Korean Couple Outfits: Inspiration and Ideas

Korean Couple Outfits: Inspiration and Ideas

Korean couple outfits are cute as well as bold. These outfits have many colours, designs, and patterns on them. Couples wear outfits that match their vibes and personalities. They also wear them to look like a team of one. 

In this article, we have included couple outfit inspirations from Korean couples. Next time you celebrate your anniversary, you can opt for one of these looks. 


What are Korean Couple Outfits? 

In South Korea, when people come into a relationship, they express their love in everything they do. They dress similarly, they wear matching rings, some even get matching tattoos. 

Korean couple outfits are those where Korean couples create a “couple look”, which is a clothing style similar to twinning. Some Korean couples opt for a subtle style of matching clothes, wherein they create a similar look. 

In the couple’s look, the outfits are exactly similar to each other. Couples would wear the same coloured top and the same coloured pants. Whereas for a similar look, couples may wear the same top, but in different colours. 

Many may believe that Korean couples wear matching outfits just for social media. But the truth is that this styling behaviour can be traced back to Korean history. 

In the old times, newly-wed Korean couples would match their outfits on their honeymoon. Soon, this trend became popular and couples started to wear matching outfits on a daily basis. 

Such couples often go to couples cafés and movie theatres. They also go on couple vacations and have a couple apps on their mobile phones. Whatever activity they plan, they remember to match their outfits. 

In Korean culture, it’s not a norm to be this open when you’re in a relationship. However, couples embrace their relationship by breaking the stereotypes. They openly express their love for each other with their matching outfits. 



Korean Couple Outfits To Try RN 

Here are some Korean couple outfits to inspire you. 

  • Pyjama set:

This is the outfit for the days when you just want to stay in and watch some movies. This set includes pyjamas and tops in checkered patterns. You can also go for different types of pyjama sets. Opt for different colours but the same design. 


  • Leather jackets:

This is a classy and bold outfit for the couple. You and your partner can get black leather jackets. Either wear the jackets on white coloured shirts or have a whole back coloured outfit. Whatever you choose, this outfit will get you many compliments. 


  • Christmas attire:

To spread the Christmas vibes, go with this outfit. Here, the couple doesn’t have to do twinning with their outfits. Instead, you can wear a black sweater and a red checkered skirt with it. Your boyfriend can do the opposite by wearing a red checkered shirt and black pants. 


  • Cosy sweaters:

These outfits will be perfect for the couple in the winter months. You can get bright orange coloured sweaters for both of you. Wear a long gown and wear the sweater on it and add a few accessories. Your partner can wear the sweater on a t-shirt. 


  • Matching colours:

If you’re one of those couples who don’t like to match the whole outfit, then you can just match your outfit colours. Opt for a blue floral or textured gown for yourself. Your partner can wear a blue shirt or a blue sweater. You can also wear similar accessories like watches or rings. 


  • Black puffer jackets:

You’d see many Korean people wearing these types of puffer jackets. These are extremely popular in Korean culture. You can create a matching look by wearing similar outfits and then wearing matching puffer jackets on them. 


Korean Couple Outfits Under $100 

Here are some websites from where you can buy Korean couple outfits. 

  • Yesstyle: Yesstyle is an online store that sells clothes for men and women. On the website, you can also find cosmetics, pet clothes, and art supplies. A couple will find many cute and matching outfits for themselves on Yesstyle. There are outfits in different colours and designs. The prices for these outfits range between $30 to $50. 


  • Joom: Joom is a clothing store that does worldwide shipping. On Joom’s website, you’ll find a variety of clothes for you and your partner. You can buy t-shirts for each other with graphic and hip-hop designs on them. There are also matching hoodies you can buy from this website. Most of these outfits cost approximately $20 to $30. 


  • Thexxxy: Thexxxy is every Korean couple’s favourite website to shop for couple outfits. Here, you can find outfits that create a similar look. You can also find matching outfits for you and your partner. There are no limitations here, you can find cute outfits as well as sophisticated ones. Plus, they’ve matching looks for all the seasons. You can buy couple outfits from Thexxxy for the cost of $30 to $70. 


  • StyleupK: StyleupK is a store that regularly changes its outfit catalogue. On StyleupK, you can find t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing materials for $20 to $40. This store should be your choice if you’re a K-pop fan. You can find similar looks to those of K-pop idols on this website. You and your partner can buy graphic t-shirts or some cute outfits for yourself from StyleupK. 




Why Do Korean Couples Wear Matching Outfits?

Korean couples, when they come into a relationship, celebrate their love in many ways. They buy gifts for each other, like many other couples. Apart from that, they also wear matching outfits. 

The reason they wear matching outfits is to show their love to each other and to the world too. You’d find many millennials and some older couples who wear a couple look or a similar look. 

They wear outfits that complement each other with their colours and designs. With clothes, they also wear matching jewellery like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. 


What Are Couple Rings In Korea?

Couple rings in Korea symbolize the commitment of the couples. They wear similar types of rings to show their love for each other. 

Many people start wearing couple rings after their 100th day anniversary. This is also taken as the sign to put the “official” label on their relationship.

They may get custom rings with each other’s names on them or their birthdays on them. 


What Is The Korean Style Called?

The traditional Korean clothing includes an outfit known as Hanbok, which literally translates to Korean cloth. 

The modern Korean style includes clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and classy. Even the traditional Hanbok can be worn in a modern way. There are many Hanbok that has a touch of both traditional and modern look. 


Why Do Couples Dress Alike?

Couples dress alike to show their commitment to each other. Dressing similar outfits show their unity and this way they also express their love to their partners. 

Many couples dress in similar outfits when they go on dates or when they celebrate their anniversaries. 


What Should You Not Wear In Korea?

Generally, Korean men shouldn’t wear bold coloured outfits. They should wear shorts above their knees till the end of their fingertips. 

Whereas, Korean women shouldn’t wear revealing outfits. They should avoid tops that show their cleavage and those that show their shoulders. 


In Conclusion

Korean couples wear matching outfits to celebrate their love and to show their affection. This isn’t a trend that has just become popular. 

In the early days too, Korean couples used to wear matching outfits on their honeymoon. In the modern days, couples wear such outfits on a daily basis. 

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