Pakistani Wedding Dresses for 2023 and Beyond

Pakistani Wedding Dresses for 2022 and Beyond

When we of a wedding, we’re thinking of words like beautiful, elegant, exciting and magical. These words describe the beauty of Pakistani Wedding Dresses perfectly and even more! However, brides across all different cultures and borders have one thing in common. Their beauty and grace. We cannot help but go gaga over them!

As we all know a wedding is one of the most important days of any girl’s life. It is pretty natural for a girl to want to look beautiful. When it comes to your wedding day, don’t you think you’d be obsessing over the tiniest details of how you look? Especially your wedding dress? The way your hair is, the way you do your makeup? Pakistani Wedding Dresses take detailing to the next level. Their designs and stitching are so intricate and full of life. There’s a reason why the whole of Asia in particular is so in love with the Pakistani bridal culture.

Pakistani brides (and brides in general) are so captivating! You can’t help but be in genuine awe of them. Right from their statement jewellery, gorgeous Ghararas, enchanting Passas, and breath-taking lehengas. The brides of Pakistan keep us on our toes every day with something new. Their bridal dreams consist of them looking stunning. 

The bridal attire in Pakistan is quite loud and extravagant. With bright colours like red, white, gold, silver and blue being a crucial element in weddings. Moreover, because of that, classiness has skyrocketed. These days, wedding culture is starting to shift. Brides want their whole entourage to look stunning with them. That includes bridesmaids, sisters, mothers and everyone close to them—no exceptions!

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Pakistani wedding dresses for everyone in your circle and whoever is curious!


Top 5 Designer Pakistani Bridal Dresses

These are the best 5 designer Pakistani bridal dresses that we recommend. They’re beautiful, unique and traditional. Check them out:


  • Bunto Kazmi


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A brand that focuses on the more traditional aspect of a bridal dress. She’s been one of Pakistan’s most sought-after bridal designers for decades. She also prides herself on her collection of trendy yet elegant pieces. If you’re a traditional girl, this one’s for you.


  • ÉLAN


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A brand that revolves around luxury bridal items and built its reputation on its statement pieces. If you’re someone who wants to be in the centre of attention and wants to be a part of every conversation – we got you!


  • Faraz Manan


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Brand that makes bridal outfits for brides that want to show a girl-next-door image. If you’re someone who wants to keep your style sweet and classy instead of loud and attention-grabbing, then this is the one for you. Outfits are often in beautiful pastels and emphasis is put on colours rather than threadwork.


  • Tena Durrani


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Are you a girl that was always fascinated by the medieval fashion work of South India? I may have found the right brand for you. Tena Durrani pays homage to eras such as the Mughal era by using sequins, stones and heavy thread work. 


  • Suffuse


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A luxury line curated by one of our favourites! If you’re a modern girl but still want to pay homage to your culture, Suffuse should be your go-to brand. They tailor a long line of customised Ghagras and cholis in a Cinderella-sque manner! An everyday modern look with a smidge of glamorous cuts and contemporary styles.


Top 5 Pakistani Wedding Outfits For The Sister of The Bride

Following are some of the most classy Pakistani wedding outfits for the sister of the bride:


  • Crop Top Skirt Set


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This fresh and new style will definitely make you stand out from the rest. In addition, it will conserve the beauty of the bride without shining onto her. Therefore, this is a chic and classy outfit.


  • Cape Style Lehengas


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This is one of my favourite looks. It looks chic, sexy, modern, elegant and traditional all at the same time. You can style it in many ways and you can never go wrong with how it looks. In addition, it looks good on everyone!


  • Floor Length Anarkalis


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Depending on how you style your gown and your jewellery, you can use this as a daytime outfit or spice up for the Sangeet! This indo-fusion would elevate your look and make you look elegant.


  • Princess-like Gowns


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Why wait for a better occasion to wear a gown other than your sister’s wedding? If you’re looking to pull off a modern outfit, which is easy to style and easy to carry yourself in all while giving you that royal look, you’re at the right place.


  • Shararas


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A minute inspiration from across the borders is never wrong, right? Shararas are on a rise all around the world for their new and refreshing look. They’re perfect for any occasion right from Mehendi night to the cocktail party.


  • Churidar Set


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It’s classy and elegant. It’s our favourite because of how dynamic it is and the versatility it holds. If you’re not the biggest fan of putting too much effort into your outfit, this is suitable for you. Accessorize and put on a beautiful jewellery set and you’re ready to go!


Top 3 Pakistani Wedding Outfits for The Mother of The Bride

Unlike before, mothers of the brides have started coming to the function with the coolest and most fun fashion pieces! Here are our favourite Pakistani wedding outfits:


  • Handloom Saree


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This saree is a traditional favourite of women around the subcontinent. Pakistani weddings have been evolving into the concept of cross-culture dressing. Recently there has been an increase in women wearing sarees, Churidars, Kurtis etc. to weddings as fusion sets. It’s traditional and conservative, but looks fabulous! If you’re someone who likes to be minimalistic, a Maheshwari handloom saree is the best option for you. Minimal effort, minimal accessories, but lots of glam! 


  • Silk Saree with Half Blouse


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Another traditional look that you could pull off with your daughter at her wedding! I’ve heard a lot of embroidered pieces are very exhausting to carry around and flaunt, but this outfit takes it home. It’s easy to wear and looks very graceful. You can pair it up with chunky jewellery to give the look a bold twist or carry a statement clutch.


  • Lehenga with an Overlay


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If you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there, here’s a perfect outfit for you. A lehenga is a beautiful piece on its own, fun and elegant – but pairing it up with an overlay which colour coordinates with your outfit? Spices things up to the next level. Therefore, an overlay would change up your entire aesthetic and would make you look unique. Pair thing outfits up with some high heels and a headpiece and your outfit would be the perfect look to celebrate your daughter’s important day!


5 Best Pakistani Wedding Dresses

I’ve seen and gone through a lot of wedding dresses in my time, and these are a few that took the cake! Here are my top 5 picks:


  • Safa Safinaz’s Mint Blue Gown


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This is one of my favourite bridal couture outfits ever. I can see myself in this and that’s why I like it a lot. It’s a tailored piece of elegance and grace with complementary colours and exquisite use of beads, sequins, and thread work. It would make anyone feel like royalty.


  • Fahad Hussayn’s Jamawar Lehenga


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I’ve gone through a lot of catalogues searching for Pakistani wedding dresses that I would relate to. However, this one has caught my eye. This lehenga has intricate patterns, which makes it stand out from the crowd regardless of its colour.


  • Asifa & Nabeel’s Contemporary Gown


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I can’t help but go gaga over this look! It’s giving royalty, chic, and elegant all at once. When a particular outfit makes you feel like you could be whatever you want to be in them. You know that you would be able to carry that outfit.


  • Maria B’s Mint Green Anarkali Gown


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There’s a saying: “Go big or go home”. This Anarkali gown depicts the statement properly. This is a beautiful piece of bridal attire with its colour combination, its intricate use of embroidery and sequins.


  • Deepak Perwani’s Royal Green Churidar Suit


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This caught my eye for all the right reasons. The heavy detail on the embroidery, the placed threadwork, the shine of the fabric, and the dreamy traditional touch. This is a crafted creation which would look stunning on anyone who wears it.


Top 3 Pakistani Wedding Dresses For Bridesmaids

Following are some of the most beautiful Pakistani wedding dresses for you to wear as a bridesmaid:


  • Khwab Luxury Formals


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This three-piece is a perfect outfit for a group of bridesmaids at your wedding, they’re elegant and chic. This is a perfect example of when traditional meets contemporary luxury. You can colour coordinate with the same colour or make it different shades of blue. Whatever you prefer, because at the end of the day no matter how you style it, it will always look chic.


  • Sleeveless Set With Sheer Dupatta


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This combination is a traditional style that is met with modern cloth work. The sleeveless top with the sheer dupatta can spice up your outfit. It is easy to coordinate with your other bridesmaids. You can even switch it up, make the set a block colour and ask your bridesmaids to wear different colour dupattas for each of them for a more unique approach.


  • Lawn Shirt With Palazzo Trousers


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This beautiful and rare combination is a good option to consider if you want to stand out and make a statement. This minimalistic yet bold two-piece is a gorgeous pair. In addition, you can customise it in any manner that you like. With a statement clutch, Jutti’s or even a statement headpiece. This is the avant-garde of bridesmaid dresses, go wild!


The Best Budget-Friendly Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Not everyone can afford high-profile brands and that’s completely fine! Every girl deserves to find her dream dress regardless of whether it’s a high-profile brand or not, and this is where we’re here to help you. These affordable Pakistani wedding dresses are guaranteed to get you a lot of compliments!


  • Murtaza Hussain’s Bridal Coutour


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Murtaza Hussain’s bridal couture collection is one of the most cost-effective brands you could go to for your dream wedding dress. They’re known for their reasonable rates and their high-quality fashion line. As a person who doesn’t believe in spending too much at once, this brand has definitely hit it out of the park for me. It’s comforting knowing that there are brands out there who look out for people who want to budget without compromising on the product quality.


  • Misbah Haider’s Coutour


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Misbah Haider’s couture collection is one of the most diverse sets that I’ve come across. Their collections and sets are from the traditional and luxurious eras of the past. Their lehengas and Anarkalis are something to gush over, any bride will look stunning in them! If you’re looking for something traditional and hand-woven, then this is the brand for you.


  • Allechant’s Bridal Coutour


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Allechants bridal couture is fascinating and curated. Their Lehengas, Anarkalis and suits are all stitched to perfection. And the best part? Best quality with a good price! That’s something we all want, right? Allechant provides exactly what you’re looking for. If you want something that pays homage to your roots yet has a modern and contemporary touch to it, this is it.


Top 5 Websites To Buy Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Here are the best websites and brands that you can buy Pakistan wedding dresses from:


  • Agha Noor


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Agha Noor is one of the most popular Pakistani Wedding Dress websites. They have a wide variety of bridal couture for you to choose from. They also have a wonderful collection of your bridal dreams.


  • Deepak Perwani


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Deepak Perwani’s collection is every Pakistani bride’s go-to collection. His collection has a broad range of options to choose from, according to your wants and needs. His embroidery and thread work is very precise and unique and that’s what got him on our list. He has made himself a household name in Pakistan for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for luxury and quality then you will not regret checking it out.


  • Faraz Manan


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This brand is one of the most high-profile luxury brands for bridal couture. He emphasizes a traditional and modern contemporary fusion, which makes his work stand out. If you’re a girl who likes to show off her bling and feel like royalty then this is definitely the brand for you.


  • Maryum N Maria


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Maryum N Maria is an upcoming luxury bridal brand, where the unconventional meets the traditional. They focus on the unconventionality of bridal culture and make pieces which are in colours no one would expect a bride to be in. If you’re the type of girl to want to stand out for being unique and quirky then this is your brand.


  • Nomi Ansari


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Nomi Ansari is a brand that puts special emphasis on luxury and elegance. Their pieces show different threadworks, embroidery and fabrics. All touching areas of traditional to modernity. You have the liberty to choose whatever fits well in the bridal couture of your dreams.



How Much Do Pakistani Wedding Dresses Cost?

To give you an idea, some of the famous designer names include Ali Xeeshan, Nomi Ansari, and Sania Masakatiya. They are among the most well-known names in Pakistani bridal fashion. The majority of their assortment is extravagant bridal apparel suited for royalty. If you’ve been wondering how much these designers’ Pakistani Designer Dresses cost, this page will astound you with some of the costs!

Pakistani wedding gowns are well known for their ethnic and traditional appearance. People in Pakistan celebrate weddings with a lot of emotion.

Before the wedding ceremony begins, the entire family dresses up to be the centre of attention. At the end of the day, a traditional wedding ceremony does not last a single day. It might last anywhere from a week to 10 days. The wedding ceremony festivities begin with pre-wedding parties among friends. It concludes at Walima. The entire ceremony revolves around the Groom and Bride’s activities, as well as their wedding dresses.

Upton, Mehdi, Barat, and Walima, also known as the reception, are among the activities planned. Without embroidered bridal gowns, none of these festivities would be complete. With this, the cost is also as dynamic.

For the brands that I’ve mentioned on the top, the prices vary from $1,670 to $2385. These are luxury brand estimated prices. The brands for working women would be much lesser. For everything that happens at a Pakistani wedding, the prices aren’t as extravagant as any of us make it seem. Once again, go big or go home!


What Are Pakistani Wedding Dresses Called?

There are three primary styles of gowns worn by Pakistani brides. The sharara-kurta is the most popular Pakistani wedding gown. The bridal lehenga, salwar kameez and sharara. Sharara consists of a long-fitting blouse (Kurta) and a pair of ruched wide-legged pants (Sharara). This is complemented with a draped long veil across the shoulders and/or over the head. They are comfortable since the material used to make the trousers allow for more mobility and airiness. Three beautiful types of wedding gowns and many styles. The options you have are limitless.


Which Brand Is The Best For Pakistani Bridal Dresses?

Weddings, as the most significant day of a girl’s life, are going to be stressful for the bride-to-be. Especially when it comes to choosing her wedding gown. But, we cannot pick out one amazing brand. All of them have their own specialities. We’ll leave it up to you to choose the best. Here’s a list of bridal couture brands for you to choose from HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin), Karma, Deepak Perwani, Agha Noor and Zainab Chottani.


What Colours Do Pakistani Brides Usually Wear?

Pakistani brides are meant to wear bridal attire with an element of red. But trends are always dynamic and now traditions have taken a back seat. Brides these days, are being more daring with their attire colour. More and more brides are choosing lighter colours such as baby pink, pistachio green and aqua blue.


How Long Do Pakistani Weddings Last?

Mayon, Mehndi, Nikaah, Baraat, and Valima are the main components of a Pakistani wedding. Mehndi, Baraat, and Valima take place on separate days. One or more Dholki ceremonies, consisting of dance and singing, may precede or follow the Mayon. All big events are open to friends and close family. Even though the only part that is required is the Nikaah the actual marriage contract. Everything else is cultural or customary.


In Conclusion

A wedding is one of the most special days in a girl’s life. Many thoughts go into deciding what you’re going to wear. Therefore, it is a tough and jarring process—trust us, we know. Thinking about what you’re going to wear, what your mother might wear, your bridesmaids, your sisters and your clique is quite overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve explored options including colours, styles, eras and dressing for everyone.

In this article, we have dived into the different aspects of how and what to do while choosing wedding attire for yourself. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that bridal attire contains a multitude of genres which go through in order for you to end up choosing your dream Pakistani wedding outfits. Whether you tying your hair with a particular outfit, or what glam makeup style you must pick, all the way to what footwear would complement your aesthetic—we covered it all.

Everyone deserves a thought-out bridal attire for themselves and their loved ones. I hope that this article has gotten you a step closer to where you were before.

Which Pakistani Wedding Dresses did you like? Who are your favourite designers? Let us know in the comments below!

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