Brown Bridesmaid Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to weddings, you only imagine bright colours. Colours like pink, orange, red, blue, yellow, and green are some colours seen at a wedding. People opt for such colours because they look good and weddings are an auspicious occasion. Many may think that wearing brown bridesmaid dresses for weddings wouldn’t go with the whole wedding vibe. 

Such a colour may get you some negative remarks from people. You can become the main subject of everyone’s attention. The wedding guests may talk more about you than the bride and groom. Even then, there are many more good reasons that you may opt for brown as your bridesmaid dress colour. 

For one, it may be a bold and sophisticated colour choice. The colour brown would add some richness to the environment. Another reason is that it’s something different from the others. Let’s say that your best friend is getting married in 8 months. Now you’re at the age where you’ve to attend many weddings. At all these weddings you’d see similar colours like blue, baby pink, ruby, rose, etc. 

You may accent your dress with other colours as well. The brown in your dress would accent well with colours like orange, white, gold, or rust. For instance, you may add white coloured accent in the form of lace. You may wear a mini dress and use white coloured embroidered lace to outline the dress. 

There are many brown bridesmaid dresses that you can opt for. The most popular dresses include wrap dresses. Wrap dresses come in different sizes, some have a full length whereas some are knee-length. 

In this article, we’ve mentioned many types of brown coloured bridesmaid dresses that you may wear. 


Why Are Brown Bridesmaid Dresses Trending? 

For the past few years, many bridesmaids have been picking brown as their main colour for the dress. The brown colour on the bridesmaids’ dresses looks authentic and rich. It makes the whole squad and the bride look sophisticated. 

The brown colour is associated with Earthy tones. In that, brown becomes something beautiful, safe, and comfy. This colour also shows a deep-rooted history and gives a sense of dependability. When you pick out a brown coloured dress for yourself, you’re assured that you’ll feel comfortable in it. Even these days, many women are opting for this colour for these very reasons. 

This colour would look very well in many types of wedding themes. You may with the colour theme, i.e., safety and stability. Here, you may keep the decorations in the same colour. This means that the bouquets, tables, seating cards, and invites should all be brown. Then of course there’ll be brown bridesmaid dresses that the bridesmaids will wear. 

These dresses also look extremely minimal, they don’t need to have too much on them. To have the most elegant look, you may just wear your dress and put on a few accessories. You’d also not require a lot of makeup with this look. All you’d need is some light makeup on your eyes, some highlighter, and your foundation. If you’d feel the need, then you may do some heavy makeup on the eyes. However, even without it, you’d look amazing. 


Is Brown Colour a Good Choice?

Absolutely! When it comes to your best friend’s wedding, you’d want to do things differently. You’d think of an extraordinary bridal shower theme. You’d want the venue to look different from most venues. So, why not the dress? Why wouldn’t you and other bridesmaids pick out something different from others? 

Some may argue that brown people don’t look brown in the summer season. To counter that argument, all you need to do is wear that dress and show them! You and the other bridesmaids may do it differently by opting to wear different dresses. That means that you may choose from mini dresses, maxi dresses, midi dresses, full-length gowns, etc. There’s no rule that says that you all have to wear the same dress. 

All of you deserve to be in your own comfort zone that day. For that reason, if you want to go in a mini dress, you may go with it. If another one of the bridesmaids wants to wear a slit dress, they can do it. As long as you all compliment each other and the bride, it’s all good. 

Another amazing thing about brown is that it’s a colour that goes well with many types of environments. You may wear mocha brown or light brown for a beach wedding. These colour tones would look stunning in the summer and spring seasons. As for the fall and winter seasons, you may wear darker shades of brown colour. For instance, for a beach wedding in the fall season, you may choose from satin brown bridesmaid dresses. 


5 Brown Bridesmaid Dresses 

These are some brown coloured dresses that bridesmaids can wear on the day of the wedding. 


  • Brown Gown


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You may opt for simple long gowns in brown colour. You may keep them in V-neck or in a high neck, as per your wish. With this look, you may keep your hair in a bun. You may add little white flowers to your bun so it’d look pretty. Such a gown would look amazing on its own, you won’t need to put much effort here. 


  • Shades of Brown


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You and the other bridesmaids may go with different shades of brown. Similar colours can look a little boring on all women. For that reason, you may opt for full-length gowns that are in different colours. You can either get one that’s off the shoulder or one that has ruffled sleeves. 


  • Brown Wrap Dress


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Wrap dresses are the most famous dresses that bridesmaids wear. For this look, you’d need a floor-length dress. Your dress can have a slit too if you wish. Opt for brown bridesmaid dresses that have a v-neck and spaghetti strap. With this type of dress, you may wear white coloured high heels. 


  • Toffee Brown Dress


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This is yet another type of wrap dress that has a small knot in the front. This dress is cute as well as elegant. This toffee brown dress is a full-length dress with a slit on it. Since the dress has a v-neck too, you may wear a big diamond necklace with this dress. 


4 Mocha Brown Bridesmaid Dresses 

Following are some beautiful mocha brown dresses that you may wear as a bridesmaid. 


  • Knee Slit Wrap Dress


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This is a ruffled wrap dress with a knee slit. The dress looks minimal and simple. You won’t need many accessories with this look. Wear small earrings, a small necklace, and a bracelet. You may make a messy bun with this look or keep your hair open. 


  • Spaghetti Gown


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Many brown bridesmaid dresses include these types of dresses. Here, you may opt for a chocolate brown or a mocha brown spaghetti gown. In this look, you may show off those beautiful legs of yours as this dress comes with a slit. The dress would pair well with white sneakers or white stiletto heels. 


  • Off-Shoulder Dress

A great look for summer is off-shoulder dresses. You may opt for an off-shoulder dress in a mocha brown colour. You may keep this dress plain if you want to. Some embroidery work in white colour around the waist would also look great on this dress. Pair the dress with heavy earrings and a heavy necklace. 


  • High-Low Dress


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If you like silky fabric, then you may opt for this dress. This is a high – low dress in brown colour. Here, you may wear the dress with a white pearl necklace and pearl earrings. For makeup, you may do nude makeup on your eyes and wear rosy pink or light pink lipstick. To complete the look, you may keep your hair open. 


4 Golden Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

If you like that golden brown look on yourself, then you may opt for one of these bridesmaid dresses. 


  • Mini Wrap Dress


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If you don’t like a floor-length dress, then opt for a mini dress. This is a mini wrap dress with golden and brown accents. To pull off this effortless look, you’d need a dress that fits easily on your body. Since the dress doesn’t show much of your neck area, you may wear a light necklace and matching earrings. 


  • Long Silk Dress


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Golden silk dresses are also very popular among bridesmaids. There are many dress styles that you may opt for when you get this dress. You may get a dress with a high neck or a v-neck. With this look, you may wear simple heels, but do focus on the necklace that you’ll wear. 


  • Long Golden Brown Dress


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These brown bridesmaid dresses are in a toffee golden shade. Such a type of dress would look great in the summer season. Here, you may opt for a one-shoulder golden gown with slits on both sides of the dress. To complete the look, you may wear heart-shaped or ring-shaped earrings. 


  • V-shaped Slit Dress


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This is a V-shaped dress that comes with an open slit. From the waistline, the dress takes the form of a skirt. You may opt for this dress for a fall or winter wedding. The dress looks sophisticated and it also has a V-shaped back. Pair the dress with brown or white boots and dangling earrings. 


4 Brown Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves 

Many women also opt for dresses with sleeves. If you like this clothing style, then you may pick one of these dresses. 


  • Slit Dress with Open Back


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This is one of the most classy and elegant brown dresses that you can get. The dress has a V-shaped open back and a slit. The golden shimmer on this dress would make you look even more beautiful. Here, you may wear the dress and do some heavy makeup on your eyes. To complete the look, you may wear brown or black heels. 


  • Brown Bodycon Dress


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Sometimes, simplicity works the best. This is a simple bodycon dress that you may wear to the wedding as a bridesmaid. You may also add some more layers to this dress by wearing a long robe or coat over it. Then, the whole look would look amazing for a winter wedding. 


  • Cut-Out Dress


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If you don’t like slit dresses, then you may opt for a cutout dress. A cutout dress like this would look well in a winter wedding. Here, you may wear the dress and attach a brooch to it. Opt for a golden brooch with a rose or other flower on it. For the footwear, you may wear a pair of cut-out heels. 


  • Ruffled Dress


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When you’d opt for this dress, you don’t need anything else. This long-sleeved ruffled dress would look fabulous on you. This is a knee-length dress with a small slit on it. Opt for this dress and pair it with nude-coloured heels. You may as well wear brown leather boots with this dress if you wish to. 


4 Rust Brown Bridesmaid Dresses 

Listed down below are some rust brown bridesmaid dresses that you and other bridesmaids can wear. 


  • Fabia Gown


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Many bridesmaids opt for silky Fabia gowns for the wedding. These gowns are easy to wear, they look lovely, and they’re comfortable. In this dress, you have a V-shaped neck and back. On the waistline of the dress where the belt is, you may add a brooch pin so it’d look even more lovely. 


  • Long Rust Dress


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This is a long dress with a spaghetti strap on it. The dress is perfect for a summer wedding. This is a dress that gives extremely minimal vibes, so there’s no need to add something to it. You may wear light makeup, keep your hair open and give them some curls. 


  • Shimmer and Rust Dress


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Your brown bridesmaid dresses don’t have to have the same pattern. If you and other bridesmaids want something extraordinary, you may do things differently. Some of them may go with a simple and minimal look. Whereas you may opt for a rust brown dress with a shimmering pattern on it. The shimmer would add some elegance and it’d make you look graceful. 


  • V-neck Dress


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There are many types of V-neck dresses. Some V-neck dresses are too deep, whereas some have a normal length. Opt for a V-neck dress with an off-shoulder sleeve. This way, you’d have an off-shoulder look as well as the v-neck. You may decide the length of the neck. Some may go for a deep length and others can keep it normal. To complete the look, you may wear white coloured booties or heels.


4 Satin Brown Bridesmaid Dresses 

No one says no to a beautiful satin dress. As a bridesmaid, you’ve many responsibilities at the wedding. It’s only natural that you’d want to wear a dress that is smooth and comfortable. Satin is such a fabric that would serve many purposes. It’d make you look glamorous, and it’d also let you feel free. 

You may choose one of the following brown coloured satin dresses as your bridesmaid dress. 


  • Long Satin Dress


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You may get a wrap satin dress in a chocolate brown colour. The colour and dress would go well with a fall or winter wedding. Opt for a chocolate brown dress in satin fabric with a v-neck. You can complete the look by wearing small and round earrings. 


  • Long Knee Slit Dress


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Opt for a knee-slit wrap dress in brown colour. Here, the wrap dress has a knot in the front, you may keep it in the front or on the side. Stylize the dress with some brooch pins. You may wear custom pins with the bride and groom’s names on them. 


  • Satin Wrap Dress


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Another one of the brown bridesmaid dresses for you that’s just amazing. This is a knee-length wrap dress that you may pair with white or brown heels. With the dress, you may wear a few necklaces by layering them together. To complete the look, do some light makeup on your eyes and you’ll be good to go!


  • Brown Mini Dress

Weddings don’t always have to be about full-length or knee-length gowns. They can be troublesome at times when you don’t know how to fully manage the dress and yourself. If you feel such, you may opt for a brown mini dress as your bridesmaid dress. 


6 Best Websites to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses From 

Mentioned below are some of the best online stores where you may find beautiful bridesmaid dresses. 


  • Lulus: At Lulus, you’d find many elegant bridesmaid dresses that are all under $100. You may shop for these dresses in their colour. On the website, you may even opt for a floral pattern if you want to. You’d find dresses with knee-length slits on them and thigh-high slits on them. 

  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom not only offers you bridal and bridesmaid dresses, but it also offers many accessories. This means that when you shop at Nordstrom, you may get all that you need for the wedding. You can select the neck size, and sleeve size, and opt for the colours that you want. 

  • Reformation: If you’re going to a sustainable wedding then, why not opt for a dress that’s sustainable too? Reformation is an online store that offers you all the types of sexy dresses that are helpful for the environment too. So, if you’re looking for brown bridesmaid dresses, this may be the best place to get them. 

  • David’s Bridal: David’s bridal is a popular name among many brides and bridesmaids. On this online store, you may find bridesmaid dresses in many sizes and they’re inexpensive too. If you’re unsure about your size, you may use their in-depth measurement guide. 

  • ASOS: ASOS is a shop where you may get your dresses, accessories, and skincare products. When you shop from this store, you’ll be perfectly ready to go to the wedding venue. In this shop, you may look for recycled dresses as well. 

  • Azazie: Azazie is a store that would help you with specific colour choices. Whatever colour tone you’ve in mind, you’ll see it on your screen too. You may buy dresses under $100 that are easy to wear and look lovely too. 


In Conclusion

When you’re choosing a bridesmaid dress, you’ve to think of many things. One of the biggest factors that come into consideration is the size. It may happen that you go for the size M but as the wedding arrives close, M feels tight on your body. 

It’s only natural that you’d gain some weight by the time the wedding arrives. You need to get a dress that you know would not betray you. Therefore, you may want to get those fabrics that would easily fit on your body. You may even get a size bigger if you’re too unsure. If anything happens at the last moment, all you’ll need would be some alterations. 

Then comes the colour of your dress. The dress that you choose should blend in well with the wedding theme. You want everyone talking about you, but only with positive comments, right? For that to happen, you’ve to get the colours right. You’re not alone here because you do have other bridesmaids with you, and of course the bride too. 

You all can sit together to come up with the colour ideas for the dress. The colour that’s really popular these days is brown. Many women are opting for this colour because it’s something different and it looks elegant as well. 

There are many bridesmaid gowns that you may choose from. You may opt for a mocha brown or a golden brown gown for the wedding. These shades of brown look well in summer and winter as well. 

Once you’re done with the colours and the sizing, you may think of the budget. It may happen that the bride would buy the dress for you. But that doesn’t mean you’ll go over the budget. There are many sites where you can get dresses for under $100. 

Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

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