Muslim Wedding Dresses For 2023 and Beyond

Muslim Wedding Dresses

Isn’t it wonderful when brides make a fashion statement on their happiest day? While we’ve seen our fair share of brides in traditional red lehengas, we’re starting to notice and appreciate Muslim brides who have nailed their Nikaah appearances in their unique Muslim wedding dresses.

Sure, different cultures are the root of many difficulties these days, but they’re also the origin of some of the most fascinating traditions. Take, for instance, these Muslim brides who wore the most amazing veils called hijabs on their wedding day.

These headdresses are sometimes embellished with jewels and other times sewn with complex embellishments. Because of these headdresses, the bride stands out while still honouring centuries-old traditions.

The bride gets to choose her wedding dress for each of the rituals. For the events leading up to the Nikah, or an official wedding ceremony, yellow, green, and orange are frequently used. The outfit for the preliminary rites is basic, with the Nikah garment being the most extravagant. In contrast to western weddings, Muslim brides do not wear only one traditional hue.

They may choose red since it is a bold colour that stands out, or they may choose gentler colours such as cream, baby blue, blush pink, or even white. Whatever colour the bride chooses, her gown will be ornately embroidered with beads or lace. Along with her gorgeous Muslim wedding dress, she will also wear a full veil.

A suit, particularly the Anarkali silhouette, is another popular style for Muslim wedding dresses. We are completely smitten by these brides’ appearances, and all of you ladies should save these for your Nikaah!

Muslim women wear the most beautiful wedding dresses in the most unusual colours and styles. So, we couldn’t resist showing you our favourites. Check out our picks by scrolling down!


What is The Traditional Muslim Bridal Dress?

A Muslim wedding is a very distinctive kind of celebration, and its ceremonies are now held in locations all over the world.

Muslim brides traditionally favour the salwar kameez. The dupatta shields the bride’s head. The Muslim bride traditionally wears a saree in different cultures and wears a second scarf to cover her head. A kameez combined with a sharara bottom and a matching dupatta is the Muslim bridal dress in various cultures.

According to custom, green is the most auspicious hue for a Muslim bride, so bridal gowns of this colour are quite popular.

Muslim wedding gowns are no longer limited to the Islamic community. At their wedding receptions, many Hindu brides wear skirts and Kurti-style lehengas, shararas, and other similar outfits. At pre-and post-wedding events, Muslim wedding gowns are also considered a welcome break from the traditional lehengas and sarees.

Aside from the normal considerations, such as the ideal haircut and matching shoes, Muslim brides have one more item to add to the list: the hijab. One can disguise their face, head, or body by using a hijab, a type of veil. This is in accordance with Islamic modesty values. This covering is typically worn by women while they are in the presence of a man. Some people believe it is a means to reduce male sexual desire. Whatever the motivation for wearing a hijab, it has become a Muslim standard.

While Muslim brides in the east wear white or light-coloured wedding dresses for their Nikah, Muslim brides in India and Pakistan prefer brightly coloured wedding attire for their day. 


Top 4 Designer Muslim Wedding Dresses 

Below are some designer Muslim wedding dresses that every bride should consider for her special day:


  • Grey Gown With Lace Hijab


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This embroidered dress makes clever use of several hues of grey to create a stylish and dazzling image. The lace skull cap keeps the hijab and veil in place. Your Muslim wedding gown may benefit from the addition of a veil.


  • The Rustic Summer Red Gown


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What colour is more majestic and appropriate for a beautiful Muslim bride than red? This Muslim bride looks so beautiful in her stunning crimson gown, which is exquisitely embroidered. The golden headdress decorating her forehead adds to the beauty of the ornate red head drape.


  • Muted Pink Muslim Bridal Dress


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This mermaid cut dress in a muted pink colour is really elegant and beautiful. The floral designs are expertly stitched. The flower designs repeat themselves in lace at the train’s ends. When you add in the waist belt and the gorgeous hijab, you have one stunning Muslim bride. 


  • Blue gown with asymmetrical skirts


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With its light embroidery and stonework, this blue Muslim wedding gown is just gorgeous. The natural, graceful, and flamboyant style with self-glittering asymmetrical skirts is what makes this outfit work. The hijab completes the appearance flawlessly as well. 


Top 3 Muslim Wedding Dresses For The Sister of The Bride

As the sister of the bride, you will be the person who will receive the most attention after the bride. Therefore, check out these trending Muslim wedding dresses.


  • Round neck Anarkali


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Take a spin in this two-tone taffeta silk Anarkali suit with zari and stone work in an ethnic contemporary style. It’ll be a wardrobe essential for all seasons. Not only does it have a classic round neckline, but also full sleeves, burgundy Banarasi silk dupatta, and matching lycra churidar. To round off your wedding appearance, add an edgy smokey eye and flat Juttis.


  • Halter Neck Organza Sharara


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This regal red sharara suit is bright and colourful, and it will add loads of charm to your unique ethnic look. Resham thread, sequins, stone, and zari work are featured on this round halter neck and full sleeve suit. The delicate flowering flowers around the halter neck, combined with a pure organza dupatta, prepare you for the wedding.


  • V- neck Pakistani suit


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Wear this beige-coloured Pakistani suit to exude a sense of freshness that you certainly deserves to wear on the important occasion of your sister’s wedding. This V-neck and full-sleeved dress, which is embellished with Resham and beadwork, will enhance the entire appeal.


Top 3 Muslim Wedding Dresses For The Mother of The Bride

You may have the most important role to play during your daughter’s wedding as the mother of the bride. You must also present yourself in your finest light. To learn more about this, continue reading below.


  • Light-coloured Muslim dresses with matching hijab


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Dark colours are not worn since they may appear overly bold or contrast with the bride. So, a light-coloured Muslim dress with a matching headscarf might be the finest option. You could add a necklace or some light jewellery to add a touch of festivity to the ensemble.


  • Maxi evening full-sleeves dress


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A delicate ethereal fabric that adds refinement to your outfit while keeping the colour bright and true. The ultimate definition of luxury for women who want to stand out while still being subtly elegant. A beautiful colour blend for the bride’s mother, with of course the same colour or a creme colour hijab to add a bit more colour.


  • Grey Maxi dress with sleeves


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Beautiful grey evening gown with lace and beading on the bodice and a soft chiffon flare skirt. The grey colour will bring out the elegance and maturity of the person wearing it. Choose a dress with flowers on it to give it a touch of charm.


Top 3 Plus Size Muslim Wedding Dresses

Whatever your size, as a bride, it is your day, and something as insignificant as size cannot prevent you from looking your best. Now you’re probably wondering what plus-size Muslim wedding dresses to wear. You’ll find the answer if you keep scrolling. 


  • Satin evening dress


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A lovely, elegant, and slim belt that goes across the waist. Complete the style of the chiffon evening dress with a floral design on the bodice. Satin Chinese collar, fitting sleeves, and a somewhat darker hijab than the bridal gown. 


  • Full-sleeved Gray wedding dress


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It isn’t always necessary for a wedding gown to be white. Another step up is a gray wedding gown. It is both ageless and elegant, as well as attractive. Full sleeves and a net skirt will give the illusion of a fuller skirt. Along with a lovely silver hijab and choker necklace, they will complete the look you desire.


  • Pink-blush full-sleeved dress


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Simplicity may be the key to success. Simply wearing a simple dress with a floral pattern and wearing a hijab will give you the newlywed image. A bouquet of bright flowers will finish the look. Light jewellery can give you a natural yet youthful appearance.


3 Best Muslim Bridal Gowns

As a bride, you’ll want to appear gorgeous while still feeling at ease as you prepare for the various events ahead. These Muslim bridal gowns will provide you with exactly what you require.


  • Embroidered Long Bridal Gown


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Long Western gowns are popular, and many Muslim ladies wear them on their wedding day. These gowns are not only modest, but they also make you seem stunning on your wedding day. For a modern look, pair them with a veil or a Turkish-style headscarf. Choose the one with the fewest details, such as embroidery at the hem and on the body. You might also attempt a long bridal gown with embossed fabric, which is also a type of long bridal gown. While pastel tones are more trendy, few brides choose dark colours, which appears to work to their advantage.


  • Green Flared Gown


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Green is an exceptional tone for your wedding because it is both serene and vibrant. This stunning bride chose a satin elegant bridal gown with elaborate detailing that looks stunning. The style looks complete with the help of modest jewellery and a matching hijab with a brooch.  


  • Mermaid-styled bridal wear


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This Mermaid-inspired Muslim bridal gown is a Western-style long dress with a loose flare at the bottom. When coupled with a matching silk hijab in the same hue, this basic outfit looks gorgeous. Hijab with a floral headpiece that complements the rest of the bridal ensemble. If you’re looking for some ideas, this is a great place to start.


Top 3 Muslim Wedding Guest Dresses

Muslim weddings are grandly celebrated; everything is in place to make it a grand occasion. If you’re going to a Muslim friend’s wedding and aren’t sure what to wear, then these Muslim wedding guest dresses are worth considering:


  • Green full-sleeves gown


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Green is a very fortunate hue for Muslims, particularly during weddings. As a result, it’s the best colour to wear at a Muslim wedding. Wear an evening gown with some golden embroidery for a more traditional look. Wear it with dewy makeup and huge gold earrings. You’ll have the ideal Muslim wedding guest dress.


  • Cream-coloured maxi evening dress


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For a Muslim wedding celebration occurring in the evening, a flowing cream-coloured maxi evening gown will be ideal. It will stand out in a crowd while not being overbearing. Although a cream dress appears simple, it draws essential attention. You will look gorgeous if you pair it with simple silver accessories.


  • Flowing dress with a jacket over it


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While attending a conservative Muslim wedding, a flowing maxi gown with a long jacket over it is a good choice. This dress is ideal for such occasions because it is conservative. Make sure the maxi gown is plain and uncomplicated, while the jacket adds colour and style to the whole look.



What Do Muslim Brides Wear?

The Nikah ritual varies significantly depending on the country and area, but the heart of the ceremony remains the same. In Islam, marriage is a legal agreement between a man and a woman. When it comes to the colour of a Muslim bride’s gown, there are no colour restrictions in Islam. You are free to wear any hue you like. 

A Muslim woman can still wear the traditional Muslim wedding gown, which looks great with henna-patterned hands and feet. However, if we talk about countries, every bride’s dress and colour vary widely depending on the country. In India, the majority of individuals adhere to traditional Islamic wedding traditions and attire. At their weddings, they prefer to wear shararas, suits, and lehengas in bright colours such as red, maroon, magenta, and green Sharara.

And of course, accessories, as without the right accessories to go with the brides’ attire, no wedding outfit is complete. For a Nikah ceremony, the husband and bride wear separate outfits. As a result, a broad range of Islamic wedding dresses is available to recall the exquisite customs of the real ceremony.


What Color Does Bride Wear For Nikkah?

On their wedding day, many brides choose a classic white bridal gown, but for the Nikkah, it is a very rare and priceless event. Therefore, the colour should be full of happiness and blessings. In Islam, the colour Gulabi (pink) symbolizes joy, happiness, and the beauty of life. 

As a result, it is preferable to wear pink-coloured attire to the nikkah. Normally, it is not obligatory to wear a specific hue. Islam permits the wearing of any colour except black and white in Nikkah, which are symbols of grief. Since Nikkah marks the start of a new life, we should dress up in something lovely and beautiful, shouldn’t we? 


Can You Wear Black to a Muslim Wedding?

Black clothing connects with funerals in many Muslim cultures, so it should not be one of the main choices for a Muslim wedding. However, in some Muslim communities, wearing black to a wedding may be acceptable. You might get permission to wear a black dress to a Muslim wedding. But first and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask how people react to black at weddings.

Many people adore black gowns, and you most likely already own one. Black dresses also provide a slimming look, are less likely to stain, and can be readily incorporated into any theme. It’s tempting to stick to black, but consider this: you can wear that black dress again. 

A new dress will add some colour to your collection. Some people are inherently colour-conservative and prefer clothing in darker tones. If this describes you, choose a flowing maxi gown in a single hue. Combine your maxi with a long jacket in a brighter hue. The plain maxi will suit your conservative colour preferences. Along with the coat, that will ensure that you inject colour and life into the occasion.


Do Muslims Get Married in White?

There’s nothing wrong with a lady wearing a white wedding gown if she doesn’t wear it in front of males who aren’t her mahrams because bridal gowns are normally embellished and embroidered. Even if she is just going to appear in front of the ladies, it is also necessary that this clothing conceal all of the woman’s beauty.

It is acceptable for a bride to wear white as long as it does not resemble men’s attire. It is no longer an imitation of the Kuffaar because all Muslim women now wear such clothing while getting married. The decision takes place based on whether or not the rationale for it is present. The religion of Islam allows it if it is no longer an imitation of the Kuffaar. It also has to become something that gets shared by both Muslims and kaafirs, the law no longer applies.


What Should I Wear On Nikah?

Dress correctly for a Nikah, especially if it takes place in a mosque. Dressing formally yet being modest is preferable. Both men and women are to cover their legs and arms in a mosque. And women are made sure to wear a headscarf. You may wear any colour you like. But guests get encouragement to dress up and partake in the celebration with the newlyweds. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the bride or groom about their preferences. Or you can also wear green, as it is a very fortunate hue for Muslims, particularly during weddings. As a result, it’s the best colour to wear at a Muslim wedding. You can dress in a green salwar suit with golden embroidery. Wear it with dewy makeup and huge gold earrings. You’ll appear to be the ideal Muslim wedding guest.


In Conclusion

Weddings are symbolic of the union of two people. Regardless of the culture or ethnicity involved, one should understand the essentials of preparation for this event.

Interestingly, despite its numerous parallels to other wedding ceremonies, a Muslim wedding has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the others.

Wedding or bridal clothes must be meticulously chosen and thought out in order to uphold tradition. A variety of bridal dresses, such as long-sleeved gowns, are available to choose from, depending on the wearer’s preferred style. Prom dresses, party dresses, evening dresses, vintage wedding dresses, and even beach wedding dresses are some of these choices. They are now available as updated and individualized bridal gowns.

Aside from the obvious considerations like the perfect haircut and matching shoes. The hijab is one more item to add to the list for Muslim brides.

Hijab designs are as diverse as the brides who choose to wear them. Some hijabis prefer a more understated appearance. Others prefer a more glamorous look. 

Weddings are like a mash-up of old and new ideas and rituals. 

Regardless of fashion evolution, many Muslim brides still want to incorporate their distinct rituals into their wedding day. It may even mean wearing a v-neck design. Even though the ceremony appears to be expensive and lavish, it’s crucial to remember that this religious event also contains a touch of deep-rooted tradition.

After you’ve decided on the colours and the sizes, you might want to consider the budget. I promise you that having a well-planned budget will be beneficial to you right away.

There are numerous websites where you can purchase your wedding gown inside the set budget.

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