The Perfect Fall Dress for Every Occasion

The Perfect Fall Dress for Every Occasion

Autumn is quickly approaching, and if you’re like me, you’re already looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. Although I love dressing my little girl in warm, cozy sweaters and watching her enjoy eating yummy fall foods, my favorite thing about fall is the special occasions we celebrate with friends and family! If you’re like me and want your little princess to look great while saving money, try checking out some of these fall dress ideas that may be used for any special fall occasion!


Trendy & Stylish

As the weather starts to cool down, you will want to think about the perfect outfit for all those upcoming occasions! Get your little girl her favorite trendy and stylish fall outfit ready. For example, check out this tiered layer dress from Presley Couture — not only is it super cute with its fun prints and colors and a great piece to layer during the colder fall days. Going from the pumpkin patch to Thanksgiving and even to her school’s Christmas program is also appropriate for this little number.


An Appropriate Length

Styles of dresses come in various lengths that are appropriate for different age groups. It’s important to consider your little girl’s height and body shape when choosing which length of the dress to buy. For example, if you buy a dress for an older girl with curves, it is best to go with a knee-length dress so that her proportions are not lost in one size too big. If you are buying for little girls, it’s best to get them styles that they can wear now and grow into. During the fall season, it’s best to stick with dresses that are knee-length or longer. If she wears anything shorter, consider wearing tights or leggings underneath.  


Colors for Every Fall Outfit

Neutrals are good fall colors in style because they are neither warm nor cool. Browns, tans, olive greens, and rust orange are all good neutrals. Choose one of these neutral colors as the base color for her fall outfit, and then add in some complementary colors like deep reds or dark blues and forest greens. The two most popular complementary colors are blue and green; by adding either one of these two shades, she can wear her dress throughout the entire season!


Appropriate Design Elements

There are three main elements to consider when designing the perfect dress for your little girl: length, style, and fabric. The size of the dress is more than an aesthetic choice. Short dresses are best suited for playtime as they allow for more movement. Because they discourage running during certain activities, consider having her wear shorts or leggings underneath to keep her warm and protect her from dirt (and even the possibility of getting her knees scraped when she falls). A longer dress like an A-line skirt or classic ballerina has more style options for fancier occasions such as tea parties and balls. The fabrics that are most appropriate for little girls depend on the season. Summery cotton fabrics with fun prints go well with long sleeves to protect from sunburn in summer and winter; flowy polyester or wool blends in winter feel soft against cold skin and add warmth to match with their hats and mittens.


As you can see, plenty of dresses on the market are perfect for any occasion. With so many styles and designers to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fall dress for your next outing. 

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