3 Proven Ways to Reduce Hair Fall

3 Proven Ways to Reduce Hair Fall

“My hair is everywhere but on my scalp!”, I joked as I dealt with the stress of my hair fall. The cycle of stress, hair fall more stress was, well, very stressful. Humour helped lighten the mood. But I needed a real solution to this problem. There were a hundred pieces of advice from people but nothing helped me reduce hair fall.

Some solutions worked for a month, but then my hair fall started again. So, I stopped listening to people and listened to what my hair was telling me. I used some simple home remedies and took some medications. 

A year later, my hair is not falling as much as it used to. In this article, I have mentioned ways that are helpful to reduce your hair fall. They helped me keep my hair on my scalp, they might help you too! 


Choose The Right Type of Shampoo and Conditioner 

To reduce hair fall, shampoo and conditioner are necessary. They help prevent a dry scalp and clean the hair from dirt. Every hair type is different. Therefore, for an effective shampoo and conditioner, you need to understand your hair type. 

When you do not wash your hair regularly, you put your scalp at risk. These risks can lead to excessive hair fall, dandruff, eczema, and other harmful conditions that may require medical treatments. 

You may be wondering, “How do I find a shampoo and conditioner that works?” Well, as mentioned earlier, you need to know your hair type. In addition to that, you need to buy a shampoo that does not contain many harmful chemicals, are SLS and paraben-free. 


Try Natural Remedies 

A few home remedies that help reduce hair fall are:

  • Egg Mask: Egg contains protein, zinc, and iodine. All these ingredients promote hair growth. An egg mask can be made easily. Separate the egg white, and add olive oil and honey. Mix the ingredients together, then apply the mask to your hair.  Keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse with shampoo. 

  • Aloe Vera: The pulp of aloe vera is helpful for hair growth. Peel a stalk of aloe vera and apply the pulp on your scalp. Wash hair with normal water after 40 minutes.  

  • Beetroot Juice: Beetroot includes essential ingredients like vitamin C, potassium, and folate. Therefore, beetroot juice can be applied to the scalp, or you can drink the juice. Both methods are equally helpful. To use a beetroot mask, mix beetroot leaves with a few henna leaves and apply it to your scalp. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. 


Proper Diet and Exercise 

A nutritious diet and daily exercise are important to reduce hair fall. A diet that includes proteins and vitamins can control hair fall. Therefore, you should include foods like eggs, spinach, berries, nuts, sweet potatoes and seeds in your diet for strong and healthy hair. 

Talking about exercise, there are easy 20-30 minutes of workout routine you can do to prevent hair loss. Jogging, running and cardio is helpful in keeping hair healthy. 

However, if cardio is difficult for you, then there are a few yoga asanas you can do, such as Kapalabhati, Balasana, Vajrasana, and Matsyasana



How Can I Stop Hair Fall Naturally?

There are many factors responsible for poor hair quality and the excessive amount of hair fall. Some of these factors are in your genes and DNA, which you, unfortunately, cannot control. Other factors such as the use of home remedies are completely in your control.

There are many natural remedies you can follow to reduce hair fall. Applying nourishing oils like coconut, rosemary, tea tree, castor, almond, gooseberry and sesame oil. Eating healthy foods such as eggs, avocados, legumes, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds promotes hair growth. 


How Can I Stop My Hair Fall Permanently?

Some medical treatments and home remedies to reduce hair fall. 

Low-level light therapy is a therapy that helps in hair growth and thickness. Another medical cure is the use of Minoxidil lotion. Minoxidil is beneficial for regrowing hair, it helps in the blood flow to the brain and scalp. Vitamin tablets and capsules are also useful medical supplements that prevent hair loss. Intake of vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, all are advantageous for hair growth. 

Home remedies that people swear by including oil massage on the scalp, use of egg masks, drinking juices, eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants. 

In addition to these, some inculcate healthy practices that also help in maintaining the quality of hair. For instance, you should not tie your hair too tightly, human hair can only stretch to a limit. You should lessen the use of dyes and bleach on your hair, they have harmful chemicals that destroy the hair. 


Is Hairfall In Teenagers Normal?

Hairfall in teenagers is extremely common these days. Poor eating habits and irregular sleep cycles are the reasons that many teens experience hair fall. Teenagers suffering from medical conditions like Alopecia areata, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thyroid problems, and hormone abnormalities also complain of hair fall.

The major reasons boys have hair fall is because of low level of nutrition in the body and stress. Whereas girls have hair fall due to Anaemia and Trichotillomania, which is the behaviour of voluntarily pulling out hair strands. 


Can Oiling Stop Hair Fall?

Oiling your hair helps in increasing the moisture on the scalp. If you moisturize your scalp well, then you will not have a dry scalp. Many people feel that oiling is the best way to reduce hair fall. Essential oils like coconut, rosemary, gooseberry, argan, and almond oil are critical for hair growth. Oiling the scalp also prevents the hair from heat damage, and frizzing of hair. 


Can You Start Balding At 21?  

Many people experience hair balding at a very young age. Chances of men balding are higher than the chances of women balding. 

The reasons for showing the signs of baldness may be different for different people. Some people have stressful and anxious tendencies, some do not follow a healthy balanced diet, and unfortunately, some people have genetic reasons for their hair loss.  

Hair loss at a young age is saddening, but there are many useful ways to reduce hair fall. The earlier you start taking these measures, the better. 


The Takeaway

From your shampoo to your diet, many factors are responsible for the quality and maintenance of your hair. Hair fall happens for multiple reasons but there are effective methods that help you reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. 

We have listed some helpful ways you can reduce hair fall. Many people use these ways to keep their hair healthy and strong. 

What shampoos work for your hair? What is your favourite hair oil? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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