5 Stay At Home Jobs For Pregnant Moms

5 Stay At Home Jobs For Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy brings lots of joy to you and your partner. It can be a little difficult sometimes with certain health concerns if you’re facing them. But another thing that becomes unbearable during pregnancy is boredom and lack of creativity. You’d fulfil your creative needs by applying for some stay at home jobs for pregnant moms. 

You can’t just watch TV all day and talk to your baby that’s still inside you. Sometimes you need proper distractions for yourself. And hey! What’s the harm if these distractions are also helping you make some extra money? 

There are many types of jobs that you may apply for when you’re pregnant. You won’t have to do much, you’ll do everything from the comfort of your home because these are WFH jobs. 

In this article, we’ve listed the types of jobs you can have when working from home. 


Stay At Home Jobs For Pregnant Moms

Stay at home jobs or WFH jobs are those that you do from the comfort of your home. There may be many reasons why a pregnant mom has to stay home during her pregnancy. You may have some medical reasons, or maybe you just want to rest during your pregnancy and put the stress away. 

The stay at home jobs includes those kinds of work that can easily be done from a remote environment. Stay at home jobs for pregnant moms may require them to send emails, communicate via calls, make text drafts, do video calls, etc. The only thing that’s mostly required in these jobs is for the person to have a computer or a laptop. 

There are many benefits with these jobs, you can work flexibly if the job allows you to. You may enjoy your snacks while you’re working. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the chitter-chatter of people around you, you’ll love working this way. Working from home also means that you don’t have to wear formal work uniforms, you can work in pyjamas and no one would question you. Plus, you’re pregnant, so comfort would always come first. 

There are some jobs that would require you to have some industry experience. If you used to work before your pregnancy or even before that, then opt for jobs in your industry. If you worked in the teaching field, then you may get a job that requires you to grade papers online. In case you worked in the IT sector, then you may opt for jobs in that industry, which can be done efficiently from home. 

However, there are also those jobs where you don’t need to have prior experience. These types of jobs can include those PPC or pay-per-click jobs. 


5 Best Stay At Home Jobs For Pregnant Moms

Here are the 5 best jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. 


  • Transcriber: As a transcriber, you’ll be required to convert an audio file into a written file. The job may not come easy to you if you don’t have good concentration powers. But you may do a course to learn more about it, then you can get on the job. 

  • Writer: Writing is one of the easiest stay at home jobs for pregnant moms. The job is creative and it helps you learn about various things as well. You may become a content writer for a company, or you may do writing as a freelancer. Most women opt for becoming blog writers. As a blog writer, you may write about any topics that you find interesting. 

  • Editor or Proofreader: If writing isn’t the one thing for you, then opt for a related job. You may become an editor or a proofreader. In these jobs, you’d be required to edit various types of documents. You’ll scan the documents to find errors in them, and then you’d need to fix them. 

  • Freelancing Business: Another creative stay at home jobs for pregnant moms is starting a business. In the freelance business field, you may start a business in baking. If you’ve got good photography skills and obviously good baking skills, then this may be the one for you. This job recommendation is too sweet to ignore. 

  • Online Tutor: This is a great way to earn some income for yourself. This job will allow you to interact with many young minds. You don’t need much to excel at this job. All you need is to have good teaching and problem-solving skills. You may sign up to be an online tutor on various online platforms like Brainfuse or



What Are The Best Jobs To Have While Pregnant?

While you’re pregnant, you should have a job that won’t be too stressful for you. During pregnancy, it’ll be helpful for you and the baby if you have a job that makes you feel happy and excited. If you’re satisfied with what you’re doing, you’ll feel at ease and it’ll be healthier for the baby too. 

There are many stay at home jobs pregnant moms can do easily. These jobs may also help you in acquiring new skill sets as well. You may become a writer by setting up your own blog. 

If there’s nothing in particular that you can write about, then write about your pregnancy. You may tell people about your experiences with it and tell them about the most joyous parts of it. 

You can also become an editor or a proofreader if you want a job in a similar field. 


What Job Can A Pregnant Woman Do At Home?

A pregnant woman can have many types of jobs when they’re at home. If you’ve good typing and concentration skills, then you may become a transcriber. 

Transcribers listen to audio files, then they convert that audio into a text format. It’ll be of more advantage for you if you know multiple languages. That way, the job will be more fun for you because you’ll work in more than just one language. 


How Can I Make Money From Home While Pregnant?

There are various side hustles that you can do while you’re pregnant. If you’ve got the right skills, then you may start your own business. 

When you’re starting your business, you’ve to know what interests you. If you’re a good baker, then you may start a baking business. However, if it’s cooking that you excel at, then you may do that. You can make a business by doing a lunch box service as well with your cooking expertise. 


Can You Apply For A Job When Pregnant?

If your state allows stay at home jobs for pregnant moms, then you may apply for a job that you like. You can browse through different job websites to find the job that suits you well. 

You have to check the roles and responsibilities you’ll have within that job. If you can carry out these tasks easily from the comfort of your home, then you may apply for a job. 


Do Companies Hire Pregnant Ladies?

It depends on the state you’re living in. There are some states that hire pregnant women to work with them. So, first, you’ll have to check with your state policies. 

You should opt to work for that company which will provide you with certain maternity benefits as well. You should also fulfil the employment qualifications. Employers will hire you easily if they know that you’re qualified for the said job. 


In Conclusion

If you’re looking for stay at home jobs for pregnant moms, then there’s a whole list of top jobs for you. You may become a writer or a transcriber. If you have the qualities for it, then you may even start your own freelancing business as well. 

Before you apply for a job, you should check the roles and responsibilities that you’ll have. Plus, you should also know if you’re fully qualified to do a particular job. 

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