20 Inch Wig: Frontal, Curly, Lace Front and More

20 Inch Wig: Frontal, Curly, Lace Front and More

Many women deal with the issue of massive hair fall. They try every remedy that’s known to them, but still, they face this issue. There can be many causes for such hair fall, I know that I’ve faced similar issues. My hair fall was so severe that one could easily see my scalp. It was disheartening to live like that until I turned to a helpful solution – wigs! There are different types of wigs that one can buy. All such wigs have different lengths and colours. There’s a 20 inch wig, 15-inch wig, 14-inch wig, and more. I opted for an 18-inch wig because that was the perfect choice for me. 

However, illness isn’t the only reason that women wear wigs. Many women wear wigs because they want to protect their natural hair. There are many harmful elements in the environment that cause serious damage to the hair. The heat, chemicals, dust, and pollutants destroy the quality of natural hair. To protect their natural hair, women opt for wigs and put them on their natural hair. 

Then there’s the quality of wigs that’s just excellent. The hair on wigs feels so smooth and silky that women put them on for that reason. The natural hair on your head has too much sweat or it gets too frizzy. It doesn’t matter how many hair lotions or serums you use, the frizz never goes away. To eliminate the sweat, you wash your hair. But if you’ve very long hair, you can’t wash your hair every day. In such a situation, after you’ve tried everything, you decide to get a wig for yourself. 

Read more in this article to find out how to get the most natural wigs. We’ve also mentioned the beast 20 inches wigs that you may get for yourself. 


Why Is 20 Inch Wig Trending? 

When you go to buy your wigs from a local store or even online, one of the first things you see is the measurement. There are times when you’ve to seriously consider the measurement of the wig because of your lifestyle. 

Let’s say you’re a chef working in a 5-star hotel. You’ve many responsibilities to do at your job. Even though you wear a cap when you’re working, too long of a wig can cause problems for you. It may fall off your head, it may feel heavy and you can get a headache. That’s the reason that you should look at measurements and get a wig that wouldn’t cause a disturbance. 

However, if you’re going to an event or a party, then you’d like to have shiny and long hair. It’s for such occasions that you should get a 20 inch wig. A wig in this size would be perfect since it won’t be a burden to carry it. Many women opt for wigs in 20 inches because they’re the most appropriate considering all the sizes. 

You may get this type of wig in any colour and hair type that you want. For instance, if you’re attending a wedding, then you may opt for a hair colour that goes with the theme. Then, you may think of the hairstyle that you want. You can get a curly wig or a straight wig. Plus, just because it’s a wig doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it. You can use some hair accessories and pin them to your wig. 


3 Best 20 Inch Wig 

Listed below are a few best wigs in 20 inches. 

  • Megalook Plucked Hairline Wig: The wig from Megalook is made from 100% human hair. It has a transparent lace and 4-inch part lace in the front. This wig can be dyed as well. Before washing this wig, you should first detangle the hair and then wash it with acidic shampoo. After the washing, you may apply a few drops of olive oil to the wig. When you’d dry this wig, you should do it naturally. There’s no need to use a dryer or put the wig out in the sun. The cap of the wig has an elastic net and it comes with an adjustable strap. 


  • Mewill Glueless Human Hair Wig: The glueless wig from Mewill store is made from human hair as well. It’s a frontal lace wig with pre-plucked bleached knots in it. The cap of this wig has 3 combs and 3 adjustable straps in it. The advantage of this 20 inch wig is that it can be dyed and straightened. This wig would be suitable for many events and occasions like birthdays and weddings. Before you shampoo this wig, you should comb out the knotted parts of the hair. Then you may wash the hair using warm water. 


  • XSY Headband Human Hair Wig: Many women opt for headband wigs as well. Such a wig would look attractive on you, and it’d also feel comfortable on your head. This20 inch wig has no tangle, shedding, or smell. The wigs that you’d get from the XSY store are all made from human hair and they’re extremely silky. Since the wig isn’t treated with anything, you may dye it if you want to. To style the wig, you can tie them any way that you want.  


3 Best 20 Inch Frontal Wig 

Following are the best frontal wigs that you may get for yourself. 

  • Blonde Lace Front Wig by Aliaurora: The hair material of this wig is made from virgin human hair. The hair is extremely soft and it can be dyed and curled as well. The wig contains lightly bleached knots in it. Since the hair is blonde, you may dye it with any colour that you want to. This wig would look great in red, blue, pink, or green colour. When you wash the wig, you should first make it tangle-free. Then, you should apply mild shampoo and wash it. After that, you should also apply hair conditioner to it and then completely dry it off naturally. 


  • Curly Frontal Wig by Oshiney: This 20 inch wig from Oshiney is curly and lovely.  This frontal wig is made from 100% human hair and it’s really easy to maintain this wig. You may make any type of hairstyle with this wig. If you’re going to an office dinner, then you may make a messy bun with this wig. If you’re going for a sophisticated look, then you may make a ponytail. To have the best look, you can match your nails with your hair colour. You may use a nail design in black colour. 


  • Brazilian Frontal Wig by Luduna: The hair material of this wig from Luduna is made from unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair. The hair is wavy and it has minimum tangles and shedding in it. This body wave wig has a natural frontal and part hairline. The wig can be dyed the way you want to. You may want to straighten out the wig and dye the hair with two colours, like blue and red. 


3 Best 20 Inch Curly Wig 

Here are the 3 best curly wigs in 20 inches. 


  • Netgo Fluffy and Curly Hair: Oh this 20 inch wig in pink colour would look flawless on you! The wig is fluffy, curly, and soft and it’s easy to wear. This wig is synthetic and it’s made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibers. Inside the cap of this wig, there’s a hook. You may use this hook to adjust the wig on your head. This wig would look amazing in bridal parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, and even on dates. The wig comes with bangs, which you may cut to meet your personal needs. 


  • Durian Hair Deep Wave Curly Wig: This is a deep wave front lace wig with beautiful curls on it. This 20 inch wig is made from glueless 100% human hair. You should use this wig from Durian because it’s made from high-quality raw materials. The craftsmanship that goes into making this makes it perfect for many aesthetics. This wig would look amazing on many types of dresses. You may wear this wig with a maxi or midi dress. 


  • Imeya Glueless Curly Wig: This Imeya glueless curly wig comes in blue colour and it’s made from human hair as well. The manufacturing of this wig uses no harmful chemicals. If you want to, then you may straighten this wig as well. That’s the best part of this wig, that it looks beautiful both ways. When you’re straightening the wig, do it slowly so you don’t damage the hair quality. You can dye this wig with any colour that you want to, but first, you should test the colour. For testing the colour, you may take a small strand of the hair and put the dye on it and see how it appears on the wig. 


3 Best 20 Inch Lace Front Wig

Following are the best lace front wigs in 20 inches. 

  • Reaktack Brazilian Straight Lace Wig: This wig from Reaktack is made from Brazilian human hair. The hair is completely clean, soft, and healthy. The medium cap of this wig contains 3 combs and comes with adjustable straps. The Reaktack wig would look amazing on you for any event that you go to. The wig is naturally straight, but you may curl them too. When you’re going for a casual meetup with your friends, you may wear this wig. You may put some accessories on the wig as well. 


  • Reaktack Human Hair Lace Front Wig: If you like proper thick and straight hair, then you should get this wig. This lace front 20 inch wig is made from soft human hair. You may wear this wig easily on your head and it would suit your skin very well. Before you wash this wig, you should free the wig of all the tangles. Then, you may keep the wig in a basin with cool water in it. For washing the hair, you may use a mild shampoo. You shouldn’t use hot water while you wash the hair because that’d damage your wig. 


  • Aliaurora Lace Front Wig: This lace front wig from Aliaurora unprocessed virgin Brazilian human hair. The hair is soft and healthy with no smell, no tangles, and no shedding. You may stylize this wig in any way that you want to. You may straighten, curl, or perm them. The wig comes with a medium cap and it has 4 combs in it, you may adjust it using straps. When you’re washing this wig, you should pour some conditioner into the water. Then, you may put the wig in the water for some time. After that, wash your hair completely clean. 



3 Best 20 Inch Human Hair Wig

If you want to have a wig that’s made from human hair, then you may get that too. The best part about getting a wig that’s made from human hair is that it looks beautiful and natural. Such wigs may be a little expensive, but they’re completely worth it. Here’s a list of a few human hair wigs in 20 inches. 

  • Unprocessed Human Hair by The Daily Wig: This wig is hand-tied and it has a deep lace part in it. You may wear this wig for any event that you want to. With this wig, you can aim for any type of look, from simple to sexy. If you want, then you add some hairpins or hair rings to this wig. This wing is made from 100% human hair and it’s safe for dyeing as well as bleaching. For washing the wig, you may comb through the hair first. Then, following the general process, you may wash the wig. 


  • Glueless Wine Red Wig by Katonyo: This is a straight lace wig that’s made from 100% human hair. The wig material is glueless and it’s comfortable for all skin types. This wig comes in a burgundy colour, so you may wear this wig around Christmastime. 


  • T Part Wig by JOEDIR HAIR: This 20 inch wig has minimal shedding in it but it comes with no tangles. It is a T part frontal lace wig with its middle part having a wave in it. The cap of this wig has adjustable straps and 3 combs in it. Anyone can wear this wig easily on their head. When you’re washing this wig, you should collect some water and add shampoo to it. Then you may keep the wig in the water and clean it off after a thorough wash. 



4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Wigs

You can’t go to a wig seller and pick the first wig that they show you. There has to be careful consideration before you get a wig for yourself. Not every style or type of wig would suit your hair. You’ve to know about your hair needs, then you may tell the seller. If you’re not too sure, you may express your concerns to the seller and they’d help you out. 


  • Size and Length: When you’re searching for your wig, it’s important to know the size and length that you’re going for. If you’re looking for wigs at an online store, you should check the full measurements of the wig. Consider your lifestyle before you decide on the length of the wig. It may happen that short hair would suit you better than long one. 


  • Colour: When it comes to colour, you should opt for a colour that you like. Do remember that it should look good on you too. Liking a colour is one thing, but if that colour won’t look good on you, then it can be saddening. For this reason, you should be open-minded and keep 2 – 3 colour options available. 


  • Hair Material: There are many hair types that you can go for. The wig hair material is made from 100% human hair as well as from synthetic fibers. You may also opt for European or Asian hair. Both these hair types look more natural as compared to synthetic hair. 


  • Research the Wig Brands: Your natural European or Asian hair would not look good on you if they’re from a cheap brand. You’d have to do some research to find the top brands that would provide you with the best quality wigs. For this, you may take some recommendations from some hair stylists. 



What Is A Good Length For A Wig?

When you’re measuring the length of your wig, there are many considerations that you’d have to make. Many people think that you measure the wig with the hair as it is. However, that’s not the correct way of measuring the length of the wig. 

First, you need to take some hair strands in your hand. Then you should stretch out the strands and then measure the length. It’d also help if you place the wig on a flat surface. You won’t be able to take the correct measurement otherwise. 

 The hair length that most women opt for depends on what size they want. If you want a medium-sized wig, then you may go for a 12-inch wig. Whereas, if you’re looking for a longer wig, then you can get a 20 inch wig. 


What Is The Most Realistic Wig You Can Buy?

If you want to have the most realistic looking wig, then you should opt for a human hair wig. There are many human hair wigs that you can buy for yourself. These may include – Unprocessed Human Hair by The Daily Wig, Glueless Wine Red Wig by Katonyo, and T Part Wig by JOEDIR HAIR. 


What Is The Most Popular Wig Length?

12 to 20 inch wig are the most popular lengths that people go for. With these lengths, you may have many hairstyles that you want. You can keep layered hairstyles or long curly hairstyles in wig lengths. 

The short length of a wig would be 10 inches. The medium would go from 12 inches up to 16 inches. The long length includes wigs between the length of 18 to 24 inches. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Wig Everyday?

You may wear your wig every day, but you should remember some tips. If you’ve some hair underneath the wig, then you should take care of them too. Both the wig and the natural hair need proper care. 

Wearing wigs every day doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take them off. You should take the wig off when you’re sleeping. It may give your head a little rest and your natural hair would also breathe a little bit. 


What Kind Of Wig Looks Most Natural?

If you want the most natural-looking hair on your wig, you should go for human hair. It’s human hair, so of course, it’d look more natural on you. You may do anything with a wig that’s made from human hair. Such a wig can be straightened, curled, and blow-dried.

When you’re looking for a human hair wig, you should decide which ones you want. If this is your first time buying wigs, you may get different types. You can opt for a European hair wig and an Indian hair wig. Or you may even opt for Chinese hair, they are amazing as well. Human hair wigs may be a little expensive for you. But, if you want that natural look, you should consider getting such a wig. 


In Conclusion

When you’re buying a wig, you’ve to remember a few details before you get the wig. You’ve to think of the size and length of the wig that you’re taking. The colour of the wig is also very important. With a good colour on the wig, you can rock any event that you go to. 

If you’re looking for a long wig length, then you may go for a 20 inch wig. This length of wig would be perfect for your professional as well as personal lifestyle. 

The best part about having wigs is that you can experiment with wigs much more than you can do with your natural hair. This means that you can’t really dye your hair as much as you want to. Using too much hair dye on your natural hair can damage it very much. Here, wigs become your best option for dyed hair. You can get wigs in many colours and they’ll be available for all lengths as well. You may get a 20 inch wig in blue, black, purple, or pink colour. 

By using wigs, you may even use some popular hairstyles that your favourite celebrities have done. Not just celebrities, you may get a custom-made wig that has a similar appearance as that of your mother’s natural hair. There’s so much that you can do with your wig, all you’ve to do is decide what you want. 

20 Inch Wig: Frontal, Curly, Lace Front and More

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