Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas and Collection

Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas and Collection

The Mexican Wedding Dress has a rich history. Its roots stem deeply from Spanish culture as well as Roman Catholic influences. The bride usually wears a Mantilla veil, a slim dress and a Bolero jacket. 

Most brides choose to wear hand-made embroidered dresses. The patterns depend on the bride’s preferences. For the most part, you will find florals and leaf patterns on these dresses. The bride and her family are often found to sit together and actually sew these unique patterns together, thus getting ready to give the bride away to her new family.

Mexican wedding dresses don’t have a standard colour. They can be the traditional white dress, the Spanish-influenced black dress or even colourful lace dresses. Depending on what you prefer you can pick your perfect Mexican wedding dress.

In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of the Mexican wedding dress. We will go through the various colours, styles and patterns traditional to Mexican culture. 


Why Is Mexican Wedding Dress Trending?  

Mexican Weddings are full of fun and rich in culture. The family plays a big part in the wedding, from helping with wedding dresses and preparations to even sponsoring the wedding. For instance, the engaged couple may choose Padrinos and Madrinas from their family and friends. They are basically appointed sponsors of the wedding. They see to all preparations and even pay for most aspects of the wedding.

While the sponsors are busy seeing to wedding preparation, the bride and groom’s families get involved in the wedding dress. In a few Mexican weddings, the groom’s family will pay for the expenses of the bride’s dress. This is to depict the groom taking the place as leader of the family and financially supporting his new bride. The bride’s family then creates the dress which often has some amount of embroidery added to it. 

Many styles influence the Mexican wedding dress. For instance, the Aztecs and Mayans greatly influenced the Huipil wedding dress which uses bright coloured embroidery and uses light and natural fabrics. The  Flamenco-style dress reflects its Spanish influence with many layers of ruffles and a lace Bolero jacket. The Church’s influence is the most popular as a maximum of Mexican families are Roman Catholics. The dresses are usually modest and respect the sacredness of the religious ceremony. 

Some important parts of the Mexican Wedding Dress are:

  • The Veil: the bride usually wears a Mantilla veil. It is made of lace and it falls from the bride’s head in one layer or a Peineta: fancy hair comb, holds her hair up.
  • The Slim-fit Dress: this is more of a traditional look that silhouettes the body without being too revealing.
  • The Intricate Embroidery: most wedding dresses have colourful embroidery sewn on them.


Top 4 Mexican Wedding Dress Designers  

There are many gorgeous Mexican wedding dresses made by designers. Some of the best ones are these:


  • SOTO Bride: Soto Bride is a Designer company founded by husband and wife duo: Enrique and Boni Soto. The dresses here are more whimsical and contemporary but are greatly inspired by the duos Mexican and Columbia heritages. They create unique pieces for brides to unleash their beauty.


  • Aida Coronado: Aida Coronado dresses reflect traditional and indigenous Mexican culture. They use natural and cool fabrics with bright colour embroidery. They are budget-friendly and are for brides who are looking for more of a casual beach-type wedding. They have all-inclusive sizes ranging from size 0 through XL.


  • Verdin Bridal: Verdin Bridal is a boutique designed to make you feel your best. Gustavo Nunez’s designs are definitely influenced by his Mexican culture. The dresses are contemporary with a hint of Mexican culture. You can find subtle hints of his heritage in every wedding dress.


  • The Frida’s Closet: Frida’s offers various Mexican wedding dresses from their strapless bright floral embroidery dress to their off-shoulder white wedding dress. Most of the dresses have intricate embroidery or lace inserts, thus portraying the Mexican influence. They are also budget-friendly and have sizes ranging from medium to extra large. You can also custom order your specific size.


5 Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas

Since you’re looking for some wedding dress ideas, then here is a refined list of different styles and colours to try out for your big day.


  • Rich Purple Mexican Wedding Dress: If you’re looking for a colourful wedding dress, then this vintage purple dress is a good option. Compared to the typical wedding dress, this one is sure to stand out. You also can wear chunky earrings and necklaces.


  • White One-Shoulder Mexican Wedding Dress: Next up is this fabulous white wedding dress. As you can see, the dress has really extensive embroidery patterns throughout the material. Thus making this typical wedding dress a Mexican touch.


  • Vintage Off Shoulder Mexican Wedding Dress: This is an extremely rare Chiapas wedding set. Besides the stylish embroidery throughout, it is also a 2-piece with an off-shoulder blouse and circle skirt. You can dress it up with accessories.


  • Contemporary Wedding Dress with Embroidery: If you’d like to go for the fairytale wedding look, then you can choose this dress. The dress portrays a Mexican style through gorgeous embroidery at the neckline, the sleeves and the train. The veil also has a single line of embroidered flowers.


  • Black Mexican Wedding Dress: Though it may appear simple, this dress has really intricate lace details and a gorgeous plunging neckline. Thus giving you an elegant look. You can make the most out of accessorising this dress. Simply pile on some really colourful necklaces and a cute headpiece like a flower. Thus creating a stunning outfit with a simple dress. 


5 Traditional Embroidered Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas  

Check out these traditional embroidered dresses.


  • Traditional Embroidered Mexican Wedding Dress


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If you’re looking for a gorgeous embroidered wedding dress, then you can opt for this one. Besides its obvious charm, this dress also sticks to the traditional slim fit usually found in Mexican weddings. It also has unique sleeves that add to the charm.


  • White Wedding Dress with Ruffle Trims


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This is a gorgeous white wedding dress. It sports the usual ruffle trims seen in Mexican culture and beautiful embroidery on the top. You can also wear a floral headpiece to match the embroidery.


  • Black Embroidered Wedding Dress with Shrug


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Here is a stunning black gown with a plunging neckline. You can choose this dress if you prefer the traditional Mexican embroidery style as well as a tight-fitted dress. It also has a matching embroidered shrug that gives it a classy look.


  • Slim-fit Embroidered Mantilla Veil and Dress


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If you’re a fan of the traditional white bridal gown and Mantilla veil, then you can opt for this one. Not only does this dress stick to a typical wedding look but it also nods at the usual Mexican wedding dresses. This is shown in the floral design on the front of the dress as well as on the edges of the veil.


  • Modern White Dress with Embroidered Corset Top


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Here is another modern wedding dress that you might like. It has a beautiful white skirt and a pretty embroidered corset-style top. It is also strapless.


6 Colorful Mexican Wedding Dresses  

If you prefer some colour on your wedding day, then choose from these pieces.


  • Orange and Brown Pleated Dress


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Here is an incredible Mexican cotton wedding dress for an outdoor wedding. It has gorgeous lace details and gives off a vintage look as a result of the orange and brown shades. You can also really make your jewellery work for you here with some fancy pieces.


  • Red Mexican Lace Wedding Dress


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You can also get decked up in this fabulous red lace dress. Despite it being a relatively simpler dress yet you can really glow with some boho accessories.


  • Sunshine Yellow Hand Embroidered Dress


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Don’t miss out on this bright piece. It gives off sunshine vibes and makes for a great beach wedding look.


  • Princess Pink Lace Wedding Dress


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If you’re going for a Boho Princess look, then you must have this dress as an option. It is a really beautiful shade of pink and what better colour to walk down the aisle in than this romantic shade?


  • Army Green Oaxacan Mini Dress


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In case you’re not really into the whole full-length white fancy wedding dress, then this is a really cute and comfortable option. You can also accessorise it for the optimum look. 


  • Floral Top with Yellow Skirt


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Instead of block colour, this outfit has a gorgeous embroidered white top with a bright yellow skirt. If you want a different look, then you can keep this outfit in mind. Also, add some yellow or gold earrings and heels to the look.


6 Best Mexican Wedding Dress Plus Size  

Sometimes it is a little tough to find plus-size dresses for the style you like. However, Mexican fashion has quite a few options that will keep you looking stunning on your wedding day.


  • Cotton Crochet Midi Mexican Wedding Dress


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This 70s crochet midi dress is a beautiful option for you. You can wear it off-shoulder or just as normal sleeves. You should also add a choker to match and a large belt for a fitted look.


  • Traditional Off-Shoulder Embroidered Florecitas Dress


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This is a custom-made off-shoulder dress that might be a great option for your wedding. It has intricate hand-made floral embroidery on the top and gorgeous lace serves too.


  • Black Embroidered Mexican Wedding Dress


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If you like black dresses then this is the look for you. The red embroidered flowers give the dress an elegant touch. You can also wear a red flower in your hair to complete the look.


  • Contemporary Mermaid Mexican-inspired Dress


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In case you’re looking for a body-hugging wedding dress, then you can go for this white wedding dress. It also has a strip of embroidery down the center of the dress. You can choose to pin your hair up with a white flower too.


  • Lace Half Sleeve Embroidered Dress


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You can even opt for this gorgeous white dress with a lace neckline and sleeves. It also has a beautiful embroidery design at the back, thus taking your look to the next level.


  • Modern Mexican Full White Wedding Dress


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If you’d like a traditional full white dress, then you can choose this dress. It has a classy and elegant look. You can also wear a floral wreath to complete the look. 


5 Black Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas 

If you’re going the dark route with black, then here are some awesome black Mexican wedding dresses.


  • Heavily embroidered Short sleeve Dress


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Check out this gorgeous embroidered black maxi dress. You can pair it with some nice bracelets and earrings.


  • Vintage Black Dress with Embroidered Panels


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If you’re looking for a pop of colour to add to your dress, then this dress might be a good choice, It has really pretty panels of flowers, thus giving the dress a stylish lift to it. Use some pretty earrings and a necklace to pull the outfit together.


  • Boho Full Black Wedding Dress


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This is a gorgeous full black wedding dress for you to think about. You can pair it with a colourful traditional necklace to give it some personality. You can also add a stylish large belt for a good fit.


  • High Neckline Hand embroidered Maxi Dress


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Don’t miss out on this stunning high-neck black dress. It has an inky black look to it with a nice hourglass fit to it. It also sports a beautiful floral design on the neck and cuffs, as well as stylish triangle panels at the bottom of the dress. Thus giving you an elegant look.


  • Contemporary Embroidered Black Wedding Dress


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If you like contemporary black dresses, then you can opt for this off-shoulder dress. It has stunning embroidered roses along the front of the top. You can also add a customised floral headpiece to go with the look.


6  Best Mexican Wedding Dress Vintage  

If you are tired of all the flash of wedding dresses and would like something a bit more timeless, then here are some vintage wedding dresses for you.


  • Beige Lace with Soft Pink Tucking


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With this gorgeous vintage dress, you too can have heads turn as you walk down the aisle. It is a beige lace dress with hints of pink, thus giving you the timeless and romantic look you’re going for.


  • Vintage Mexican Pintuck Cotton Wedding Dress


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This is a detailed pintuck cotton dress that has a stunning bohemian look to it. You can go for a bright red or yellow statement necklace. Alternatively, you can also wear a bright wreath on your head. 


  • Rare Victor Costa Mexican Wedding Dress


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If you’re looking for a beautifully textured dress, then this dress may be an option for you. It also has lace ruffle angel sleeves that will make you look luxurious. The black panels and the pop of the embroidered flowers are just what you need in your wedding dress.


  • 70s Crochet Wedding Dress


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This is a simple yet elegant choice for you. It has gorgeous lace detail as well as a crisscross texture that gives the dress a little personality. You can also pair it with some gorgeous earrings and a pendant necklace.


  • Lace Column Maxi Wedding Dress


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If you like embroidered panels, then this is the dress for you. It has gorgeous colourful flowers that balance out the simple lace of the dress. Also, remember to glam it up with some gorgeous accessories.


  • Mexican Fine Cotton Poplin Dress


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Puffy sleeves are a great look for this simple Mexican wedding dress. It will make you look splendid. It also has really pretty lace detail. You can add some fancy earrings and necklaces to the look for a great finish.



What Do Mexican Brides Wear?

Lately, Mexican brides tend to go for dresses that are more evolved or modernized. There are certain subtle elements that they do add to their dresses. For instance, a bride may choose to wear a contemporary mermaid dress or a ball gown but also add a traditional Mantilla veil or Bolero jacket to the look. It reflects the bride stepping out into a new chapter in her life, but also sticking to her roots and what she knows.

Sometimes, brides also opt for a more dynamic and glamorous look by wearing a Flamenco-style wedding dress. This dress is a bit more rooted in Mexican culture and its ruffles, trims and layers are a great representation of it.


Does Mexico Have A Traditional Wedding Dress?

Spanish culture and Roman Catholic traditions influence the Mexican Wedding Dress style. Usually, Mexican brides wear 3 things:

  • A slim-fit dress which shows off their figure. It is fitting yet not too revealing.
  • A Mantilla veil is a circular veil that has a lace edge. It is a traditional Catholic article that women wear during mass. During the wedding, can wear it over a comb called a Peineta. It helps keep the veil from moving around. 
  • A Bolero jacket is a short jacket that is usually made from lace. Brides wear it during the mass for a touch of elegance and to cover their bare shoulders.


How Much Are Wedding Dresses In Mexico?

Mexican Wedding Dresses usually cost between $400 to $1000. Depending on whether you buy your dress from a fancy designer or not the price may vary. If your budget permits, then you can check out Spina Bride for hand-embroidered wedding dresses. Their custom gowns begin at $4000.


Why Are Spanish Wedding Dresses Black?

Spanish brides usually wear black wedding dresses. This represents the bride’s commitment to the groom: “till death do us part.” They usually pair the black dress with a lace black Mantilla veil and a Peineta.


Who Pays For A Mexican Wedding?

Usually, Mexican tradition states the bride’s family pay for the wedding, while the groom’s family pays for the dress. Sometimes it just depends on the family itself. Whichever family is wealthier will pay for the more expensive items.

There is also the tradition of the Padrinos and Madrinas who sponsor the wedding. They are basically people chosen by the couple to act as godparents and role models. They can be anyone who is close to the couple. The appointed godparents contribute to most expenses regarding the wedding and sponsor different aspects of the wedding.


In Conclusion

Mexican Weddings have deep roots stemming from Spanish and Catholic traditions and influences. The wedding itself is quite a grand and large celebration. Starting with the typical Catholic mass and ending with a grand reception filled with food, games and crazy dance traditions.

The Mexican Wedding Dress can be as grand or as simple as you’d like it to be. There is also traditional attire that Mexican brides follow: The Veil, the slim dress, and traditional embroidery. Most brides include some form of bright-coloured embroidery into their dresses which symbolizes creating a new family. The bride’s family traditionally sits together and sews it onto the dress. 

While choosing your Mexican wedding dress you get to sift through a variety of options, beginning from the traditional white slim-fit dress to the extravagant Flamenco style. You can also go for a black dress or even a colourful one. Some brides prefer to go the vintage route for a more authentic experience. However, it is up to you in the end. As the bride, you get to experiment with the many different options available in this rich style.

Which is your favourite Mexican wedding dress? Would you go for a black Mexican wedding dress or a traditional white one? 

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