Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are occasions you don’t want to miss. The entire ceremony is fun and so significant at the same time. In addition, imagine being an important part of it! That’s double the fun and the tension. While nothing compares to the joy of being a bride, being asked to be a bridesmaid is no less. To be entrusted with bridesmaid duty is indeed an honour. However, there are so many decisions you have to make. Do we wear light blue bridesmaid dresses or different shades of blue?

There are so many things you have to think of as a bridesmaid. Be it throwing a fantastic bridal shower or a swanky bachelorette party! Your ultimate duty is to make the bride feel at ease. However anxious she may get about all the arrangements, you have to step up. You wouldn’t want your best friend to be worrying about your dress too, right? Therefore, ensure you’ve done your research. Be ready with a lot of options at hand. After all, there is an endless amount of dresses to choose from.

Today, there are so many new styles that people are going for. You are not supposed to wear a maxi dress or gown. You can even wear midi or short dresses. There is no wrong or right, there’s only “what works right.” However, judging what’s the best outfit for you may not be that easy. There is an endless list of things one has to keep in mind before choosing the right fit. What if you wear an off-white maxi and realise that the entire backdrop is being decorated with white flowers? How will you stand out? 

Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to such tiny details. After all, you would want some great pictures for Instagram.


Why Are Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Trending? 

The style of the outfit is often an important consideration. However, choosing the right colour is no less. There has never been a set or decided colour that bridesmaids choose from. However, you will often find light pastel shades or shades of beige being chosen. It does make sense though. Weddings are formal and holy ceremonies. You always tend to think of serene places and outfits when you think of a wedding.

Although, that trend is long gone. Today, people go for any shade they like. Be it red or green. Surprisingly, these colours look great too! However, the peace and calm that light shades bring are unmatched. Therefore, light blue bridesmaid dresses have been in trend for quite some time. Light blue as a colour is by itself serene. Light blue bridesmaid dresses are soothing to the eye. They symbolise trust and security. Two pillars are often needed to make a successful relationship.

Light blue is a colour which looks great with white. It is soft and will leave you with a smile. Therefore, it is one of those very few colours you can pick without thinking twice. Especially if it’s for a wedding!


4 Best Pale Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Here are a few pale blue bridesmaid dresses you may like: 


  • Keyhole


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This keyhole pleated maxi dress is unique. It is definitely something interesting and different from the usual bridesmaid dresses. The intricate work on the dress from the waist up is gorgeous. The pleats on the maxi dress really help elevate the outfit even more. Go with a bun and avoid any fancy jewellery at all. Just tiny studs would be enough. 


  • Floral


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This pale cami dress would have looked just fine. However, the addition of the floral print to it has really changed the whole outfit. It has not only added more colour but also more life to the entire outfit. You could totally leave your hair down in waves and probably wear funky earrings too. Try on earrings which include colours on the floral print.


  • Convertible


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This convertible dress can easily be changed. Its long straps can be easily changed into different styles. Therefore, your bridesmaids need not stick to the same style. They could wear the same outfit but differently. Don’t leave your hair down. Style it into a bun. Also, try to experiment with the outfit as much as you can.


  • Lace maxi


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This cute lace maxi dress is simple yet graceful. The floral lace always helps change the look of the outfit completely. Always try to put your hair up in a messy bun with such outfits. Definitely opt for heels Try going for small earrings or studs instead of heavy jewellery options.


4 Pale Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Younger Brides

Here are a few pale blue bridesmaid dresses that you may like: 


  • Satin slip


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Satin as a fabric for bridesmaid dresses is always a popular and safe choice. The satin slip-on looks so beautiful with its cowl neck look. Be it a midi or a maxi dress, these dresses are a killer option. Leave your hair down and go for a no jewellery look. However, don’t forget to wear a good pair of heels.


  • Strapless


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Strapless maxi dresses are not easy to carry. However, the fit and the look they bring are stunning. You don’t need any accessories to elevate that sort of look. It doesn’t matter even if you leave your hair down or tie it up into a bun.


  • Charmeuse


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This fabric looks very similar to satin and carries that shine too. The most interesting part about this outfit is the change in straps. While it is cami on one side, it is not on the other. This outfit also gives off a cowl neck look. You should definitely wear a bun with this outfit. 


  • High-neck with slit


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This high-neck bridesmaid dress looks so gorgeous in the colour. It feels like the perfect outfit for a summer wedding. The slit has definitely taken the look up a notch. You would look gorgeous in the outfit with any hairdo whatsoever. However, keep low on the jewellery. You could go with small earrings if you really want to.


4 Pale Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Older Brides

These are some bridesmaid dresses in pale blue that you may prefer wearing at the wedding: 


  • Ruched halter neck


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This halter neck is not just like any other halter neck. The ruched look near the neck makes it way better. The belted look at the waist makes the outfit look well-fitted. It is better if you tie your hair in a bun though.


  • Print


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Well, pale blue, as the name suggests, is a pale colour. Therefore, adding it as a print in a different colour is indeed a good option. This white deep round neck dress feels elevated with the use of blue as a print. The floral look also makes it more suitable for a wedding.  In addition, this look is simple and easy to carry. 


  • High neck


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The colour of this high-neck maxi dress is indeed very pale. However, it still suits the occasion and looks gorgeous nonetheless. You could go for a straight hair look or even a high bun. Opt for really small earrings preferably one with stones. 


  • Wrap dress


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This wrap dress is so simple. However, by the looks of it, it looks very fancy. The way the sleeves have been used to create that look is fantastic. The way the dress flows down from your waist and the shimmer of satin make this a perfect evening gown. You should totally leave your gorgeous hair down while wearing this dress. 


4 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses 

The dusty blue colour is the perfect option when you are confused between the two blue extremes. Here are a few dusty blue bridesmaid dresses that you may like: 


  • One-shoulder


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We don’t often think of braiding our hair. However, this light blue bridesmaid dress is definitely a game-changer. The one-shoulder look makes it easy to leave your hair down on one side. It is fitting and flows beautifully from down your waist. Cute pearl studs would look really pretty with this look. The slit is a good addition too.


  • Cold shoulder


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Cold shoulder outfits carry a certain vibe. This outfit, in particular, is simple yet stunning. Apart from the off-shoulder, there is no major addition to the outfit. It is flowy and plain. You could leave your hair down to one side or tie it up in a cute bun. Prefer wearing studs instead of long earrings and always go for heels!


  • Wrap dress


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A wrap dress with cute ruffles as sleeves makes for a gorgeous outfit. The way it is so fit at the waist and flows down so naturally is very calming. You should totally leave your hair down while wearing this outfit. You could also wear long drops along with it. If you are at a comfortable height, you could actually ditch those heels too!


  • Halter-neck pleats


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This halter-neck puffy pleated dress gives off a lovely skirt look. Prefer going for a messy bun with this look and being easy on the jewellery.


4 Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses: Short

Some people don’t like wearing long maxi dresses and gowns. Therefore, here we have a few short light blue bridesmaid dresses that you may like. 


  • Chiffon


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This fabric gives off the soft look by itself. It looks light and summery. The plunging neckline and the short dress look make it stunning. The right set of heels and a cute messy bun will look perfect.


  • Wrap dress


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This dress is warm and loose. It looks extensively comfortable and easy to wear. Let your hair loose and put on cute studs. You could even wear strappy heels with this. Bandanas or half clutched hair would also look lovely with this look. The outfit seems fit for a cute summer wedding along the ocean.


  • High-neck


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This high-neck short dress is super cute. The ruffled sleeves really add to the outfit. You could both leave your hair down as well as tie it up in a bun. You should totally wear small hoops with this look. This look just screams beautiful.


  • V-neck lace


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Lace is a beautiful fabric. However, this floral lace V-neck dress makes it look even better. It looks simple yet intricate. Leave your hair down though and put on some heels. Find a pair of gorgeous earrings and you are good to go.


4 Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Here are a few light blue bridesmaid dresses that you may like to wear at the wedding. They are extremely soothing and calming to the eye. 


  • The sweetheart neckline


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This is one classy outfit you will not be able to resist. The neckline along with the off-shoulder makes for a gorgeous dress. However, this maxi dress may look even better if turned into a midi. Tie up your hair in a neat bun and keep your jewellery minimal. Even a slit could help elevate this look.


  • Cami maxi


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These light blue bridesmaid dresses with the cami look ethereal. There is absolutely nothing tacky or fancy. However, its simplicity is what shines out. You don’t even have any fancy jewellery to lift the look. Just leave your hair down and let the colour do its magic.


  • Off-shoulder


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This off-shoulder outfit looks killer with those invisible straps. With tulle for the Ruched work on the arms and the sweetheart neckline. This makes for a perfect bridesmaid dress. It gives off cinderella vibes and looks super gorgeous. You could have any hairdo with just tiny studs to perfect it even more.


  • Halter-neck


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This halter-neck maxi dress flows beautifully from the waist. The gathered fabric design makes it look even better. The look is classy and would look great with a messy bun. You could totally wear pretty studs or long drops along with it.


3 Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

Some women like wearing dresses that have sleeves. Therefore, here are some outfits you may like: 


  • Tulle


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This ruched neck maxi dress looks extremely beautiful at the neck. The short sleeves in tulle really help make this outfit stand out.  They add a little fancy touch to the entire dress. This wrap dress with the belt would look beautiful with blue earrings. This outfit would look great no matter the hairdo. It is fairly simple to style.


  • Flutter sleeves


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These sleeves give a very angel type of look. The V-neck allows for a beautiful yet simple necklace. You should totally leave your hair down in waves and let your outfit do the rest.


  • Cut-out sleeves


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Not a lot of people find cut-out sleeves that appealing. However, this maxi dress with its short sleeves makes it look different. This dress gives off a very cold-shoulder outfit look. Therefore, making it unique. 


  • Puffed sleeves


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This floral dress is a perfect summer fit. Fortunately, the sleeves are not the usual ones. The puffed sleeves make the outfit prettier. They make it look even more summery. You could totally wear a messy bun along with this. This outfit doesn’t really need heels either. 


2 Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses: Plus Size 

Following are a few light blue bridesmaid dresses that you may like to try: 


  • V-neck


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V-neck is an option which looks good on everyone. This dress flows stunningly. The long sleeves really add to the outfit as well. You could leave your hair down or even style it a little differently. Go for very simple necklaces while wearing V-neck dresses.


  • Cami dress


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A cami maxi dress is another piece of outfit which looks great on anyone. In this outfit, the fabric used is different. However, these maxi dresses look gorgeous in satin. This is mostly due to the shine that satan can bring to any dress. You could totally do any kind of hairdo with this outfit. Steer clear of any necklaces and go for small earrings. Only wear heels and nothing less.



When Should Bridesmaids Get Their Dresses?

Well, outfits for a wedding should always be bought a little in advance. If you are a bridesmaid, you should ensure you do so quite early. You should make sure to start looking for dresses at least five to six months before the wedding. This is because there are plenty of things one has to think of. One must decide if all are going with matching outfits. If so, reaching a mutual decision is a long and tiring process. You must also be able to find a dress that matches all your specifications within your budget. There should be enough time in your hand to get alterations and fittings done within time.


Who Gets Ready With The Bride?

Well, there is no established tradition as to who gets ready with the bride. It is upon the bride. Some brides love having music and champagne along with their bridal party while getting ready. On the other hand, some enjoy having the room completely to themselves. They don’t like any disturbance. So, the bride can get ready along with her bridesmaids or any close siblings. She may also get ready with her mother or mother-in-law (in case they are close). Therefore, the bride is free to invite anyone she holds dear to her to get ready along with her.


Who Should Walk The Mother Of The Bride Down The Aisle?

Well, being escorted down the aisle is a western tradition. The mother of the bride can walk down the aisle by herself but it is better if escorted. She could be accompanied by any groomsman. If not so, these traditions can be tweaked. She could be walked down the aisle by her son or her brother. In Jewish ceremonies, the bride’s mother and father walk along with her. One could do so as well. Therefore, there is no specific rule as such. A bride’s mother is the last person to be seated before the bridesmaids begin to walk down the aisle.


Does The Maid Of Honour Wear A Different Dress?

This is upon the bride and her maid of honour. Some brides already make certain decisions that they share with the squad. For instance, one bride might like her maid of honour to wear a completely different colour than the rest. On the other hand, One bride may want her maid of honour to wear a different shade. This is a choice. This is not a tradition. There have been a lot of times when the maid of honour is dressed the same as the rest. There have also been times that she stands out. Therefore, it is optional and depends on you.


Do Brides Pay For Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup?

Again, this is not part of any wedding tradition. Therefore, it is not necessary for the bride to cover your expenses at all. However, there are cases where brides like to pay for all this. Some brides may like to give these hair and makeup services to their squad. Although, this is not expected from her end. She may either provide you with an artist or you may have to find one on your own. Either way, the expense for both hair and makeup falls on your head. Therefore, do not rely on the bride because this is not traditional.


In Conclusion

Light blue bridesmaid dresses may look very plain but they look super elegant. The colour actually feels like soothing music. However simple and pale the colour may look, it makes the ceremony seem more sacred than it already is. That’s the beauty of this colour. Although, be careful while choosing it. Light blue as a colour does not shine through against a gloomy backdrop. For instance, you cannot expect to get pictures in a very pale blue dress against a grey sky. You should rather prefer to wear this colour during summer weddings. It is perfect for summer and spring weddings. The sun and light would really help your outfit glow brighter. The blue palette also sets in well with the wedding aesthetic. Therefore, think twice before making your outfit decisions. 

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