Vegan Sneakers For 2023 and Beyond

Vegan Sneakers

What do you mean by “vegan sneakers?” One might be curious. No animal products got used in the production of the shoes, which is the obvious solution. In addition, it suggests there were no animal tests.

Vegan footwear is one of the hottest and fastest-growing fashion trends. You now have fashionable and long-lasting vegan options to select from. It does not matter whether you’re looking for flip-flops or casual shoes. You can even find high-performance shoes such as dress shoes, work boots and sneakers.

Are you debating switching to vegan shoes instead of leather ones? Or you’re unsure exactly what vegan shoes are. Anything labelled as vegan, for starters, signifies that no harm has come to animals. Vegan shoes came into production without the use of any animal ingredients. And purchasing them doesn’t always imply that you are a vegetarian at heart. You ought to try them if you are conscious of the environment.

In fact, 73 per cent of all vegan fashion purchases of shoes, which dominate the vegan fashion market.

The most obvious material that can is not there in vegan shoes is leather. But additional materials including silk, wool and numerous glues are there that may contain gelatin, casein or other animal byproducts.

There are several vegan options outside of the grocery store. For instance, vegan sneakers are becoming more trendy.

Providing leather-free and environment-friendly alternatives. When it comes to shoes, this is something several manufacturers are putting their heart and energy into. It’s time to stop using leather because of the risks associated with the industry. They use a lot of energy and harmful chemicals and produce tannery effluents as a byproduct. This is one of the major sources of land and water pollution in the world.


Why Are Vegan Sneakers Trending?

Well-known manufacturers have also realised that vegan sneakers are in. In addition to traditional sneakers, they now have vegan options available. There are some lesser-known vegan shoe producers who use only vegan materials for production. They have a particularly low impact on the environment.

A few years ago, the phrase “vegan fashion” would elicit questions. Because the fashion industry and the animal rights movement were two distinct realms. But now that the ethical fashion trend has without a doubt arrived. Customers are debating the use of animal-derived products.

Sneakers are one vegan product type that stands out when it comes to fashion. A lot of major brands have lately introduced vegan products. These include New Look, Marks & Spencers, and Topshop, all of which were shoe collections. Shoes are among the first mainstream brands to enter the vegan market.

Although leather is durable, extreme weather conditions shorten its lifespan. But shoes made from plants do. Plant-based materials, unlike leather, won’t fold or shrink if in contact with water. After a few years, they appear much better.

The majority of the time, fashion is not eco-friendly. An article of clothing gets discarded after it is no longer in style.

However, vegan fashion is going in a different direction. Trendy vegan products are the outcome of designers jumping on the ecological trend.

It is crucial to understand the fact that the sneaker models are vegan and do not imply that they are superior. Even while animals do not have to suffer in anguish to produce synthetic leather. The process is not risk-free. Most of the time, plastic gets used to replace leather. We recommend sustainable shoe models made of organic cotton, cork, natural rubber, or canvas. That is if you want to do your part for the environment and animals.


3 Popular Vegan Sneakers

Even some well-known sneaker labels have recently introduced vegan footwear. These are increasing the availability of vegan sneakers. But which brands and models of vegan sneakers are the best? You must respond to these inquiries. For you, we have compiled a few examples.


  • Forever Better


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For those who live a vegan lifestyle. And avoid using any form of animal products, including in their food and other necessities, PUMA is steadily expanding its selection. The producers of vegan footwear must demonstrate that they do not utilise any raw materials originating from animals.


  • Lace-up sneakers


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It is a vegan and environment-friendly fashion. They are also dominating the market. Their Gia shoes are ideal for a day of sightseeing. These lace-ups have a chunky, white and black design that is urban and contemporary. They bring some of our favourite ’90s sneakers to our minds.


  • Blue sneakers


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These sneakers are fashionable and sporty. But they don’t feel like traditional running shoes. We can even be brave enough to wear them with a dress. They include a detachable moulded footbed and a unique outsole. Their colour complements almost anything because they are so neutral and all-encompassing.


3 White Vegan Sneakers

The white shoe craze is proving to be more of a year-round wardrobe staple than a passing fad. A pair of all-white sneakers are useful since they are cosy and very versatile. You can wear them with a flirtatious dress, jeans or a tee. When it comes to a pair of crisp white sneakers, there are countless styling possibilities. Look at these few recommendations.


  • Esplar SE Canvas


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Your new favourites will be Veja’s Esplar SE Canvas sneakers. More so since they are gender-neutral. These sneakers have a straightforward V across the side. Also, wild rubber harvested from the Amazonian forest and organic cotton got used. For a carefree style, team it with cropped jeans and a denim jacket.


  • Fair trainers


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These all-white sneakers by Ethletic are fair, vegan, and environment friendly. They are like an update on the iconic Converse shoes. The organic cotton came from local farmers in India. The soles got manufactured from traded rubber from small farmers in Sri Lanka. 


  • Knit sneakers


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Instead of stitched, these shoes are knit. Consequently, the production procedure is unique. It differs from conventional shoe manufacturing methods. They include sewing together mass-produced separate components. Knit shoe uppers are completely knit together from front to back.


3 Vegan Slip-On Sneakers

A slip-on sneaker created without the use of animal products is famous as a vegan sneaker. In addition, items that underwent animal testing are not included. This excludes a lot of the supplies that are often needed to make shoes. These include leather, wool, fur, and several types of glue. We have provided a few illustrations.


  • Apollo 2.0


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While keeping prices as low as ever, Native Shoes has been elevating our wardrobe and environmental impact. The Apollo 2.0 will offer you the splash of colour you’ve been looking for. This is because of vegan and environment-friendly ingredients. These sneakers are very light. Also, they are ideal for travel thanks to the animal-free microfiber leather.


  • MK sneakers


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Durability is a key concern for the brand because it allows you to wear your shoes longer. The lace-ups and slip-ones got created in a family-owned facility in Brazil. They use natural materials like quartz, coconut husk, and fibres from palm leaves. Also, bottles in addition to recycled rubber.


  • Lemon Maple Slipons


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These sneakers’ colour is quite appealing. In addition, we make these shoes in an ethical manner. They were conscious of the environment, at first. To produce above-average ecological shoes. Recyclable materials, environment-friendly colours, and water-based adhesives come in use. Lemon Maple Wood slip-ones are completely free of animal products.


3 Best Vegan Sneakers

Nowadays, it’s much simpler to choose vegan footwear. And doing so can help us lessen our impact on the environment. As with anything else, you still need to be on the lookout for fake companies. They greenwash their goods while maintaining unsustainable business practices. Therefore, we have compiled some of the top vegan shoe companies.


  • Fair sneaker


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They’ve added comfort, extra stitching, and multi-layered fabric. This is all to make strong, long-lasting sneakers for skaters and sporty people all around the world. This Rose Dust is fashionable right now. But if you’re looking for something more classic, they also have versions in several colours.


  • Cream trainers


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Trainers in cream colours are great for urban fashionistas. This is because they go well with many seasons and give your ankles the warmth and comfort they need. Created by hand in Spain without the use of animal products or water waste. These trainers use recycled rubber and faux leather.


  • Running trainers


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The trainers have an elasticized closure that is simple to use. They also have sticky rubber bottoms making them excellent for challenging trail running. The trainer’s uppers are also water- and abrasion-resistant, breathable, and durable. They are not only cosy, but they also have a great appearance.


3 Cheap Vegan Sneakers

Here are the best ethical and affordable vegan running shoes produced. Made by the highest social and environmental standards. Created to assist you in making thoughtful purchasing decisions as a knowledgeable consumer.


  • White rose sneakers


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Womsh makes elegant, environment-friendly Italian sneakers. They honour the environment and all life in it. It creates environment-friendly footwear in an effort to improve the globe. Not all pairs of Womsh sneakers use no animals. Some of the brand’s shoes are of genuine leather. However, it has a line of apple-based, leather-free sneakers for vegans. Womsh manufacturing and upcycling techniques guarantee the best. They give us a high level of comfort, lightness, and environmental friendliness.


  • Novesta sneakers


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To make distinctive sneakers, Novesta mixes inventive design with classic sophistication. Since 1939, it has produced shoes in Slovakia. They had the strictest environmental regulations. Novesta makes use of environmentally friendly products including organic cotton and natural rubber. However, not all of Novesta’s footwear is vegan. Some of the brand’s footwear is of leather. Its vegan running shoes are very fashionable, lightweight, and cosy. They also come in a variety of colours.


  • Vivobarefoot


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British minimalist running shoe manufacturer Vivobarefoot got established in 1997. For women, men, and children, it makes outdoor, athletic, and everyday shoes. They use an increasing number of natural materials. Not all Vivobarefoot footwear is ecological and vegan. Some of the brand’s footwear is of genuine leather and wool. But it still aspires to be the planet’s most regenerative company.


3 Adidas Vegan Sneakers

While not a “vegan brand,” Adidas does provide a large selection of vegan footwear and apparel. Adidas is no stranger to taking on topics like ethical and sustainable production head-on. They have also used the same strategy when creating vegan items. Here are some suggestions.


  • SC Premiere


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Vivobarefoot is a British company that started making minimalist running shoes. It creates outdoor, athletic, and everyday shoes for women, men, and kids. Using an increasing variety of natural materials. Not all Vivobarefoot shoes are vegan and environmentally friendly. Genuine leather and wool got used in the creation of some of the brand’s footwear. It nonetheless strives to be the planet’s most sustainable business.


  • Prime green Stan Smith sneakers


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Adidas has used a brand-new way to present us with new things.  They gave us a sustainable canvas to replicate the iconic Stan Smith sneaker. A new performance fabric from Adidas is called PRIME GREEN.  includes no virgin plastic. Used to create the vegan-friendly “leather” upper. Adidas dedicates itself to eliminating plastic waste. And these new designs and eco-friendly materials are a part of that journey.


  • Samba Shoes


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The clothing and footwear industries have a significant negative impact on the environment. A sneaker is never thrown away. This is according to the circular theory. Instead, a new shoe is made from its remaining ingredients. You can recreate this sneaker again and again. This is what makes this pair of sneakers exceptional.


3 Reebok Vegan Sneakers

Reebok is famous for its leather sneakers. But the company recently astounded customers by releasing the first-ever plant-based running shoe. They compose of castor beans, algae, and eucalyptus. Both men and women can purchase the gorgeous new Forever Floatride Grow. It is environmentally friendly. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Club C sneakers


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Art readers of the Reebok Club C. Natural rubber serves as the sole. While canvas serves as the lining. However, you must take into account that the manufacturing is not as ethical and environmentally friendly. At least not as it is with other names that place a high premium on social and ecological responsibility.


  • Forever Floatride Grow


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One of our favourite vegan shoe launches of 2020 is this Reebok plant-based running sneaker. The stunning shoe has an algae footbed, castor bean oil mesh, and an upper made of eucalyptus bark. 100 per cent vegan sneaker that is very breathable and comfortable. It is one of the people’s favourites.


  • Nano X


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Nothing compares to Reebok’s Nano X cross-training shoes. They are famous for their superior quality. A unique textile upper with tailored support. And of course compression-moulded midsole for comfort. Like the icing on the top cushioning are two highlights of this vegan trainer. Choose from a variety of fashionable colour schemes.



Is Nike Vegan Friendly?

Nike was still king of sneakers as of our latest check. The Titan continues to top sales rankings and is sharper than ever.

Since certain Nike shoes contain leather, not all of them are vegan. Nevertheless, Nike offers a wide range of excellent vegan footwear. The options are mesh and synthetic leather.

Synthetic materials provide a better degree of durability and performance. Nike vegan sneakers are simple to find. Nike has also avoided using glues derived from animals since 2015. As long as the upper part is without leather, that is why the more recent shoes are vegan. You may get excellent vegan versions of almost all of Nike’s most popular pairs of sneakers. This also includes trainers and running shoes.


Are Most Sneakers Vegan?

There are many sneakers that are vegan. But as we do not (yet!) live in a vegan society, many of the shoes available on the market are not vegan. This is due to the fact that leather is there in numerous shoe designs, including boots and heels. Over one billion animals die each year because of leather. Which is the biggest animal killer in the fashion business. Although cows make up the majority of these animals. Leather can also come from sheep, pigs, goats, and other species. It’s impossible to determine exactly what – or who – you are wearing due to widespread mislabelling.


Is Adidas Vegan?

Adidas- the brand of daring and variety, does not duck the vegan trend but instead embraces it. Although not all Adidas footwear is vegan. You may discover many excellent Adidas models. Particularly in the company’s more recent collections. In addition to utilising a wide variety of vegan materials. The company has avoided using glues made from animal products and animal testing. Their client service expounds:

Adidas footwear is not whole vegan because many of them contain leather. Some older styles use an adhesive that is not vegan and is made using animal products. Newer models without leather are vegan. Since we recently began employing more compassionate production techniques.


Is Nike Cruelty-Free?

It’s a positive step that Nike doesn’t utilise fur, angora, or any other exotic animal skin or hair in its goods. It does, however, use down feathers, leather, and wool without specifying the sources. Therefore, we cannot claim that Nike is free of cruelty.

Nike does not keep a list of all non-animal themselves. However, we do advise searching for designs that are of full grain leather or textile. Animal products are not used in any performance footwear. They consist of synthetic leather or textile material.

Good news then! A sizable chunk of Nike footwear is vegan-friendly. It’s because synthetic and textile-based footwear is free of animal products.


Why Are Sneakers Not Vegan?

Our planet is a vegan one. Nevertheless, a lot of shoes available on the market are unfortunately not vegan. This is due to the fact that leather exists in numerous shoe designs, including boots and heels. Over one billion animals die each year because leather is the biggest animal killer in the fashion business. And one of the biggest fashion trends now is still leather. Even so, a growing number of people are becoming aware of vegan shoes and their advantages. To stop all animal abuse altogether is still insufficient.


In Conclusion

Beyond the kitchen, veganism has many applications. In fact, switching to vegan products can be part of a lifestyle change. These goods save the environment and don’t harm animals for fashion. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere is lower. Done by reducing our reliance on animal products. Everyone benefits from veganism, including consumers, animals, and the environment. In a growing market, vegan footwear offers a wide range of stylish styles and options. It suits all of your fashion requirements.

It is well known that producing leather has a negative impact on the environment. First off, raising animals for food produces a lot of pollution. It has a significant environmental impact. Even worsening the situation is leather processing. If the dyes reach nearby bodies of water, the polluting cycle is complete.

Vegan shoes are a favourite among fashionistas. As vegan fashion transitions from a niche to a mainstream trend. New vegan footwear brands debut each year as the industry continues to expand. Vegan shoes are becoming more popular among both manufacturers and customers. Whether they are sneakers, hiking boots, or stilettos. Shoes will be an important part of your vegan wardrobe, so choose them with care.

The fresh, fashionable, and comfy trend that is sweeping the country is vegan footwear. You can contribute to protecting the environment and lowering animal mistreatment and cruelty. You can do it by making an investment in vegan-friendly footwear. For those who want to dress in an ethical, vegan fashion is a natural choice. Purchase a pair of vegan sneakers right away to help the environment.

Would you buy vegan sneakers? Which ones were your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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