Copper Bridesmaid Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Copper Bridesmaid Dresses For 2022 and Beyond

Bridesmaid duties are always fun but looking for the right dress can get tiring! There are plenty of choices to make and often less time in hand. Should we go for something classy or glossy? Should we pick lace or the traditional chiffon? Finally, which colour would go well with the theme and vibe of the wedding? To be honest, Copper ain’t just an underrated metal but also a colour. You barely find people opting for Copper bridesmaid dresses and choosing to do so may help you kick things up a notch!

The colour copper symbolises the warmth and happy energy in a marriage. It is vibrant and versatile. Furthermore, it isn’t an ordinary option and looks beautiful on all skin complexions. The metallic shimmer on dresses is a key factor that makes bridesmaid dresses stand out. Especially satin and silk gowns or dresses have their own lustre and copper brings it out even more.

The lovely rust and copper shade comes with a wide range of undertones like brown, red and orange. Although a very autumn choice, this colour can be easily rocked every season. It is a good choice for winters as well. The shade is a very warm tone and hence the right choice.

The bohemian aesthetic and a very wooden – retro vibe would definitely alleviate these bridesmaid dresses. 

I distinctly remember checking a few wedding pictures on my explore feed not so long ago. It was a beach set-up and all the bridesmaids were wearing rustic knee-length satin dresses. The entire set-up and the eye-catching colour really made me go through all their pictures. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out on being unique and having an entire array of dresses to choose from. These copper bridesmaid dresses are available in almost all sizes, fabrics and types.


Why Are Copper Bridesmaid Dresses Trending? 

A few years ago, wearing anything but white or off-white would have been considered outrageous. Today, there are several brides going for a darker aesthetic. They’re now trying to make bold choices and go for varied themes. You wouldn’t want to step into a wedding with an already pre-conceived thought: ‘the bridesmaids may wear something light in shade.’  All of us want to be pleasantly surprised.

 Therefore, despite being a very out-of-the-blue choice, brides nowadays are loving these rich colours. Often ignored due to the mainstream choices like red, pink, and off-white, colours like brown, copper, rust, and burnt orange have carved their space. 

This wedding colour palette brings about a certain sense of earthiness and comfort. It makes the look effortlessly classy and graceful. You don’t need any extra add-ons or heavy make-up, the colour makes you look sophisticated and fancy enough. Usually, when you go for a blush pink outfit, you feel the need to apply blush or pink lipstick because the outfit colour isn’t that bold. This is not the case with an earthy palette like copper or brown. 

There is no doubt that this colour has become such a trend. Yes, you might be called out for an unusual choice but it’s absolutely worth it. Who doesn’t want to be both fancy and comfy! Also, it would reduce your pain of deciding a colour to go with the venue. Copper would look beautiful in any backdrop whatsoever.

Just imagine walking into a wedding wearing a long satin copper bridesmaid dress with a beautiful metallic sheen. It would complement your best friend’s wedding gown perfectly. Copper dresses also tend to go very well with white flowers. So, you have a shot at a good Instagram post with a bouquet of flowers if you decide to dress in copper.


4 Copper Bridesmaid Dresses 

These are some Copper coloured dresses that bridesmaids can wear on the day of the wedding. 


  • Copper Gown


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You may all go for a similar outfit. You could opt for a Copper coloured satin silk slip gown with slits. This gown with a cowl gown would look super elegant. You may either leave your hair down, curl the ends or just tie a messy bun. Minimal make-up and jewellery with the right set of heels would make the look spot-on.


  • Copper Wrap Dress


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You may also go for a copper wrap midi dress in satin with a belt along. This look paired with a simple white flower tiara/crown would look gorgeous. If you are opting for a bun, simple studs or earrings would really accentuate the look. Don’t commit the mistake of wearing flats with this, only go for heels!


  • Rust and Copper look


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You may also opt for a high-slit cami dress with a slightly rustic vibe to it. This would look absolutely gorgeous paired with minimal jewellery. The V-neck look would help you pair it with a simple pendant. This look with ruffled sleeves instead of spaghetti straps is also worth trying!


  • Off Shoulder


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This off-shoulder midi dress looks very fancy if you can pull it off with ease. Pair this with simple drop earrings and glass heels and voila! You have a look. The dress would look great with a high slit and even a belt if comfortable. 


3 Bronze Copper Bridesmaid Dresses 

Following are some beautiful Bronze Copper dresses that you may wear as a bridesmaid. 


  • Multi-way wrap


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This multi-way wrap maxi dress is bound to make you look ethereal. You may not find plenty of copper bridesmaid dresses like these. A messy bun, studs and a simple bracelet are all you need to complete the look. Pair it with a cream clutch to make them look even more authentic and perfect.


  • Flowy dress


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This flowy bronze copper dress with a deep V neckline is easy and fun to carry. Knee-length and sleeveless with a fitting waist, it has a beautiful summer look. Your hair would look beautiful any which way with this outfit. You will definitely find yourself twirling more than once at the wedding with this outfit on.


  • Bow Gown


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Bow gowns are usually very tacky and fluffy but this simple satin off-shoulder bow looks extremely graceful. Pairing it with a heavy neckpiece would definitely alleviate the look. A tiny pendant would still look gorgeous, nonetheless. Avoid earrings and pay more focus to just the neck and wrist. You can also wear a high bun or go for completely straightened hair. 


4 Satin Copper Bridesmaid Dresses 

Bridesmaid dresses look the best when in satin. So, here are some Copper Bridesmaid dresses you can choose from in satin


  • Ruched off-shoulder


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This Ruched off-shoulder thigh slit long dress is one bold satin look that you can try. Drop earrings especially white pearls are a must accessory with this look. You should definitely avoid going for the wrong neckpiece. Let this look remain simple yet sassy. Leave your hair open and go heavy on eye make-up.


  • Backless Cami Dress


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Since we are talking about bold Copper Bridesmaid Dresses, this one is not-to-miss. You can opt for a Ruched long Cami dress which is completely backless and also has a plunging neckline. You could opt for either going with slits or not. Pair this outfit with simple pearl studs and a cute clutch. 


  • Satin wrap gown


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You can also opt for this very simple wrap gown. It has a thigh slit which looks very elegant. You should only wear heels with this look and stay low on neck jewellery. Rely on a good pair of earrings and a gorgeous hair-do.


  • Midi dress


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You could even opt for a comfortable midi dress with a high neckline. This wouldn’t even look bad with white sneakers. Although, you might want to wear strappy sandals since it’s a wedding. Leave your hair down and wavy. Don’t forget to accessorise the look with simple earrings.


4 Copper Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

Many women like wearing dresses with sleeves. If you like this too, then you may pick one of these dresses. 


  • Velvet Wrap Dress


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This velvet wrap dress with sleeves is super cute. This comfortable outfit would even look pretty with flats or strapped sandals. Drop earrings, as well as pearl studs, would make this look even cuter. This Copper Bridesmaid dress makes for a perfect winter wedding. 


  • Lantern Sleeves


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This backless look with lantern sleeves and a sweetheart neckline is a proper no-effort outfit. Just a little make-up and a simple hairdo are enough to uplift the aura of this outfit. The sleeves are definitely the main talking point of this dress. The fitting waist could also have a bow belt if needed. This look has a very princessy vibe to it. 


  • High neck dress


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If you are looking for a more bodycon-based outfit, this look is for you. This Ruched high neck dress with slits on both sides and full sleeves is a perfect winter outfit. You could pair it with pearl studs or drops of your choice. Any hair-do would look amazing with this outfit on.  Don’t forget to put some strappy heels on.


  • Tie front midi


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This tie-front midi with side cuts on the waist and flowy sleeves is your perfect autumn outfit. This copper bridesmaid dress is simple and very easy to wear. Let your hair flow down just like these sleeves. You could even half clutch your hair with flower clips. Nude heels and a rusty-coloured bracelet would be a nice add-on.


4 Copper Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Listed down below are some copper gold bridesmaid dresses that you and other bridesmaids can wear. 


  • Strapless midi dress


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This copper gold strapless midi looks sharp, pretty and classy. This look needs no accessories as such. It looks pretty as it is with that metallic shimmer sparkling through. Pair it with heels and you are good to go. 


  • Cowl neck


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Cowl neck is among the most popular bridesmaid dress necklines. You can never go wrong with it and a midi dress makes it even more comfortable. A messy bun and wavy hair look equally good with this outfit. A simple chain and earrings would also look pretty with your look. 


  • Wrap dress


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This wrap dress is gorgeous. The thigh slit on one side and the flowy design of the dress make it look even prettier. Avoid any jewellery altogether and keep your look as simple as possible.  Put on some light make-up and go for light curls, Go for a dark shade of lipstick to complete your look. 


  • Chiffon look


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Looking for a simple copper bridesmaid dress that all your bridesmaids can easily wear? This is the one. It is plain and not at all tacky. The waist has a pretty belt and the back design adds to the outfit. Strappy nude heels and a messy bun would look very beautiful with the look. Opt for wearing studs, a small pendant and you are good to go!


4 Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses 

You may choose one of the following Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses as your bridesmaid dress. 


  • Turtleneck bodycon


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This turtleneck bodycon with full sleeves is an easy winter fit. Pair it with nude heels and a set of studs. Leave your hair down, you could either straighten it or curl its ends to make your face stand out. You could also go for fancy eye makeup.


  • Balloon dress


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Imagine a very simple wedding out in the woods. This particular outfit, in satin or silk, would really bring out the earthiness of the look.  You could look at this outfit in terms of a slip-on dress and go for a messy bun and round pearl studs. In addition, you should also wear heels along with it.


  • Cami Dress


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You could also opt for a cami dress like this with a thigh slit. This silk dress would look very cute at an autumn wedding. Although, pairing it with black boots would not be suggested. Pair it with glass heels. Any hairdo would look great with this outfit but don’t forget to wear long drop earrings. 


  • Wrap neckline


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This long-sleeved wrap neckline with a waist tie is a very formal look. This is the kind of look that may even work at your office meeting as well as a wedding. This look with a pair of hoops would look perfect but as a bridesmaid, opt for simple round studs.



What Is The Most Popular Colour For A Bridesmaids Dress? 

The right colour for Bridesmaid dresses is usually chosen based on the season. In case you are having a fall wedding, shades of orange, brown, and purple really bring out the colours of the season. Shades of beige and burnt orange can also add a beautiful hue. If it’s a winter wedding – you might prefer metallic hues and spring weddings are always pastels. 

Although, one often finds colours like blush pink, champagne and lighter pastel shades like dusty rose, sky blue, and sage taking the limelight. 

Brown colour palettes, as well as shades of green, have become popular in recent years. Even bold red, surprisingly, has been a rising trend in bridesmaid dresses. 

Copper bridesmaid dresses are known to be the best colour for autumn and winter weddings. This colour looks beautiful when opting for pretty silk and satin dresses.


Who Is Expected To Pay For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Being a bridesmaid can be a difficult role to play, especially with all the costs that come with it. Typically, each bridesmaid is usually expected to provide her own dress, shoes and accessories. Once they accept to be a bridesmaid, it is upon them to cover their own outfit expenditure. 

Although, This tradition differs from country to country and person to person. If the bride prefers that all her bridesmaids dress the same, she may pay for it herself too or asks the bridesmaids to purchase accordingly. In countries like the UK, it is mostly the bride and groom who cover this expenditure while in the US, it’s the opposite. 

All in all, as a bridesmaid, you must be ready and willing to take up the expenses.


Who Is Responsible For Buying The Bridesmaids Dresses?

Considering that the wedding ensemble is usually left to the bridesmaids. It is upon the bridesmaids to buy and pay for the bridesmaid dresses. Being a bridesmaid is one of the most exciting wedding duties but also very hectic.

The topic of a mutual dress decision is honestly dependent on the bride and her bridesmaid. Nowadays, there are several weddings where the bride provides her bridesmaids with an already selected dress by her. If so, the cost is covered by her. Still, there are several times when this decision is left completely upon the bridesmaid. If so, you must cover the cost all by yourself.

Therefore, the answer to this question depends on your bride and her call. 


What Colour Does Maid Of Honour Wear?

This is another question which is highly subjective and honestly depends on the bride’s request/wish. Usually, all bridesmaids are supposed to either dress the same or at least wear the same colour. That has been the tradition. Nowadays, some brides prefer that their maid of honour wear a completely different colour. Some brides may even want that their maid of honour wears just a shade darker than the rest of the squad. 

So, there is no steadfast rule as to what a maid of honour wears. She may choose to blend in with the rest and let the bride shine or look unique along with her best friend. This decision is entirely left upon the bride and her maid of honour. 


How Early Should Bridesmaids Order Their Dresses?

Choosing dresses is a highly selective process especially when it comes to weddings. You need to find the right dress. You should then mutually agree upon it with the rest of the bridesmaids. Finally, the bride must approve of your selection. Choosing takes its own sweet time and post placing an order, your outfits may take another three months to arrive at the max. 

This gap isn’t enough. You must realise that there could be some issues later as well. Maybe some dresses aren’t stitched right or not the right size. Considering the smallest mistakes which could cost a lot of time, one must order their dresses 6 months prior. Wedding outfits should always be chosen way ahead of time to ensure no last-minute mishaps. Especially while dealing with similar outfits, it is important to be extra cautious. 


In Conclusion

Being offered to be a bridesmaid is a big and exciting moment. As exciting as it is, it also involves a lot of planning and work. You have the bride relying on her entire squad for support. All the work aside, it is highly important that you look the best that day standing by your best friend. 

When you are choosing a bridesmaid dress, remember to choose a larger size. You must also make sure that you choose clothes that you are comfortable with. Pick the material and dress based on the season. You wouldn’t want to be wearing backless and sleeveless midi mid-December. 

Ensure that all of you sit together, decide on a budget suited to each and decide on a mutual colour. It is very important that you choose a colour after knowing the venue and theme of the part. You may not want to wear something shimmery at a beach wedding. Nowadays, a lot of brides and grooms decide on something symbolic or a pre-decided theme. Choose a colour based on this. 

You may also know what is in trend right now, be it the type of dresses or the colour palettes. Copper, rust, and burnt orange are shades which are really trendy. These colours are also least restricted in terms of theme and venue. 

Copper bridesmaid dresses are also easily available on several online websites. You will find cami dresses, midi, gowns, wrap dresses and a huge variety of sleeves. You will also find various shades with copper undertones like gold and brown.

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