Boudoir Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Boudoir Outfit Ideas You'll Love

People do boudoir photoshoots for various types of occasions. For these photoshoots, you have to have outfits that will make you look flawless even with all your flaws. Look for those boudoir outfit ideas that make you feel loved. 

There are many types of simple clothes that will work in these photoshoots. You can go in with your everyday jeans or even shorts if you want to. Many women opt for wearing casual shirts for these photoshoots. 

If the theme of your photoshoot is something sophisticated and sexy, then you may go with lingeries or different types of bodysuits. It’s important that you wear good fitting outfits on your body. 

In this article, we’ve mentioned many outfit ideas for your boudoir photoshoot. Read on to find an outfit that would inspire you. 


5 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session 

When you’re looking through many boudoir outfit ideas, you should know the reasons why you’re doing this. Sometimes the reasons may be because of a special occasion, like your partner’s birthday. 

Many times, though, there are more reasons than just a celebration. Rather, the only celebration is of you and your body. So, think of the following reasons when you’re going to buy your outfits. 


  • To empower and love yourself: Doing a boudoir photo shoot session will give you the opportunity to love yourself. You may come to the studio or venue with many questions and insecurities in your head. But, once you’re done with the session, you’ll feel empowered. 

  • To gift yourself: Maybe it’s your birthday coming up in a few weeks, maybe you just want to do something for yourself. You’re allowed to a boudoir session as a gift to yourself. There are many ups and downs in your life, this session will give you an everlasting memory. 

  • To gift your fiancé/partner: You can do the session as a gift for your partner. The occasion may be your anniversary or their birthday. It can also be just a gift to appreciate them and their love. Plus, you can make the session more meaningful by wearing their favourite colours or outfits. 

  • To celebrate beauty: No matter how many stretch marks, moles, or scars you’ve on your body, this session is to celebrate beauty. You are beautiful from every angle, from your head to your toe. If not anything, this should really be the reason you do a boudoir session. 

  • To have some fun: You get to know many things about your body. You learn how to love it and how to enjoy it. When you do a session, you don’t need to do anything but just have some fun. 


5 Boudoir Outfit Ideas For Young Women 

Following are some outfit ideas for women to wear during a boudoir photoshoot. 


Sweater and Black Undies


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To have this look, you’d need a cute sweater, a hat, black undies and a bralette. You should wear a sweater over your bra. Pair it up with some floral or net patterned black undies. For the last touch, wear a big hat on your head. 

Classic White Bra and Jeans


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This is one of the most minimal boudoir outfit ideas. Here, you’ll need a good pair of white coloured jeans. To go with jeans, you can get any type of white coloured bra that you need. Just that, and the look is complete. 

Bra and Undie Set


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Another one of easy boudoir outfits that just says cute. This outfit is best to show off your curves or your muscles. For having this look, all you’ll need is the same set of bra and underwear. You should go with neutral colours or light colours. If the theme is sexier, then you may opt for darker colours. 

Floral Lace Bodysuit


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If you’re doing a boudoir photo shoot before your wedding, then opt for this look. For this look, you’ll need a white floral lace bodysuit. You wouldn’t need much jewellery for this look. You may however keep a prop like a pillow if you need it. 

Sports Jersey and Undie


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For this outfit, you can grab a sports jersey. The jersey may be of your partner’s favourite team or of yours. To pair with the jersey, you’ll need either a thong or some underwear. 


5 Boudoir Outfit Ideas For Women in Their 40s 

Here’s a list of some boudoir outfits you can wear for your photo session. 


Plain Jeans


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For this outfit, all you’ll need is good jeans. These jeans should fit you easily. They shouldn’t be tight around your waist. Here, during the photo shoot, you may either use some prop or you can just hug yourself. 

Black Lingerie Bodysuit


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A lingerie bodysuit is another one of boudoir outfit ideas. You should opt for black coloured bodysuit lingerie. Pair the look with black nail paint and good makeup on your eyes. 

Silver Lingerie


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If you’re looking for a big and bold theme, this one’s for you. It may be a little expensive if you’re on a budget. You should opt for silver lingerie that will give you a superstar look. This look is all about your confidence and elegance. You may also wear some diamond rings and diamond earrings. 

Red Fur Coat Lingerie


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You can always go with the classic red colour for your theme. Here, you should opt for comfortable red coloured lingerie. You should add a fur coat to this boudoir outfit. There’s no need for too many accessories here. You can just wear a pair of golden heels or red heels. 

Golden Bodysuit with Rose


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Another outfit for superstar vibes is this golden bodysuit. For this outfit, you should do heavy makeup on your face. You can also opt for some gold jewellery. Lastly, add a beautiful touch to the gold bodysuit with a rose in your hands. 


4 Boudoir Outfit Ideas For Older Women 

These are a few outfit ideas that older women can pick from for their boudoir photoshoot. 


Burgundy Sweater


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This is a simple outfit. For this, all you’ve to do is wear a cute burgundy sweater. You can pair it with some shorts if you like, or with cute undies. 

Black Bra and Undie


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This is one of the boudoir outfit ideas that is the best fit for a sexy theme. More than sexiness, it’ll also celebrate your natural curves. You’ll feel more loved and empowered with this outfit. 

Carter Bralette and Skirt


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If you’re going for a cute vibe, then this is your outfit. Here, you can get a blue coloured carter bralette. For the bottom, you may get a skirt with abstract drawings or patterns on it. You can also do some cute nail art for the photoshoot. 

Silk Dress


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This outfit would not disappoint you. Silk is soft on your body and it’ll make you feel at ease during your photoshoot. You can get any type of silk dress or gown. Go with a darker colour if the theme of the shoot is bold. You may also wear some matching dangle earrings. 

White Shirt with Thongs


Opt for a plain white shirt and pair it with white undies or thongs. You may keep the shirt open if you want. The outfit will look beautiful with some matching jewellery. You can wear some rings to your hands. A minimal necklace would also look good in this outfit. 


5 Bonus Things to Wear For a Boudoir Photoshoot

There are many more ideas to have a fun boudoir photoshoot. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, then check out the below-mentioned ideas. 


  • His outfits: If there’s nothing in your closet and you can’t shop for anything, worry not. You can always steal some of your partner’s clothes. For a fun and sexy photoshoot, get some of his shirts. Shirts always look good in boudoir shoots. You may also go for a t-shirt or even his hoodie. If you’re gifting him with this photoshoot, then wear his favourite shirt. 

  • Corsets: If you’re looking for sexy boudoir outfit ideas, then opt for a corset. The best thing about corsets is that they’ll fit on any body type. They especially look good on plus-size women. Opt for a black or red coloured corset. Corsets are a little uncomfortable, don’t get them if you feel too uncomfortable. Or you may go for a slightly bigger size that won’t feel tight on your body. 

  • Oversized coat: If sweaters aren’t your thing, then go with long winter coats. Such coats will be the best option if you’re looking for a sensual boudoir photoshoot. You may wear the coat as is, or you can wear it over lingerie. Pair the coat with some stilettos or any other high heels that you like. 

  • Leather jacket: Just like a coat, you can also opt for a leather jacket. If the theme is something bold and classy, then a black leather jacket will prove to be a good outfit choice. You may also go with other colours like brown depending on the theme of your photoshoot. 

  • Wedding veil: If the photoshoot is happening before your wedding, then go with a wedding veil. Opt for a white coloured bodysuit or bralette. Pair that outfit with your wedding veil. 


The Dos and Don’ts of Boudoir Photoshoot 

For your boudoir photoshoot, there are many things you’ve to take care of. The photographer should know the right angles for clicking the pictures. They should also have proper lighting and proper background. 

As for you, there are various boudoir outfit ideas that you can take inspiration from. Not all these ideas will turn out to be a perfect fit for your body. This is the reason, you should carefully consider what you’re wearing during the photo shoot. 

Here are some more dos and don’ts for a boudoir photo shoot. 



  • Think about the theme of your photoshoot. Do you want flowers around you? Are you looking for a black and white theme for the shoot? Ask yourself such questions. You don’t have to go for something trendy. Rather, go with what you’re feeling, choose a theme that’ll make you comfortable. 
  • You should carry some spare outfits. In case there are some last-minute blunders, you’ll be saved if you keep a spare outfit. 
  • Go to the salon for waxing at least a week before the photoshoot. If your body hair grows back fast, then do it at least 2-3 days before. As for the manicure and pedicure, you can do them 24 hours before the photoshoot. 



  • When you’re going for the photoshoot session, be genuine and nice. Don’t show a bad attitude to the photographer. You may feel insecure at first, but try to feel comfortable in your body. That’s how you’ll feel more at ease. 
  • You shouldn’t wear too tight clothes to your photoshoot. Wear something that’s light on your body. This doesn’t mean that you’ll wear your old undies. You should buy a new outfit, but don’t opt for tight ones. You wouldn’t want your body to have marks because of tight cloth lines. 



How Do I Prepare My Body For A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Before you’re doing a boudoir photo shoot session, you need to pamper yourself. Take a day out of your schedule to go to the salon. When in the salon, get as many services as you want. 

You should definitely go for a full-body wax a few days before the shoot. In addition to it, you may also get a body massage as it may help you in relaxing your body a little. You shouldn’t feel physically or mentally tense during the photo shoot. 

While you’re at the salon, don’t forget manicure and pedicure. It’ll be more fun if you do some nail designs on your nails. You can get a nail design similar to the theme of your photoshoot. It’s recommended, however, that you opt for minimal designs. 

Such photoshoots are intimate affairs; therefore, a minimal nail design will be better suited to it. 

On the day of the photoshoot, you should come to the venue with a clean face. Apply lotion or moisturizer to your whole body. Wear loose garments, so there’s no impression on the skin. Also, don’t eat food that’ll make you feel bloated. Either eat a salad or some fruits. 


What Do You Wear To A Boudoir?

For a boudoir photoshoot, you may wear a simple bralette and undie set. You can wear any type of lingerie that you want. You can style simple clothes in a way that reveal your most beautiful body parts. 

There’s a style where you can use your partner’s shirt or t-shirt for the boudoir photoshoot. With that shirt, you may wear a thong. 

When you’re picking out the outfits, do pay attention to the colours. Go with those colours that look elegant on your body. There are some common colours that women usually go with, these include black, white, emerald green, or red. 

You may choose the colours depending on the season. If it’s springtime, then you can go with lighter shades. During winters, you may go with dark and bold colours. 

There are really no rules when it comes to boudoir outfit ideas. You can pick whatever you want to. Even some normal clothing items will be enough for this photoshoot. As long as you feel free, you can pick anything. 


How Do You Hide Your Stomach In Boudoir Pictures?

If you want to hide your stomach in your boudoir photo suit, you may do it by doing a different pose. You can try laying down and pose or you can do a looking back pose. When you’re laying down, the feature that’s highlighted is your collarbone. When you’re looking back, then the main focus is on your back. 

Obviously, for these different posing styles, your outfit also matters. If you’re trying these poses, then look for those boudoir outfit ideas that will highlight these features. 

With the right outfit, you may not even need to try a different pose. You can opt for a bodysuit or corset that’s not too tight. Just make sure that they help you hide your belly. 

There’s another way you can hide your stomach in boudoir photoshoots. You can make use of a prop. These photo sessions always have a theme. Different themes have many types of props to add layers to a photograph. You may use a pillow, a blanket, or a bouquet of flowers. 


How Do I Look Skinny In A Boudoir?

To look skinny for your boudoir photoshoot, you have to opt for the right outfits. When you’re looking for boudoir outfit ideas, try on those outfits that make you look slim. 

You can go with some corsets or a bodysuit that would hide your belly a little bit. One way to look a little skinny is to have lighter meals before your photoshoot. Eating light food will ensure that you won’t look bloated in the pictures. 

You may also need to practice your posture. Many people have the habit of slouching when they’re standing. This isn’t a good habit and it won’t make you look confident either. Feel free when you’re posing for photos, but also pose with some grace. 

Another reason people look fat in their boudoir photo shoots is because of their makeup. Don’t do heavy makeup. Avoid too many layers of foundation on concealer. You should have a no-makeup makeup look. 


What Should You Not Bring To A Boudoir Session?

When you’re going to your boudoir session, you should avoid many things. Perhaps the biggest thing that you shouldn’t bring to your boudoir session is negative self-talk. Coming to the session, you’d have many negative feelings and bouts of insecurities. 

It’s only fair that you’d have such feelings. But try to stop them from taking over. In these photoshoots, the main aim you have is to love yourself. Try thinking of some positive thoughts instead of many negative ones. 

You should also have a positive attitude towards everyone else. There may be many people working on this session. All these people are there to help you out. You should communicate with them freely and also by having a friendly attitude. 

When it comes to your boudoir outfit, then don’t bring a tight outfit. Whatever it is that you’re going to wear, it should be easy to wear. Tight outfits would make you uncomfortable during the shoot. They may also ruin your posture. So, you should never consider tight clothes when looking for boudoir outfit ideas. 


When Should You Shave Before A Boudoir?

If you’re shaving before the boudoir photo shoot, then do it the night before the shoot. It doesn’t take much time for hair to grow back after shaving. If you shave days before the shoot, then when the day comes you’ll have prickly body hair on your body. 

When you’re shaving, use those products which will help you to minimize razor burns. You may first exfoliate the areas you’ll shave. Next, you may apply some conditioner to soften your hair and skin. 

After that, you can begin with shaving. You can also shave with a men’s razor and use men’s moisturizing shaving cream. The reason is that since these creams are made for the face, they’d be gentle for your skin. 

Once you’re done shaving, you may apply some rubbing alcohol on your skin. The alcohol would help in killing the bacteria and will also close your pores. 

At last, all you’ll need is to apply some deodorant. Get a good deodorant that won’t burn on your skin. It’ll also prevent dryness, skin chafing, and bumps on the skin. 


The Takeaway

Be it lingerie or a simple shirt, for your boudoir photo shoot, you can go with many types of clothing. When you’re looking for boudoir outfit ideas, you first need to what you want. 

Think about the theme that you desire. Are you looking for some cutesy and summery vibes? Do you want the photos to be sexy from every angle? 

Once your vision for the photoshoot is set in your mind, you can shop for your outfits. 

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