Top 40 Diamond Dresses for Birthday

Best Diamond Dresses for Birthday

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And diamond dresses for birthday is, therefore, the perfect option for you. Diamonds go with everything and make your whole outfit look stunning. One can only assume that a whole outfit made of diamonds is actual perfection. 

Although, you don’t have to assume anymore. If you’re looking to be the best dressed at any event, then this dress is perfect for you. The dress makes you radiant and scintillating. You will sparkle and gleam in this dress. 

The diamond dress is a great way to be the star of your party. There are various styles you can find this dress in. You can wear it as a mini dress or a long gown. You can wear a diamond material covering over a nude or white slip. 

There are also plus size options as well as lovely modest pieces. You can choose to wear a super sparkly dress or a toned sparsely encrusted dress. There are some great dresses available at affordable prices if you don’t want to shell out too much money.

You can also bling your outfit up with some stunning sparkly heels or matching earrings. So don’t forget to frost yourself.

Wearing diamonds, are a good way to portray love and strength. Throughout history, leaders and rulers wear them to appear invincible. The stone’s unique ability to reflect light gives it a shiny and icy appearance. Diamonds are also referred to as ice.

In this article, we will be discussing the different types of diamond dresses for birthday. You can find dresses with fringes or fur. You may stumble upon a few coloured options too. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a bidding war for Beyonce or Kendall Jenner’s iconic dresses. Who knows what gems you’ll find hidden here?


Why Are Diamond Dresses for Birthday Trending? 

There are so many things that you need to prepare and buy for your birthday. Starting with decorations and ending with a gorgeous cake. You may have a small, intimate gathering or a super fancy grand celebration.

As the birthday girl, it is your day to be at the center. The diamond birthday dress allows you to shine bright and wow everyone at your party. You can wear them in various styles, designs and colours. You can decide whether you’d like a floor-length gown or an attractive mini dress.

The main idea behind this diamond dress is to go big and go glam. This dress really gives you a way to stand out from the crowd. Thus giving you the spotlight on your special day.

There is an iconic version of this dress and it has to be the ultimate diamond birthday dress. The stunning Glitzy Diamond Dress was worn by Paris Hilton on her 21st birthday in 2002. It featured a plunging cowl neck, low cut back and gorgeous straps. She paired it with a diamond choker necklace and silver butterfly hairclips while rocking a short bob haircut. 

After 15 years of people imitating this dress, Hilton herself came out wearing the same dress in 2017. She styled it with diamond fingerless gloves, another sparkly choker and silver heels. She even wore sparkly cat ears on her much longer waist-length hair.

So it’s safe to say that this dress is a great choice for your birthday. Even Hilton wore it twice!


6 Diamond Dresses for Birthday

If you’re on a hint for the perfect Diamond dress for your birthday, then here are some lovely options for you.


  • Fringe Diamond Dresses for Birthday


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This Diamond fringe dress is a gorgeous option for your birthday. It has a stunning neckline with a designed bodice. The fringe is attractive and cuts off at the knee. You can also pair it up with a simple necklace and black or nude heels.

  • Strapless Diamond Train Dress


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Here is a beautiful strapless dress. It has a white lining and a high slit down the side. You can also wear it with sparkly earrings and matching heels.

  • Slim-fit Two-Piece Diamond Studded Dress


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This is a great choice if you are looking for a two-piece outfit. It has a gorgeous fit. You can also wear it with silver earrings and a black clutch.

  • Silver Nude Sheer Beaded Gown


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If you’re looking for a red carpet look, then you can go for this stunning dress. It features an elegant layered skirt and a V-neckline. The whole dress is encrusted in diamond beads.

  • Beyonce style Fitted Plunge Neck Dress


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If you’re trying to go for a Beyonce fit, then here is a style you can pick. It is a gorgeous fitted dress with a tulle bottom. It also features a plunge neck. You can pair this with white heels and earrings.

  • Black Diamond streak High slit Dress


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Here is an outfit that can make you shine. It is a black-lined diamond dress with a high slit. You can also wear silver lace-up heels and dangling earrings. 


6 Short Diamond Dresses for Birthday  

If you’re looking out for good short dresses for your birthday, then these are a great choice for you.


  • Purple Sparkly Diamond Dress


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If you’re looking for some colour to add to your diamond dress, then you can choose this purple dress. It has long sleeves and is also a mini dress. You can also wear nude or beige heels with this.

  • Diamond V-neck Fur Skirt


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Here is a stunning dress. It features a stunning V-neck Diamond sewn bodice. It also has a furry skirt that gives the dress an elegant and luscious look. You can also wear white or silver heels with the dress.

  • Black Diamond Illusion Dress


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Here is a simple black-lined spaghetti strap dress. It has a gorgeous illusion effect given by the diamond design. You can wear black or silver heels and also pair them with a delicate necklace with matching earrings.

  • Tie-up Diamond Dress


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Here is your iconic tie-up diamond cowl neck dress. This dress is perfect for a night on the town. You can also wear diamond bracelets and necklaces to match.

  • V-neck Half sleeve Diamond Dress


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This is a stunning half-sleeve dress. It has an attractive V-neck that you can pair with matching heels and earrings.


5 Sparkly Diamond Dresses for Birthday  

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a fan of sparkle. If you’re looking for some extra sparkle, then here are some of the best sparkly diamond dresses for you to choose from.


  • Full-length Diamond Fitted Dress


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Here is a full-length gorgeous diamond dress. It has a slim fit lining with a gorgeous diamond material layer falling to the ground like a waterfall.

  • Halter Neck Backless Dress


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If you’re looking for glam, then here is a gorgeous glamorous diamond dress. It features a double slit and a halter neck. The dress is backless and you can also pair it with matching heels and earrings.

  • One-sleeve Short Dress


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This glamorous dress is a short, one-sleeve dress. It has a beautiful fringe that adds a layer to the dress. The whole dress is sewn with diamonds on a nude lining. You can also pair it with some gorgeous sparkly earrings and heels.

  • Full-length Diamond Slit Dress


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This gorgeous silver diamond-encrusted dress is perfect for your birthday. It has a beautiful slit down the side. The dress has a cool one-off-one-on-shoulder look that gives the dress a unique appearance.

  • Green Diamond Cowl Neck Dress


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If you’d like to add some colour to the glam, then here is a buttercup diamond dress. It has a gold chain that acts as the straps as well as a necklace. This is a mini dress with a cowl neck.


6 Modest Diamond Dresses for Birthday  

If it’s been hard to find yourself a stunning diamond modest dress, then here are some really great options for you.


  • Simple Long sleeve Dress


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Starting off with this Atelier runway dress. This dress is a simple gown with long sleeves and a round collar. It is a slim-fit dress but not too revealing. You can also wear nude heels with the dress to complete the look. 

  • Shimmering Elsa Gown


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Here is a stunning Elsa-inspiring dress. It gives serious frozen vibes with gorgeous sheer sleeves. The dress has a gorgeous ombre silver grey lining. Overall, this dress will match all your Ice Queen dreams.

  • Feather Detail Shawl Gown


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This is a magnificent short sleeve feather detail dress. It has an elegant shawl thus giving the outfit a glamorous yet lovely look. You can pair it with a delicate necklace to match.

  • Diamond Sheer Sleeve Gown


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Up next is a stunning sheer sleeve gown. It has a detailed diamond splatter top half. The diamonds disappear into a plain sheer skirt. The whole dress is lined with white inside to maintain modesty of the dress.

  • Elegant Diamond Dress with Tulle Train


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This one is a beautiful dress that flatters your body while not revealing. It has a gorgeous fit and features fur shoulders, Thus giving the dress a great elegant look.

  • Diamond encrusted Lace Dress


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Last up is this diamond-encrusted gown. It has thousands of glittering diamonds that are sewn in an elegant and unique pattern. The dress features a gorgeous train as well. You can wear it with a nude or beige lining.


3 Affordable Diamond Dresses for Birthday 

If you’re looking for a stunning dress but can’t seem to find anything affordable, then check out these three decently priced dresses.


  • Nude Diamond Dress


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Here is a one-of-a-kind nude diamond dress. The detail on the dress is really great. It has a fitted look with a built-in padded bra. It can also look great with nude or white heels and a pendant necklace and costs around $80 at After 5 Clothing.


  • White Mini Bodycon Dress


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Next is a gorgeous white mini V-neck dress. It is a silky dress with stretchy material and has a sweetheart plunge neckline too. It also features gorgeous diamond rhinestones hanging from the neckline. This dress is great for a fun night out. The dress costs around $50. You can find it at Lavish Amore.


  • Pearly Rhinestones Bodycon Dress


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Here is a beautiful mini bodycon dress. It has beautiful pearls and rhinestones sewn to the dress. You can pair it with sparkly heels and matching earrings. The dress costs around $100 and you can buy it at LauriEva Boutique.


4 Plus Size Diamond Dresses for Birthday  

If you’re finding it hard to get a stylish dress in your size, then here are some gorgeous plus size diamond dresses: 


  • Diamond Cocktail Dress


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If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond mini dress, then here is a great choice for you. It has a gorgeous fit and looks great on you. You can also pair it with a shrug and a purse.

  • Black Diamond Encrusted Dress


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Here is a stunning sweetheart mini dress with a decollete. The leather design at the waist has a cinching effect on the dress. Thus enhancing your waist. It also features a black train. You can wear silver or white heels and large earrings.

  • Slim-fit Long sleeve Dress


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Here is a perfect diamond dress for you. It is full length with a fitted look. The lining stops at the knees showcasing your legs through the diamond material.

  • Black One-shoulder Diamond Design


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Last up is this gorgeous side strap trendy diamond dress. It is a stunning black dress encrusted with diamonds in unique designs. It also features a plunge neck. You can also pair it with a sparkly clutch.



Which Type Of Dress Is Best For Birthday?

There are various types of dresses and outfits you can wear to a birthday party. Depending on what kind of party it is you can accordingly choose your outfit.

At an outdoor party in summer, you can go for light and cool material clothing. For instance, a cotton dress, or a pretty top with a skirt or shorts. If the dress code calls for something fancier, then you can opt for a full-length flowy dress with a belt and purse. You can put on a jacket and a scarf during cooler weather.

For a club party, you can choose to go with a mini or maxi slim-fit dress. Or a funky two-piece. Whatever you choose though should be comfortable enough to brave a night of dancing.

If you’re doing an intimate gathering at home, then you can decide whether you want to go casual with skinny jeans and a fancy top or you can go glam with a low-neck dress and dress it up with a chunky necklace. You can also add comfortable heels to the look.


How Would You Describe A Party Dress Code?

When sending out your invitations, there is always a dress code or theme mentioned. A party’s dress code depends solely on whose party it is. 

If you have a theme for your party, then you can mention it in the dress code. If people need to look a certain way or wear certain items to go with the establishment’s rules, then the dress code needs to mention that. 

You can mention formal or semi-formal attire if it is an office party. If it is based on your theme, then you can mention the specific colours or clothes you would like them to incorporate into their wardrobe choice. 

For instance, you could mention that your party is an 80s theme party. Give them ideas like, “grab those bright leg warmers, mini skirts, denim jackets, and get down with the 80s.”

Make sure you state exactly what your guests can and cannot wear. This makes sure that people aren’t confused, wear something wrong or keep calling you with questions.


Can We Wear Black Dress On Birthday?

Whether you’re attending your friend’s party or it’s your own birthday, black is a gorgeous colour to wear. A lot of people worry about it being bad luck, however, it is a smart colour and looks great on almost everyone. 

In the end, it just matters what you feel the most comfortable in. If black gives you that extra confidence boost then go right ahead with it. Just put on that black bodycon dress and dance the night away.


Why A Dress Code Is Important?

Dress codes are very important for many reasons. Depending on where they enforce it, a dress code serves to create a sense of security and uniformity. At the workplace, dress codes give employees a clear idea of what is appropriate or not. 

It allows the company to portray a certain image. Schools enforce dress codes for discipline and safety purposes. The intention is to limit distractions and keep students focused on their work. 

In general, a dress code allows you to portray a certain image of yourself to society. A dress code at a party is mainly intended to meet the host’s expectations as well as keep people aware of what to expect to wear in advance. This way you can even shop for clothes easier.


In Conclusion

First of all, Diamond Dresses for birthday is a great way to own the limelight. This dress allows you to shine elegantly. Your birthday is for you to be the center of attention, and this dress is the way to do that. 

Secondly, you can choose to wear a simple modest full-length dress that is graceful and easy. If you are going for a Hollywood glam look, then you can go for the many styles that celebrities wear. For instance, Beyonce, Kendall Jenner and Ananya Pandey have all worn this stunning dress at various award shows and events. 

In addition, you could also decide to wear a bodycon cocktail dress with black or nude lining. These styles enhance your figure and make you look spectacular. If you pair it with some gorgeous sparkly heels, then your look is complete. You can find a few affordable options in different online boutiques.

Lastly, in the words of pop legend: Rihanna, “Shine bright tonight, like diamonds in the sky.” Get yourself that diamond dress and blow everyone away. It’s your birthday, so be the star!

Which is your favourite diamond dress style? Would you rather wear a diamond dress or a sequin dress? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Diamond Dresses for Birthday

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