Pink Polish: Nail Ideas and Inspiration

Pink Polish: Nail Ideas and Inspiration

Clear pink nails look pretty on many occasions. You may choose a pink colour nail design for a wedding, a lunch date, or Valentine’s Day date with your partner. The pink nail paint colour appears to be a positive and calming colour. You can style pink nail polish on your nails during all seasons. With this colour, you can have a minimal as well as a sophisticated nail design. 

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned many nail designs in pink colour that you can opt for. 


Why are Pink Polish Nails Trending? 

These days you may be seeing many people having clear pink nails. You must be wondering, “What’s this obsession with pink nail polish?”

Well, the obsession isn’t new, pink has been around for a long time. It will be here for a long time. The colour is seen as a calming colour that symbolizes femininity, love, and kindness. However, the colour isn’t really opted more by females. Just like women, men love pink too. That’s really the charm of pink, that it makes everyone fall in love with it.

Well, pink nail designs have been trending on many social media platforms. People sometimes do it all by just creating a whole pink aesthetic. In such an aesthetic style, you may see people wearing pink outfits and matching their nails with pink nail polish. This isn’t just limited to one individual, even couples are doing it. Many couples wear matching outfits, couple jewellery, and matching pink nail paints. 

Pink is a colour that you can match with many other colours. If you’re going for a soft vibe, then you may use the combination of pink and white. You may apply pink colour as a base and make white polka dots. Or you may make French tips with either pink or white colour. 

Another colour that pink goes really well with is red. Both these colours become even more popular around Valentine’s Day. You may apply red-coloured nail paint as a base, then you can make small white hearts on it. Red and pink nail colours can also be used to make an ombre design. 

In case you’re going for a sexy vibe with your nail colour, then you may opt for black and pink colour combinations. You may use black colour to make French tips on your clear pink nails. 


5 Pink Polish Nails For Young Women

Following are some pink nail designs that women can do on their nails. 


Shades of Pink


Opt for this simple design if you’re going with a minimal design. With this nail design, you’ll get clear pink nails. Here, you may opt for pink nail paint in different colours. This design is common and would go well for a chill day out. 

  • Uneven Pink Stripes


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For making this design, you’ll need to apply your pink nail paint first. Once you’ve done that, you may make uneven stripes with white-coloured nail paint. You should make this with a thin nail art brush. However, if you want thinker stripes, then you can go with a thicker brush. 

  • Pink and White Ombre Nails


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These nails would look heavenly on your hands. To make this design, you may pick baby pink and white nail paint. You should make an ombre design with these colours. You may add small diamonds or rhinestones on 2-3 nails. On the index finger, you may make flowers using some nail art tools. 

  • Pink Tips


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For this nail design, you can use peach-coloured nail paint for making the base layer. You may also use this design without the base layer. The main element here is the pink French tips on your nails. 

  • Pink Waves


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To make these pink waves, you’ll need 2-3 shades of pink nail paint. You may make these waves in any pattern that you want to. Then, when the waves dry off completely, you may apply two layers of transparent nail paint. 


4 Pink Polish Nails for Women in Their 30s 

These are some clear pink nails that women in their 30s can choose from. 


  • Sparkly Pink


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In this sparkly pink nail design, you’ll need glitter pink nail paint and light pink nail paint. To make this design, you may apply pink nail paint on your nails. You may do half glitter and half normal nail paint too. Then, once you’re done, you may put a striping tape to give a classy touch to the design. 

  • Pink and Yellow Nails


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This colour combination would go well for a simple lunch or dinner. It looks classy and sophisticated. For making this design, you may apply yellow nail paint on two nails. On the remaining two, apply pink nail paint. Then, using black nail paint, you may make a leafy or floral design on two nails. 

  • Glitter Pink Nails

This glitter pink nail design would look amazing when you’re going to a club with your friends. Here, you’ll need to apply glitter nail paint on all your nails. Then, once the paint dries, you may make a black rose on one of your nails. You may also write words like ‘peace’ or ‘love’ in other languages on your nails. 

  • Pink Nails with Red Tips


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These are clear pink nails with a touch of love. Here, you’ll have to apply pink nail paint to your nails. Make sure you go with a lighter shade of pink colour. Then, using red nail paint, you may make tips on your nails. These tips are a little different as you’ll make them in a heart shape. 


4 Pink Polish Nails For Older Women 

Below-mentioned are some pink nail designs for older women. 


  • Pink Nails with Smileys


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You can make this simple design by yourself at home. To make this design, you’ll have to apply pink-coloured nail paint on all your nails, leaving one. On that one nail, you may make small dots. Then, on those dots, you can make smiley faces. 

  • Pink and White Nails


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If you like the combination of pink and white, then you can opt for this design. Here, you may apply white nail paint on two nails and pink nail paint on the other two. Then, on the white nails, you may sprinkle some black nail paint. Don’t use too much black paint, you make minimal splashes, not big ones. 

  • Pink Floral Design


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You may opt for clear pink nails in a floral design. To make this nail design, you’ll need to apply a base layer using light pink or peach nail paint. Once the paint dries off completely, you may use a dotting tool to make small flowers in different shades of pink. 

  • Pink Waves with Flower


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For making this wavy pink design, you’ll need 2-3 shades of pink nail paint. Then, you should make vertical waves with different colours using a thin brush. Lastly, you may add a lovely touch to your design by making flowers. You can make small white coloured flowers around the waves. 


4 Neon Pink Nail Polish Ideas 

If you like neon pink nails, these are some nail designs that you may do on your nails. 


  • Neon Pink Nails with V-shaped Tips


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For making this nail design, get neon pink and rose dust nail paint. On two nails, you can apply the neon nail paint. On the other two apply the rose dust nail paint. Then, you should make V-tips on one nail. After that, apply striping tape on another nail. Lastly, you may add some crystals to your index fingernail. 

  • Neon Pink Tips


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You can make beautiful tips using neon pink nail paint. Here, you can use neon pink nail paint and make tips on all your fingernails. Lastly, you may apply transparent gel nail paint on the nails. This design is easy to do and you can easily make it at home. 

  • Neon Pink with Leopard Print


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If you’re looking for a wild and funky nail design, then pick this one! Here, you may apply neon nail paint in a pink shade on your nails. On your middle and ring finger, you may make leopard prints with black nail paint. Once it dries off, you may finish by applying transparent nail paint on these nails. 

  • Neon Pink Galaxy


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For making this nail design, you should apply the base layer using peach nail paint. Then you can use neon pink nail paint to make a galaxy-like design on your nails. You can also add some shining stars to your nails using white nail paint. 


4 Baby Pink Nail Polish Ideas 

Baby pink nails look really cute. There are many nail designs that you can do with baby pink nail colour. Listed below are some of the nail designs that you can opt from. 


  • Simple Pink Nail Design


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For clear pink nails in a baby pink colour shade, you may do this design. You may opt for pink nail paint from your favourite website. To make the design, you should apply the base layer of this nail paint. Once that layer dries off, you may apply the second layer to it. 

  • Baby Pink with Black and White Tips


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For this nail design, you may apply baby pink nail paint on all your nails. Then you can make French tips with white and black nail paint. Lastly, using a thin brush, you may make a wave on all edges of all your nails. Make a black-coloured wave where there is a white tip and vice versa. 

  • Floral Pink Nails


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This is a cute nail design that you’ll love for sure. To make this design, you’ll need to apply baby pink nail paint on all your nails. Then, using a dotting tool, you may make small white flowers on the edges of your nails on your ring finger. 

  • Baby Pink and White Ombre


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If you like soft nail designs, then this design would impress you. Here, you’ll need baby pink and white nail paint. You may make an ombre design using these colours. Then, you may use transparent glitter nail paint to finish the design. 


6 Best Websites to Buy Nail Polishes From 

Following are the best websites to shop for nail paints. 


  • Essie: This is one of the most common nail paint brands that’s based in the USA. Essie was established by Essie Weingarten in 1981.  Since the launch of the nail polish brand, there have been many nail colour shades that they’ve introduced. On the Essie website, you may use a slider to find nail paint in the colour shade that you like. 

  • OPI: OPI is another nail polish brand that was also launched in 1981. When you go to OPI’s official website, you can find nail colours in many shades. Moreover, you may find nail shades based on occasion too. You may look for spring nails, wedding nails, or vacation nails. 

  • Jinsoon: The celebrity manicurist Choi Jin Soon established her nail paint brand Jinsoon in the year 2012. All the nail paint collections on Jinsoon have been carefully curated to give you the most beautiful and wearable colour. On the Jinsoon website, you may even make your own nail paint set. 

  • Sally Hansen: Started in the year 1946, Sally Hansen is another popular nail paint brand that’s based in America. Not just nail paints, on the Sally Hansen online store, you can buy nail care products as well. 

  • Chanel: Chanel is a world-famous nail paint brand. Chanel is a fashion brand that was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910. For the beauty of your nails, you can find many nail shades on Chanel. These come in glitter, matte, and high-shine nail shades. 

  • Olive and June: Olive and June was established as a nail salon in LA in 2013. After a massive success, the brand started manufacturing its own nail paints. Olive and June is a brand that would give you a satisfying manicure experience. 



What Does Pink Nail Polish Mean?

The pink colour on your nails may signify many things. Most of all, it signifies love and femininity. Pink nail colour spreads positive vibes anywhere you go. The colour looks really well in springtime, but really it goes well in all seasons. 

You can buy pink-coloured nail paint from many nail brands. There are brands like Essie, Jinsoon, Sally Hansen, and more. All these brands would offer you many pink-coloured nail shades to give you clear pink nails. You may as well buy different shades from different brands. Then, using those shades, you may make the nail design with these shades of pink. 

When you’re buying these nail paints, do make sure that you go through the ingredients. If there are certain ingredients that you’re allergic to, it’ll be better that you don’t get them. 

Obviously, the different shades of pink have different meanings. The darker or neon-shaded pink nail paint may mean that you’re an energetic person. Whereas, the lighter tones of pink colour may mean that you’re a reserved or quiet person. 

Doesn’t matter the shade that you’re going with, all you do with nails is just enjoy and spread some positivity. 


Is Pink Nail Polish Professional?

Pink nail paint looks good in professional settings. Contrary to people’s popular opinion, the positive pink nail colour goes well informal settings. It mostly depends on the nail design that you’re going with. Plus, other factors also matter. 

If you’re going to your office, you can’t show up wearing a mini skirt. You’d be expected to wear pants or pencil skirts. You wear those outfits to your office, that goes well in that type of environment. With these outfits, you won’t make a nail design that has Minnie or Mickey Mouse on it. 

In such an environment, you’d go for a more sophisticated nail design. You may opt for black and pink nail colour combinations. You may do half pink and half black nails for your nail design. 

Even your clear pink nails with just pink colour would look good too. You may opt for a minimal pink-coloured nail design. You can apply a dark shade of pink and wear a matching or contrasting outfit. Simple matte pink nails would also be a perfect choice for your office environment. 

If you’re attending an event or going for an office dinner, then you may get glitter nail designs. You may apply baby pink nail colour, and then using the glitter shade, you can make French tips. 


When Can You Wear Pink Nail Polish?

Pink is a nail paint colour that you can wear all year round. You may wear any colour shade when you want to by going with a seasonal vibe. 

For the summer and spring seasons, you may go with pastel shades of pink in matte polish. Then in the autumn time, you may switch over to the medium colour shades. Then, as you step into the winter seasons, you may opt for darker shades of pink.

You may do these nail designs:

  • Summer and Spring: Opt for baby pink nail paint, apply two layers of it. Then, once the layers dry off completely, use a dotting tool to make flowers. You may make small or big flowers, depending on your mood. 
  • Autumn: Make your clear pink nails using neon pink nail paint. You may make a neon pink galaxy on your nails. To give it a more shiny appearance, you can add a layer of transparent glitter nail paint over it. 
  • Winter: Opt for pink colour nail paint in a darker shade. You may apply two layers of this nail paint. After that, you can use white nail paint to make some uneven stripes on pink nail paint to make your nail design. 


What Is The Most Popular Pink Nail Polish?

Finding the perfect pink nail polish to have those clear pink nails isn’t an easy task. You’ve to think of many things: ingredients of the nail paint, your vibe, the season, your skin tone, and so on. 

Here’s a list of the best pink nail paints that may help you find your perfect nail polish. 

  • Deborah Lippmann – La Vie En Rose Nail Polish 
  • Smith & Cult – Metallic Fuschia Pink Nail Polish 
  • Sally Hansen – Sheer Pastel Pink Nail Polish 
  • OPI – Nail Lacquer in Shimmer Pink Nail Colour 
  • Olive and June – Rosy Pink Nail Polish 
  • Chanel – Soft, Delicate, and Light Pink 
  • OPI – Cotton Candy Pink Nail Polish 
  • Essie – Whimsical Pink Nail Polish 

You may get these nail polish shades at Amazon, Walmart, or on the official sites of these brands. You can visit their official site to find even more collections. 


In Conclusion

For clear pink nails, you can choose from many nail designs. Before you decide on the design, you’ve to know the brands that you’ll use. If you’re a loyal customer of one brand, then you’d obviously go with that one. 

After that, you’ve to think of the colour shades that you’ll use for the nail design. It may also happen that you can look at a design, then go for the colours. That totally depends on your choice. 

If you’re looking at the design first, then you can look at many nail designs. There are colour-specific nail designs that you can look at. If you’re an individual who likes baby pink colour, then there are some cute designs you can get. 

Once you’ve completely decided on the design, you may get the colour that you want. You may get a different shade if you desire. Finally, you can do the nail design. 

While doing the nail design, make sure that your nail art tools are clean. If there’s a dry colour on your brushes, then the pink colour can mix with that previous colour. It won’t give you the design that you wanted. So, you should keep your nail design tools completely clean. 

That way, you’d have the most beautiful and appealing clear pink nails. 

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