Buckle Bootcut Jeans: Ideas and Styling Tips

Buckle Bootcut Jeans

Jeans were first created in the 1870s. Then, only cowboys, coal miners, and other manual labourers could wear them. At the time, the phrase “good jeans” seemed to be an utter contradiction. However, in the 1950s, everybody started wearing jeans with adolescent rebellion in America. The public started to notice these jeans as something white collar employees would wear. During the 20th century, buckle bootcut jeans, in particular, became a staple of American sailors’ work attire. However, the bell bottom jeans started taking their place. Bootcut jeans came in use for manual labour so that sailors may get dirty without worrying about getting them dirty.

According to traditional definitions, bootcut jeans are one that tapers at the knee. Then it relaxes at the ankle to allow for the wearing of a boot below the jean. It is not the bell bottom or flare, so you should not get confused. They look quite similar. That is why people find it difficult to distinguish among them.

The ultra-flared leg jeans worn by the labourers’ children in the 1960s and 1970s gave birth to bootcut jeans. Tapered and skintight jeans took bell bottoms jeans’ place as the 1980s arrived. However, bell bottoms made a comeback in the late 1980s under the name flares. Early in the 1990s, bootcut jeans started gaining popularity again.

Nowadays, both men and women wear bootcut jeans. However, there is a slight difference between the jeans for women and men. Men’s jeans are more loose and have a slight flare near the ankles. Bootcut jeans for women often fit closely at the knee and flare out at the bottom.


Why Are They Trending?

It can be challenging and irritating to find the ideal pair of jeans. It might be challenging to even start choosing when there are so many brands, styles and colours available. Trends like bell bottoms and snug jeans eventually go out of style. Buckle bootcut jeans and chinos are two looks that have stood the test of time for both men and women. However, it depends on your height, body type and shoe collection which classic is best for you.

Bootcut jeans have a narrower leg opening at the thigh area and a wider leg opening at the knee and hem. Bootcut jeans look better on well-endowed women because the extra width at the bottom balances out the top. It looks good on men and women with larger hip and thigh areas since the forgiving broader hems reduce the gap between the thigh and ankle width. The shoes you choose to wear with a particular kind of jeans can make or break the entire outfit. Bootcut jeans are for wearing boots or other bulky footwear such as wedges. However, it’s not necessary; you can wear any footwear.

Bootcut jeans are now available in every clothing store, regardless of your budget. You can locate the ideal bootcut jeans from a big-box store or bargain retailer if your budget is less than $20. High-end clothing stores offer designer labels of jeans from $100 to $1,000 if you want to invest in a great pair of jeans. Remember that what matters most is how the jeans look on you. Also, how comfortable you find them to be, not how much they cost.


3 Popular Buckle Bootcut Jeans

Buckle bootcut jeans may have a 90’s look, but it’s rising into fashion again. Many people are starting to go for that look again. They are wearing it with everything such as crop tops and stylish shirts. We have mentioned some popular buckle bootcut jeans here for you to consider:


  • Rugged jeans


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The exceptional durability of denim is a perk of wearing it. In addition to making jeans a durable item, this also enables them to look classy. Bootcut jeans with visible rips are the ideal approach to give your look some edge. In addition, it’s cosy besides being in style.


  • Mid-rise waist


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One of the most figure-friendly rises available. It is suitable for all body types. It is something of a secret weapon for those of us who want a little more definition around our midsections. Mid-rise jeans are an excellent choice for all. This is because they go well with almost every top length. They’re appropriate for both formal and informal occasions.


  • High Rise Button Fly


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Short girls can look beautiful in anything with a high rise. So include them as a wardrobe staple in your collection. This is also our favourite go-to jeans look. This is because it’s so simple to lengthen your legs and give the impression that you’re taller. Women with small torsos should avoid wearing high-rise jeans. High-rise jeans are unflattering since they will make your waist appear even narrower. Rows of buttons are also present on it which looks quite elegant.


3 Best Bootcut Jeans High Waisted

Even though there are countless ways to style bootcut jeans, the majority of people like to go with the high-waisted style. It looks amazing too. It makes your legs look leaner and longer making it an amazing way to style your outfit. We have mentioned some best high-waisted bootcut jeans here:


  • Button-up jeans


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The detailing and button front are excellent. You’ll think they are the most attractive pair of jeans you have ever worn. The best part about button-up jeans is that any other kind of top goes well with them. Jeans with a high waist and buttons are in right now. Even flared jeans with a button-up. This is undoubtedly one of the best buckle bootcut jeans.


  • Slim fit jeans


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The fit of slim jeans is snug from the waist to the foot. Although there is a bit more room across the legs, they are identical to slim jeans. This is the ideal style of jeans to wear if you want to appear stylish and fit. In every brand’s newest collection, you can find several styles of such jeans.


  • Side slit jeans


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Jeans with side slits fit snugly around your waist at their thinnest point. They also allow you to maintain a comfortable posture throughout the day. The design has enough room for ease and a huge flare that moves with you when you walk. Wide-leg buckle bootcut jeans with a side slit will give you a sophisticated style. Wear them with a sharp top for a professional look or with shoes for a sporty appearance.


3 Best Bootcut Jeans for Teenagers

Buckle bootcut jeans are famous among all age groups. But it is especially famous with teenagers. They are going for these jeans making them more popular in today’s times. You can wear it with a tank top or with a full-sleeved top. It completely depends on you. We have mentioned some best bootcut jeans for teenagers here:


  • Flare bootcut jeans


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Pear and hourglass forms look fantastic with flares. Find the ideal inseam for you. You need clothing that falls over the floor but doesn’t overpower your form. Flares are long-lasting. Choose the appropriate inseam first, and then the appropriate heel height. Experiment with different lengths of tops. You can go for that is either large for the ’70s feel or tailored to highlight your waist.


  • High-waist


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These loose-fitting jeans have a raw hem. It provides the utmost comfort and a retro look to wear all day. Lightweight jeans are strong and long-lasting to wear. These jeans will offer you the stylish vibe of loose-fitting, thin-fabric jeans. The raw hem makes them a perfect pair to flaunt in the spring and summer. High-waist bootcut jeans are quite trendy among women.


  • 90’s jeans


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These jeans are pretty fashionable right now. It has a relaxed cropped look. Even though not every situation may call for it. It does, however, fit everyone. It is informal and goes well with a wide variety of outfits. Summertime is a fantastic time to wear it. In addition, it comes in all colours and price ranges.


Top 3 Buckle Bootcut Jeans For Women

There is no rule that says that Buckle bootcut jeans are for men only. Anybody can wear it. In fact, it’s trendier with women. They are wearing jeans in many different ways and are loving them too! This is because of the comfort they get. Also, it looks quite stylish. We have mentioned some of the best buckle bootcut jeans for women here:


  • High-rise jeans


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Although this outfit is frequently thought of as “vintage,” it is actually classic. This fit will look great on slimmer-waisted athletic body types. Slender hourglass figures look amazing in a high-rise, stretchy jeans. This look is ideal for tucking in cropped tops. It appears incredible to everyone. In addition, it is cosy to move around in.


  • Lee jeans


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Stretch denim that is quite slimming, light as air, and smooth as silk. These jeans are becoming trendy these days. This is because of the stretchable fabric. The woman who wears these jeans is quite comfortable in these jeans. It is stylish as well as comfortable.


  • Ripped jeans


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The bootcut jean designs go great with a hippy and boho look. The casual bootcut works out nicely. In addition, you can incorporate similar themes with a little more spectacular ripped jeans. For a full boho look, add a fringed bag, a loose top, and some hippy prints. Many people love wearing this attire. especially if they want to wear something casual.


3 Affordable Buckle Bootcut Jeans

If you are thinking that these jeans are expensive, then you are wrong. These jeans are quite affordable. Though there are bootcut jeans that are expensive, not every pair of jeans is like that. In fact, most jeans are affordable. That is why there is no need to stop yourself from buying these jeans due to budget constraints. We have mentioned a few affordable buckle bootcut jeans here:


  • White Jeans


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The ivory jeans design is sure a winner. This looks stylish, flatters many body types, and doesn’t require much style effort. Black and white designs or various shades of grey are good choices if you wish to add more detail. These neutral colours suit everyone. This is the reason they are so popular.


  • Vintage


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One of the most popular and traditional denim cuts is the boot cut. The 1990s are somehow exuded by bootcut jeans. Bootcut jeans are the ideal compromise for a neat and easy look. It requires little effort when you want a flared style without going all ’70s. For a vintage style, wear these pants with a striped blouse and a hair bow.


  • Distressed jeans


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Bootcut distressed denim jeans include a high waist and a zipper fastening, along with a distressed appearance. Add a white shirt and black boots to the look. These jeans stand out on their own. All people adore these jeans. This is a result of the comfort and style of these jeans. It also looks good in any colour.


Top 3 Ways to Style Them

Buckle bootcut are becoming trendy these days. So, people are coming up with different ideas to style bootcut jeans. They are being creative with it too. Some are wearing them with sweaters while others are wearing them with tube tops. There are many ways to style these jeans as it is quite versatile. We have mentioned some ways to style buckle bootcut jeans here:


  • Pink jeans


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Want to wear denim yet still appear classy and feminine? For a coordinated look, consider purchasing bootcut pants in pink colour and wearing them with a black shirt. To guarantee you have a timeless ensemble. Ensure the top includes feminine features like off-the-shoulder detailing. Although it may not sound very sophisticated, it is. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with this outfit!


  • Rodeo High rise


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All fashionistas must be searching for the best women’s bootcut jeans to add to their wardrobes. This is because retro fashion is making a major comeback. Bootcut jeans, which feature a slight flare near the ankles, were quite fashionable. It was especially famous during the hippie era of the 1960s and 1970s. Tank tops, shirts, and t-shirts are all simple ways to style them.


  • Slim bootcut jeans


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Although they are not as snug or form-fitting, slim-fit jeans are as good as skinny jeans. For individuals who prefer to wear comfy but still stylish jeans, this cut is well-known. For people who want a fitting pair of jeans and aren’t a fan of skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans are a great option. Any kind of footwear, including boots and sneakers, goes well with these jeans.



What Is The Purpose Of Bootcut Jeans?

The best cut of jeans to wear when you’re deciding between two designs and also want a pair that will work for every occasion is bootcut. These jeans hug the hips and thighs. That gives them a sensual appearance. They broaden from the knee to the hem, balancing the shoulders. They have a slightly tapered thigh area. One of the most popular and traditional denim cuts is the buckle bootcut jeans. Despite having a poor rap for being out of date, they are regaining popularity due to their little vintage flair. And also the ability to go with anything. The most common way is to pair it up with a t-shirt. However, you can wear a top or a t-shirt of any colour. These jeans are a timeless, all-American style that is ideal for all ages. It is also available in a variety of waistlines and brands.


When Did Bootcut Jeans Go Out Of Style?

Due to their unattractiveness and limited wearable options. Bootcut jeans have long been the misery of every fashionista’s existence. However, their primary use was for cowboy boots. This allows a cowboy to comfortably wear his jeans over his boots. Later, in order to fit more people, the bootcut jean evolved into Bell Bottoms in the 1960s and 1970s. The well-liked wide-leg jeans, however, did not last very long. This is because conventional bootcut jeans contributed to the early 2000s low-rise denim fad. Buckle bootcut jeans are currently now again in fashion as more and more people are opting for them.


Are Bootcut Jeans Coming Back?

Both yes and no. Bootcut jeans are back in style. But they’re not quite the same basic blue-wash high waisters you might remember wearing in your adolescence to high school. This timeless pair of jeans made a comeback, but this time with more flare and ankle-length hems. Buckle bootcut jeans are once again in style. The bootcut jeans of this year have a figure-flattering high waist. And also has a lesser flare than its earlier versions. That is in contrast to the bootcut jeans of the early times, which had hip-hugging waists.


What’s The Difference Between Bell Bottoms And Bootcut Jeans?

Jeans with a bootcut have a modest ankle flare. Wide-leg jeans have more of a triangle shape. This is because the flare is more gradual. Whereas bell-bottom jeans are tighter around the thighs and knees. They have more of an hourglass shape.

Jeans with a bootcut have a modest ankle flare. Ankle boots look good with this kind of jeans.

Bell-bottom jeans fit closely through the thigh and flared out from the knee to the leg opening.


Do Bootcut Jeans Make You Look Thinner?

Wide-leg, high-waisted jeans can give you the impression of being taller, slimmer, and leaner. With its suitability for all body types, the bootcut is the most generally flattering style. Large waists, hips, and thighs are not visible. This is because of the larger hem. They conceal wide calves and give an illusion of slimmer legs.

Your legs appear longer thanks to the bottoms’ broader width. This in turn helps you appear taller and more slender. Regardless of your height or weight, this look is quite slimming. As the thighs appear slender, the style embraces the belly and hips. This is thanks to the bottoms’ broader width, which helps you appear taller and slender.


In Conclusion

Bootcut jeans are amazing for flattering every figure. This style of jeans is fashionable and generally flattering. So as long as you match it with the appropriate items, you can wear it wherever. 

It is a good idea to wear something fitting or tailored over bootcut jeans because they have a tiny ankle flare. You run the danger of seeming sloppy or rounder than you actually are if the top you’re wearing is loose or baggy. Bootcut jeans are an excellent choice as it balances your outfit from top to bottom.

Like all jeans, bootcut jeans should be comfortable to wear. The waistline of mid-rise jeans should fall on or just below your belly button. However, the jeans leg is where you can find the desired style. It needs to be snug through the thigh and up to the knee, then it should gently flare out below the knee all the way to the tops of your toes. Also, don’t overlook the hem. The hem of your women’s bootcut jeans should fall where your toe and foot meet. That is unless you’re sporting cropped jeans. Those jeans should cut above the ankle.

They are versatile jeans: they are fashionable, useful, and comfortable. You can even use them when mountain climbing or hitting the club with the girls. Even now, bootcut jeans are in vogue because they are adaptable. Bootcut jeans are for people from all social classes who want to look sophisticated without trying too hard.

Do you like wearing buckle bootcut jeans? How do you style it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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