5 Brilliant Ways to Reduce High Heel Pain

5 Brilliant Ways to Reduce High Heel Pain

Whether you are a shoe person or a crocs person, there have been some events in your life where you have worn a pair of high heels. You would also agree to the fact that after such events you felt some high heel pain in your feet. 

I remember that I wore high heels for my cousin’s wedding and as I took three steps in those, I tripped and got a cramp in my foot. The event was ruined for me. But thankfully, I recovered from the pain soon and enjoyed the rest of the wedding. 

If high heels are worn incorrectly, they can cause some serious damage to your feet. Therefore, you must take great care in buying your heels to prevent yourself from having the same experience as me. 

In this article, we have mentioned ways you can reduce pain from wearing high heels. I used some of these ways to ensure not having to go through that pain again. These methods were useful for me, they might help you out too. 


What Causes High Heel Pain? 

High heel pain may have different reasons. Sometimes it is your posture that causes stress on your feet and sometimes it’s the heel size. The pain is also linked to previous medical conditions, like bunions, flat feet, or Haglund’s syndrome. But just because you have these medical problems doesn’t mean you can’t wear a pair of high heels for an hour or so. 

Here are five ways you can reduce high heel pain:


Use Insole Cushion

The insole cushions are made from memory foam or a gel-like substance. They provide comfort to your feet and are super soft. Walking in heels is made easier as the cushions absorb the shock in the ball area of your feet. 


Stretch The Heels

Before you go to a party or an event, wear heels at home. Put on some socks and keep them on your feet for half an hour. This will allow the material of the heel to stretch and open up. 


Buy The Right Size

People think that heels are supposed to be a little uncomfortable, so they accidentally buy the wrong size, thinking that it will be the right fit for them. Much of your high heel pain would be reduced when you buy them in the right size. 


Take Them Off

It is not a rule that once you have worn them, you will only take them off after coming back home. Give your feet room to breathe. Take the heels off for some time. This will help your feet to stretch and also relax your muscles. 


Go For Shorter Inches

The higher the heels the better, right? Nope, that isn’t always the case. Cutting down to a few inches isn’t too bad. Plus, when you cut a few inches and go for a 2-3 inch heel, your walking pattern changes. You put less stress on your feet this way. 



How Do You Relieve High Heel Pain?

To reduce and relieve the high heel pain, you can take some precautions before you wear the heels. Wear the heels in your home for some time to stretch or use a shoe stretcher that will help the heels to open up. 

When you are buying heels, go for the right size and buy an insole cushion too. Make sure that the insole cushion is made of a comfortable material. 


Why Does Wearing High Heels Hurt?

The reason high heels hurt maybe because they aren’t the right size for you. A wrong size heel may cause bruises on your feet, or they may hurt your toes. High heel pain is also related to previous injuries. If you already have a bruise somewhere on your feet, and you wear high heels despite that, then you would undoubtedly feel some pain. 

People suffering from conditions like bunions or flat feet also feel hurt when they wear high heels. 


Are High Heels Bad For You?

High heels have many negative effects on your body and overall health. They can cause joint pain, back pain and ingrown toenails. When you experience these symptoms of high heel pain for a long time, they can cause an imbalance in your body so much so that you may have trouble walking. 

When you wear heels, there are greater chances of you tripping and falling. This fall may give you a minor fracture on your foot. 


How Can I Recover From Wearing High Heels?

Recovery from wearing high heels should be done in the correct way. If the high heel pain is manageable and bearable, then you should opt to do some foot massages at home.

You can also soak your feet in warm water, this way your muscles will relax. Using ointment or cream for the pain is also beneficial. 

If the pain is too much, and you feel hurt while walking, then consider going to a doctor. 


What Is High Heel Syndrome?

High heel syndrome has many symptoms. You feel tightness in your calves and hip flexors. You start feeling pain in your joints. The high heel pain can also extend to other body parts, including your whole or lower back. Extreme stress and pressure on your feet would give them blisters, and your toes would start to hurt too. 

Identifying these symptoms at the right time would help you get the necessary treatment. 


In Conclusion

High heels are fashionable footwear that will never go out of style. All women have a pair of high heels in their closets. You occasionally enjoy wearing them as they give you a sense of sophistication and class. But the aftermath of wearing them can cause serious health conditions.

This high heel pain is the reason many women choose to give up heels altogether. On the contrary, they should use some ways to reduce that pain. By picking the right heel size, widening the insides of a heel with a shoe stretcher, and adding insole cushions, you can easily reduce the pain. 

Moreover, don’t buy high heels higher than 4 inches. You put yourself at too much risk with the higher inches. Smaller heels will not affect your posture and gait and will also help in avoiding lower back pain. 

Lastly, when you take the heels off, soak your feet in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Help your feet to stretch and breathe. 

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