Vintage Aesthetic Clothes: Ideas and Inspiration

Vintage Aesthetic Clothes: Ideas and Inspiration

Aesthetic means appreciation of beauty, art, and taste. Vintage refers to a time period that was 20 to 100 years ago. Talking about vintage aesthetic clothes, these are the types of clothes that were popular in the early 80s or 90s. 

Fashion is something that keeps on changing every second. Sometimes people go back to the early years to pick out clothing items and they make them more fashionable. You may also find that people like to mix and match their clothes. 

In today’s time, the vintage aesthetic clothing style means more than just beauty. With such outfits, both men and women find their own style. This means that more than looking aesthetic and looking pretty, they want to feel it. In modern times, people are opting for outfits that give them comfort as well as class. 

People have come far with their thinking and feelings. When you wear such outfits today, you’re wearing them to express your inner feelings. It’s as if you’re bringing your inner persona out into the world. 

The best part of vintage clothing aesthetics is that you define your aesthetic. You may be someone who’s into colours. So, you’d naturally opt for those outfits with layers of bright colours in them. Whereas, you may also have an emo or goth aesthetic. For this, you’d opt for more dark-coloured outfits, which are usually black. 

Many people may term this type of clothing as haphazard clothing. However, people who get vintage aesthetic clothes, see all the details. It’s because all the details matter to them. So, in the end, it’s more about personal taste and how you find beauty in your clothes. 

Read this article to know more about aesthetic clothing from the vintage era. 


Why Are Vintage Aesthetic Clothes Trending? 

With the world embracing fast fashion, there are some people who are opting for something else. This something else includes aesthetic clothes from the vintage time period. If you’re someone who’s into sustainable fashion and likes low-budget clothes, then you’d love these clothes as well. Plus, they’re as pretty as they’re cost-effective. 

Many would think that since these clothes aren’t that expensive, they’d be of low quality. But that really isn’t the case. These clothes are manufactured from high-quality clothing materials. If you’re buying these outfits, there are many styles that you can try. Some of the most famous styles include:

  • Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits
  • Cottage Core Aesthetic Outfits 
  • Goth/Emo Aesthetic Outfits
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits 
  • Indie Aesthetic Outfits 

Many of these outfits are in trend these days. You may find them all around you. If you’re a high school student, then your school would definitely have groups of such students. Younger women in their 20s or 30s also opt for such clothing items. 

However, there’s more to this trend than just the cost of these clothes. Vintage aesthetic clothes are more about an individual’s perception of beauty. This is the reason that people opt for those clothes that they find beauty in. If you don’t know your aesthetic, then you should try all of them. But, it’s really not difficult to know what you’ll vibe with. You just have to pay attention to all of these aesthetics in order to find one that’s for you. 

There’s one big disadvantage that comes with these clothes, though. Since these clothes take inspiration from the vintage era, the sizing of these clothes may not be fit for everyone. If you’re a plus-size woman, you’d have to tailor your clothes so you may wear them comfortably and freely. 


5 Vintage Aesthetic Clothes For Young Women

Listed below are some of the most beautiful vintage aesthetic outfits for young women.  


  • Dress and Crop Sweater


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If you like the cottage core aesthetic, then you may opt for this outfit. To have this look, you’d have a floral spaghetti dress. Over that dress, you can wear a cropped sweater. For accessories, you may wear a necklace or layer 2 necklaces together. You may also wear matching earrings with your necklace. 


  • Slit Skirt with White Top

To have this baddie aesthetic look, you’d need a white top, a corset, and a slit skirt. First, you should wear a white top. Then, wear your skirt, which can be either black or red. Lastly, you should wear your black corset. Make sure that you don’t wear the corset too tight. 


  • Side Slit Dress


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This is a classy and pretty look. Here, you may get a floral dress with a side slit on it. To style this dress, you may wear scrunchies or bracelets on your hand. 


  • White Off-Shoulder Dress


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White colour is popular in vintage aesthetic clothes. For this look, you’d need a white off-shoulder dress. Pair this dress with cut-out white coloured heels. 


  • Plaid Dress


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Here, you should opt for a plaid dress in yellow colour. On that dress, you may button up top. You may even sew a thin top with the dress if you want to. To complete this look, you can wear a beret that matches your top’s colour. 


4 Vintage Aesthetic Clothes For Women in Their 40s 

Here’s a list of a few aesthetic clothing items from the vintage era for women in their 40s. 


  • Floral Mini Dress


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Floral patterns are seen a lot in these clothing items. If you like such patterns, then you may opt for this dress. Here, you may opt for a floral mini dress. You may opt for a dress with long or short sleeves. With this dress, you should wear a pair of vintage boots. 


  • Polka Dot Top with Jeans


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Who doesn’t love polka dot designs? They’re classy and cute. For this look, you may get a polka dot top. With the top, you should get dark blue boyfriend jeans. You can also tie a scarf around your neck with this look. Or you may attach the scarf to the collar of the top. 


  • Skirt Dress with Sweater


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Vintage aesthetic clothes also include skirt dresses. For this look, you may wear a black coloured skirt dress. The skirt can have some patterns or flowers on it. Over this dress, you should wear a sweater. If it’s Christmastime, you can wear a red sweater. Else for Halloween time, you should opt for an orange sweater. 


  • Floral Skirt with Turtleneck Top


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Here’s another outfit that has a skirt in it. For this look, you can get a black coloured turtleneck top with full sleeves. With the top, you may wear a black skirt with small red floral patterns on it. To complete the look, you may wear a necklace with a red coloured pendant on it. 


4 Vintage Aesthetic Clothes For Older Women

Following are some aesthetic clothes that older women may wear. These clothes can be worn on many occasions and at parties. 


  • Luelle Coat Dress


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This coat dress would be the perfect outfit to wear in the spring season. To have this look, you don’t need many things. Opt for a Luella coat dress in baby pink or pastel pink colour. This coat would definitely give you a sophisticated appearance. With this outfit, you may wear gloves on your hands and for footwear, opt for bellies. 


  • Black Pants and White Shirt


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With this outfit, you can have the most stylish and classic look. These vintage aesthetic clothes can be found in many people’s wardrobes. For this look, you’d need a white shirt and black pants. With this outfit, you may wear a black or brown jacket. 


  • Long-Sleeved Shirt and Pencil Skirt


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Here is another sophisticated look for you. Here, you may get a silk or satin shirt. With this shirt, you’d need a pencil skirt. You may use the colour combination of off-white and blue. To pair with this look, opt for flare or block heels. 


  • Turtleneck Top and Plaid Pants


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If you like the dark academic vibes, then this look is the one for you. To create this look, you’d need grey-coloured plaid pants. With the pants, you may wear a brown turtleneck top. Over this top, you can put on a long brown coat. To complete the look, you may wear black or brown cowboy boots. 


How To Choose Vintage Aesthetic Clothes 

There are many local stores and online stores from where you can buy vintage clothes. But looking for these clothes can be a little hard and tiring. There are too many options in front of you and you feel overwhelmed. Before you become too stressed and end up buying something you’d regret later on, you should think first. 


  • You should have an open mind when you’re shopping for vintage aesthetic clothes. Many stores that sell vintage clothes keep only a few outfits in stock. That means you won’t be able to get the exact outfit that you want. For that reason, you should keep an open mind and opt for different colours if they’re available at the shop. 


  • When you’re shopping for vintage outfits, you should set a time limit. If you’re in a thrift store, it’d take you a lot of time to buy some beautiful outfits. You’d have to look at many clothes in different styles to find the one that you like. So, you should come into the store a little early. This way, you’d be able to shop stress-free and find the clothes a little faster. 


  • You should know your measurements when you’re shopping for vintage clothes. If you’re shopping online or at a flea market, you won’t be able to try on the outfit. Therefore, it’d be better if you know your exact measurements. As for the stores that have changing rooms, you should try on whatever you like. It may happen that that outfit would fit you perfectly and you’d love it in an instant. 


  • Lastly, you should check the clothes for flaws. The fabric of the cloth may be of high quality, but it can have a hole in it. When you’re getting your outfit, check all the zippers and pockets in it.  


The Best Sites to Get Vintage Aesthetic Clothes 

These 6 sites offer you the best vintage clothes. 


  • Na Nin Vintage: Based in Richmond, United States, Na Nin Vintage is a clothing store that was established in 2009. In the store, you may find a variety of vintage clothing items. You can find sweater tops for the winter season and cotton tops for the summer season. This store also keeps a collection of vintage clothes for kids as well. 


  • Modes and More: Based in London, Modes and More has a collection of many sophisticated vintage aesthetic clothes. On the website of Modes and More, you can find long vintage gowns as well as dresses. If you have a budget of more than $100, then you may shop from this store. 


  • Vintaholic: Vintaholic includes a range of vintage clothing items such as cardigans, sweaters, tops, denim and dresses. If you’re looking to shop under a budget, you may shop here. Most of their outfits would cost you less than $50. 


  • Dark Paradise Vintage: If you’re someone who shops sustainably, then you can browse through the collection of Dark Paradise Vintage. In this store, you can find a variety of vintage clothes. Not only that, you can even buy vintage home items here. This can be your go-to shop if you’re planning a vintage bridal shower. 


  • Ragstock: Ragstock offers you both traditional and funky vintage outfits. Both men and women can get clothes to create a beautiful summer look for themselves in vintage style. Most of the clothes on this website are inspired by 80s and 90s fashion themes. 


  • Bread and Water Printshop: If you’re looking for emo aesthetics, then this is your shop. From here, you may buy vintage tees with graphic designs on them. These designs are inspired by music icons from earlier years. 




What Do Vintage Aesthetic People Wear?

People who like to wear vintage aesthetic clothes can go for many styles. The vintage aesthetic includes many types of clothing. These include the following:


  • Vintage Aesthetic Clothes: Vintage aesthetic outfits include clothes that take inspiration from the 80s and 90s. These are the most popular among people. However, you may also choose outfits from the 50s, 60s, or 70. These outfits include many colours in lighter as well as darker shades. 


  • Indie Aesthetic Clothes: The indie aesthetic clothes include those outfits that promote a sense of independence. When you wear these clothes, you can make a unique style statement. Indie aesthetics includes light as well as dark colours. To have an Indie look, you may opt for bomber jackets and high-waisted jeans. 


  • Grunge Aesthetic Clothes: The grunge aesthetic clothes include darker colours. The 90s grunge aesthetic includes plaid outfits, chains, military boots, and fishnet tights. 


What Is A Vintage Clothing Style Called?

If you’re looking to buy some vintage clothes, there are certain things that you should remember. You should look for clothes from 20 to 100 years ago. If you opt for clothes that are from a century ago, they’ll be known as ancient. 

Any vintage cloth that you’re buying should reflect the trends of that era. For instance, if you’re getting vintage aesthetic clothes from the 90s, they have many colours. These clothes may have a plaid pattern or floral pattern on them. 

The definition of vintage keeps changing every decade. So you should keep in mind which decade’s clothes you’re looking for. All vintage clothes do become a part of antique clothing at one point in time. 

When you’re buying vintage clothes, you should know what you’re looking for. However, you should also have an open mind when you’re looking for these clothes. If you’re not too sure about what you want, you may browse through some online stores. On these online stores, you can find many clothes in many styles. 


What Is The Retro Aesthetic?

The vintage aesthetic refers to the clothes from 20 to 100 years ago. Whereas, retro aesthetic clothes include clothes from 10 to 30 years ago. Retro outfits would include clothes from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Like vintage, the definition of retro also changes from decade to decade. These clothes become vintage and then ancient. 

When you’re wearing retro outfits, you may get a nostalgic feeling. This is because these clothes are from the times when you were young. The retro looks that are in trend these days include looks from the late 90s to the 2000s. Both Gen Z and millennials opt for retro looks from these eras. 

To have a retro look, you may wear a white top and denim jeans. This is a simple look and you may style it any way that you want. Over the white top, you may wear a denim jacket. Or you may also opt for a plaid jacket in black colour. 


Why Do People Like Vintage Aesthetics?

The reason that people like vintage aesthetic clothes is that they’re comfortable and liberating. People like to wear those clothes that make them feel free and also make them look lovely. The vintage aesthetics include many types of clothing items in them. That’s the best part of it. This way, the definition of vintage clothing aesthetics doesn’t remain fixed. Rather, it’s now an umbrella term that includes many more aesthetics. 

Another reason that people opt for these clothes is that they’re inexpensive. You’d find that many online stores like Na Nin Vintage and Vintaholic have a collection of clothes that are low-priced. 

Nowadays, many of these vintage clothing brands are manufacturing clothes in a sustainable fashion. These brands believe that it’s better to opt for recycling and reusing clothes than indulging in fast fashion. 

Some may even feel that these clothes offer them an escape from reality. These clothes remind them of the old times when everything was much simpler. It’s like watching an old movie and having that nostalgic feel. The difference is that people experience it with such clothes. 


What Is The Most Popular Aesthetic Style?

There’s no single style that has been voted the favourite for people. There are many popular aesthetic styles that people opt for. Some people like to experiment with many styles. Whereas, some only stick to one style for a long time. 

The most popular of these styles include:


  • Vintage Aesthetic Clothes: If you’re looking for a vintage aesthetic style, there are many outfits you may choose from. For instance, you can get a black coloured turtleneck top. With that top, you may wear a floral skirt in black colour only. You may also opt for different colour combinations if you want to. 


  • Y2K Clothes: To create a simple Y2K outfit, you may wear a white tank top with a graphic design on it. With that top, you may wear bright coloured pants. You may pick from red, pink, orange, green, or yellow. 


  • Dark Academia Clothes: Here, you may opt for darker coloured outfits. You may opt for a grey coloured turtleneck top with long sleeves. Then, you can pair the top with a short plaid skirt. To complete the look, you can wear a long coat with them. 


In Conclusion

Vintage aesthetic clothes include many clothes from the last 20 to 100 years. The meaning of vintage changes every decade, naturally. What is vintage today would obviously become ancient tomorrow. 

Such outfits are gaining more popularity today. The reason is that these clothes offer many unique styles to people. More often, these styles also remind people of a nostalgic time. These clothes are also low-priced as compared to many other clothes that are in trend today. 

Some of these aesthetics include a range of bright colours and most popularly floral patterns. Whereas, some include darker shades. If you want to find your personal style, you’ve to try on many styles. Once you do that, you may find the one that you really love and adore. 

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