What Happens Before And After Body Contouring?

What Happens Before And After Body Contouring

Are you searching for an option that will offer you an attractive shape and personality? Your search ends here as body contouring is the best option for eliminating fat and adding shape and tightening to the skin. 

The process will include both the surgical and the non-surgical; the surgical process will include using cold, heat, and laser for good results. On the other hand, the surgical option will include tucks, lifts, and even liposuction.


What Is Body Contouring?

If we talk about body contouring also called body sculpting is a medical process that aims to reshape the areas present in the body. Using the process all the extra skin will eliminate and reshape the contour area is there. It will not only help to lose weight but even the body will get the shape that increases the overall personality.


Classification of Body Contouring

There is not just a single method used for Body Contouring in Boca Raton. You must have a complete idea about the process to obtain the results on time and without any side effects.

  • In cryo lipolysis, there is the use of cold temperature for the destruction of the cells that generate fat amount on the body.
  • The injection lipolysis will include various elements like the deoxycholic that can be used for targeting the fat cells.
  • Laser lipolysis is an option that makes use of lasers for the destruction of fat cells.
  • Radiofrequency makes use of ultrasound and even heat waves that will lead to targeting the fat cells.

The options will not end here, you can do research and find out the other methods of contouring that will help in the reduction of excessive fat.


Areas in Which Body Sculpting Is Being Used

Mainly people choose body sculpting to have an attractive personality. They will get a thinner and better shape by entering the process shortly. If you notice that even the exercise and diet are not leaving an impact on the body then going for the body sculpting will be a great choice. 

Body sculpting will not only work on improving the shape but also you can get an improvement of loose skin and even natural ageing can be avoided. Some common areas in which the performance of the process is possible include:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Belly area


What Happened Before The Process Of Body Contouring?

At the initial stage, you have to set a meeting with the plastic surgeon who will help you out based on the complete situation. The professional will be responsible for doing the complete analysis based on the queries that he clears.

  • Detail on the medical history including the health conditions, allergies, and the drugs that you are taking at the specific time
  • Information on the use of tobacco, drugs, or the alcohol
  • They will do a complete analysis of the area in which you wish to have a change
  • Discuss the available options and make recommendations including the same
  • Take a picture of the issues that you are facing at the current time


What to Do After Body Contouring?

There is special care required for the completion of the body contouring as it is a surgical procedure. If you have done the process through surgery then sometimes a variation is there in the time at which you will go to the house. The surgical team will prepare a proper chart that includes suggestions that will help in avoiding the side effects that might be there in the future time.

  • Caring for the drains will even include changing the bandages after a specific time.
  • Avoid going in contact with the sunlight
  • Take the medicines that are good options to avoid the pain in the future period
  • Avoid getting involved in harsh activities


What Is The Time Required For Recovery?

Before a person goes through the process the thing that needs to be clear is the time that is must for the recovery. If you have gone through the surgical process then it will take about some weeks to months based on the size of the incisions. On the other hand, the non-surgical process takes lesser time and patients can go home immediately after the process.


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