgeous necklace.


  • Lilac Mermaid Sparkle Dress


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This gorgeous mermaid-style dress can look perfect on you. Not only does it have a stunning fit but the gorgeous V-shaped back makes all the difference. You can also add some lovely accessories to the look.


5 Lilac Sequin Prom Dress Ideas  

Do you enjoy a lot of sparkles and sequins? Then these dresses are the look for you. Check out these 5 sequin Prom dresses.


  • Strapless Sequin Prom Dress with Slit


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This sparkly dress is a great choice for you. It has a nice leg slit and the dress flows down beautifully and cascades at the bottom. You can choose to wear heels and a lot of accessories.


  • Lilac Moti Sequin and Cutdana Gown


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If you would like a slight Indian touch to your gown, then you can go for this piece. With a gorgeous Lilac hue, this dress is a must-have for any event. You can then pair it with some ethnic earrings and bangles.


  • One sleeve Sequined Cocktail Dress


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This mini dress is perfect for all your sequined needs. If the look you’re going for is chic then you can choose this mini dress. Get some matching accessories and stunning heels and it is bound to make you shine.


  • Lilac one-shoulder Gown with Slit


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If you’re a fan of sequin detail, then this dress can make for a stunning option. It is an off-shoulder piece that will really make you look superb when you put it on. It also has a slit for you to showcase your heels. And remember to accessorize.


  • Stunning Sparkly High-Slit Prom Dress


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If you’re going for a red carpet look, then this look can have you looking better than Hollywood stars. It is a gorgeous sparkly long gown that will also go well with a pair of stilettos.


Top 6 Lilac Prom Dress Long  

Here are some great options for long Prom dresses.


  • Lilac Sequined Prom Long Gown


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Here is a gorgeous sequin gown for you to pick from. It has a stylish cross-back that will have you looking like a star. Remember to accessorise with jewellery.


  • Backless Sparkle Pattern Dress


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If you like wearing holographic-style clothes, then this dress will work perfectly. The dress has a beautiful tie-up at the back. The material cascades elegantly to the floor. Wear your high heels and some pretty jewellery.


  • Lilac 2-piece Sequined Prom Dress


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Are you looking for a break from traditional Prom dresses? Here is a two-piece Lilac long gown. You can couple it with some silver accessories to match the silver detail on the piece.


  • Lilac with Multicoloured Embroidered Lace Dress


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If you adore detailing and embroidery on your outfits, then this piece is for you. Check out this strapless gown with butterflies and roses embroidered on it. It will look adorable on you and who doesn’t love Fairycore-inspired dresses? You can also dabble with some pretty hairstyles to get your perfect look.


  • Watercolour Effect Plunge Dress


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This is a gorgeous Lilac dress with hints of blue and white including other shades of purple. Thus it gives the dress the appearance of a watercolour painting. You can accessorize with a great necklace to balance out the plunging neckline. 


4 Best Lilac Prom Dress With Sleeves  

If you’re looking for your perfect Prom dress but really like sleeves, then you can choose any of these options.


  • Comfy Lilac Short-Sleeve Prom Dress


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This comfy short-sleeve dress has a simple but pretty look. It is a light dress that you can wear sustainably. Although it might be simple, you can add a lot of volume to it through accessories.


  • Lilac Fairy Half Sleeve Dinner Dress


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This fairy-themed dress is a really cute choice. The amazing floral detailing coupled with the gorgeous tulle material takes the dress to another level. You can choose to pin your hair up and accessorise it with floral items.


  • Lilac Short sleeve Midi with Floral Detail


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You can opt for this pretty Lilac midi dress. It will give you a delicate feminine look. Pair with heels and earrings to match.


  • Butterfly Dream Short Lilac Dress


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If you’re looking for a boho chic style then here is a short Lilac Prom dress with sleeves. It has ruffle trims and a beautiful bow at the back that will keep you looking very cute and dreamy. You can accessorise with butterfly-themed items to create the perfect look.


5 Lilac Prom Dress Tight  

Do you prefer clothes that accentuate your profile? Here are some tight Lilac Prom dresses for you to choose from.


  • Long Lilac Dress with White Lace Detail


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This gorgeous Lilac dress with white detail is a great option for you. It will look gorgeous on you. Try to pair it with a pair of gold sparkly heels and some other pretty accessories. 


  • Sleeveless Lilac Patterned Prom Dress


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If you’re looking for a stylish form-fitting dress with a pretty pattern, then this dress is a good choice for you. It is sleeveless and has a slit down the side. Put on some great earrings and a necklace for the best outfit.


  • Lilac Lace Prom Maxi Dress


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This is a gorgeous maxi dress for you. It has a really pretty lace detail throughout the dress and fits like a glove. Don’t forget to accessorise.


  • Satin Lilac Floor-length Prom Dress


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For a super elegant look, you can opt for this body-hugging piece. It looks great with a pretty necklace and earrings to match. You can even wear a shrug with it.


  • One-shoulder Satin Tight Gown


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This is a stunning look for Prom. It has a classy and stylish vibe that is sure to make you look gorgeous. Also, you can accessorise with some wristbands or bracelets for a slight lift to the outfit. 


6 Lilac Prom Dress Short  

If you prefer the minis to the maxis, then sift through some of these stunning short Prom dresses.


  • Side Cut-Out Puff Sleeves Dress


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If you’re going for a simple look, then this is the dress for you. It has stylish cut-out puff sleeves and a pretty print throughout the dress. Pile up on accessories to take the look to a different level.


  • Long sleeve Patterned Lilac Prom Dress


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This is a gorgeous sequin mini dress. It has a stunning backless component that pairs with the cut-outs at the waist. You can try out different accessories for the look you’re going for.


  • Lilac Philippa Off-Shoulder Prom Dress


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If you like flowing materials but also want a short dress, then this dress can be the one for you. It has a gorgeous cut. The off-shoulder look goes perfectly with the stylish sash flowing out at the side. Get busy with those accessories and some really funky heels. 


  • Lilac Pleated Tent Dress


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This is a perfect option for you if you don’t want something too tight. This pleated tent dress gives you the freedom to swish around as you please. Also, it has the most stylish long sleeves. Don’t forget to accessorize this one.


  • Strapless Lilac Mini Dress with Tulle Skirt


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If you want a ballerina-style Lilac Prom dress, then you should definitely keep this dress in mind. It has the most gorgeous fluffy skirt. Put on your silver heels and a few bracelets to give yourself the look you deserve.


  • Lilac Strapless Ruffle Trim Dress


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This is a simple bodycon dress with ruffle trims. It will look gorgeous on you. Remember to accessorise with fancy heels and some elegant jewellery.


4 Lilac Prom Dress Long Sleeve  

Here are some gorgeous Lilac Prom dresses with long sleeves.


  • Dreamy Lilac Printed Dress


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This dress is a really good option for you if you like full-length long sleeve dresses. It has a very dreamy vibe and will also look great with some stunning accessories.


  • High Neck A-line Sparkly Star Lace Long Gown


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If you’re looking to be seen as a star, then this is the perfect dress. It has gorgeous lace sleeves with the same material covering the pretty Lilac dress below. You can add a silver studded belt and tie your hair up for the best effect.


  • Floor-length Gown with long sleeves


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This is a gorgeous form-fitting Lilac dress with gorgeous mesh-like sleeves. The only thing that rivals the fishtail style of the dress is the cool fur at the button of the skirt. 


  • Split sleeve Ribbed Cotton Dress


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This is the perfect dress for winter. It has a split sleeve at the end that gives the dress a stylish look. It is made out of thick ribbed cotton which will keep you snug and comfortable.


5 Lilac Prom Dress Mermaid  

If mermaid dresses are your thing, then here are some stunning mermaid-style dresses for you to pick from.


  • Tulle Flare with Sequin Detail


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This is a gorgeous mermaid-style dress. It has a gorgeous tulle flare at the bottom that makes the dress seem magical. The sequin detail is stunning and will make you look beautiful. Remember to accessorise.


  • One-shoulder Mermaid Long Prom Dress


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This is a gorgeous satin dress that makes you look like a model. It also has a stunning fit and a gorgeous train. The one-shoulder look is only beat by the pretty triangle cut-out at the chest. 


  • Dreamy Lilac V-neck Dress


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Here is another fascinating mermaid-style dress. The silver and Lilac pairing will make you look precious. Don’t miss out on that gorgeous white tulle flare at the bottom.


  • Perfect Lilac Strapless Gown


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Here is a stunning Lilac Prom dress for you. The mermaid style will compliment your figure beautifully. It has really great detailing throughout the dress. You can add some earrings, a necklace and even a belt to cinch the waist and draw attention to your figure. 


  • Elegant Mermaid Lilac Prom Dress


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This mermaid-style Prom dress is a very simple one. It is an elegant sleeveless party dress with a gorgeous slit down the side. You can take this look to the next level through a lot of chunky accessories. 



What Colors Should You Not Wear To Prom?

Ideally, there aren’t any specific do’s and don’t regarding colours for Prom. However, you can stay away from any colours that wash out your skin tone. For instance, some colours you can stay away from are brown, gray or dull silver which may not do the best work for your skin. 


What Are You Not Allowed To Wear At Prom?

The regulations for Prom differ from school to school. Most schools give students a certain rule book or dress code to follow so that there is a certain amount of standard upheld. However, here as some basic tips to keep in mind when attending a Prom.

  • Formals: Prom is usually a semi-formal to a formal event. And so you should definitely stick to the approved attire. Neither jeans nor sweatpants should be worn to Prom. As well as flip-flops which are a huge Prom no-no. You should also stay away from tennis shoes or sneakers as much as you can.
  • Modesty: You must dress up with some decorum of modesty as the school dress code may still apply for most Proms. 


What Is The Best Colour For A Prom Dress?

You can choose any colour under the sun for a Prom dress. It should make you feel good and confident. But there are some colours that you can stay away from. Keep in mind that whatever colour you choose stays complimentary to your skin undertones. 

First of all, if you have warm undertones then you can go for colours that pop on your skin like peach, coral or gold. Neutral undertones look good with bright colours. if you have more of a cooler undertone then you can stick with shades of green, blue and purple. In particular, you can go for a Lilac Prom dress. Even black is a great colour for Prom as it looks good on nearly everyone and is slimming.


How Long Does It Take For A Prom Dress To Come In?

Depending on where you order your dress from, the piece could come in anywhere around 2-4 business days up to a month. Also, if you have certain customizations or material that isn’t in stock, then it could take even longer. The shipping time will differ from store to store.

Ideally, you should purchase your dress 3 months in advance. Thus allowing for any problems to be fixed in that window and you will be less stressed with last-minute shopping. Whether you choose to shop online or at the physical store, the best plan is to shop early.


What Colors Look Best On Brown Skin?

The best colours for brown skin are plum, olive green, deep blue and black. You can also stick to neutral colours to be on the safe side. However, you can go for colours like aqua blue or green, cream, plum, peach, golden and cherry red. Again, there is no hard and fast rule here so you can experiment as you please.


In Conclusion

There are many different colours to choose from when picking your Prom dress. First of all, you should keep in mind what colours go with your skin tone. Depending on whether you have warm, cool or neutral undertones, you can decide whether you should go for light, warm or bold colours. The Lilac Prom dress is an excellent option to keep in mind in your journey to finding the perfect dress. It has soothing tones and works great on a lot of skin tones. 

Next, when picking your Prom dress keep in mind the style of dress you think looks the best. Some people like mermaid style while some prefer a ball gown style. Experiment with all styles and find your favourite one.

Lastly, you can also play around with different accessories. Usually, the Lilac Prom dress has a calm, subdued colour. If you want to stand out and make a statement, then put some personality into the outfit. Next, try to dress yourself up with a whole bunch of jewellery. It can be layering necklaces or as simple as dangling earrings. You can buy yourself a bold clutch to pair with stunning heels. 

In brief, the Lilac Prom dress is a timeless outfit and you can make the most out of it depending on the style you choose. So choose something you really like and keep things sustainable.

What colour dress would you pick for your Prom? Which is your favourite Lilac Prom dress? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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