Vintage Aesthetic Outfits: Ideas and Inspiration

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits- Ideas and Inspiration

Vintage aesthetic refers to those outfits that were popular in the 70s to 90s era. In this era, women wore different kinds of attires. Many of the vintage aesthetic outfits include baggy and comfortable clothes. These aesthetic clothes may include many colours too. 

Usually, you’d find that these clothes have bright colours. Many of them have a colour combination of pink, red, blue, yellow, or orange. Some people opt for darker aesthetics by wearing leather jackets or dark-coloured dresses. 

When you wear these outfits, you also have to pay attention to the accessories you’re wearing. If you’re going with an emo-core aesthetic, then you’d need to have some chains or lockets in your neck. You may also wear multiple rings on your hands. For makeup, you may do it heavily on your eyes. If you take a look at the earlier looks of people, you’d see that many of them wore thick eyeliners. 

An advantage that comes with these outfits is that they are cheaper than other clothing items. These days you’d find that because of fast fashion and high-quality materials, clothes become too expensive and they disrupt your budget. If you’re looking for a similar quality of clothes and those that are stylish too, you may get these outfits. 

There’s a disadvantage with these clothes too. It’s that these clothes don’t come in larger sizes. If you know American history, then you’d know that obesity wasn’t as big of a problem in those years. Therefore, most of the clothes from that time period would fit under the smaller sizes of today. For this reason, you may use the benefit of sewing your clothes, so they fit you perfectly. 

Read our article to find some inspirations for wearing vintage aesthetic outfits. Find out what suits you the best! 


Why Are Vintage Aesthetic Outfits Trending? 

These days, you’d find many celebrities donning vintage clothing items. If you are an avid social media user, you’d have seen many influencers wearing such outfits. It’s on social media platforms like Instagram that these outfits have started trending a lot. 

People wear them as a part of trends and show a tutorial on how they decided on the dress. They wear multiple kinds of dresses to know what their audiences think about them. A lot of these influencers recreate the vintage outfits from old TV sitcoms. You’d find a lot of people famously recreate the looks of Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie. 

It’s not just the celebrities though, a lot of people from your social circle must’ve tried these vintage aesthetic outfits too. The reason these outfits are trending among many women is that these dresses are different from today’s fashion. This is because many of these outfits do take inspiration from hippie fashion. 

When you think of hippie fashion, you think of a lifestyle that is liberated and free. Hippies in the early days and even today wear those kinds of clothes that represent such a lifestyle. So you’d often see that these clothes are very loose on the body. Even if you’re wearing a crop top or a small skirt, it won’t be too tight on your body. 

There are many more aesthetic outfits that people wear. Some of these include – 

  • Emo Aesthetic Outfits
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits
  • Cottage Core Aesthetic Outfits
  • Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits
  • 90s Aesthetic Outfits 
  • Indie Aesthetic Outfits


Before Instagram, these outfits had become extremely popular on another social media platform known as Tumblr. The Tumblr vintage aesthetic outfits movement had started around 2010.  Most of what you see on Instagram and Tik Tok today is also inspired by Tumblr. 


4 Vintage Aesthetic Outfits For Young Women 

Following are some of the best aesthetic outfits for young women. 


  • Plaid Pants with Crop Sweatshirt


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If you’re going for a hip look, this outfit would look great on you. For this look, you’ll need a pair of white shoes, an orange-coloured beanie, and a stylish black belt. When going with the outfit, you’d need a plain or a graphic crop sweatshirt in white colour. You may pair it with plaid pants. 

  • Red Sweatshirt with Boyfriend Jeans


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This is a look that you may wear on Valentine’s Day or on Christmas. To create this look, you’d need blue coloured boyfriend jeans. To go with these jeans, you’d need a bright red coloured sweatshirt. For the jewellery, you may wear a pearl necklace and layer it with other necklaces. 

  • White Top with Denim Pants


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Could you go for any better vintage aesthetic outfits? This is probably the most simple look, and it’s also the most favoured one. There’s not much effort that you’ve to put into creating this look. All you’d need is a plain white top and a good pair of denim jeans. 


  • Plaid Skirt with Spaghetti Top


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This is a chic look that also looks cute. You may opt for this look to have beautiful summer vibes. Here, you’d need an orange-coloured spaghetti top and a green-coloured plaid skirt. For the footwear, you may wear simple white shoes or you may even wear boots. You can add more style to this look by wearing a cool pair of sunglasses. 


5 Vintage Aesthetic Outfits For Women in Their 40s 

Listed down below are a few vintage aesthetic clothes that women in their 40s can wear. 


  • Yellow T-shirt with Blue Overalls


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This is another popular and cute aesthetic outfit. This may look fairly new for a vintage outfit, however, this type of outfit was very popular in the 90s. For creating this look, you’d need blue overalls and a yellow t-shirt. 

  • Orange Dress with Long Coat


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If you like celebrity looks, then you may opt for this outfit worn by Rihanna. Here, you’d need to get an orange dress in a checkered pattern. Over this dress, you may add a long brown coloured jacket. You may keep some minimal accessories with this look. 


  • Blazer and Pants


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You may create one of the best vintage aesthetic outfits with this look. This outfit would make you look sophisticated easily. Here, you’d need to have a vintage blazer, a shirt under it, and a pair of pants. 


  • Checkered Pants with Loose Top


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If you’re going for a cute and bubbly look, then this is the one outfit for you. Here, you’d need to have a baggy pink t-shirt. To go with this t-shirt, you’d need checkered pants in the same colour. 

  • Short Dress with Fur Sleeves


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With this dress, you’re ready to go to any party. The vibe of this dress is unmatched. To create this exquisite look, you’d need a short dress in yellow colour. Opt for a dress that has fur sleeves on it. 


5 Vintage Aesthetic Outfits For Older Women 

Following are some of the greatest vintage aesthetic outfit collections for older women. 


  • Oversized Shirt with Black Pants


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This aesthetic from the 90s appears to be a casual office look. To create this look, you’d need a shirt and leather pants. You may finish the look by wearing a coat over the shirt. For the footwear, shoes would be the best fit, but you can also wear a pair of sandals. 

  • Denim Jeans and Jacket Set


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This was one of the looks from the 80s and 90s. This is a rather simple look. Here, all you’d need is a set of denim jeans and a denim jacket. With this outfit, you may wear brown or black coloured boots. 

  • Layered Dresses with Fur Jacket


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Fur jackets make a huge part of vintage aesthetic outfits. Opt for a dark-shaded fur jacket to wear on your outfit. The outfit would include two dresses in layers. You may wear a knee-length dress in white colour. Over that, you can add a small dress in black colour. 

  • Long Skirt with Black Crop Top


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Another one of the simpler looks with vintage aesthetics. Here, you’d need to wear a white coloured long skirt. To pair with the skirt, you may wear a small black coloured blouse or a crop top. 

  • Silk Dress with Leather Jacket


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Many women wore beautiful silk gowns in the early 90s. When creating this look, you’d need to wear a long silk gown in gray colour. Over the gown, you may add a small leather jacket. 


How To Choose Vintage Aesthetic Outfits 

For choosing a vintage aesthetic outfit, you’d need to know the aesthetic look that you’re going with. There are many types of aesthetics that you may choose from. Vintage clothing includes various types of aesthetics. 

Many people opted to have a cute and lovable look. Therefore, they opted for those aesthetic outfits with many colours in them. Besides colours, these clothes also had unique and cute patterns. For example, find a cute vintage aesthetic dress with strawberry patterns printed on it. 

Some people opt for a more classy and sophisticated look. These people look for more dark academia vibes in their clothing. Such outfits include neutral or nude colour shades. For instance, such a look would have a brown coloured turtleneck sweater. To pair with the sweater you may wear plaid pants in similar colours. 

There are also those types of vintage aesthetic outfits that are extremely comfortable to wear on your body. These outfits include baggy clothes that are loose on your skin. They don’t suffocate you much, and they promote a sense of freedom. For weaning baggy vintage clothes, you may opt for oversized shirts, t-shirts, or tops. You can pair these loose tops and t-shirts with baggy trousers or baggy and open skirts. 

Another most popular style that you may choose from is the E-girl aesthetic. Most of the E-girl outfits include black-coloured clothing. If you’re looking to try out the E-girl fashion, there are many more choices, even if the primary colour is black. You may opt for a simple black top and wear a leather jacket on it. Many e-girls like to wear extremely graphic t-shirts from their favourite bands. Most of them are hardcore metal bands or rock bands. 

When you know your aesthetic, you may easily wear the outfit you want. 


The Best Sites to Get Vintage Aesthetic Outfits 

Listed down below are the best sites from where you may buy your vintage aesthetic clothes. 


  • Etsy: Etsy is an online brand based in Brooklyn, New York. On this online shopping store, you’ll find various kinds of aesthetic outfits for yourself. Doesn’t matter which era of vintage aesthetic clothing you want, Etsy has it all. Not only the clothes though, but you’d also find vintage accessories to pair with these clothes. 

  • Beyond Retro: This is a clothing brand that’s based in the UK. As the name suggests, you’d find many clothing items here that are more than just retro designs. The biggest advantage of buying vintage aesthetic outfits from Beyond Retro is that you’d have sustainable clothing. The brand supports reusing and recycling clothes. Even their packaging of clothes is done in an eco-friendly manner. 

  • This small vintage clothing store is based in Illinois, United States. On, you’ll find clothing items for children, men, and women. It is essentially a thrift store with affordable prices. Through this store, you may be able to find some lovely vintage aesthetics. 

  • The RealReal: The RealReal is an online clothing store where adults can buy different types of vintage aesthetic ensembles for themselves. The brand is based in San Francisco, CA, USA. With this brand, you may buy clothes from famous brands like Gucci and Chanel. The brand also believes in sustainable clothing at affordable prices. 

  • thredUP: thredUP is another vintage clothing store that’s based in San Francisco, CA, USA. It’s the world’s largest consignment and thrift store on an online platform. With thredUP, you’d get vintage aesthetic clothes from different eras and under a decent price range. Here, you may pick any type of midi dress, tops, jeans, and mini skirts to create your vintage aesthetic outfit. 



What Do Vintage Aesthetic People Wear?

There are a variety of clothing items that people wear to create a vintage aesthetic. Looking at it personally, an aesthetic can be whatever you want it to be. Usually, though, such clothing items take their inspiration from clothes from 20-100 years ago. These types of clothes properly fit into the theme of vintage. 

If you look at the vintage aesthetic outfits of people, you’ll see that many of them have outfits full of colours. Some also keep it simple by wearing only one colour, which could be black, red, pink, or blue. The vintage aesthetic mostly includes clothes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. A popular attire from these eras is boyfriend jeans or trousers and a slogan t-shirt. 

People who really love these styles try to experiment with different kinds of aesthetics. It’s not easy to pull off all these kinds of aesthetics, if you try your best, anything would suit you. All you need is to feel free with your clothing choices and also pay attention to the accessories. 

For instance, you may start by creating the most simple look for yourself. Here, you’d need a plain white top. With that top, you’d need denim jeans. For the accessories, keep them to a minimum, wear a few rings on your fingers. 


What Is The Retro Aesthetic?

Vintage aesthetic refers to those outfits from the time period of 20 to 100 years ago. Whereas, a retro look creates an appearance of a more recent past. The retro style of clothing would give some sort of nostalgia when you wear them. Retro aesthetic imitates the trends, modes, and fashion choices of the recent past. 

The most popular retro looks that you’ll notice these days are from the 2000s. Many Gen Z and even millennial people try on retro looks from this era. Most famously, these looks appear in the coming of age movies from that timeline. 

People often confuse vintage aesthetic outfits and retro aesthetic outfits. There’s a difference in era for both these styles of clothing. However, due to personal interests and opinions, people may opt for clothes that give both a retro and a vintage look. 

For instance, you may wear a plaid skirt with a bright-coloured outfit. You may also wear a black crop top with a black skirt. Both these looks are vintage as well as retro. Another similar concept that’s famous among many women is a white t-shirt with a slogan and a black skirt. 


How Do You Dress Vintage?

If you want to have vintage aesthetic outfits, then you may go to some online stores like Etsy or thredUp to buy vintage clothes. But, before buying the clothes, you’ll need to know what look you want to create. 

Think about the look by taking inspiration from many media sources like TV shows, movies, and music videos. Also, pay attention to the accessories worn with these outfits. Accessories make all the difference. If you’re opting for a dark academia vintage aesthetic, you can’t wear diamond jewellery with it. 

The right kind of footwear also makes the difference. You may wear heels with many types of vintage aesthetic clothes. However, what heels would you choose? You can’t possibly wear stiletto heels with all outfits. Some of the dresses would require you to wear kitten heels, whereas some would look better with cone heels. 

The most important thing that you’ve to remember is that you can wear vintage clothes by reusing clothing items. You may ask your grandmother or your mother for some of their old clothes. You can mix and match these clothes to create your unique look. 


How Do I Find My Aesthetic Style?

Finding your aesthetic style would require some time and a little bit of patience. There are many types of aesthetics that’d look great on you. At the end of the day, though, what matters is your personal opinion and interest. 

Therefore, you need to think of where your interest lies. If you don’t like too many colours, then you may opt for some neutral shades. 

To find your vintage aesthetic outfits, you’d need to begin with the beginning. All the small details and questions matter. You don’t want to have a look that’d impress the audience. Rather, you’re looking for something that you feel comfortable and empowered in. 


What Is The 50s Aesthetic Called?

During the 50s, people wore those clothes that hinted at a retro lifestyle. A lot of the 50s aesthetic clothing styles were inspired by the media. Many people started wearing the retro outfits that they saw on their TV screens. 

The retro looks of the 50s consisted of a rockabilly fashion for both men and women. Women wore pin-up styles of clothes that included poodle skirts, bullet bras, and pencil skirts. 


In Conclusion

When you’re wearing vintage outfits, you don’t need to wear clothes from one time period. You may always mix and match your style. For instance, you may wear a dress that was famous in the 90s. To pair with the dress, you may get footwear that was famous in the 80s. Basically, there are no definite rules that you’ve to follow with these outfits. If something matches your vibe, you may go with it. Obviously, the only goal that you’ve to remember is that the look should resemble a vintage time period. 

The vintage aesthetic outfits are those that were worn by men and women 20 to 100 years ago. The clothes that were worn more than 100 years ago are referred to as antique clothes. Living in the US, you may easily find these clothes in outlet malls or small retail stores. You may even use a clothing material to sew your own dress. 

The list of vintage aesthetic outfits includes many clothes and accessories. For creating a proper vintage look, you’d need to know where to start. Firstly, know the style that you want to create. Then, you may begin by finding such clothes for yourself. 

For finding your style, you may need to experiment with what you have in your closet. Many of your summer and winter clothes can help you in creating beautiful vintage aesthetics. 

There are many brands that offer sustainable clothes. These clothes are affordable and they look equally stylish as the high-end brands. Look through websites like The RealReal, Beyond Retro, or to find your unique fit. 

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