Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses

The excitement of your best friend getting married is unreal. However, nothing compares to the excitement of being her bridesmaid. Even better, her maid of honour. All you want to do is be a part of her big day. Standing by her, as she gets married to the love of her life. It is not only a big day for her but you as well and all big days call for great outfits. However, choosing bridesmaid dresses is not easy at all.  There are so many thoughts running through our minds. For instance, “what should be my vibe?”, “Do I look for sexy bridesmaid dresses or sombre elegant hues?”

Your mind is bound to feel confused. There are so many options available nowadays. People today are ditching old traditional colours too! They are going for bold and brighter colours. Therefore, how does one make a perfect choice? It is honestly upon you. Some people just go with their gut and ditch overthinking a dress completely. While some bridesmaids follow a process. We’d prefer you to go with the latter too. After all, it’s your best friend’s wedding! You want your whole squad to make heads turn. Furthermore, weddings are among the best occasions to get stunning group pictures together. 

Figuring out what’s best for the main day is not that complicated. All you need is a few insights about the wedding. Top it up with a bunch of your personal dilemmas and choices. Voila! You have your perfect bridesmaid dress. There are so many things one considers before buying these dresses. From themes to the venue. Is it in the middle of the woods or by the ocean? Is it a fall wedding or a spring wedding? Therefore, have these answers before you pick from this wide collection of sexy bridesmaid dresses.


Why Are Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses Trending? 

The word sexy is very wrongly linked with provocative dressing. In fact, bridesmaid dresses and even weddings were seen in a very conservative light earlier. They are considered conservative and traditional occasions even today but things have changed. Our mindsets as well as our dressing sense have long since evolved. Who doesn’t like to show a little skin today? It makes you look bold and confident.

Weddings are indeed elegant occasions. When a bride walks down the aisle, she looks ethereal. She looks stunningly graceful. That’s how much an outfit can influence your look. However, who says there can’t be a dress which is both elegant and sexy. This is your chance to dress perfectly and get those pictures which will last a lifetime. Therefore, steal it! Make the most of it. If you want to wear a bodycon dress with a thigh slit, do so. Apart from overshadowing the bride, there is not a single thing you must be bothered about.

Being sexy is wearing anything and owning the look. You may wear a backless thigh slit dress but if you are constantly conscious about it, it shows. However sexy that outfit is, you are only making it look uncomfortable and not sexy. Therefore, show off your skin and strut down that aisle like you are the boss. Don’t have second thoughts after you put on that bridesmaid dress. 

Sexy bridesmaid dresses are very much in trend. So, you will not have a problem finding yourself the perfect dress too. Be it any colour or size, every brand has already embraced this trend. You will not get another chance to look that hot at your best friend’s wedding again. In addition, you never know if you end up finding the man of your dreams here.


4 Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses

These are some sexy bridesmaid dresses that you could wear on the day of the wedding. 


  • Square-neck


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This love satin midi is just gorgeous from the colour to the style. It is elegant and sexy. The plunging square neckline along with that side slit is a bold move. This is what makes it one of the sexy bridesmaid dresses. In addition, it is a very minimal make-up and no accessory required look.


  • Strapless


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This isn’t any other strapless gown. Strapless gowns are very sexy in general but with a neckline like this, it is sexier. The flower on top is adding to the look but the outfit is well without it too. However, the gown slit makes this already bold look even bolder. Wear studs and avoid any necklaces at all.


  • Halter-strap


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This particular halter strap is gorgeous and looks heavenly. It is such a low-effort outfit but the halter strap definitely works here. The look is also very elegant. In addition, the cute bun and the tiny earrings help elevate the outfit even more. Be it a midi or maxi, the neckline steals the show.


  • Satin split cami


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Satin cami dresses are known to be sexy. This has slits on both sides which makes them look even better. The shimmer of the fabric along with those lines screams bold! In addition to the cowl neck, the bold colour choices are worth admiring too. Such dresses look gorgeous in every colour.


4 Bodycon Bridesmaid Dresses 

Following are some beautiful Bodycon dresses that you may wear as a bridesmaid. 


  • Ruched satin dress


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This bodycon is simple and elegant. It beautifully shows off your figure and you don’t even need a lot of accessories. The small tie slit on the side and the ruched look really make it very sexy. No matter the hairdo, this outfit is a killer by itself. Therefore, you could wear this outfit to a party as well. Strappy or nude heels would go well with it too.


  • Cut-out maxi

Cut-outs are very much in fashion nowadays and so is this look. The outfit hugs your body well and will make an amazing bridesmaid outfit. However, try going only for lighter hues when wearing outfits like this. In addition, the look doesn’t need fancy make-up or accessories either.


  • Side-slit


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Side slits look gorgeous, especially in maxi dresses. The sweetheart neckline as well as the well-hugging outfit really make it bold. This is definitely a head-turner. Small simple studs or earrings along with hand jewellery would really lift the look too.


  • Mermaid hem


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Mermaid hem completely changes how a simple midi dress could look. However, you could definitely go for better colours, this outfit is simple yet bold. Bodycon dresses are meant to make one look sexy. You could even leave out the belt. In addition, put on small hoops and carry a cute clutch. Both messy bun and open wavy hair would look pretty with this outfit.


4 Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

You may choose one of the following unique dresses as your bridesmaid dress. 


  • Ruched halter-neck


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Halter-neck is common but this ruched halter-neck dress looks wrapped around. This outfit also very much gives the look of a wrap dress. Apart from the neck, the satin dress will perfectly hug your figure and show off your curves. However, this look would look prettier in a midi dress.


  • Floral


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Bridesmaid dresses are usually plain. Therefore, they don’t have patterns or prints. This particular outfit is definitely unique and unheard of. It is filled with a variety of colours and is floral from top to bottom. Despite the heavy embroidery, the dress looks gorgeous. You could also leave your hair down. In addition, this dress will also help you experiment a lot with makeup, especially the eyes.


  • Off-shoulder gown


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This off-shoulder and sweetheart neckline combination is stunning, to say the least. The slit just makes the look even better. However, You usually wouldn’t find bridesmaids going for such fancy options. Therefore, this look is a surprise but a pleasant one!


  • One-shoulder


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One shoulder is a common look as well but the tulle here does the trick. First and foremost, the choice of colour is bold. However, bridesmaids don’t tend to go for colours closer to white. Leaving that aside, Having a tulle act as your one-shoulder piece over a strapless gown is lovely. The simple pearl drops go so well with the entire look. 


4 Sexy and Short Bridesmaid Dresses 

Here are some short bridesmaid dresses that you could wear on the day of the wedding. 


  • Strapless Tulle


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Tulle dresses always give off very princessy vibes. They are very cute. However, this strapless midi is no doubt your cute-sexy combo. Long drop earrings would look very pretty with them. Try pulling your hair up in a messy bun to show off those shoulders. 


  • V-neck skater dress


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A plunging V neckline has been the sexy neckline for a very long time. So, this short skater dress is indeed among the sexy bridesmaid dresses. This is definitely one dress that would look good with bold colours. Lighter shades may not bring out its look. Go for small earrings and pretty heels!


  • Halter-neck


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This halter-neck dress look is super chic. It’s simple, easy and comfy. Adding the backless touch would go a long way. You could leave your hair open on one side or just go for a tied-up bun. This look would also look great with a tie belt.


  • High Square-neck


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Square necks aren’t among your usually found necklines. This fact makes them stand out even further. This satin slip-on is gorgeous. Put on some nude heels and tie up a cute messy bun. You could also use pearl drops to add to the look. Satin as a fabric is very sexy. The sheen of satin exudes confidence, especially while wearing slip-on dresses.


4 Fitted Bridesmaid Dresses

Many women like wearing fitting dresses. If you prefer that, then you may pick one of these dresses. 


  • V-neck


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This V-neck maxi dress is simple and elegant. It is fitted at the waist and pleats in the flowy part of the dress add to the look. This dress would be a sexy bridesmaid dress even without the slit. In addition, you could even add a backless touch to it. This look looks even better with a messy bun. Try going for small earrings and nude heels.


  • Cowl neck


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Cowl neck looks gorgeous. It looks good with any dress or top. This outfit is well-fitted and really shows off your curves. Absolutely any colour would look great in this dress style. Any hairdo would look good. You could wear pearl studs along with this look.


  • Wrap Dress


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Wrap dress has become common now. Everyone has at least one wrap look outfit in their wardrobe. This wrap dress is effortlessly elegant. It is well fitted at its waist and flows down beautifully. Tie up your hair in a messy bun and wear a cute pair of earrings.


  • Chiffon lace


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This chiffon lace outfit is simple and easy to wear. The lace is what gives it the sexy look. Such dresses look really good in pastel shades and are meant for weddings. The floral work using lace really lifts the whole dress. It may not be among your typical sexy bridesmaid dresses but the slit works to its advantage.


3 Sexy and Tight Bridesmaid Dresses 

Looking for some sexy and tight options? These are two sexy bridesmaid dresses that you might like: 


  • Strapless cut-out


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This strapless dress is tight and body-hugging. It cuts out well at the waist in the front and flows below. Try leaving your hair down with this look. You could wear your stilettos and a pair of small earrings to rock this look.


  • Velvet Bodycon


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This cami dress could be worn as a midi or maxi dress. The shine of velvet looks beautiful. Wear strappy heels or wear a good pair of earrings. In addition, the side slit makes the look even better. If wearing it for a winter winding, you could ever wear a fluffy short sweater over it.


  • Full sleeves


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Although a very fancy look in terms of shimmer and pattern, that can be toned down. It could just go for a monochrome look. This is a high-neck look with full sleeves and yet has such a boss vibe to it. It is among those sexy bridesmaid dresses which need not be revealing to look sexy. However, don’t go for a chapped look. Leave your hair down or wear a messy bun.



What Are The Different Types Of Bridesmaids Dresses?

Well, there are a lot of different varieties when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. There are no specific types as such but let’s talk about the ones typically worn. Fabrics like satin and chiffon are the most commonly used, especially satin. Satin slip-on has become a common choice. People either go for a midi or maxi dress. The V-neckline and also the cowl neck outfits have become very famous. Bodycon dresses along with wrap dresses have also become very common choices.

In addition, people do prefer going for halter-neck dresses and off-shoulder outfits too. Bridesmaid dresses are usually plain with absolutely no print whatsoever. They are monochrome and usually flowy at the bottom.


What’s The Point of a Veil?

The tradition of a bride wearing a veil is very old. During earlier times, the bride was covered from head to toe. This was done to show her as a pure and untouched maiden. Some people also say that it was to keep the bride’s face hidden from the groom. A veil is also said to keep the evil spirits away. However, the main point of a veil in weddings has always been to showcase a bride’s innocence. 

Nowadays, it has become just another part of the wedding style. People like to wear it just as a fashion accessory. Therefore, it is not compulsory for a bride to wear a veil. It is entirely left to her will and choice.


How Can I Spice Up My Bridesmaid Dress?

Well spicing up your bridesmaid can either be two things. You want to make some alterations to a dress you already have or you are looking for the right accessories.  When it comes to spicing up your look. Prefer going for necklines you are confident with. Slits in dresses look beautiful. You could even try looking for backless options as well. 

Apart from this, heels are a must. They are just the perfect options for sexy bridesmaid dresses or any bridesmaid dress. Also, know when to leave your hair down or tie it up in a bun. Typically, a bun is a preferred option especially when you are wearing an off-shoulder or backless outfit. What’s the point when all your hair is covering the best part of the outfit? Few bridesmaids also go for wearing statement necklaces. This very much depends on the neckline you choose to wear though.


What Should My Bridesmaid Wear?

Honestly, this decision lies entirely upon you or your bridesmaids. It also depends on a lot of other factors you will have to keep in mind. Does your wedding have a specific theme? Is it a destination wedding? If so, where? That would help you know the background colours. Therefore, choose colours that complement the background. 

In addition, the season of the wedding. Knowing the season will help figure out the colour and even the type of outfit to wear. If it’s a winter wedding, you would definitely like to wear something with sleeves on. Ultimately, it also depends on your bridesmaid. Her personal choice and the colours that compliment her. You would obviously want to choose an outfit that your bridesmaid feels the most confident in. You must look for options that are easy to carry and accessorise. 


How Do Bridesmaids Look Cute?

A wedding is an occasion that leaves a glow on anyone’s face. The way you carry yourself really matters. Despite wearing plenty of sexy bridesmaid dresses, you may still look cute. Cuteness is a natural factor as well. Apart from that, try to be as minimal as possible. 

Weddings have a very solemn and joyous environment. You don’t need extra fancy makeup or aggressive eye liner usage. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible. Don’t go for a crazy amount of accessories too. You will not find bridesmaids wearing a lot of jewellery at all. It is all kept pretty normal. You need your outfit to do all the magic. 


In Conclusion

We showed you an entire list filled with sexy bridesmaid dresses but it is all about carrying it. Not everyone can pull off any kind of look. It takes a great deal of confidence and attitude to do so. Never shy away from experimenting though. Weddings are a lovely occasion to showcase your fancy. It becomes an even better occasion when you are the bridesmaid. You are going to walk that aisle and stand right beside the bride. Being a bridesmaid is an honour one should cherish.

Now, when it comes to picking the right outfit. Ensure you begin the thought process way early. The time before a wedding passes by quickly. Therefore, start thinking at least 5 months in advance. Have a brief idea about how the wedding might actually look in real life. In addition, begin your research on wedding trends and trending colours. Nowadays, it is very easy to surf Instagram and find out what people are wearing. This helps you get a better idea of how you can build your outfit.

Always be very particular about the colour you choose. Traditionally, all bridesmaids have been wearing the same outfit for years now. This trend has seen a lot of tweaks in the last few years though. Different shades of the same colour palette for every bridesmaid or the same colour but different types of outfits. Therefore, be thorough with your research. Finally, all bridesmaids must reach a mutual decision in case you all decide to wear matching outfits.

Be it sexy bridesmaid dresses or simple bridesmaid dresses. You can make it look the way you want it to be! Therefore, pull it off in style and don’t hold back.

Do you have any sexy bridesmaid dresses in mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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