6 Fashion Resolutions For 2023

6 Fashion Resolutions For 2022

With the onset of the new year, we’ve all set a few resolutions. We’re sure you must have come across several resolutions such as getting fit or exercising more last month. And after all these years, it’s safe to say most of us forget our resolutions by the end of January. However, here are 6 fashion resolutions for 2022 that are easy to follow.

How can we say that? Well, for one, we know that we all want to look elegant, sophisticated and modern for work no matter what year it is. Therefore, take these resolutions to dress smarter and better in 2022!


#1. Love What You Wear

Instagram is full of the latest trends and experts from designers. Fashion influencers are featuring the latest fashion trends. Instead of trying to follow every trend, take a moment to decide what you like to wear. Prioritise what makes you happy and not what everyone else is following. While trends change every day, your happiness can’t depend on temporary trends. Therefore, opt for silhouettes that make you feel beautiful. Let your clothes be an extension of your personality. Love what makes you feel confident and slay!


#2. Experiment a Little!

While it’s great to live in a safe space, it’s okay to experiment once in a while. Whether it’s our career choice or fashion statement, experimenting can be a worthwhile experience. If you’re someone who always dresses in a chic and subtle manner, it’s time to experiment with a few bold colours. If that seems too scary, start by adding a bold colour to your wardrobe. Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe such as blues or yellows. We promise it’ll instantly make you feel ecstatic.

As soon as we try something new, it makes our whole day better, so ensure that you wear a bold coloured outfit at least once every month. If you’re sceptical, opt for a bold coloured bag or scarf with a neutral outfit. Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different colours. 


#3. Prioritise Comfort

The definition of comfort varies for each one of us. Therefore, it’s important for you to decide what feels comfortable to you. Everyday comfort is essential and it starts with our clothes. While a crop top may look stunning, will you feel comfortable wearing it all day long? If not, it’s probably not the best to splurge on it.


#4. Elevate Your Essentials

Our basics can make or break our wardrobe. Quite literally! It’s important to invest in basics from high-waisted jeans to white t-shirts and casual dresses to everyday blazers, everything that makes you feel confident. Elevating essentials is a sure-shot way to ensure you have something to wear for every occasion. 


In 2022, it’s more important to dress confidently than to follow the dress code. 


#5. Mix and Match

If there’s something we’ve learnt from influencers like Komal Pandey, it’s how to mix and match outfits. Learn how to wear a blazer with Indian outfits like sarees and suits. You can also carry print with print or pair your dress with pants. In fact, you can also mix a bold colour with another to try colour blocking. The possibilities are needless! Don’t let anything hold you back! Think of your wardrobe as your canvas so that you can paint creatively. Just don’t forget to add some unpredictable touches to it! 


#6. Quality Over Quantity

DECLUTTER! Let 2022 be all about decluttering. Start with your wardrobe before proceeding with your work desk or home. Embrace your body and fall in love with it. Stop clinging to items that no longer fit you. Make space for newer clothes. Donate everything that doesn’t fit you or you don’t like. Instead of hoarding things that you never wear, make space for versatile items that you can pair with more clothes. 


Have a Fab 2022!

We hope these fashion resolutions for 2022 help you dress better and feel more at ease with yourself. 

Which fashion resolution will you follow this year and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

6 Fashion Resolutions For 2022

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