Japanese Lingerie Ideas For 2023 and Beyond

Japanese Lingerie Ideas

In Japanese culture, maid outfits are extremely popular. People wear these outfits in the privacy of their rooms. But that’s not it, they also wear them on the streets. This means that Japanese lingerie is so popular that there are people who wear them in cafés, cosplay events, costume parties, and so on. 

In this article, we’ve included many such types of lingerie that you may buy for yourself.


Why Is Japanese Lingerie Trending? 

The Japanese lingerie that mostly appears to be like a maid outfit has taken its inspiration from the UK and the US. After seeing the maid outfits that were worn by waitresses over in these countries, the Japanese women also started to wear them.

At first, they only wore them in some small cafés. This means that these outfits weren’t really lingerie outfits for normal women in Japan. 

Looking at the picture more clearly, you may understand that the origin of these outfits was because of British culture. However, it was the American waitress outfits that were more influential for the Japanese women. 

Not only that, there has been some inspiration from French maid outfits as well. These were mostly seen in the PC games in Japan. Many Japanese adult PC games around the 1980s had some characters wearing such outfits in them. 

In simple terms, these outfits started out as literally maid outfits because waitresses wore them. First, they used to wear them in cafés, and soon they wore them in other family restaurants as well. But because of how they were shown in the PC games, they slowly and gradually became a part of lingerie.  

Here’s an example of such an outfit. 

Costume Lingerie with Apron

Here, you’ll need to have a lingerie dress. With this dress, you may wear an apron. This is a black and white outfit, which makes for the classiest maid lingerie outfits. Complete this look by wearing black bellies. 


5 Japanese Lingerie Ideas For Young Women 

Here are some Japanese lingerie outfits for young women. 


  • Crop Top and Skirt


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The colours of this outfit are really pretty. For this outfit, you’d need to get a crop top with puffed sleeves. You may get a crop top without the collar design. Pair the top with a small skirt and add an apron to it. 


  • Off-Shoulder Pink Dress


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If you’re looking for light-coloured lingerie, this should be your pick. Here, you should get an off-shoulder dress. The skirt of the dress has multiple layers on it. With this outfit, you may wear a ribbon choker on your neck too. 


  • Red Bow Dress


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Bow dresses are popular among Japanese lingerie dresses. Here, you may opt for red or burgundy lingerie. The skirt of this dress has similar coloured layers on it. The top layer has an apron attached that makes a bow at the back of the dress. 


  • Blue Dress with Lace Design


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If you’re looking for comfortable lingerie, you may get this one. For this look, you’d need to get a light blue knee-length dress. This dress is made from woollen fur, so it’d be perfect for winter days. This dress’s fur collar would make you look extremely adorable. 


  • Sleeveless Pink Dress


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For this look, you’ll need to get a lingerie dress with a round neck. The dress comes with a small skirt that ends before your knees. You may pair this dress with white stockings and pink heels or boots. 


5 Japanese Lingerie Ideas For Women In Their 30s 

Following are some Japanese lingerie outfits for women in their 30s. These dresses include many colours and they have very unique styles. 


  • Black and White Lingerie


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Maid lingerie obviously includes black and white dresses. For this dress, you’d need to get a short black dress. Over this dress, you should wear a white coloured apron. This would give you a very simple appearance. To complete your look, you can wear a choker on your neck. 


  • Kitten Style Lingerie


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Who said your lingerie has to look sexy all the time? You can really opt for cute lingerie if you want to. For this look, you’d need a short black dress. The dress should have a small kitten cutout on the chest area. Over this dress, you may wear a white coloured apron. 


  • Black and Blue Lingerie


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Blue and black also make for a great combination of Japanese lingerie. Such colours are often inspired by cosplays and PC games. For this look, you’d need to get a dress in these colours. You may pair this dress with black lace stockings. 


  • White Skirt and Blue Apron


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If you’re looking for something wild and extra, why leave this one out? This would really give you an amazing look and you’d feel more confident wearing it. Here, you’ll need a strapless white dress. Then, you’d need to wear a skirt over that dress. You may also wear an apron if you want to. To complete this look, you may wear black heels with white stockings. 


5 Japanese Lingerie Ideas For Women in Their 40s 

Here’s a list of some lingerie outfit ideas that women in their 40s may wear. 


  • Light Blue and Baby Pink Bow Dress


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For this look, you’d need to get a pink and blue coloured dress. The skirt of the dress can have some layers in it. Over this dress, you may wear a small white coloured apron. On the chest area of the lingerie dress, you may attach a big blue bow. 


  • Lace Lingerie Dress


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This is an extremely sexy look that would really steal the show. For this look, you’d need a transparent short black dress. On this dress, you may get a black or white coloured lace design. On your waist area, you may tie a small apron. To complete this look, you can wear cut-out black heels. 


  • Black Skirt and White Apron


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This is yet another look that takes inspiration from cosplays and games. For this look, you may opt for a simple black dress. Over that, you can wear a white coloured apron. Lastly, you’d need to add the best part of the dress, a cape at your back. You should pair this look by wearing black stiletto heels. 


  • Blue and White Lingerie


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Who doesn’t like a good combination of cute and sexy? To create this look, you’d need to get a blue dress. With this dress, you may wear a white skirt. This dress also includes a kitten cut-out on your chest area. You may adjust the cut-out the way you want to. 


5 Japanese Lingerie Ideas For Women in Their 50s 

If you’re a woman in her 50s, these maid lingerie outfits are the ones that you should opt for. 


  • Strapless Bra and Skirt


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For this look, you’ll need to get a strapless bra in blue colour and some lace design on it. Then, you’d need to get a sample coloured skirt for the bottoms. With this simple look, you won’t need much. To complete this look, you may get some light blue footwear or white-coloured footwear. 


  • Black Leather Lingerie


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If you thought that Japanese lingerie doesn’t have leather dresses, you were wrong. Leather adds its own twist to these lingeries and well, you do look sophisticated and sexy in them. For this look, you’d need a simple black leather or latex dress. With this dress, you’d need a small apron that you may attach to your waist. 


  • Leather Skirt and Leather Top


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If you can’t get enough leather lingeries, you may get this one too! To create this look, you’d need everything leather. Opt for a leather top in black colour. With this top, you’d need a white leather skirt. To complete the look, you’d need black stockings and black stilettos. 


  • Simple Black Lingerie


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Not every maid lingerie needs to have an apron in it. To create this look, you’ll need to get a simple black dress with spaghetti straps. This dress is cute and it’s easy to weather as well. To complete this look, you’d need transparent lace stockings and black bellies. 

The Best Japanese Lingerie Brands 

These are some of the most famous brands from which you can buy Japanese lingerie. 


  • Spree Picky


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On Spree Picky, you can find various Japanese outfits. This store has a huge collection of Japanese maid lingerie. Most of these outfits would cost you less than $100. You’ll find maid outfits in black and white colours, and in different styles. Since the main element in maid lingeries from Japan is cuteness, you’ll find them here. All their outfits are super cute and adorable. 


  • Dominatrix Store


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The Dominatrix store has a collection of beautiful lingerie. They mostly include the French maid dresses in their store. You’ll find these dresses in different kinds of colours. If you’re someone who likes leather or latex maid dresses, then this is your shop. With a budget of $100 – $250, you’ll easily be able to find your pick here. 


  • Syndrome Store


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At Syndrome Store, you can find many simple-looking maid lingeries for yourself. Here, too, you’ll find that most of the outfits come in black and white colours. You may add other colours on your own by getting a few accessories. You can shop at this store with only $100 in your wallet. 


  • Bodyline Tokyo


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If you like bright red coloured maid lingeries, then Bodyline Tokyo is the one for you. In this store, you’ll find gorgeous and pretty-looking maid lingerie for yourself. If red isn’t your colour, then you can even go for blue. In case you like to keep things classy, there’s always the option of getting black and white lingerie. On Bodyline Tokyo, you’ll be able to shop for $50-$100. 


What Does It Mean When Someone Wears A Maid Outfit?

These days, many people are wearing maid outfits and you can see it all over the internet. There are professionals who wear aprons, but not actually a whole maid outfit. You can see chefs, baristas, waiters, etc wearing aprons.

Then there are actual maids who also wear maid dresses. You won’t find such a maid in a middle-class family. Upper-class families hire full-time maids who wear their maid uniforms every day. 

Maid outfits are also worn by a huge population of young women and even men. These outfits were trending on TikTok because many men wore them to oppose stereotypical thinking. Few even called this an act of transgression on their part. 

On the other hand, women wear maid outfits as lingeries. There are different colours of these lingeries. The most common colours obviously include black and white. In order to make these outfits cute, brands manufacture them in many more colours. 

Depending on their preference and choice, women can opt for any type of maid lingerie that they want. There is Japanese maid lingerie that comes in lace designs. This lace design can be seen on the tops and on the sleeves as well. Some of the lingeries have laces at the end of the skirt. 

Leather or latex is also quite popular in maid lingerie outfits. If the quality of the leather used in the manufacturing of the outfit was good, then it won’t irritate the skin. 


Are Maid Outfits Comfortable?

The comfort of maid lingerie depends on many factors. First, there is the person who is wearing them. If you are wearing a maid outfit, what would you prefer? What cloth quality would you go for? What clothing items would you wear? 

When you understand your preferences, you’ll know what you’ll feel comfortable in. As mentioned earlier, many of the maid lingeries have lace designs in them. If you’re not comfortable wearing a lace design dress, then you may opt for a different design. Lingerie is made from sheer fabric material like chiffon, satin, and silk. You can opt for any of these designs. 

For some women, even the colour adds to a level of comfort. Even though black and white are the basic colours in Japanese maid outfits, you can opt for others. There’s a colour combination of red and white, pink and white, and blue and white. You can choose from any of such colour combinations for yourself.  

Another reason for comfort is the outfit itself. It’s not a guarantee that just because an outfit is made from silk material, it’ll be smooth. Cheap-quality dresses from unfamiliar brands can take all the comfort away from lingerie. 

So, you’ll have to check the reviews of a brand first. If the reviews look promising to you, then you may get the dress to test it out. If you’re new at this, then it would take you some tries before you’ll be able to get the outfit that you want. 

Most importantly, there may be a belief that lingerie is supposed to be a little uncomfortable. However, just like any clothing item, they need to be comfortable if you want to wear them easily. Hence, find comfort your way only. 


Why Are Maid Outfits Popular In Japan?

If you’d look from this century’s point of view, a lot of inspiration for these outfits comes from PC games. The gaming culture is extremely popular in these east Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and China. Japanese lingerie became more popular because of adult PC games. The impact of these games of course spread out into the real world. 

Another reason these outfits are hugely popular in Japanese culture is because of Manga. The word means comics in the Japanese language. These comics have many genres and one of the famous genres includes maid lingeries in them. Since the younger generation of Japan show a lot of interest in these comics, the outfits become popular with them too. 

In addition to these, there’s one more reason. The third reason for this popularity is the Japanese maid cafés. You’d find many cafés in the streets of Japan with women wearing maid outfits. These cafés have a somewhat strict policy wherein women have to wear these outfits and these women are mostly young. They obviously have to behave very nicely with the customers. Plus, they’ve to be cute in every way. 

When talking about their maid outfits, these outfits have to look cute on them. You may think as if these maids should look like dolls in their outfits. 

For instance, a maid can wear cute kitten lingerie. To create this look, you’d have to wear a dress in any colour that you like. This dress should have a kitten shape cut out on the chest area. To add more cuteness to this look, you can wear cute kitten slippers as well. 


Did French Maids Dress Like That?

Maid dresses were really popular in France and they originated around the 19th century. During that time, women wore these dresses as lingerie. After all those years, these dresses are still popular over there. Today, these dresses are worn as fancy costumes for fun and as lingerie as well. 

They wear these outfits as fancy costumes because the black and white colours of maid dresses bring out some sexiness on many occasions. 

In the early days, the French maid outfits were simple and plain. They didn’t include too many elements in them, and they were easy to wear as well. But as the years went by, the modern dresses lost that simplicity. This doesn’t mean that the dresses became uncomfortable to wear. Rather, they’ve started mirroring a fantasy-like experience for women. 

The French maid outfits also include latex maid dresses. These types of dresses are mostly worn by women for intimate reasons. When you’re wearing latex or a leather maid dress, use a shiner spray on the outfit. Since most of these dresses come in black and white colour only, the black colour would shine a little extra. 

If you’re getting a French maid dress, you may get a dress in a colour different from black and white. In addition to that, you may also get various accessories with your outfit. You can get a feather duster, a maid hat, and an apron. Lastly, you’ll need to get some high heels as well. 


How Do You Put On A Maid Apron?

Putting on a maid’s apron is really easy. There are different sizes of aprons in maid lingeries. But that doesn’t matter, you can wear them in almost the same way. There are a few steps that you should follow while wearing your apron. 

  • Step 1: Put on the apron and adjust it on your body the way you want to. Don’t put it too high because it can ruin your look and it can suffocate you as well. 
  • Step 2: If the apron has a loop on top, do tie that loop on your neck. Again, follow a similar process. Feel your neck to realize where you want to tie the loop. When you’re tying the loop, do it carefully, as it doesn’t have to be too tight or too loose.
  • Step 3: If your apron has a loop on its waist side, then tie this loop in the same way. Many aprons have loops on their waists. There are many lingeries that come with a bow design on them. There would be pockets on the skirts with a bow on them. There would be a bow loop on the waist too. So, with such Japanese lingerie, tie the bow loop carefully as well. The bow at your backside should look really fitting and amazing. 

When you wear maid lingerie with an apron on it, the apron really carries the whole outfit. The loose fit of an apron would bring down your look very easily. Therefore, when you’re getting maid lingerie, make sure that you’re buying the right size of the apron. 


In Conclusion

Japanese lingeries come in many sizes, colours, and styles. Therefore, most of these outfits look cute and pretty. These dresses started gaining a lot more popularity in Japan because of PC games and Manga. 

To get one such outfit for yourself, there are many stores that you can go to. If you have a budget under $50, then you may shop from Bodyline Tokyo. Whereas, if you can afford to get dresses with a budget of $200, then you should go to the Dominatrix store. 

Japanese Lingerie Ideas

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