Beauty Nails and Design Ideas

Beauty Nails and Design Ideas

Nailed it! I exclaimed when I finally did a perfect nail design all on my own. Yes, I did watch a tutorial. But that was to only keep me motivated. If you’re a woman who loves nails, colours and nail art as much as I do, then you can surely relate. Nail designs take time and skills. You don’t have the skills to draw Andy, from Toy Story, on your nails. But, with a good brush and a dotting tool, you can make a pretty flower and have those beauty nails. 

Nail designs don’t have a specific look or definition. Whatever you desire for, can be a design. However, there is no guarantee that everyone would agree with it. There have been some nail designs that got attention for all the wrong reasons. 

A nail design doesn’t have to be complicated, yes, there are OTT designs, but artists who do those, do them easily. People of different ages like different types of designs on their nails. You love nude colours now, but in some years you can find a liking for some summer colours. 

In this article, we have mentioned some nail design ideas that may inspire you to do your next nail design.  


What Are The Current Beauty Nail Trends? 

Every season brings a new nail trend. Every movie brings a new nail trend. And, every new colour brings a new nail trend. Yes, nail trends keep on coming and going. Some become forever favourites, like French manicures. Some aren’t preferred by the general public, like the corkscrew nails. 

Nail trends also depend on geographical location and events. You wouldn’t find someone at a company meeting with Toy Story nail design. A person who has such a nail design would be found in a place like Disney World. 

People who live around coastal regions get those designs that have flowers, leaves, sea, or ocean designs in them. People who live in the suburbs have nail designs with many colours, patterns, and art on them. 

Nowadays, there are many nail trends that give people unique and beautiful nails. There are different types of floral designs popular these days. These flowers are made with nail art brushes. They include daisies, roses, tulips, and more. 

French tips include different types of updates. Some people prefer the classic French tips, meaning they write some French words on the tip of their nails. There is also a trend of using pastel colours on the tips. Commonly used colours include pink, red, green, orange, yellow, and blue. Another way to stylize French tips is by applying silver or gold metallic tips. 

There are different types of nail shapes that people get. There’s stiletto shaped nails, almond-shaped nails, lipstick shaped nails, or coffin-shaped nails. 

A nail design trend that’s very classy is the nude design. People love nude shade nail paints. Nude colours can be combined with different colours. You can also add your choice of art to a nude shade. You can also keep it simple by simply applying two layers of nude colour.  


Beauty Nails for Teenagers 

Here are some nail designs for teenagers:


  • Multicolour French Tips


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This is a simple nail design that can be done at home. To make this design, you need colours like yellow, pink, orange, and blue. You can also opt for darker shades if you want. First, apply two layers of transparent nail paint. Then, make the tips with different colours on each nail. 

  • Funky Nail Design


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If plain designs look boring to you, then you can add some funk to them. For this cool nail design, you’ll need different colour shades. Use yellow, black, blue, pink, and red nail paint. Then make abstract designs using nail art brushes and tools. 

  • Strawberry Nails


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Strawberry nails are very popular among teenagers. These beauty nails are very easy to do. For this nail design, apply pink colour nail paint to your nails. You can choose two different shades, one light and the other dark. When the paint dries off, use a dotting tool to make yellow coloured dots on the strawberry. In the end, make the leaves with green nail paint. 

  • Plaid Nail Design


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Plaid nail designs are unique and chic. To make this design, first, apply some white nail paint. After that, use a brush to make vertical lines. Then make the horizontal lines. Make sure that you’re making the lines after some gap. This nail art design is perfect for the summer season.  


Beauty Nails for Women in Their 20s 

Here are some nail art designs for women in their 20s: 


  • Blue Sea Waves


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For this nail design, you can get sea-green nail paint or dark blue nail paint. Of course, you’ll also need white nail paint. First, apply the sea green colour to make the waves, then add the white colour with it. 


  • Purple Holographic Nail Design


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This nail design is simple, and a beginner can do it as well. To have these beautiful nails, you’ll need purple nail paint, stamp polish, and a heart-shaped stamping plate. First, you should apply purple nail paint to all your fingernails. After that, put the stamping polish on the heart design. Use a nail art stamper to add those designs to your nails. 


  • Gel Green Forest


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This is another nail design that uses stamping. For this design, you need gel green nail polish and a stamping plate with leaf designs. First, apply two layers of green nail paint to your fingernails. Once they dry completely, use the stamper to make leaf stamps on the nails. If you’re going on a holiday in the countryside, you can opt for this design. 


  • Black Nails and Pink Hearts


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If you’re tired of the red colour, then go for black and pink! This is a beautiful design that you can easily do at home. Here, apply black coloured nail paint. Then, add pink dots with a dotting tool. Finally, make some small and cute hearts. 


Beauty Nails for New Moms 

These are some of the beauty nails designs for new moms: 


  • Very Peri Nail Design


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Very peri is the Pantone colour of the year. So, why not pick this colour for your nail design? For this design, you’ll need very peri nail paint colour, i.e., periwinkle blue colour. The design is minimal, you just need to apply two layers of this nail paint, and you’re done. You can also add some crystals or rhinestones if your nails look empty to you. 


  • Black Petals and White Nails


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This nail design is what you need for a hangout with your girlfriends. The beauty is in the simplicity of this nail design. Here, you can put on transparent nail paint at first. Then, use a brush to make the black leaves and petals. Make sure you use the right-sized brush. Make smaller leaves, they’ll look neat on your nails and hands. 


  • Emerald Green and White Nails


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An effortless design to get those beauty nails. For this design, apply emerald green nail paint to two or three of your nails. In the remaining ones, apply white colour. You can also add crystals to the white nails. You can also go for the off-white nail paint colour. 


  • Blue Shades with Dots


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If the blue colour represents your inner persona, then opt for this nail design. Here, you can use different shades of blue nail paint. Once done, add dots on the edges of your nails. You can also make some flower patterns with the dots. 


Beauty Nails for Businesswomen 

Following are some of the nail designs for businesswomen:


  • Milky Way Nail Design


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Wouldn’t a mini galaxy look ethereal on your hands? For this out of the world nail design, you’ll need a few glitter shades and purple nail paint. First, apply the white and silver glitter shades. When these shades dry, put a few drops of purple nail paint. Then use a brush to spread the purple colour. 


  • Marble Nail Design


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Marble nails are true beauty nails. To do this design, you’ll use pink, black, and green nail colours. You’ll need to mix all these colours with a detailed brush. First, you should apply a gel base coat to your nails. Then, use another brush and start applying the mixed paint at a flat angle. 


  • Grey and White Glitter


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This is a rather simple design. Here, you’ll need grey, white, and glitter nail paint. For making the design, apply grey colour in two nails, white colour in one nail, and then the glitter in the remaining one. You can add nail art to the nails by adding crystal stones to some nails. Add them in a circular or a triangular shape. If you’re attending a company event, opt for this sophisticated nail design. 


  • Black Nails and Crystals


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This nail design is nothing less than art. For this design, you can apply black nail paint to four of your nails, leaving the pinky. Put on a dark blue glitter shade in the nail of your pinky. Lastly, add some crystals to one or two black fingernails. 


How to Maintain Healthy Beauty Nails 

Just because your nails aren’t as long as your hair doesn’t mean you won’t give them the same care. Your nails are an important part of your body. Therefore, before you design them with many colours, you should learn how to maintain them properly. 

Here’s a list of things you need to remember to take care of your nails:


  • Prioritize cleaning your nails: Those beauty nails need a good cleaning! You take part in countless activities throughout our day. You don’t even remember what objects you have touched and how many times you scratched your head. It’s obvious that because of these activities, your nails catch a lot of dirt underneath them. To have healthy nails, you should clean the nails of germs and dirt. Get a good liquid soap and wash your hands properly. 


  • Befriend a moisturizer: Go ask your friends or your regular nail artist what moisturizer they use for their hands. You should also ask your dermatologist if you’re easily allergic to many ingredients. A good quality moisturizer would prevent your hands from going dry. Both your nails and hands need to be hydrated. 


  • Let the nails breathe: You love designing your nails every opportunity you get. That’s good, we encourage self-love. However, you should really consider letting your nails breathe from time to time. Nail designs can ruin your nails if you do them in a frequent manner. 


  • Get good nail brushes: You need a gentle nail brush for your nail design. Don’t use a hard brush or any other hard tools on your nails. Also, you have an emotional connection that you’ve had for the past 8 years, but most probably, it’s time to let that brush go. So, please, for the sake of your nails, let it go. Get a new brush of good quality. 


The Best Nail Salons in India 

Nail art has been gaining a lot of recognition around the world. In India, you can find many nail art salons that specialize in making unique nail designs. These salons will give you beauty nails for any wedding, lunch, or party you want to attend. 

Here are some of the best nail salons that you’ll find in India: 


  • Perfect Ten Nail Spa: Perfect Ten Nail Spa is in Kolkata. You can go to this spa for all your nail care needs. The staff at Perfect Ten Nail Spa makes nail art designs that are original and lovely. 


  • Trenzetters: You’ll find Trenzetters in Mumbai. This salon specializes in nail art designs that you can do for formal and casual events. They also offer services for hair care and skincare.


  • Oh! My Nails India: Many Indian influencers recommend this nail salon. At Oh! My Nails India, you can get many nail care services. The salon is in Delhi and offers services apart from manicure and pedicure as well. You’ll find a variety of nail art designs at this salon. You can opt for any colour and any design that you want.


  • Zoe Nails: This is another nail salon that is located in Delhi. Zoe Nails is a favourite of many celebrities. They provide their customers with gel extensions and acrylic nail designs. You’ll find minimal and OTT nail designs at this salon. So, if you’re looking to experiment with your nails, go to Zoe Nails. 


  • Blliis By Ravissant: Located in Delhi, Blliis By Ravissant is a luxury spa and salon. Services of this salon include manicure therapy and cuticle work. They also do therapeutic massages using natural and organic products. The staff at Blliis ensures that their customers feel satisfied with the services they get for themselves. 



What Are The Different Types Of Nails?

There are many types of nails. Here is a list of different types of nails. 

  • Almond Nails: These nails are shaped like an almond. Natural nails can’t hold an almond nail structure. Therefore, nail artists use gel or acrylic to keep almond nails in a place. 


  • Stiletto Nails: These nails have an almond shape. However, stiletto shaped nails are pointy and sharp. 


  • Ballerina Nails: Ballerina nails are also known as coffin shaped nails. The beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner keeps ballerina shaped nails. They are exactly like stiletto nails, but their tip is square-shaped. 


  • Lipstick Nails: The lipstick nails have the shape of a lipstick tube. Just like lipstick, these nails have a diagonal cut. 


  • Flare Nails: These nails, as the name suggests, flare outwards. They are bigger and wider. 


  • Arrowhead Nails: Arrowhead nails are just like stiletto nails. They are different because the arrowhead nails are shorter, and their point is softer. 


What Are The Different Types Of Fake Nails?

Artificial nails were accidentally invented by a dentist named Fred Slack in 1954. After doing some experimentation with his brother, the doctor laid the foundation for acrylic nails.

Here are the different types of fake nails used for nail design:


  • Acrylic Nails: These are the most common fake nails. They are the first choice of many nail artists. The reason they’re so popular is that they’re flexible, durable, and incredibly strong. If you want long nails, stiletto shaped nails, or ballerina shaped nails, then opt for acrylic nails. 


  • Gel Nails: Gel nails have less impact on the nails below. They are shiny, durable, and smooth. The gel manicure uses UV lamps that harden the gel and the design. You can remove gel nails at home. However, it is suggested that you remove them at a nail salon only. 


  • Shellac: Shellac nails use gel and traditional nail paints. Thus, shellac nails are long-lasting, smooth, and shiny. Your nails are protected all the time with shellac. 


How Can I Get Beautiful Nails?

To get some beautiful nails, you need to first properly maintain your nails. Keep your nails clean all the time. Nails can have a lot of dirt underneath them. Use the right nail care tools to remove such dirt. 

You should put moisturizer on your hands after you wash them. When you use a sanitiser or wash your hands, your hands and nails become dry. Therefore, after every wash, you should apply some moisturizer. 

There are also some cuticle oils that you can use. Apply cuticle oil around the cuticles of both hands. This will prevent them from cutting or breaking. 

Nails look extra beautiful with nail paints. But, get those nail paints that are safe. Many nail paints have toxins that are bad for nails and skin. Avoid buying these nail paints. 

You should be gentle with your nails. Whether you are cutting them, applying nail paint, or getting a manicure, you should do these activities safely. 


What Is Beauty And Nail Care?

Nail care means protecting your nails from breakage, hangnails, and dirt. Nail care is important for health and cosmetic reasons. If you properly care for your nails, then there will be no bacteria or fungal infections in your nails. 

To care for your nails, you need to keep them short and trimmed. You need to avoid toxic nail paints. Furthermore, you should use oils and moisturizers so that your nails don’t get dry. 

Many people go for regular manicures to take care of their nails. In a manicure procedure, the nail artist cleans the nails thoroughly. They remove all the dirt and the dead skin cells around the nails. 

After the manicure, women opt to get some beauty nails. So, they do get some nail design and nail art done on their nails. However, when doing these nail designs, women have to choose such designs that won’t harm their nails. 

Moreover, getting nail designs done frequently isn’t good for nail health. 


What Is The Classiest Nail Shape? 

There are many types of nail shapes that you can do on your hands. Not every shape would look on your hands, though. Some people can have a stiletto nail shape, whereas some people’s hands look good with almond nails. 

You can choose your nail shape by identifying your hand type. These are some common hand types: High Five Hands (long palms with short fingers), Grounded Hands (short fingers and wider palm), Piano Hand (both fingers and palm are wide), Generous Hands (both fingers and palm are long). 

High Five hands look good with oval-shaped nails. Grounded hands can have almond and oval-shaped nails. Piano hands look really beautiful with ballerina shaped nails. Lastly, generous hands can have square-shaped nails. 


In Conclusion 

A nail design can include many shades of colour or shades of different colours. Some nail designs don’t need any additions to them, they look good. 

There are some designs that make use of many nail art objects like crystals, rhinestones, diamonds, and more. You can get a nail design that has numbers on it or one that has countless numbers of stars in it. 

While there are many designs that you can choose from, you have to remember to maintain your nails too. 

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