Halloween Rave Outfits: Ideas and Inspiration

Halloween Rave Outfits: Ideas and Inspiration

The first word that springs to mind when you think of Halloween is COSTUMES! This popular American holiday is now celebrated across every nation. A secular tradition which makes us all want to live in horror that one single day. You have kids knocking at your door for trick or treat and horror-themed parties on every corner. Are you planning to attend a Halloween rave too? Have you decided on any Halloween Rave outfits yet?

Rave isn’t just any other party. It isn’t your traditional or typical get-together. Rave is an entirely different breed of the party altogether. From EDM to drinks, rave is your hard-core party. Therefore, so are its outfits.

Rave fashion has been through a major evolution in its style. It has changed so much since the 1980s. There have been several trends from country to country. Wearing fluorescent or neon clothes with glow sticks is among the few trends that have gone by. Rave fashion is also called festival fashion. There are also your oversized glasses and fluffy boots. It is characterised by too many accessories and crazy colour combinations. Piercings and dyed hair are such a common part of a typical raver’s look.

Psychedelic prints and trippy tops have again gotten back in trend. Neon tops as well as cut-out tops are very much a rave outfit. Imagine picking out an outfit for a Halloween rave now. You can just imagine the amount of Halloween rave outfits one could come up with.


Why Are Halloween Rave Outfits Trending? 

As already mentioned, Rave fashion is also called festive fashion. Considering that Halloween is among the biggest costume festivals. There is no doubt that these outfits are trending. 

You usually would like to dress up as your favourite character or just someone who looks very scary. I am sure that Halloween this year is going to be seeing plenty of Maddy-inspired outfits this year. The tight-fitting bell bottoms, cut-out crop tops and killer eye make-up. There is bound to be a lot of Euphoria Inspiration this 2022 and we are all for it! The vibe of the parties in Euphoria definitely raved and the makeup was on point too.

If we are talking about trends this year – sexy is all in. Even retro too! The retro vibe along with the modern fashion touch has definitely made a comeback this year. High-waisted bottoms from the 80s and the fancy frills. From trippy dresses to holographic rave outfits. Sequins and sparkle makeup to your best goggles. It is time to turn it up. 

Don’t just put on a witch costume and walk into a party. Wear a smokey eye and hold a neon stick. How about an oversized pair of cat-eyed goggles? Let your sleeves have frills and your costume a few slits! Add the rave touch to your dress and become a trend.


4 Best Halloween Rave Outfits For Younger Women 

These are some Halloween rave outfits that you could wear on Halloween.


  • Cut-out Bodycon


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This Maddy Perez-inspired outfit has taken the internet by storm. Every girl wants to be her. This outfit along with her dramatic eye look and glitter is a killer! Those arm sleeves and platform boots along with a fanny pack. You are good to go! 


  • Cheerleader


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Yes, a cheerleader is an extremely common Halloween outfit but not if it’s Olivia inspired! This look from her “Good 4 u” music video became really popular. You could go for really tacky hair clips instead. Probably clips with letters and words describing your personality. You could go for neon hair clips or hair streaks. Go wild with the makeup too. You could also add rave glasses to your look. 


  • Hot pink maid


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Killing eve is among a few really underrated shows. Villanelle’s character on the show has the best fashion closet ever. This look was bound to be her scariest.  The tacky pink maid outfit with the satin and the frills. You could carry a neon pink glow stick along. If not that scary face mask, makeup and headgear like that are going to make heads turn.


  • Sci-fi


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Eleven is back in action and you can be too! This new look on the show is very interesting and could be among the most interesting Halloween rave outfits this year. It is your typical bodycon outfit with minor changes. You could go with that nosebleed using glow paint. You could also wear boots with this and have a fancy fanny pack. How about styling your hair crazily?


4 Best Halloween Rave Outfits For Older Women 

Some outfits may not be comfortable for some women. So, these are some Halloween rave outfits that you could wear on Halloween.


  • Superhero


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Who isn’t aware of marvel? Wanda’s red outfit look is worth imitating. The scarlet witch’s crown and those red eyes. Just imagine wearing a red contact lens with heavy eye makeup. You would totally look like a scarlet witch. Try to see if you could find a fluorescent crown or glow paint your palms with red colour.


  • Princess


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Not your traditional Disney princess but the Bridgerton kind. This Kate Sharma-inspired look as well as other outfits on the show aren’t your typical gowns. They are very different in appearance. You may go for scary-looking jewellery and a fancy tiara and also go for cut Kandi which is popular at rave parties. You may also opt for a cool face mask.


  • High-low Tulle


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This Emily in Paris-inspired look is perfect to accessorise on. You could probably turn it into a midi or short dress. Wear different chains and go for a bold red lipstick and heavy eye make-up look. You could also go for red leather boots and some glitter on the face. 


  • Collared dress


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This Beth’s look from Queen’s Gambit is simple but we can make it funky! How about glow-painted sneakers. You could really go for a black and white chess vibe on it. You could also be inspired by that for your makeup. Wear chess piece earrings. You may also go for tattoo sleeves to take it up a notch.


4 Best Halloween Rave Outfits 

These are some very scary Halloween rave outfits that you could wear on Halloween. These are character-based as well as super scary.


  • Squid Jumpsuit


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One of the most popular shows this year, the Squid Game has really inspired outfit choices. This look is easy to find and wear. Although, you may get a little hot with all the dancing and crowd. The red jumper and the shape masks are perfect. You may want to glow-paint the shape to add a touch. 


  • Pumpkin


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This pumpkin-inspired look is perfect for a rave party. The ring halter bikini and the printed bottoms are in Halloween colours. You may also opt for that heavy and scary makeup. You may also use Halloween stickers on your body to add to the look. This look will also allow you to use Kandi to accessorise. You may also carry a fanny pack along with kaleidoscope goggles.


  • Fairy


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This Kendall Jenner-inspired look is feathery and fun. The outfit is super interesting. You will easily find fairy wings with neon lights. Find detachable wings. It should be easy for you to leave them if it gets tough while dancing. You could also go heavy on the makeup and buy a fancy crown. 


  • Kandi


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This look is so Kandi-inspired. It is all about accessorising. You could wear a bikini or even cut-out crop tops with net stockings. You could wear absolutely anything comfortable underneath and still shine out with Kandi jewellery. The hair extensions also add to the rave look. You may also go for a Kandi mask like this.


Top 4 Rave Halloween Costumes For Couples 

Couples often like to dress in matching or couple-based outfits on Halloween. Here are some Rave Halloween outfits that couples might like to wear.


  • Skeleton wedding


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Why go as a simple bride and groom when you can be a skeleton? Go nuts with the make-up. The bride and groom can definitely make cuts on their dresses. The bride could also carry a blood-stained veil or a Kandi tiara. 


  • The IT vibe


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No, I do not mean Information technology. These IT movie-inspired outfits are a perfect fit for a couple. Especially if your spouse hates dressing up. It is a makeup heavy look. You could also use a Kandi face mask instead of applying the makeup around your mouth. It might add a rave touch as well as help save your face from trouble.


  • Angel and devil


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This is again your stereotypical Halloween outfit idea. This is one of the easiest looks to carry. You just require something completely red and completely white. It could either be a bodycon bodysuit or a crochet halter top. You could use glitter on your face along with makeup to add to the look. Don’t forget wings and headgear. That is really important to bring out the entire outfit.


  • Superpower couple


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We all know how Batman and Catwoman look. In fact, the Catwoman look is so sleek. It really brings out your figure. Superhero looks also come with a lot of makeup. You may either buy a mask or directly cake your face with paints. You could try making Kandi ears for Catwoman. It may look different but will add a rave touch to the look. 


How to Choose Halloween Rave Outfits 

Halloween is a festive occasion. People dress in two ways. They either go with a stereotype which is commonly worn or they are inspired by a character. Commonly used Halloween costumes have been the sexy nurse, witch or skeleton. In such cases, it becomes more about your makeup than your costume. Therefore, you have to focus on looking scary.

If you wish to dress as a character, the challenge is more about how accurate you are with the character. If you wish to be a character from Money heist, do you have the face mask used on the show? Halloween Rave Outfits must be a merger between how you want to express yourself and your costume.

When it is about choosing an outfit, always focus on comfort. You can never carry an outfit if you are not comfortable in it. There is a lot of dancing at raves. These aren’t small parties. They are crowded with hard-core music playing all along. You don’t want to be stuck with an outfit which is too hot or cold for you and also don’t want to be in something too tacky. You must be able to dance your heart out without any worries.

Therefore choose any outfit you like and feel comfortable in. Find what you want to represent at the party. Since it is Halloween, make all efforts to look scary. Don’t overthink your makeup. Halloween Rave outfits are also about accessorising. Don’t stay low on wearing Kandi or funky sunglasses. Be as cool and funky as you wish to be.



What Do You Wear To A Halloween Rave?

Ravers love dressing up and Halloween is the perfect time to do so. When it comes to deciding on an outfit, you need to first decide on a character. There is no hard and fast rule that only certain dresses can be worn to a Halloween rave. You can wear whatever you like. That does not mean you end up at a Halloween rave with formals claiming to be a businesswoman.

Raves are trippy and Halloween is scary. Dress accordingly. There are an unlimited amount of Halloween Rave outfits you can choose from. It all depends on how you plan to carry it. Planning to dress up as a nurse? There might be plenty of others planning to do so. Try to stand out.

There are so many TV shows and movies you may take inspiration from. Plenty of horror movies too! 


How Should I Dress For A Rave Theme?

Firstly, be comfortable. Secondly, stick to the theme. Raves usually have a judgement-free environment. No one cares how you dress. That doesn’t mean you kill the vibe. People usually prefer going for loose revealing clothing to feel comfortable. There is an entire crowd dancing together. So, it gets very sweaty. 

Loud colours and trippy patterns are often worn. People also use a lot of body paint. There is a lot of neon usage as well. A rave is all about showing your inner creativity. You can be as wacky as you wish to be. Gloves, laces, necklaces or even sunglasses. You can wear anything as long as you don’t start feeling drained. Always wear footwear that is easy and comfortable to dance and jump in. You don’t want to ditch your heels or let them get dirty.


What Should I Wear For A Day Rave?

Day raves are fun. Usually, people prefer going for dark and very bold colours at rave parties. People often tend to go with blacks and bright reds. Avoid doing so at a day’s rave. Go with light summer colours which don’t absorb too much heat. Also, wear light clothes, don’t wear tight-fitting clothes at all. 

You might also want to ensure that your makeup is on the lighter end. Ensure you use a setting spray after your makeup is done. Do not forget it at any cost. Heat and sweat really spoil the mood. Therefore, dress easy and feel good. Don’t let the heat spoil your fun.


What Is A Rave Outfit?

A rave outfit is all about self-expression. If you check for pictures of rave outfits on the internet. You wouldn’t find people looking the same. Everyone tries to bring out their personality. Some may go very heavy on the accessories while some might tone down on them. 

Typically, a rave outfit comprises heavy usage of Kandi. You will also find a lot of people carrying fanny packs and hydration packs. Many people also wear face mask bandanas. They look super cool, especially along with shades. If you have funky goggles, do not forget to wear them with your outfit. Body stickers and reflective clothing are also part of a typical rave outfit.

A rave outfit is all about the things you add to bring out how you look. If you love butterflies, paint them on your face! If you like glitter, add that too.


What Do You Wear To A Winter Rave? 

Your winter rave outfit must be capable of keeping you both warm and normal. The weather might be chilly but raves get hot pretty soon. Puffer jackets are a cool way of being fashionable as well as being warm. You could also find cute hats like animal hoods to keep you warm.

Many people prefer to wear thigh-high socks when wearing shorts. Some of them also find it absolutely okay to wear cool joggers and pair them with something gorgeous. Finally, platform boots are the best footwear option for a rave. These options will not only keep you warm but are also easy and manageable when temperatures get hot.


In Conclusion

Rave parties are extremely fun. They take you into a different world altogether. On the other hand, Halloween is a festival which is universally enjoyed. Everyone, be it a 5-year-old kid or 60-year-old enjoys the Halloween spirit. Both these types of parties hold costumes at a high position. While raves want you to be your craziest self, Halloween wants you to be your scary self.

It is so important to strike that balance when you pick Halloween rave outfits. You must choose a character and try to build on it. Don’t feel shy to add to your character. Furthermore, don’t wear something uncomfortable too. You would not like to dance while wearing something extremely tight.

Also, accessories are an important part of Halloween rain outfits. They are, in fact, the most important element. These add-ons help the most in bringing out character. Plenty of people express themselves through makeup. Similarly, many do so through colours. Use that to your advantage. There are so many ways you can use these add-ons to glam up your look. Body paints that glow as well as body stickers help you step up. Funky and creative handmade jewellery also helps elevate your entire look.

Finally, have fun. Rave parties are all about enjoying yourself. Sing, dance and make new friends. To enjoy yourself, you must feel good about yourself.  Therefore, choose the right Halloween rave outfit and enjoy!

Do you have any Halloween rave outfit ideas? Do you have any ideas that you would like to use this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below.

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