5 Brilliant Hacks to Boost Your WFH Productivity

5 Brilliant Hacks to Boost Your WFH Productivity

WFH sounds all good and comfortable until you see no productivity in your work. You get all these negative feelings, laziness, dullness, boredom, and distractions. All these make it difficult for you to complete a task. But hey! There’s no need to mull over it for long. There are many ways to boost your WFH productivity. 

WFH has now become a lifestyle for many, and it’ll continue to be so for a long time for many industry workers. If you want to excel at it and get better results, you’ll surely need some hacks to increase your productivity. 

Don’t start biting your nails, though. These hacks won’t make you suffer or require you to break mountains. They’re simply there to help you get to a better place with your work. Plus, if your work life improves, you’ll improve in other aspects of your life too. 

Obviously, making a habit out of these hacks will be difficult for you when you’re just starting. But, if you maintain a routine and keep the momentum, you’ll be good in no time! 

In this article, we’ve mentioned some of the best productivity hacks that’ll get you back on track. Read more to find out how you can be productive every day. 


How To Boost Your WFH Productivity

Your WFH productivity can take a hit because of many reasons. It’s not always that you’re the one who’s feeling unmotivated. There are times when you really want to put your effort and focus on your work, but your surroundings mess things up. 

There’s a neighbour who’s laughing too loud watching the reruns of FRIENDS. Another one of your neighbours decides to talk to their relatives loudly in their garden. Then, of course, there’s your family, they’re not helping either. One of your kids is shouting at the other, one is playing loud video games, and your partner is trying their best at handling it all. But, well, it’s still a mess, right?

Such factors can have a toll on your work life. You don’t have the same peace that you did before. It becomes difficult for you to isolate yourself in the home environment. There are days when you blame the universe for all of it. Then there are days when you blame yourself. 

Most of all, things get out of hand when you indulge in this behaviour. Blaming yourself for the mess-ups creates anxiety and stress for you. To break this pattern, you’ve to find ways to boost your WFH productivity. 

Here are some tips on how to do it. 


  • You’ve to focus on your mental health. It’s obvious that if you’re irritated, agitated, and stressed, you won’t be able to do much. Therefore, you’ve to protect your mental health. 


  • Make it a priority that you do an activity a day that helps you unwind. It could be anything from talking to a friend to taking walks in a park. 


  • It’s a good and productive habit to sit near a window when you’re working. This helps you stay in touch with the environment and also makes you feel positive. 


5 Brilliant Hacks to Boost Your WFH Productivity

Following are some hacks that you’ll need to have consistent productivity levels while you WFH. 


  • Set your boundaries: You’re working from home, but that doesn’t mean you’ll tolerate the chaos of your home. Make it known to the people in your house that you’ve to focus on your work. Set some clear boundaries with your family members. With that, do make time for them too. 

  • Make a priority list: When you’re done with a day’s work, make a priority list for the next day. List out all the work-related tasks that you’ve to finish based on their priority.
    If you don’t want to set them this way, then you may also do it by what’s easier. You may want to do small tasks first, then move on to bigger tasks.
    Make your list the way it suits your routine and schedule. 

  • Take breaks in between: This tip is beneficial and important to boost your WFH productivity. It’s essential that you take regular breaks in between your work. During these breaks, you may try to mediate or talk to your family members. You can catch up with your reading or listen to a podcast episode as well.

  • Follow workout routine: Working out can make you feel fresh and energized. You may feel less stressed when you have a workout routine. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, though. You need to feel more energized and less tired. 

  • Socialize with people: Since you don’t physically work around your colleagues, it’s important that you meet up outside. You may call them to meet at a bar or a café. This’ll allow you all to get to know each other better. 



How To Increase Productivity At Home?

To increase your productivity at home, you may need to set some boundaries with your family. It can be very disturbing if someone’s knocking at your door every 5 minutes. So, you need to make it clear to your kids, wife, and parents that you need to focus on the work. 

You should also sit near a window when you’re working. Sitting by the window is helpful because you’ll have natural light. Plus, you’ll feel more connected to nature when you do this. 


What Are 3 Ways To Increase Productivity?

To boost your WFH productivity, you need to take regular breaks while working. You can’t sit in front of your laptop screen for 8-10 hours. This habit will give you constant headaches. The longer you’ll do this, the more fatigued you’ll be. 

This would be harmful to you in many ways, that’s the reason you should have timely breaks between your work. During these breaks, you need to stay away from screens if it’s possible. Read a book, water the plants in your house or play with your kids during these breaks. 


How Can I Increase My Productivity Instantly?

If you want to increase your productivity instantly, you need to stop! Stop whatever you’re doing and, first, clear your head. Think of something that is bothering you. Find a solution to that problem. Then, you can make a small list with three items on it. 

These items are your work tasks. Decide what needs to be done first and do it one by one. When you’re doing the first task, all your attention should be on that one. After that, you may proceed with the next one. 


How To Work From Home Effectively And Efficiently?

If you’re looking for ways to boost your WFH productivity, there are many hacks that’ll help you. You should do the following:

  • Exercise every day. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Talk to your family members. 
  • Focus on protecting your mental health. 
  • Talk to friends. 
  • Watch a movie or read a book. 
  • Play with your kids. 
  • Create a task list. 
  • Communicate with your colleagues. 
  • Stop multitasking when working. 
  • Work with natural light. 
  • Dress comfortably but not too much. 


How Can I Be Productive Every Day?

If you want to be productive every day, then do your tasks when you feel the most productive. Arrange your tasks in a way that you can do the most important task when you feel most energized and active in the day. 

You may also want to use some productivity tools that may help you prioritize your tasks better. With these apps, you may create a weekly schedule and forget everything. The app will keep on reminding you what has to be done and when it has to be done. 


What Factors Increase Productivity?

For having that push that’ll lead you to boost your WFH productivity, you need to have a positive attitude towards your work. Think of every task as something that’ll help you improve. Find something beneficial in the tasks you’re doing. These tasks that you do teach you something, doesn’t matter if they are small or big, they’re helping you to grow and learn. 


In Conclusion

How would you boost your WFH productivity? There are many ways you can do that, but you need to sincerely follow our advice. It may happen that you won’t even need 10s of hacks. 

You may find that only three positive productivity hacks can get you back on track. All you have to do is put some effort into finding what works for you!

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